There is no going back from ignition of atomic fire. There is no going back from mutilation of nature. There is no going back from the destruction of environment, ecosystems, food chains, ocean life lost, extinction of species, loss of pollinators, and a long list of other threats we ABSOLUTELY FACE AS REAL.   so says the evidence!   Which means: you have no other choice: COWARDICE, OR COURAGE? Take your pick!

You can’t: “wait for media, to give you permission”/ to think!  They too,  believe in the cult of university knows.  Your leaders ARE ALL, hiding the facts:    Because they believe they can,  & then prove they were right! After the experiments are through!   Even though wrong is our whole world destroyed!  Cults cannot question their leaders: its not allowed.You can’t question: can you?  CULT! 


 YOU CAN’T: continue to believe ” the university” is some high and mighty thing:   ITS JUST PEOPLE, guessing & telling stories.   TODAY these people are GAMBLING WITH, LIFE OR DEATH; FOR OUR WHOLE WORLD.  You can’t, throw away your responsibility to life and planet; by simply saying    “GOD” will do it   / therefore we,   DON’T have to do a damn thing!  Shame on you.

 Go ahead get your gun: what could a 10,000,000 degree fire, DO against that? Fuck head, or is damn shit hole more true?  (This is what you get, “without spiritual woman inside”/ a reality that is complicated, long and already told in some detail).   Believe it or not, is completely irrelevant to me!  What is consistent here is, the reality “you choose greed, which is just the collection of trophies (look at me/ look at me), over life itself”.  A fact I cannot fathom/ as you get nothing, “without life”;  and you know that?



YOU can, personally distribute information/ you can demand to be heard among your friends, colleagues, workers, unions, transportation, and everything else.  No excuses, because if this was about money: YOU KNOW, you would.  You damn well drive hours, and stand in line hours, and spend money:   for one chance in 290 million ODDS.  “Like power-ball today”/ YOU talk endlessly about “the money”, and a delusion you might win.  BUT NOT ONE DAMN WORD, FOR YOUR WHOLE WORLD DYING!  NOT ONE DAMN PENNY! YOU WON’T WALK ONE SINGLE STEP; and you know it.  Not: For every child on this planet, or their future.  To your own eternal shame.     YOU KNOW WHAT FIRE IS!


 After forty years, the reason  you cannot act is: because the university is your god, and you won’t surrender that belief.  You won’t even question them. THE REASON, you are concreted on your ass is: media is your priest/ and they don’t give you permission.


 Not even when the evidence proves:  leaders have let these people (who are not god, they can be WRONG);  employed by  universities, etc:  attempt, to kill our world!  These same people with a “university diploma”,  DID already steal all  your money.  These university people ARE attempting to bring chaos here, by mutilating all of nature. Genetically changing the food supply. They want evolution, which they claim to be CHAOS.  The university people DO AND DID commit treason against this nation and state:   by corrupting the courts and removing the constitution from democracy in charge.  Proven true, by courtroom cases.  That is a traitorous act, deliberately intended to rebel against this democracy, and overtake this state, nation, and world: so they could be our rulers.  The people employed by universities DO lead: a massive assault against EVERYTHING LIFE NEEDS TO SURVIVE (no resources/ food/ water/ oxygen/ ocean/ forests/ life/ chain of life/ pollinators/environment; etc) thereby attempting to  even kill your children without so much as a whimper, from you.  Because they are god to you, regardless of any other claim: these realities speak for itself, with evidence! Go investigate your delusions.


That reality of delusion, fantasy, and failure includes: the universities are filled, with the people who use to be your classmates.  WHICH one of them, was your damn god then? WHO among them, would you have let gamble life or death:   for YOUR WHOLE WORLD/ YOUR CHILD/ YOUR FUTURE/ YOUR FOREVER?

Answer the fucking question; because THESE EXTREME EXPERIMENTS literally do risk your life, your child, and your world, your everything.  These “scientists” threaten & IMPERIL our planet & even our solar system itself. Wrong is the end (by adding one more sun).  The earth, will be that sun; if you don’t stop them! They do have machines capable, working, and being built.



1. communicate with others to demand, a public investigation of what can & WILL go wrong. THEN, there must be a public vote/ before our lives can or will be gambled. THE LAW does not give anyone the right: “to play Russian roulette” with our entire world. But corruption leads you; in a maze of delusion; so who really knows if behind that complete hypnosis, your brain is still living?

2.  You can pay for, or demand media attention to this:   OUR LIVES WILL BE LOST IN   SUN FIRE,if the university is wrong, by even a tiny little bit.

THAT, IS Beyond doubt.  They try &  expect, to play with the same fire as is on the sun.  Same result then as the sun, how is that not so?


3. You can: go to your elected officials and demand, WE WON’T let our lives, our children, our future be determined by a tiny few!   WHAT WE DO KNOW IS:    Humanity absolutely cannot extinguish:   the atomic fire,   the universities intend to create.  If that fire does not extinguish itself, every life on earth will be lost!  WHY, should it extinguish itself, where everything is fuel?

4.  You can go to your churches, synagogue, mosque, etc: PROVING, these machines, gambling with our whole world DO exist.  The people employed by a university, to come up with new ideas (so they can keep their job);   DO clearly state: WE intend “to create the sun fire” HERE.  Same, as is on the sun.  Here on earth, burns your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away! Flames said to be one million miles long! THESE EXPERIMENTS DO GAMBLE WITH EVERY LIFE, and every future life on earth.  WITHOUT the slightest doubt/ OR the slightest chance,  of a single life surviving.  Not even throughout this entire world, IF THEY ARE WRONG!  That is clear, certain,  true, and without the possibility of doubt!  You can’t live on the sun, and you know it!  No second chances, an atomic fire, BURNS atomic bonds. Ask your universities who claim the sun is completely made of the lightest element hydrogen/ and yet they also say it’s the density body of mass, IN THIS SOLAR SYSTEM?  Doesn’t add up, and you know it. People at the universities say: the sun is entirely on fire, EVERYTHING/ yet unlike everything we know, the fuel never gets used up?  COULD THEY BE WRONG!  Answer the question; because the facts are true:   life OR death for our world, is happening now;  through university and other, experimentation.

So the question is: do you believe in the people who are making millions,  spending trillions, and literally play god.  So long as, they keep their job.


 OR, WHAT YOU LEARNED IN GRADE SCHOOL, AS TRUTH?  Answer the question, and work to stop extreme experimentation;  OR, your whole world will soon be on fire, drowning in chaos, or bleeding in world war 3.


5.  You can use me, to demand: HE MUST PAY TAXES TOO!  Pushing your leaders into a courtroom, with open public jury trial.  So a countersuit demanding constitutional law, proving constitutional democracy, demanding protect our lives, from extreme threats. Stopping:  “Your damn worship of university as a religion cult (know everything/ can’t be questioned): is NOT enough; to risk every life on earth”.  THE LAWS, of this UNITED STATES;    MUST be upheld/ that begins with the constitution itself.  EACH PERSONAL OATH;  begins with the constitution itself, is first!  Therefrom, ALL extreme experimentation MUST BE STOPPED, so says the preamble of the US constitution, which controls the direction of law, rights, authority, and purpose of the entire nation and all its employees.

  Until the court case is heard &  resolved/ giving the people knowledge and understanding so they can have their say: every action prior to that is treason.

The university is subject to us/ NOT WE, to them.  If they can, or cannot gamble with life itself; is a world decision!  How can even the least, or most cowardly among you claim:   you can’t accept democracy is ruler here? The law cannot allow ANYONE to deliberately threaten our lives/ & neither can the military: that too, is treason!  If you cannot hear that: then,  Liar.


6.  You can stop worshiping the university as a cult; remember they are just people, “with a little knowledge and a whole lot of stories they claim: but cannot prove.  QUESTION THEM, ABOUT:   WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WRONG!    OR you can DIE WITH THEM.

7.  You can:  pay me money, and I will find a media outlet: that WILL COMMUNICATE.   OUR LIVES, OUR WORLD IS THREATENED.  Thereby demanding an investigation into what being wrong: truly is.


Failure means, The reality:  WHEN ALL OUR LIVES WILL BE LOST, is absolutely irreparable.   Does that NOT mean, is it not the right of every life on earth: to decide for themselves if this can go on.  OR JUST PLAIN STOP THEM!  These experiments threaten every living thing/ every future life/ every resource/ even the solar system itself.  Are these acts, and deliberate decisions NOT world terrorism, or at least a betrayal!   PEOPLE, who use to be your classmates:  are trying to ignite  sun fire here every day.  Risking our entire world!


Your president, your leaders, courts, media, policing, military, ETC:   HAVE DECIDED   the university is god, not people who make mistakes and guess.  That is, Clearly established, by the money and protection given to these purposes. That is clearly established:  because they refuse to build any new electrical power plants:THEY DO  EXPECT “atomic fire” WILL ignite,  any day now.  They are waiting, for a ten million degree fire to erupt.  So they can say, “see we were right”!

 WHEREAS, Without the slightest chance, to extinguish it. Being wrong is the end of every living thing on earth, now and forever!

 These “extra special stupid people”  are:  Simply depending upon “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. Now if you believe that statement or theory is worth killing every life on this planet/ even the solar system itself?  THEN YOU’RE JUST AS STUPID AS THEM.  Can’t fix stupid its said/ so you just have to stop them; because they won’t stop, until you’re dead.


 Leaders accept, without the slightest knowledge:  Simply believing, “in fusion”.

But:  You can “add it up”/ you can understand! You can add one plus one, equals two.  Is that not so?

 The university says:  every BTU the sun produces is because , “two hydrogen atoms fuse together (one plus one), under intense heat and pressure;  making (equals two) a helium atom.  This is what they call:   fusion)”!


 So the question is: then where is ALL the helium? It literally “should be, EVERYWHERE”! The universe, should be full: does not every star heat with the same fire?  THE NATIONAL IGNITION FACILITY has already proven: fusion does NOT exist.  Claiming they do produce 180 million degrees of heat.  Claiming they do produce “half a trillion pounds of pressure”.  MUCH MORE of both, than they claim is inside the sun!  And still  CANNOT PRODUCE FUSION; after several years of trying.  BECAUSE IT DOESN’T EXIST!

Ignition OF SUN FIRE means, the earth becomes a sun/ NO second chances! NO, lets put a ten million degree fire out, and try again! A ten million degree fire, produces at least a one thousand mile per hour updraft. EVERYTHING is sucked in!

 Forest fires burn at under 3 thousand degrees. Steel melts at the same.  Think about it.


DO WHAT YOU CAN DO, because every single living soul, CAN do something, if you are over the age of three/ you have a duty to try.  Or as an adult:  you’re guilty, of letting this world die!  Which means, “aiding and abetting the enemy of every life”!  An arrogance so extreme, nothing matters: not even an entire world.