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Fundamental to the human experience is the cause and consequence of religion. As humanity from its origins, begin to ask: HOW can we understand, and change the things we don’t like? Each element of a “realistic truth” that could be found, was functionally woven into a religion; aided with stories, to aid in for all the missing parts.
Nothing has changed; even if new knowledge has aided and abetted change in our ability to control this world. The university does that some say; however reality points to the individuals, which establish some degree of understanding/ by which others translate that knowledge into a “religious fervor: YES we can”! In every religion, “yes we can” is the most fundamental of all precepts required to attain a cult status. Or more specifically: “we are believers”/ among the followers. Coupled to priests, or “experts” which then make certain nobody questions “the book”. The book, is god!

So, critical to universities in this day; are the summaries of what is real/ what is believed/ what is nothing more than story, based loosely around minimal knowledge/ and what is pure fantasy and delusion, as consistent with either playing god/ or claiming superiority.
Knowledge in and of itself is NOT “evil”. Evil means: to discard the realities of life/ and choose to live in an arrogance so distinct, that it endangers or threatens, much or even every life”. Today, there are many evil people particularly in all aspects of “power positions”/ which deny respect, truth, and life; so they can play god. They are hidden behind every closed door; because if revealed, truth will kill their dreams.
What must be understood about the use and collection of knowledge is: Respect controls/ life decides/ reality identifies/ truth survives/ and relationships form the basis of all complexity as it then forms & controls life in time. The common university theme of today is: THROW ALL THAT IN THE TRASH/ because we WANT, what we WANT. And reality or rights interfere, “with playing god”.

So, we begin with the question: WHAT does society owe to a “college graduate”? When asked, (decades back) how would you describe your college experience? The vast majority responded: “best years of my life”! As it should have been. Prime years for dating; finding a wife; freedoms; looking forward to a simple, easy job, the majority could not have. Regardless of the reason. Why would that not be good? So in terms of what do we as society owe a college graduate for the “best years of their lives”: the answer is nothing! In fact, you owe us.
But that leads us to today, and the realities of college debt; that now surrounds the average student: to enslave, control, and consume their future. There must be, a change letting truth and reality control. Which means: the professor, can only collect from a student that was in fact helped by them into a paying job; as a percentage of salary for a limited time. No more fantasy; religion is over: facts of life begin!

Like all religion; “the university is god” only goes so far/ and then collapses under the weight of what it does not know. Belief is likewise: having found yourselves in trouble, it is no longer difficult to assume, “You must think for yourselves” again. But the real question is: WHY on earth, would you let someone else think for you? Why follow? Why believe?

The answer for all three is functionally: we don’t want to be responsible, for what goes wrong! We want, what we are promised; whether fantasy or not. We “believe” life will be better, because of these “facts”. So then we must examine the facts of this day and the past to reveal what it is about this particular religion “university knows”; that controls today.
A very short review:
1. Things changed with the atomic bomb; now, the universities threaten us. He who is first to the knowledge, could destroy our world.
2. Standard religions are thwarted with “the monkey trial”; evolution wins, by confronting the “book” with charts of “see, they look similar”! Religion knows not how to respond, so as men do: they abandon “the book, so to speak”/ and grab hold of their new religion “we built ourselves, with chaos”.
3. America attacks the world, by blowing up islands; and making the world fear, what they might do next. “Heros” give the USSR access to the bomb/ making the Americans back down from plans to commit; world anarchy, and betrayal.
4. Antibiotics and immunizations; change our world, giving control to men over their most basic fears/ wiping away tears. Leading directly to over-population, and now extinction of this world.
5. Fertilizers and chemicals change agriculture making food plentiful. Leading directly to over-population, and billions more mouths to feed. A rate of world life extinction, unimaginable soon.
6. Machinery enables massive alterations to the planet and our ability to collect, whatever we want. Extreme destruction follows, in every conceivable way.
7. The universities take over governments/ courts/ medicine/ education/ and everything else: bringing us to this day. Where lies rule/ democracy is functionally dead/ the courts are corrupt/ the nation and most of the world is bankrupt/ we are threatened from every conceivable way. Soon our world is dead/ our nature is mutilated/ our planet has been irreversibly changed/ the ocean is empty/ and it will be hell on earth. Because we know, “humanity has no further chance to survive”. We changed “life”/ and nature died.


CRITICAL human decisions! The essence of life or death for this world; assuming, it will not be destroyed before you get “some sense”. Insanity is not a virtue/ stupidity is a disease/ reality is neither cult worship, nor participating as a herd.

Given those factors; we all face the daunting dilemma: HOW can a cult worshiper, so delusional nothing conceived by truth or reality matters; be drawn back into life? The unfortunate answer is: they must be taught repeatedly, that life is more important, than their belief or want. A fact made even more difficult; when the cult provides bribes, pride, power, and selfishness to those who worship it.
The clear cult of America is “university knows”/ even though reality in all its evidence proves: LIAR (covering up every extreme threat to both life and world; so as not to be detected. So no recovery is possible)/ THIEF (stealing the currency of a nation, by extreme counterfeiting. Hiding that fact) / TRAITOR (corrupting the courts, discarding the constitution, rebellion against democracy itself)/ FAILURE (destroying even the possibility of a future, for every child)/ FOOL (mutilating nature itself, playing god) / TERRORIST (gambling with our entire world, on a theory so weak and distorted; all life is subject to whether a ten million degree fire will just “extinguish itself”)/ and the diseased essence of every tragedy and threat associated with this world (university diploma represents every leader on this earth; regardless of the discipline or purpose. The pandemic of university knows is: CLEARLY, by the evidence extermination. An extinction which includes the solar system itself. How could you be “more SATAN”? THE ANSWER IS, you can’t.

Yet the American public worships this satan. The public gives of itself, ALL its securities/ to satan and its purposes. The public gives its children to satanic worship, by indoctrinating them with the dribble and utter sewage that is evolution: or more simply, “we can be as BASTARD/ AS VIOLENT/ AS HATEFUL/ AND AS FRAUDULENT as possible. Because there is no penalty for that. And all the people said: as led by their fools, religious leaders (we are being overrun with evolution and science/ get on the wagon with them) of other cults, and failures: “let it be so”!
Evolution is: “we built ourselves, ONE PIECE at a time”; just went shopping, and picked it off a shelf; for free. What part of your body DON’T you need: CAN’T live without it! Or more simply: you NEED THEM ALL, at the very same time; or you don’t exist. DAMN IDIOT, BEGUILED FOOL; WAKE UP, or die!

Nonetheless since reality is obviously discarded for trinkets and toys/ for the assumption of healthcare; which works primarily because of antibiotics. Soon forever lost, with a world now facing extremely deadly diseases, instead of “Just make you sick”. So all your worship; has simply made the future less likely, especially for humanity. All your worship has placed the entire solar system at risk. All your worship, has given nature to be mutilated to your eternal shame. All your worship, and complete failure to address realities and truth by your own brain: QUESTIONING THOSE WHO FAIL YOU/ THREATEN ALL LIFE/ AND STOLE YOUR MONEY; TO BUILD THREATS OF EXTINCTION, in your own name. For our entire world; exterminated forever! “Put the mark of America” on that: do you not “lead”?

Apart from extreme failure, the vast numbers of Americans; particularly their workers: are so removed from their democracy/ from communications within their own groups; that they literally have ceased to exist. Instead caught in a morass of lies, stories, media propaganda, and educational delusions: because “satan (let us destroy everything; including the children)” took over their education. Children (now adults as well), know not, how to think for themselves. They are trained to mimic and memorize; in a vain effort, to achieve “more trophies”. Because the real money, and easy life: is found by living, among the cult.

So the real question is: HOW DO THE LAST REMAINING SOULS; return this nation and this world, back to life? Away from the destruction (so says the evidence) which surrounds us all, with extinction?

We begin with soul: that living essence inside the body, which gives the body its freedom. Which leaves the body, causing death! Or more simply, the energy which causes life to be freed from its potential, to live as time; is not simply a game. There are consequences, and there are punishments for failing to respect your time on earth! Contrary to the cult; as is evidenced by life itself, being far more complex than anything the universities can even make up stories about: THERE WILL BE PUNISHMENTS for destroying this world, its nature, its potential for “another child”. Not a game!
Satan, the death march of university knows; claims, “nothing bad can happen/ we are gods”. Then the dirt takes over your body, SO TAKE EVERYTHING you can get! Discard the future/ it is worth NOTHING, to you! So the story goes.
But reality knows: if energy gives you life and freedom/ then leaves, without your consent. Without your knowledge or decision, “a life is born”! Then it stands as wisdom, as in understanding: something more than chance or chaos lives here! The foundation of life is: WE HAVE much more, than simply life! We have the potential for happiness, love, and a wide variety of decisions that prove not only is this body fully designed: WITH LOVE. It is carefully created, for the purposes of both heart and mind: to understand the essence and realities of love itself. Should we so desire! Which means: once released into time, it is your own decision that gives back the respect you share with life. Or not. The value of living, is not found in chaos as is the shit spewed from evolution. The value of living is determined by the essence and relationship we share with love, life, hope, courage, discipline, balance, structural integrity; and all things conceived, and given by GOD our CREATOR. Only the biggest fools can conceive of less, with the evidence of life miracles EVERYWHERE! Which of course means: the biggest fools throughout all of history, exist within “university knows”. The satan of our world: which means liar, cheater, destroyer, thief, terrorist, traitor, fool/ rather than religious anything.

Again: the reality of our day is, “whosoever is left, with any living respect in their lives”: IS REQUIRED to fight for this world! Not a game/ no longer a choice: either you fight for this world, or it will be lost. So says all the evidence. How could that not be absolutely clear: with nature mutilated, resources ransacked and raped, and even the clear and certain threat of igniting atomic fire here on earth! CAN’T put it out/ ten million degrees of SUN FIRE! Coming to destroy you soon. YOU’RE DEAD!
Or find your soul! Do it today.

Organizing requires a discipline, rather than a mob; as is consistent with the human herd. Discipline NEEDS A BRAIN, in humanity; a brain that works, instead of mimics or memorizes stupidity and ignorance. A brain that lives, instead of worships trinkets, trophies, or toys. A brain that respects life!
The dead brain of so-called science: “we can play god”. Cannot think, because it is immersed in the cult. A cult lives or dies: because its leaders cannot be questioned. If they are, the cult dies/ when truth finally overwhelms them; the people who discarded their responsibilities, and said “you think for me”. Must then think again, for themselves. So the fundamental of organization here as a protector of life and earth: is to create a clear and distinct opportunity to question the cult, and make them adhere to reality/ by its truth. No more stories/ no more theories/ no more extreme experiments/ no more freedom to do whatever they want to do/ no more educating the children with trash/ no more corrupting life or destroying the future/ or taking the wealth of a nation for fantasy and delusion. Or more simply: RETURNING LIFE AND NATION AND WORLD, to what happens when their assumptions, theories, lies, and fantasies, ARE WRONG!
The method most likely to succeed: TAKE ME TO COURT. Make your leaders demand “he must pay his taxes too”! I DEMAND, an open public jury trial; with all doors open/ all lights on/ public invited. WHERE THE FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS IS: when you return to me my guaranteed rights, as provided by constitutional democracy! Primarily, FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; wherein we will hold our employees in government accountable for what they chose to do. Wherein we will judge (and decide punishment) for ourselves, when asking: DID YOU/ OR DID YOU NOT, OBEY YOUR OATH TO THIS NATION; “by putting the constitution first”?
You, the public WILL: provide certified “class action status: for DEMOCRACY RULES”! You, the public WILL provide, legal representation for yourselves/ I stand only for myself. Because if you don’t/ then I merely need to be killed; to stop the trial. Let that not be so! With or without me: QUESTION REALITY, AND DECIDE ITS TRUTH; for yourselves.
And everybody says: NO, I want only what I want/ and I DON’T WANT, “to pay all these damn bills”. We are overrun/ it will be horrible.
While I remind you instead; even this solar system is in jeopardy of extinction! By turning this earth into a sun: many experiments exist & even more are coming. Your “university satan’s” promise THEY WILL ignite sun fire here! Why don’t you believe them/ YOU DO, “believe everything else”. Go ahead, believe a ten million degree fire that obviously burns atomic bonds, to reduce elements to ash; “will just extinguish itself”. You are “the devils workshop” are you not? After all, you let these satan’s steal all your money for this purpose and other complete destruction of our world realities. Does that NOT, make you a partner, in crimes against ALL life/ EVEN the planet? Indeed it does; like it or not, you are a participant. You will stop it; or the punishment you deserve in eternity will be attached.
Simple and plain; YOU understand!