the question of my life is not: “Who am I”/ I am not important to your reality of threats that cause extermination of the planet. ONLY THE EVIDENCE IS THAT!  Evidence:  Which does require investigation/ examination/ and decisions built upon what is proven true. Why that is important establishes:   because of the consequences assigned,  WHEN THIS PROVES TO BE WRONG;  ARE HORRIFIC! Nothing else matters, in accordance with a clear understanding: THIS IS NO GAME. OUR  ENTIRE WORLD OF LIFE;   IS AT RISK!  IS, being gambled with by theories without foundations in truth or life/   “just fantasies, & lies”.

Those who suggest my work is “doom and gloom”/ refuse the fact: THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE WHAT IS THREATENING YOU, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! That is not gloom or doom: it is reality, it is life suggesting to you, CHANGE now, before all that is left is death. YOU, and in particular the universities, media, governments, policing, “Hiding religion”, military, and so forth: present yourselves,  with realities of gloom (this will be BAD). They have all agreed: to gamble this world, with all its life! BECAUSE they don’t want to change; “They want what they want”. So they fantasize, and declare themselves “smart enough” to risk our entire world, even the future. The general public,  led by university leadership, controlled by media & mesmerized by fantasies, greed, and selfishness; refuse to accept their duties to protect life, even when their leaders will not. Creating their own doom (we cannot change this anymore; the only thing left for us, is “hell”).

MY WORK IS: wake up, think for yourselves, understand the consequences of these realities, these choices being made: STOP THEM. Because the cost of being WRONG, is a dead earth! Investigate for yourselves/ examine the penalties for failure/ protect democracy/ limit capitalism/ and build a future we CAN survive. Simple and plain, there is no other choice. Your leaders gamble our world/ our lives/ every life: and have literally chosen to assassinate your children, in many different ways, “by a thousand different threats”; should you pass by the extreme threats so clearly being made to our whole world.


The facts of life are:
1. Not even all of humanity working together as if one: can stop an atomic fire, once ignited! That is a ten million degree certainty, none contest. No going back.
2. Not even all of humanity working together as if one: can put nature back together, once a single moment occurs/ that brings us all into chaos: as the religion of evolution, and their university priests; promises to do. No going back.
3. Not even all of humanity working together as if one: when every resource is gone. The rate of usage clearly assigns the very near future, to be without anything other than poison/ pollution/ war/ complete depression/ and ultimately a world that shall not survive.
4. Not even all of humanity working together as if one: a world climate that is overheating to bring us terrible change. Without ice to cool the planet, it will go over 160 degrees in the hottest places soon. That will transfer, and plants, along with all other life everywhere shall die.
5. Not even all of humanity working together as if one: the chains of life which feed us all, are literally dying or even dead (gone past the point of recovery). Both ocean and land, forever lost. You’re next!
6. Not even all of humanity working together as if one: antibiotics and chemicals have brought us into the world of terrible diseases coming. The failure of antibiotics will be severe, & heartbreaking: what was minimal, is now deadly. While chemistry itself, is without doubt soon to be the cause of mutilation and pandemic disease. The reapplied application of poisons in its every form; will reach the limit of “life’s” ability to survive it. With grievous consequences.
7. Human population cannot go on at these numbers; which means war/ which will turn to weapons of mass destruction/ which will end life for our planet; with these too.

“just the beginning”!

SUMMARIZED: everything you worshiped the universities for (how, they changed nature, and made nature submit to “OUR WAY”). Has proven to be “extremely costly to life”!   THE CONSEQUENCE OF THAT, is now an environment, collapsing down onto our heads/ the potential end of our world.

OUR HOPE IS: that we see the error of our ways, accept what truth alone will declare is “a better way”: and CHANGE!

While religion says: HELL NO, I WON’T DO NOTHING/ GOD “Has to save our world, from us; AND HELL NO, WE AIN’T GOING TO CHANGE. HELL NO, YOU WON’T RESPECT NOTHING. And HELL NO, life on earth ain’t worth my caring enough to try, not even to save our entire world. Not even for your own child!  EACH demands: “I only WANT what I WANT/ leave me alone, this ain’t what I want! As the whole world of humanity chants: “The universities, are: our god”/ they would never hurt us. They are “saviors, just like your weapons of mass destruction; they too, are called “saviors”; keeping you from war.ev While in fact, they are anything but that. None of it, is a game/ there are no second chances; even the planet itself is threatened with extinction. How is that “savior”?

so says humanity, as time and time and time again; they all wait, for television to “TO DO all the thinking (six corporations and their few owners CONTROL IT ALL)”/ and then tell each one. No, “don’t worry”, the university is your god! The university would never threaten you: even though the evidence is absolutely clear. WRONG, particularly with trying to ignite sun fire on earth: IS BEING DONE/ AND HAS ABSOLUTELY NO SECOND CHANCES. Upon ignition, an atomic fire will either put itself out as they theorize (without any substantive evidence, reality, or even a right to suggest such blatant lies)/ OR, THAT FIRE WILL MAKE THIS EARTH A SUN, and then blow it up.

You do have a momentary chance to intervene in all of that, through knowledge/ an acceptance of understanding inside as your soul allows/ and the wisdom to at the very least participate in: WE CANNOT ALLOW THESE FOOLS, TO BE WRONG!

Life on earth, depends on us; each one, to say NO! AND PROVE, you shall not do this anymore; forever! Simple and plain. Not a game, life or death; with no second chances.
So says the evidence; prove it to yourself, or die knowing, “you didn’t save this world”/ not even for yourself. You didn’t even try; to your eternal shame, or punishment!
the question of me, although irrelevant/ should not be allowed, to interfere. The only way that works is by defining development, as a method you do understand. Therefore, “without balance, the future dies”/ that said, the only thing capable of balancing my own reality after decades of being refused. Regardless of the evidence presented, or even fear used on one occasion: “he could not get past his greed”/ which means even war could not be used. As the man clearly spoke for why, all who were presented with evidence and reality could not get past theirs either.
Learning came next, to remove the excuses. Reality demanded: “something must change” before there is even the possibility of being heard: which was 9/11. Even then, the foundation material of extreme threat, could not be effectively used: UNTIL public media evidence existed so that it would not and could not easily be discarded. Even that was not enough for you/ as to this day, there still is no “realistic response” to the threats we face.
The development of this work, is “my life in time”/ there is virtually no other of significant reality. That is “my fact of life”/ because failure is forever! For our whole world, and all its life today, or in the future. I absolutely refused: “to surrender this world, without a fight”! Even though, you refuse to help; that was my decision, from the beginning/ and it remains so today.
It is fair, true, and correct to say: “It is the spiritual woman” who became a part of my life/ who did make this work possible, in these last ten years or so. My patience or tolerance of you strictly as male,  failed: she is the balance that made it possible. A reality you don’t understand/ but need not, to accept the evidence of your own lives, the reality of your own world in this time.  Whether you accept that as    GOD’S   intervention/  is up to you.  It is simply a reality in mine.

This concludes the work that I was apparently born to do. Which means today: it does pass beyond my hand, to yours…………TO GOD , and To JESUS! The clear fundamental teacher, who provided a path to this work. Not a game, my reality; my testimony< “this is true”.
The evidence is simple and clear: this world is threatened with extinction. Now is the time to rise, or fall into the grave; because you didn’t care enough. Simple and plain; “the RESPECT” required, will come/ or you die as a world, forever.
I literally have no idea, “why me”/ it is not relevant to my life. This is a decision based upon the evidence of a threatened world, a potentially extinct world. Why you do not fight for this planet, is also “a complete mystery” to me. You do understand/ which means there are NO excuses.
So the question which confronts you is: WHY NOT YOU? Remembering eternity is listening. “Believe it or not”. Our whole world needs help, why NOT you! I DID my part. I am, now free.

Reality states: “if you cannot use your brain, to understand what the evidence does prove”. Then, you are without wisdom, and cannot survive. What is true shall always rule life/ lies are merely incidentals, that shape tragedy in one form or another. Learn if you must/ accept what is true/ understand the cost of being wrong: and apply destiny (I chose) to your future. How is that not wise, or a blessing to you?