educating life

Every battlefield has limits and boundaries, along with pitfalls, traps, and logistical nightmares for one side or the other. So the question is: as a soldier for life, following truth and law: NOT death, & their dismemberment of humanity (you can’t), the mental mutilation characteristic of a cult (never question me) / HOW do we win this war?

A battlefield is: confrontation has now come to this, I won’t surrender more/ and neither will they! It is that simple. Therefore the foundation called: WHY, is this important enough, to cost “life”/ is as simple as, what happens if we lose!

DISTINCT Threats which will cause extinction, even the extermination of life from this entire planet: have been proven “true enough” for all humanity to recognize as a threat. Therefore the battlefield in question is a courtroom, whether that is legally based/ social communications/ deliberate protests/ advertizements/ methods to remove the cult from its power/ means to stop the insanity of believing “everything you hear”/ or just plain demanding the reality of proving what happens when you are wrong! Does establish the boundaries of an investigation: clearly proven necessary, WHEN HUMANITY ITSELF, cannot allow these threats of annihilation, to be proven: its “too late” to change now! Therefore the limits of an examination for life are simply these: 1. only the cost of being wrong, truly matters. 2. theories are not facts/ neither can fantasies be used; which cannot be proven without risking our world or its life or its future. 3. nobody gets to play “expert”/ rather we will be informed, and we will consent or deny as humanity itself on earth: because these threats represent murder/ terrorism/ treason/ and betrayal. Therefore we own the right, we are JUDGE; over every threat/ because it is life or death for our world. Nobody rules for us, WE THE PEOPLE decide for ourselves, by vote.

A pitfall is: I did not see, hear, or recognize “this was coming/ this would happen to me”. Or I would have done things differently. The reality of every pitfall is: dependent upon how severe the drop, it is either an injury, a death, or an annoyance. Therefore learning what does or does not have value, is essential to the reality of a fight for life, nation, and world.

  1. RESPECT FOR LIFE ITSELF, THE VALUE OF PLANET, AND EVERYTHING THAT MEANS TO OUR EXISTENCE; and more. Is absolutely essential when making a decision to fight for life. If you do not accept reality by its own truth/ then you will fall for lies, and end “beaten to death (like flies to the fallen)” by maggots who intend to consume you.
  2. In terms of value for this nation called America: the foundation of democracy is, “that WE THE PEOPLE own this nation”. There are no kings or queens or rulers or tyrants or leaders. There are ONLY OUR EMPLOYEES, who sworn they would put our decision as a nation: “this constitution would be OUR GOVERNMENT”/ first! Those who fail to keep their oath, can be tried for treason.
  3. This whole world falls, because of human population costs! This whole world dies, because of resource losses and climate change. This whole world starves, when the ocean life, is lost! This whole world goes to war: when people lose hope “life can be no better than this/ & I have nothing”. This whole world is exterminated, when the gods of university prove they did indeed bring chaos into our world: just as they said they would. This whole world of humanity, destroys itself, when tyrants control weapons of mass destruction; and the people have no say anymore.

TRAPS, are the essence of an intellectual brain! Therefore the university claim to fame is: I can trap you/ I can betray you/ I can defeat you/ I can make you my slave/ I can change the rules, and MAKE you lose/ I can become leader, by descending the nation, or world or life into chaos, and claiming “you need me now”. You have no choices left!

So the critical reality of our day is, that an intellectual brain has indeed done all these things; especially here in America. By the intent to destroy everything we depended upon for securities. By disrespecting everything we accepted as a value to life. By invading the schools, and teaching CHAOS is great/ it is your god, accept it: and be damned! Etc/ etc/ etc/ etc………….etc! With propaganda, corruption, deceit, thievery, cheating, lies, failure, fantasies, counterfeiting, collusion, rules, anarchy (the destruction of constitutional law)/ betrayal (the destruction of all securities assigned by money)/ treason (the destruction of we the people govern ourselves; replaced with “we are rulers/ you have no rights in court”)/ terrorism (let us destroy them all, or destroy everything they need, or mutilate life itself, so there is no future here, and they will all GO COMPLETELY INSANE)! Realities of a university diploma; that are already well underway, and nearly completed.

So the question is: HOW DO we throw off these traps, these traitors: and return to life itself? HOW do we claim and support the values which will bring us back to life, and a future for this earth?

When everything hidden is revealed, so that our decision as a people is through INFORMED CONSENT/ or the reality NOW, WE will decide your fate instead. Then the trap is broken, even if the damage has already been done. Repaired, as best we can: is better than dead.

When we know for ourselves, what is true, and what is lie: examining where each has taken us. Then reality points to a future that exists by OUR CHOICE/ rather than what fools, devils, and death have chosen to give us. WE MUST CHOOSE, a different world, than what these leaders have betrayed. That means: we must build a different society and world, WHICH LEADERS CANNOT betray. It is done with democracy, the literal means to make our own laws and by that knowledge and understanding: RULE OURSELVES. It is done with “limited capitalism”, the literal means to insure NOBODY gets to obtain excessive power or wealth or control over our lives. It is done with world law, thereby removing the excuses for weapons of mass destruction/ and extreme weapons of all kinds. It is done with true acceptance of reality, and a decision to protect the future, rather than destroy it: as is the cause of “university knows” an occult without honor or rights. They destroyed themselves, by using and abusing us all.

We add to that, the reality of education: and examine it as “building a herd”/ rather than illuminating a life. Education means: we have decided as adults that all the children should know and accept these things. Which is how evolution became embedded in society, rather than flushed (out of sight, and sound/ even if it still exists) with the other toxic waste that continually threatens the earth. Illuminating a life means: we the people have chosen that knowledge has value/ therefore we support knowledge rather than fantasies and lies; as is the majority of “university knows”. We the people have chosen that understanding shifts through the wreckage of university deceit, carefully searching for what does not contain death. We the people have chosen: theories are not enough, and no value will be given to that which CANNOT clearly be proven as truth. THOSE who degrade the search for truth, as is the example of an evolutionary liar/ who parade delusions as facts, failure as a legal right, death as their pride, and eternity as their religion (we won’t believe reality). Shall be treated as the criminals they are/ and punished accordingly. This reality and truth in education: begins with evolution is rejected in its entirety, and destroyed from all recognition as if it never existed. Are you not tired of being used by and for: FOOLS?

Religion will not take its place! To believe (I want what I want) is not enough. Reality proves life is a miracle, by its truth: established by thought, without the slightest possibility of doubt. Educating life, begins here!