The most critical health decisions that you make today, are related to the evidence of what can or cannot be seen; as a result of the choices that have already been made. The question most fundamental to those changes in genetics and chemistry; other/ is: WHEN do the things you do erupt into chaos? You DO believe in adaption/ the biological change built into survival, so that realities of environment dictate an altered state of existence. Therefore having changed the environment of plant, animal, earth, etc: WHEN does this adaption occur. We already know, changes in biologic chemistry causes adaption to occur. Therefore change must be coming/ even though we know not, what that change will be. People “Love to play god”/ people chose to play god with biology, etc. Its just a matter of time. Realities dictate “something caused this change”. Which does include the investigation of “what did change/ when a disease erupts, or multiplies”. Whether humanity can identify that causation, is absolutely “not perfect”/ by any means or method. Not even close, I would suggest; as you look only for the simplest things.
Asking you to remember the one clear fundamental we do know: ANY BIOLOGICAL CHANGE THAT APPEARS IN ANY LIFE, by realities influencing nature itself. CANNOT BE REVERSED!
The question is: have risk factors or incidents changed?
http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hus/2014/037.pdf Disease & sex
the question is: since women are targeted by advertizing, “be afraid”/ what is true?
http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hus/2014/042.pdf Heartthe question is: are choices appearing to overtake the body at this time
http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hus/2014/040.pdf Cancer
http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hus/hus14.pdf Biological change is studied by similar results to AIDS; all but unnoticed first. Or: There was one, and then there were “100’s of millions”/ and trillions of tears. Or, more directly the question remains: what did you do, “to the children”!    Biological structures are built, using chemical combinations critically controlled by “parts per billion”. Any substance which interferes in that process, or alters it in any way: subsequently changes “life”.
Noted:  using a new product, “3 times stronger glue” for a day, without proper precautions/ ended with glue all over hands.  Resulted in what was construed as a gall bladder attack (all the symptoms), with a slight effect on the pancreas. It was the glue transferring chemicals through the skin.  I had it taken out;  as a method of litigation/  “13.7 cents a second is a price too high”.  Ultimately it would have added:  to gain advertising as is needed “against atomic fire (our world on fire)”.  Intervention stopped that.   It is nonetheless proven true, small changes in the chemistry of a body/ can have BIG results.  Just an example.


We will examine elements of social behaviors, that illuminate the reality of “the wizard of oz” coming true.
Memory from fifty plus years ago; recalls a child lost, and afraid of “witches”/ walking with three fantasies; one without a heart/ one without courage/ one without a brain: and a wizard who is a fraud”.
In today’s world: the reality of evidence is very clear, the future is dead (child lost), because of all the things humanity has done to itself and this earth (witches [life demeaned] in charge). At every opportunity to fight for life, the problem is: humanity at all levels, finds itself not caring about the future, they live only for today; discarding life itself. Humanity at all levels, finds itself completely unable to question their gods (wizard) at the university, because these infect all of society, with the stain of arrogance/ selfishness/ and greed. A power created from stealing the securities of an entire nation. The people, are Very afraid (someone might see them, might ridicule them, might target them). Yet they have NO brain: because what hunts them, is death for an entire world/ their child/ their everything. No, can’t even ask the simplest question: What happens, when you’re WRONG! Imagine that, “a fools’ story” come to life.

But the story exists, because of social behaviors that have been ingrained. Social realities proving “this united states”/ is no longer a democracy; the constitution is destroyed. Unless used by the arrogant to gain power/ the proud to prove, the people have no say. The law is broken/ the nation is betrayed, by its own employees; the world is threatened by “university knows”. They stole it all.
The question is: why? The answers are simple: with the advent of nuclear bombs/ other weapons of mass destruction. Humanity discovered its true fear/ not even the possibility of war; all gone and dead, by one single bomb.
With the fear mongering established by the US military immediately after ww2; DESTROYING ISLANDS “for fun”. The reality of things like Bho Phal India: we the people have lost control over our lives. Making “the gun” an impotent weapon; in world terms. That leaves we the people outside the true realm of power. Society is further deluged, by the control “university knows” established through the invasion of “every child”; teaching evolution (there is no penalty for being an outright bastard or whore)/ creating human robots (memorize and mimic: DON’T think for yourself)/ and now mutilating all of nature (DNA is nature). The absolute attack on water/ air/ food/ and every resource throughout the planet: is simply supplemented by threats to the planet itself. ALL courtesy of “university knows”. The one thing they didn’t do without help, is over population: growing at over two million more mouths to feed each and every week. While media hides every possibility of survival/ controls and contorts all forms of corruption, by remaining silent/ and fundamentally invades society itself with propaganda entirely purposed “to make you fear”. Because with fear: the powerful pretend they must be more important. Therefore they must make rules, and conceive of weapons: which will prove only the few have rights, or even food, water, etc.

So the question is: WHAT do we the people do; in a situation such as this/ to reestablish our democracy? The very first reality is: THINK FOR YOURSELF! Don’t let the media propagate further “disease”. Stop worshiping the university, and understand it is not the accumulation of any knowledge that threatens. It is the insanity of those without respect, who threaten to destroy our world: that can be recognized as the ENEMY. Simple as that; except for their pandemic infection established by taking over all forms of government. And using that rebellion against the constitution of our nation: which is our government. To take over all forms of business, industry, agriculture, banking, and everything else. Casting delusions; contributing fantasies and lies; destroying securities; and fundamentally proving no bigger fools have ever been born, throughout all of human history. Simple and plain; anarchists/ rebels/ insurgents/ devils/ disasters/ terrorists/ traitors/ and whore’s!
So the critical question is: HOW do we stop the insane, from completing their intended path, which is not only to destroy this nation/ our nature/ our environment, oceans, planet, and world; but to enslave and terrorize us all, in the process, as well?
The answer is: that the few control the many, by creating rules. Rules make rulers, because they are directed at individuals, with the clear purpose of demanding “we now have a right/ to punish, imprison, or kill.” Nothing has changed throughout the centuries; this is the male constant of government. Because the righteous want rules, and they make rules by invading government/ and then come the powerful because of these rules; who will then throw out the righteous, to be tyrants.
Nonetheless, the solution is found clearly within the problem: because the law DOES control us all, in a democracy! Without the law, NOBODY has any authority, to do anything for or against you. With the law, EVERYBODY has the right to say: THIS LAW, MUST BE ENFORCED! In this democracy, the foundation of ALL law (no law exists, if it does not comply fully, with that constitution. It is a lie, if it fails.) and the government itself, are one: THE US CONSTITUTION! That document favors WE THE PEOPLE, in its entirety. That document contains the first amendment which recognizes as law: LEGAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES! The literal right, to take our employees to court; and judge whether they did or did not do, as their oath demands. Which is to put the constitution first.
More clearly: the few get to be tyrants by making rules to control the individual. But the many GAIN CONTROL OVER governmental employees: by establishing and proving “your oath” DID MEAN SOMETHING. And we will enforce it, on you: with punishment as we the people, desire it to be! More simply: the constitution, and its appendages which are the bill of rights and the declaration of independence: establish and prove, WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION. We, are its authority under that law. We are its final say & protector under that constitution as declared: which did unite us all as a nation. Thereby establishing what we the people intended for our nation. And MADE OUR EMPLOYEES SWEAR: that our law, our nation; WOULD BE OBEYED!

Just like tyrants use policing powers, corrupt courts, media propaganda, and military to enforce rules. We the people CAN, take our leaders to court, enforcing the law, establishing communication by all potential methods so the maximum amount of voices are heard, constructing the rule of military is: YOU shall not “fight against yourselves”. Because we are “the military”; one people. Not this group or that one, or a different one: JUST ONE people together enforcing our law. On our leaders.
The ability to take control over government: IS NOT rebellion! IS NOT a gun or any other form of weapon! The ability and right, to take over government IS LAW! That law, is determined by our agreement as a nation under democracy: this is the constitution that WE THE PEOPLE MADE. This is our authority as owners, united under one document/ as one nation. WE ARE THE OWNERS here! When there is a need to decide beyond that moment: “let the law decide” what is or is not acceptable. Let truth lead, because it is always right and fair. Let reality have its say, because we cannot change, what we cannot change: simple as that.