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Some say: there is nothing more sad, “than what could have been”!   I say, everything that can be, is the result of your decision to participate or not: that was the choice you made! There is no going back.   What you did or did not do, determines your identity/ establishes your eternity. Completes, “the work of your life”. It is that simple!

As it regards all of humanity on earth,

the ignition of atomic fire, threatens us all! None are exempt/ rich or poor, backwoods or penthouse; we all live or die. Based entirely on the fact, once ignition of atomic fire occurs: it just extinguishes itself. Your former classmates, who play at the universities:   believe they can play god & are risking this entire world with a single theory. A ten million degree fire, which they claim have flames a million miles long on the sun:  “will just extinguish itself”!  Not a game.


You can “add it up”/ you do understand, one plus one equals two!  The university says:  every BTU the sun produces is because , “two hydrogen atoms fuse together (one plus one), under intense heat and pressure;  making (equals) a helium atom. This is their guess, called:  fusion”!

 So the question is: then where is the helium? It literally “should be, EVERYWHERE”! The universe, should be full: does not every star heat with the same fire? The national ignition facility has already proven fusion wrong!

Ignition means the earth becomes a sun/ no second chances! No, lets put a ten million degree fire out, and try again!  Forest fires burn at under 3 thousand degrees. Steel melts at the same.  Think about it.


When reality proves: the people who lead CANNOT be trusted anymore!  Then it is absolutely necessary: to bring them into court/ provide a moratorium for ourselves to examine everything they do.  And stop our own destruction from proceeding past the point of no return!


YOU WILL STOP, ALL extreme energy experiments (or burn your world); atomic fire will not extinguish itself! Atomic fire is burning elements of their atomic bonds; which means everything on this earth:    is fuel!


 YOU WILL STOP mutilating nature (DNA is nature)/ YOU WILL STOP crucifying life (making living realities of creation, endure your torture)/ YOU WILL STOP destroying environment (make better decisions)/ YOU WILL STOP ravaging the seas (have respect)/ YOU WILL STOP being the true cause of extinction for a great many forms of life ( by accepting limits and boundaries on people/ to keep the rest alive). YOU WILL support and defend the chains of life, including pollinators.  OR YOU WILL DIE, by the decisions you have made. That includes the depletion of oxygen; because of your fires, you can add: every fire consumes a known amount of oxygen. By volume, the earth has only so much: biosphere 2 established plant production, human need. And a long list of other tragedies coming.


 Which so clearly disrespect & discard both life and world, because of human decisions. So says the evidence of nature dying/ climate changing/ extreme experimentation/ “science” gambling with our whole earth/ media propagating “know nothing, just fear”;  etc.

 Or more simply, by media editing what we hear as “news”. The very tiny few control the masses, the money, the politics, the jobs, the education, the resources, the healthcare; everything.  They make you a herd, rather than “thinkers for yourself”. Those few in media;  are further controlled, by an even smaller number, who write their paychecks, and determine “who best, to lie”/ who best to entertain, so the people will not ask;  questions!


The law of survival is: only truth & reality can decide life. Neither your want nor desire, are able to sustain life. Fail to accept truth leads (as best we can), and life itself dies!

What is true is: your leadership/ your ways as humanity on earth, now exceed nature’s ability to recover for you.  You are changing the planet, with your ways. Which very simply means: nature is dying because of humanity, as are all things we depend upon for life.  Without nature, ocean, planet, chains of life, etc;   “you’re dead too”!

So then let’s question: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?  Humanity in general.

Answer (summed up simply):   “You want what you want/ and you don’t want nothing else”. Let someone else pay, “I got bills/ from fantasies accepted.


More simply:  Instead of life you want MORE, of what you want; and nothing but pride, power, or selfishness matters to any degree, for you!  Certainly not life, without trophies.


So, what’s wrong with that?  Answer:  we now stand as more than one human being per acre of agricultural ground/ the seas are being emptied, “immense trawlers (take them all), around the world, 24 hours a day, every day.  We grow in world population at over 2 million more mouths (over death) to feed per week; while destroying millions of acres/ millions of life, every year.  In support of “I won’t PAY NOTHING”;   counterfeiting is rampant: war is inevitable. Which has opened the door to countless fantasies, delusions, and just plain tyrannies, including; “we want to play god, with life”!  While enslaving the rest.  It is a death sentence, established by “you don’t care enough about life, and you won’t defend, this nature, or this world”.  Not anything but yourself, if that! The evidence is real, our world is in trouble.

So, “lets argue”! 


1.  You say; we have to do extreme energy experiments because:   the pollution is overwhelming, changing our planet/ resource loss is extensive and growing/ overpopulation requires it/ etc!  WE NEED THIS.  So an extreme risk is taken, “we can do it”/ we want more. Even though every risk, is based upon fantasy and delusion;  theories born  without fact/ are mere stories.

In contrast,

life ANSWERS:   NONE are allowed to gamble with all life on earth/ it is not your decision to make. 



You CAN make critical changes to the realities of what you do, and greatly limit your impact. Returning life, to life!  You do not, BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TOO!  Change cost money, but more importantly to you: reducing  power, pride, greed, lust, gluttony, etc and limits selfishness/ demands justice.  So those who lead the public say no; and the “rich” public says: HELL NO, I won’t pay a penny.  While the poor public says, “I CAN’T”, simple as that. Even though reality says: YOU MUST, it is no longer a choice.

 As to population growth (2 million more every single week): YOU DO know how to stop that, with honesty and reality.  Because it’s a choice today. But not a man’s choice/ strictly a woman’s choice: because they are “the builders of life”. Men pay!


2.  The foundation of all mutilation is evolution: or worshiping chaos (reducing everything complex/ to its most simple form) as your god. So teaches the university, who is your god; can’t you tell: obviously, “they can’t, even be questioned”. Just worship and believe!  A more deluded, insufferable stupidity (intentional mental chaos) has never been born.  Evolution will end, returning truth to its rightful place; or your world will die.


Nonetheless the university delusion;  apart from the liars (don’t worry, trust us, fear them)/ cheaters (counterfeit everything)/ traitors (destroy the constitution with rules, and never let it enter a courtroom)/ terrorists (gambling every life, on our world)/ thieves (even though the last 4 years inflated the currency by 22 trillion dollars; media claims, inflation less than 4 %)/ whore’s (they stole our nation, wrecked our securities, prepared us for war:  for nothing more than counterfeit money)/ and the blanket idiots:  covered with “brain sores; I CAN’T think, for myself”, from all the damn pandemic propaganda (never let university be questioned) spewing from media and education.  The only reality that grants even the slightest consideration of mercy is: the minimal effort, to help or sustain life itself.  99% is pure evil- we want to be gods!  1% is constructive for life, and even that is not acceptable; because our world is overburdened with human beings. When nature demands it, people do have to die.  Like it or not, its true.

NATURE IS DNA (the genetic building of every body of life, by instructions which “operate the machinery” called, and identified as nature).


 Therefore “university knows/ in its university experiments”: is a deliberate attempt to destroy our world, by infecting or altering nature itself; “with a human touch”.  There is NO going back.  One single mistake allowed to expand, is enough to destroy all life on earth; and yet you allow “these Satanic elements” to do it anyway.  Because the masses, are afraid to die/ and you are in worship, primarily of an antibiotic; soon lost to history. While the failures and fools of humanity, are certain they have nothing to live for, beyond time. So they want  “it all, for themselves”:  Destroying the future.  Therefrom assassinating every child:  in a vain attempt,  to demand greed and gluttony for themselves.


Because the loss of life, etc IS conceived of in time; as a true tragedy on a personal level.  I offer one single (no more) “potential tip”.  Remembering, that I have had to spend my whole life, trying to keep you from destroying this entire planet and all its life.  Reality states, I have had no time/ I took no time,  to consider “biology”; beyond a minimal level.  I DON’T offer the following as “a good idea”/ because life on this earth, needs people to die: so the rest can live.  Not suicide! When reality calls, and it is apparent “each must now look beyond time”.


The offering, However STUPID (it will aid “devils”): does  accept the truth, that your insanity allows the mutilation of all nature itself.  Granted, because you are so DAMN SCARED of everything.  STOP IT!   This Alternative is mentioned; NOT because it is wise.  Rather, it is Like throwing jewels before swine; the dead and diseased among you, WILL try to exterminate life from this planet;  even faster. They will be stopped by you; or extinction, by HORROR  looms large.

BUT alas, you are insane as well.  Even so, there must be change!  Even if the risk is fundamentally unwarranted/ &  the dead among you, are attempting such things as;  soon another experiment, to ignite an atomic fire (same as sun), on earth.  Which will turn this earth into a sun.  That is a fact, and it is beyond questioning: which means already proven true!


 Consequently, enough knowledge must be released to enforce and demand: THAT AN INVESTIGATION OF WHAT HAPPENS, “when your DAMN gods” at university prove: THEY WERE WRONG! When the ignition of atomic fire, proves life on earth is over, FOREVER.


 At this point, in the threat of complete extinction against this entire  world:  nothing else of true concern exists. Force is meaningless!  Any  construction of cause, that allows the assumption of an enemy (not like us); releases, as always: “kill/ kill/ kill”. You cannot think, regardless of cause or reality; you are believers in university. You, “can’t think”; because the rabble rousers of media see to it, “your brain is dead: question nothing”, as is consistent with cult. Media is used, to incite you to war: “oh, a couple people killed/ a few died/ so now we must fight an entire nation”; its our duty.  They Lead YOU;   by your nose, head down, and dragged through shit, to their own illusions of grandeur;  damn fool! Wake up, and stop worshiping the university cult who will use anything to distract you from the consequences of their own  decisions. Bankrupting this entire nation/ threatening our world. Extreme Threats which they created themselves, against us all. War coming, with few exceptions; because of LIES!  Little more than a dead brain, leading you on, to failure.


War is the removal of law, to find, I CAN make you pay & take what I want. BUT IT IS also an excellent means, to hide every failed plan, every destroyed theory, every crime of government, and more.  So the people don’t turn on their leaders/ leaders turn against life, by invading peace. War ends when all have lost enough/ or a nation loses everything.

Delusion, propaganda, and cult worship discards knowledge, leaving stories behind instead. Stories can be manipulated/ truth cannot. Or, more simply; their lies are beating upon your dying brain, with delusion.

 Truth demands knowledge; as that, is the only way forward in thinking! While our reality in this day, is demanding, WAKE UP/ OR you will DIE too!  The foundation remains:   To understand the cost of being wrong, is the only method allowed, to assemble an investigation.


 We must prove by the examination of our reality/ our LAWS/ & the consequences of their experiments. That the cost of their decisions, is death for our world.  That fact, then recognizes CHANGE IS  mandatory: FOR LIFE to remain, on earth. 

The university claim is knowledge: but  their reality is “stories/ fantasies/ delusions;  along with a few toys”.

They have produced:  Changes with costs far beyond expectation, which leads to failure and death. One generation gained/ all other generations pay; is the historical truth.


 My claim to an audience is: WE CANNOT LET THE FEW,   BE WRONG!  Particularly when they gamble all life on earth; as is the consequence of being wrong. Without even the possibility of error.  That evidence of fact;  is completely established within the intent to ignite an atomic fire on earth.  Wrong is, the earth becomes a sun!

The entire sum of university knowledge on earth is aligned, with extreme experimentation; or,

“lets do it anyway”.  More simply  interpreted: they believe, they can be gods; “we made trinkets/ we have trophies”.  The result of university is: all of it,  put in the trash. A world in trouble.


Nonetheless Humanity itself, knows better: BUT YOU HIDE, AND RUN AWAY from “you’re university gods”! Because you fear them & you fear yourselves, cause they talk better. Did they not teach you, to believe whatever you are told? Is that not what schooling is for?  YOU DO, believe! You do understand what turning this earth into a sun means: because fire, is fire! Atomic fire, “just a million times more”.  As is proven by “the sun burns your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away”. Or their own claim of fire on the sun, is said to extend “a million miles long”/ with solar flames 12 times more.

 If your brain was alive;   you would respond, against world extermination with vigor & determination: only a cult would not.


Because there is no other choice for life on earth, to live requires us all, “not to risk our planet, its nature, or resources the future must retain”.  TO DATE, you fail everything; a single herd “completely frozen in place”. That does make you fool, or “controlled slaves”/ with your  university as master. Not even when you, the public know: that the universities stole all your money.  It still isn’t enough to dig you out of their cult (don’t question a leader).   Which Adds in,  Worse than slaves, “religious zealots, for whore’s(only money matters)/ which simply means your worshipers, are fighting for death.” That road is plain, straight, and without a detour: extinct.  shame on you.


 There are no second chances; once ignition of atomic fire occurs we all become “the living dead (for a short time)”.  Fire is fire/ fire consumes, and will not stop until a physical barrier is reached. Contrary to the assertion that sun fire is “just fusion”/ so we just stop forcing hydrogen in, and it stops.  There is no helium in evidence of that theory. Which identifies their calculations are already proven wrong. While at the national ignition facility, they proved themselves wrong.  A long list of realities provided here;  proves them completely wrong as well.  Even so, machines are built/ with more coming soon: whose entire purpose is igniting an atomic fire on earth. It won’t extinguish itself, everything on earth is built from atomic bonds.  Which means everything on earth is fuel.


If that weren’t enough;  Once mutilation of life infects the disciplines, balance, structure, order, mental abilities, or anything else of life that cannot be undone: nature is also extinct.  Universities try to make you extinct; EVERY single day. They worship chaos, as their god; deliberately trying to bring chaos here, by destroying genetic disciplines and order;  so they can play god.  It is that simple!

 They parade around playing god, & stealing money (to create war); “cause we can”.  Not a game, their reality. Their intent to war “behind closed doors” so we cannot see “the enemy”/ and fight back.  Media disguises them, with illusions; but there is no mistaking extreme experiments risk every life on earth/ every potential life as well.  For nothing aligned with truth.


 Knowledge is not the enemy!  YOU, humanity;  ARE.  Or more correctly, those who want to play god are. Those who let them, are merely “refuse, swimming in the sewer along with: devils”.  In contrast:  If you help in the destruction of nature, world, life on earth; and then say you “aren’t refuse”.  Reality suggests,  then you must be “devil” as well,  instead. Because the destruction of our world, the horror of life mutilated beyond recognition; has nothing to do, with “living”.

 Find your soul/ for your own sake; eternity (beyond your comprehension) is real.  Recognize what a miracle actually is!


Nonetheless: it is consistent with reality in this day, to construct the possibility an investigation could exist, by confronting “their knowledge base”.


 “That with current technologies” a mix combining 3-D printing/ and methods of weaving together with computer aided machines, and imaging.  You could now recreate the basic materials which build such things as a leg, organ, or other.  THE REALITIES required for such things include this: all complex organisms are composed of “single cell life”/ that MUST live in a group, to construct something more sustainable for the whole.  Human life is built by constructing MANY of these different groups, which must then live within the body by performing different or separate functions for the whole.  Without balance, and discipline, there is no sustained life.  Without order, there is no construction of life. Without utilities, no work gets done.  Without the genetic  instructions operating successfully, life is aborted.  Given those parameters, the foundation for participating within these groups is to create a “living string”.  Cellular life established along a given string, can then be carefully manipulated into “a renewed creation”.


 Nonetheless, such realities enable the old, the weak, and the sick;  to stay longer in time.  While the world itself needs relief, from the ravaging and rape of male domination. The massive entanglement of human need or want!   We DO, stand at the edge of extermination: did men not lead us here? Like or as “university” they must take their place as leaders & followers who brought us here;   identified by what they did or did not do.

The failures, fools, diseased, or just plain stupid; believe they can mutilate genetics, and become able to rebuild whatever they want. Reality states they can only horrify you!  Even so, if they were to enable the body to recreate a leg for instance; that leg would be a babies leg, requiring 16+ years to grow, before it becomes useable for an adult. Even then, not balanced!   Likely, “Useless”/ unless you can “build it on the body itself”.  The alternate for that above is “human technical development”/ which still requires the attachment of a leg, AFTER it is completed.  For instance, to work correctly:  the body itself must, identify every single strand, influence, or moment;  IN A critical  WORKING fashion.  And be Functionally directed;   just as technically hard to connect;   as it is making the leg itself. Which means the primary element established by this release of knowledge is:   men and women, will believe themselves to be god/ by creating something/ anything living with these tools; is coming.  Thereby infecting the world, with genetic collapse (particularly horrific by assuming, interspecies development of  parts).  STRICTLY from “human development, these are the people, with a  DEAD BRAIN”.  But the process is likely to have little value/ other than for organs, or the manufacture of chaos.  You now have to decide, if you will let people in the universities or others, continue with  destroying nature.  You will have to decide: if the military biological weapons programs can be stopped/ without ending it all, by world law.  Answer, they cannot/ only we the people can.   The question is: are you going to  kill the mutilators/ the devils of death; when they refuse to stop, or are found mutilating life, in hiding. Etc!  Is that enough, to prove terrorism and worse? WHAT, is your decision:  save the world/ or to save yourself, by believing you can  pardon the terrorist, called SATAN; and survive a “moment longer”, by believing they will be god for you.  The past has an answer: You let them “turn AIDS” loose on the world, when only a tiny few had it: “more university delusions” controlled.

  Nonetheless, Extreme experimentation is worse, than any terrorist, the universities are the production facility for nearly every HORROR AND TRAGEDY coming. The people of universities are trying, to kill an entire world of life/ not just get attention, like terrorists.  They are bringing us chaos; just like they promise they will.  Their religion evolution, claims that is your god; certainly theirs. That does “make your former classmates”, like Satan (lets destroy everything, even the earth)”.  Religious or not, it fits.


While women get no applause for their contribution today: they choose greed, gluttony, selfishness, etc;   too! Otherwise, female media would demand an investigation on their own; even without male. Instead they protect their pride, worship their power more than this life, and assume selfishness is going to keep the world alive.  Bad plan!  Reality does state however, women are more likely to choose “LIFE FIRST, even if not directly for our planet”: than man. That fact will help all life, even if it is not enough for life; to survive in time, for long. That, takes a true commitment to reality, by letting truth itself lead; as best we can. After thousands of years/ proven by history;  men have made their decision! They choose money and war; this IS, the best they did do!


  Money is a dead man’s world; today’s methods prove, resources cannot be sustained.  Fail to address that fact, and we all, become extinct!  Without resources, every child/ every life, is lost: assassinated by those who chose, to kill them. By throwing their world, in the garbage;   without cause! The world according to man: is dead/ these methods no longer work! Or we would not stand on the edge of extinction.  That is the decision they made. Their answer, when confronted with “its important”;  continues as war! Their reality of decision has died, and time will prove it so. OUR TRUTH as LIVES involved, on this planet respond:   we can no longer tolerate your answer.  Money/ or war;   can rule no more.


 We must have change/ therefore let women try, as a group: THEY ARE literally “different”!  Their job is:  defining what our world societies, should or could be!  Those definitions then put to a vote: can we/ or will we try? They can’t do worse, “than extinction”/ man’s proven answer, in this time.  Therefore the essence of women working together, must be:   a purpose defined as, Creating a new relationship with life itself.  By  Establishing what MUST BE DONE: to protect this living existence, these chains, this world of all life on earth.  While enforcing, humanity must find its way, by living with peace, through harmony. That reality summarized IS:    LIFE itself,  MUST COME FIRST!


LAWS MUST ERUPT, proving no gambling with our world, its nature, or ravaging, raping, or destroying anything again. At the price of your own life, fail and you die.   Simply put: The power & pride of  Money dies!  Truth then  leads, for life first! Or existence on this planet  itself, goes extinct.

 So says the evidence, the reality of human interference, in this time: commanded to change.  Finding RESPECT!

 University experimentation/ fantasy, and THEIR decisions;  create the primary consequences  of our reality.  Men create and control universities, military, governments, courts, and all that truly has a say for or against society on earth, as led by men! Not this group/ or that group/ or any specific nation: but the world of men, generation after generation. This is “the world of our  humanity, as they created it, as men; for men”! The very same methods/ choices, after thousands of years recorded history: same throughout.  Life in society, according to men;  is still a game for money, with losers who choose war (to get something back)/ and winners who believe they have a right, “to make the others,  slave”. Because they won a game.   LIFE IS MORE THAN A GAME!  The difference is: we all (male and female) have the same legal rights, to inherit our world:   WITHOUT EXTINCTION.  A legal right, to understand the future SHALL NOT be destroyed; by a few so diseased with  arrogance, they literally gamble with our entire world.  SO DISRESPECTFUL of all other humanity, they literally stole the securities and resources of an entire nation, infecting a world.  A scourge, hiding their decisions to bring this earth, to HELL.    

This life/ this time;  ain’t no game:   extinction means, “we CAN’T survive”. So the cause is simple:  Prove time is not running out; by legally investigating our reality. Because nothing you can say or do, will stop our extinction from this earth;  once we pass the point of no return. Wrong is dead, for the planet!  A change that has occurred in one single generation of time.  That end, is VERY close. We are threatened by many true consequences, experiments without a legal, or a life right. Making this life, for us all;  surrounded by tragedies coming. Beyond true comprehension.


That reality means, today humanity will recognize:   this is searching for mercy! A reality more correct; than playing your games. Conceived within the biblical prophecies of Daniel 12: one death by law (yes or no)/ the answer is, human decisions are now enough, to kill this world. That simple fundamental, “identifies Satan (human descent into chaos)” now exists upon this earth.


  Which then transfers to the question of mercy or fate as is, “the second death”. Defined by the book of Revelation. The first eleven chapters are fate, this is what men chose.  Twelfth and beyond is functionally, about mercy; and refers to female as a major participant in life or death for this world.  Not religion to me: rather evidence related to questions that cannot be answered in any other way.  A prophecy thousands of years old in Daniel, that could not be more correct, “the great abomination is:  gambling with this entire solar system, by intending to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun”.  What could possibly be a greater abomination; chosen by men/ built by counterfeiting; over decades. A clear choice of men.  Absolute failure, to life!


 Fight for life on earth, or lose it.  Get off your ass, and do, whatever it is that you CAN do.  No excuses allowed: communicate our need, as a planet, “life or death is being decided”, for us all! That fact is,  Particularly well-defined, by ALL forms of extreme experimentation:  no second chances here.  Which  substantively demands, then WE CANNOT ALLOW THESE FOOLS (devils);    TO BE WRONG.  How is that not true?

 They are out to destroy our world; how is that not true?  Simple and plain, their purpose in gambling with our entire planet or its nature;  is “death marching” against us all!  Destroying every resource or living chain of life:   is, an alternate death march, against every child/ every life,  the future could offer.

Your reprieve from the laws which govern life on earth, will soon be over. The decision whether to grant humanity mercy or not, will soon be made. There is no going back.  DO, THE BEST YOU CAN FOR LIFE, how is that not true?


 While your brain may claim: “there is no penalty, for disrespecting this earth/ we are no worse than those who came before us”. The pure reality of our situation is: there are twice as many of us today, than fifty years ago/ causing every problem we, as individuals create, to be multiplied severely. Making the case simply: what was done, cannot be done anymore.  Because we are simply TOO MANY PEOPLE.  For failures, power, or pride.  Want is dead/ reality begins.

“Oh wait”, I know;   you found a single word with which you can declare “he is an enemy”/ you can’t believe anything he says, “he’s _______”.


To which I again reply: I am irrelevant/ go search the evidence;  so all the tragedies, all the reality of gambling with all life on earth ending in FOREVER DEAD.  Can decide! The evidence threatens you/ I do not. Therefore whatever “the distraction is”/ literally doesn’t matter.

  Not Because;   I can’t  be manipulated into    “Guilty of something (right or wrong), with lies or whatever”/ I, am not perfect! Rather than deciding about me/ truth demands:  as I am simply a messenger presenting:   YOU BETTER LISTEN TO WHAT IS OBVIOUSLY TRUE!  Because our world is threatened with complete extinction; so says the evidence.


  That demand is built simply: Prove the reality of evidence   so massive,  so unrecoverable threatening, that we all die:   is wrong!  Or work for this living world to continue, providing our existence/ our attachment to this life.  BECAUSE,  It is no longer a guarantee!

I will start the distractions (so as to remove them quickly as possible) with this: A CONVERSATION.


    Finding no possibility of life surviving on earth, through leadership of men.  I DID open the spiritual door of women; where to my immense surprise.  Instead of a question presented, a female spirit invaded my own life.  Not my intent! Rather somehow, as the book of Revelation chapter 12 and beyond, requires the presence of woman in its description: SOMEHOW, that seems to be me.  Regardless of that, it is my reality; female breasts have grown on me, (I did nothing/ I can’t stop them either).  Fundamentally the do prove: WOMAN is involved. Even enforcing I shall never, “get away”. A reality I can live with, because “a world is worth the price”.  Not savior/ just worker, would you not make the same decision, for the sake of all life on earth?

Apart from that, Never my choice/ it happened very fast. Other than the decision, “I will NOT, surrender this earth, without a true, and completed  fight”!  That fight cannot be war.  Women are plainly, more skilled at peace. How could that not be true?


 Or more simply: I find myself in a situation more akin to “old school marriage, with her”. It has been difficult.  However;  We do work together for the purposes of life on earth, without question or conflict: same.  However in all major decisions, I lose/ she decides.  I need her, to complete this work/ but she needs me too! It is “complicated”/ spiritual/ not expected; but here, in me.


 As to chapter 12 of Revelations:  this is, “spiritual woman, standing on something foreign to her/ but known since the beginning of human time”.  Or more simply, she stands on man! That is the interpretation, & she stands on me (controls, the final say). Not harshly, but with authority I cannot dispute. NOT with violence or other/ but the reality of spiritual truth; neither of us can diminish. What is truly the essence of woman, decides. That does not include violence, delusions, temptation, or anything other than life: because the spiritual world is built entirely on truth!

  Rather like “marriage (I have a voice, but not the final say)”.  WHICH is absolutely necessary, because the man in me would otherwise “grab you, at this point;  by the throat, and be harsh; because you let life on earth BE SO THREATENED as to nearly be extinction or horrified”! Man in me, would make you DO SOMETHING/ good or bad. You are not even lukewarm; you are infected with arrogance or dread,  as if a damn robot.  Whereas female in me, absolutely refuses to let that happen; and we both know, it would not help. So “war” is abandoned (at 62, after 14 years of typing; not a physical threat anyway); rather what is male, is literally without ideas/ which means like all men: nothing left but war.  Because:  Reality, is  absolutely refused by you.  Life facts, evidence, proof, reality, truth, THE COST OF BEING WRONG! It literally doesn’t matter, greed rules: that is the price of your failure. The fact;  life itself, doesn’t matter more than your want.  THROUGHLY for forty years: “you discarded me to the trash, every fact, EVERY PROOF, everything/ simply ridiculed”, for your greed!  Even though, the facts state; YOU are going to die/ and I never lost an argument! Forty years on the front line, fighting for an entire world: ALONE. Forty years of “I CAN’T” be distracted; there is no return for life, from failure. But you didn’t care enough to stop your greed for a single second, OR WORK for life, or accept any form of duty: NOT even for an entire world!


I would abandon you too; if not for the children, plus an entire world, lost. You are silenced, by University (too smart for us)/ YOU are weak, and afraid;  not even the courage of sheep! Surprise “the novel 1984” comes true: “zombies (they sucked the air out of you)”; your   Humanity died. Extreme failure and delusion means:  You are completely immersed in the cult of “university knows”. Even though it takes them a hundred years, a million experiments, a trillion dollars, and hundreds of thousands of “scientists”; to come up with one damn theory, or a tiny bit of knowledge. You now let them play with the same fire as is on the sun/ and mutilate life as is nature on earth: creating, FOREVER decisions.  Instead of “again and again and again”: ignition is an instantaneous/ CAN’T GO BACK NOW! This reality declares: an extreme A pandemic of both arrogance, and blind stupidity; rules university! Along with, Simply: “Can’t hear a thing”/ led by:  only the television knows, only the television “can think”. “Man” is soon dead on earth.


Even though these scientists:   were your classmates, and not so damn smart then, or now! They bet our world, on fantasy and lies!  NOT smart: But they are “excellent LIARS and THIEVES”.  WHEREAS reality proves:   these people who pretend to be smart (give the public  a story/ fantasy or not: they are believers); at university, “are trained to think little.  Nothing for life: only WANT, for you or themselves: “reality be damned”/ as is life. Even your university graduates are the  trained robots:  mimicking, accepting whatever  they are told/ not thinking: “because they WANT the money too”. Student life is:  “we will do whatever you say/ just give us the job: so we can be RICH”!   But the public, the majority:   aren’t allowed even that/ you can’t have a job: unless someone with a university diploma “says you can”!

  You failed life, or I failed you; take your pick/ either way, this entire living world comes closer to extermination, every second, of every single day.

 Without your own participation, this world dies.  Simple as that.  And I can’t help you: YOU refuse that. Therefore it is, Time to let “female” decide. I have tit’s, to remind me every single day: I am removed from the battle! Oddly enough, what is female does, “have control” over all “big choices” somehow. I lost that, period! Like it or not, is completely irrelevant. Nothing is more evident of that, than the following story.  A year or two back, spiritual woman in me; demanded I put on a bra (it was left behind/ going to give it away), I utterly refused.  Took ten steps or so, and ran into an invisible wall, believe it or not.  Same to the left/ same to the right. Not going anywhere, until I went back, and put that piece of cloth on. Adjusted, and was allowed to burn it, a couple days later.  “Anger will not solve these problems”; female in me, leads for a reason.  Killing this earth: IS, a very serious offense; so we have to compromise just a bit. And I have to adjust, there is nothing I can do: I tried. And NO, I don’t give a damn about what you think of me/ not a penny will I pay, for your acceptance. You fail life.  Your choice isn’t me!  Your choice is believe the evidence or don’t; and die.


 Because you do have a choice, I am not “your excuse”!  Its  called your  freedom, for a reason. You must participate, or life itself dies.   Freedom, DOES have responsibilities to life: And to date, you utterly refuse them, which is desertion. Which is death, to all life on earth!  Oh wait: “I know” you blame me. Which is little more than “walking into the graveyard, to lay down”:  for you. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM; your greed, failures, fantasies, lies, theft; ETC! But you don’t care; “the university is YOUR  god”. Go ahead, stick your ass in the air;  point it, “to university”! THEIR FANTASIES, are your failures/ their counterfeiting is your greed.


In contrast: This is my life partially turned around, making me similar too, “wife” now. I honestly considered myself as “not needing change”: none of this, is my fault! I have fought for life.  However not so, I have been changed. Life, needed it to be true; I guess.  Men do not know how to survive, an over-burdening population/ or threats so severe, when war cannot be an answer. We won’t survive these threats, as time on earth.  Just resource loss alone, won’t allow it; and there are so many more life ending threats, it is useless to list them all.

Nonetheless:   Passions are “odd creations”; they take you, wherever passion must go. They are, a desire unfolding that proves the true purpose of your heart.  Man in me, had no answers left;  but war/ fully  knowing that would fail. The consequence I CAN’T/ I WON’T;  let this world die, without a fight.  THAT left only woman as a potential answer. None helped/ so I searched in spiritual elements.  It was clearly, the best decision I ever made with regards to this work, staying within peace: war is not an answer.

 However it was the worst decision I ever made, regarding man.  I now stand somewhere “in the middle” of both male and female. It is not “comfortable”/ the parts and pieces no longer match;  it is honestly, strange: different. Magnified by the truth, “she has intimate knowledge of me”/ while I have almost no knowledge of her.  She lives inside, where I can no longer go. Spiritual existence requires a “completed truth”/ that no longer exists, with both male and female inside. Therefore shut out.  It takes a miracle to fix this; can’t be strictly woman (don’t know how/ lacking parts), can’t be  strictly male (don’t know how, anymore; too much is lost. “Too many parts”.).  Functionally means:   life exists somewhere in the middle, influenced by both (don’t know how, to be both/ each is very different. Way beyond expectation.).  It is, Not easy.  Believe that or not, is irrelevant.


Evidence of threat, against our world;   matters!    The reality of this moment, in me:  is about an alliance between male and female that will not be broken. I could not have helped you without it/ you cannot help yourselves, if you refuse it. That alliance IS Required for life to survive on earth; “you cannot/ you will not, survive without true respect for each other”. That fact, is not so hard to live with, “MOST of the time”/ but it is not so easy either. We need each other is fundamental; this is more. Social change, is a decision that must be made together as one. Or we will all fail together! We are too many people, for any other way. The answers of men are war, money, a game and its consequences; “little more”. They failed life, with an endless list of excuses!

 The answer of women MUST BE, “LIFE, for this planet, comes first”!  Together you will accept it/ apart, you will not.  LEARN/ NEVER LIE. Or those  lies, will tear you apart; just like they do in all personal relationships.

 That said; the consequence of my decision to encounter spiritual woman; DID in fact, provide everything I required to finish this work. She turned me back from war/ demanded “educate them”, as the only way/ stopped the tantrums, “they aren’t worthy”/ and made it clear, peace is a discipline without finding fault.  So the only true  casualty was male pride/ or more functionally;  this is like two armies separated by a “no man’s land”. I came across that line, to explain:  we both have more serious problems than this. To my surprise, women didn’t listen either: simply capturing me. I now live “in that no man’s land”; dressed half in a uniform of one/ half in a uniform of the other. Can’t really join either; can’t go back. Never going to cut these tits off: that would be like declaring war against the essence of  all women.  Regardless;  Hardly the worst decision I ever made; its just a very  different life than expected. I could care less what you believe; this is just one of the consequences an education beyond where others go, can cause.  Not free/ not a single speck of knowledge!  It must be earned.

Not simply male, anymore; certainly not female either. Good or bad is irrelevant/ that’s just how it is.

I would make the same decision again; because what is most important to me, in this world; is this world. If you don’t know that nature and planet are beautiful/ then shame on you. That reality HAS now, gained the possibility to survive: you do understand your  “THREATS”. I, CAN’T make you do anything about it, but I did make you know this is a choice & it only took 40+ years, “thanks a lot/ ha, ha”.


 This however is, “fundamentally a true  blessing/ my job is completed”! Whether you like it or not; your excuses are dissolved.

I, was NEVER homosexual, not ever, NOT now;  and that includes the entire future!    It doesn’t exist in me.  ANY man who tries risks eternity in HADES, without relief! Don’t do it, for your own sake!  Ridicule aside: I remind you, that I have shown you disciplines of wisdom, far beyond what is called “normal”. The spiritual world, knows me! You are forewarned.    Men can be friends, “that’s all”/ just like always, if you wish.  Far more likely, they will turn to hate; and try to form a mob, “he is an enemy/ giving our lives to women”. Even though, it is your own male decisions; that have done that. You failed LIFE.

 Women are different, I lost that battle; they are going to decide, whatever it is our relationship is going to be;  Its complicated! I thought I could probably “just ask a question; of female spirituality”/ thought, not so different, I will be able to understand”.  All wrong. Instead of entering into their truth to learn/ spiritual woman came out, & found a door, into me: turning everything around. Instead of choosing my own path, I am allowed whatever she decides. Instead of learning about women/ she is learning about me; not what I had in mind. Equal is fair. But, Without knowledge there is no understanding.  Caught/ trapped/ etc.  The opposite of male is extremely hard to comprehend! It basically CANNOT be understood, without abandoning everything male is.  To do that, means you can’t then go back to male either; it is literally changing places.

Homosexuals do NOT enter that environment: only purity in GOD’S  truth (as HE, intended the world to be) enters the spiritual world! A wrong turn;  or in this case, “perhaps the right turn, for life on this planet”. Can be “deadly, or it can mean dramatic change”; even if completely unexpected.

  Homosexuals are not to be judged: MERCY is whatever GOD decides for it to be/ NOT you.  There are worse among you/ including some of the righteous, who all think “they are perfect”.  After all, they go to “church”:  paid my dues/        HE owes me!

 I honestly expected: this work will just take a few years top/ after all, an entire world threatened, “its just you don’t understand”!  WRONG, greed overwhelmed you because of counterfeiting/ you worshiped the university because of counterfeiting and theft: you had an endless list of excuses, “not me”.  So I spent decades learning what needed to be learned: to remove your excuses. Now except for the fact, “I  have female breasts: which makes even the possibility of dating women remote” (returning to normal). I am essentially the same, “more or less male”; but that too, is complicated. Sex with women, is extremely unlikely too (at 62, not so  important); “tits”,what woman would want that! Alas, I was wrong, this job did swallow an entire lifetime (just work); oh well.  The tits are wired into my brain; I know what male is/ they are NOT even a tiny bit that! Not pleasant, “they beat me half to death;  when growing its male OUT”.  Regardless, I don’t even have “controls” left; it all still works, I just don’t even know, what to expect anymore.  That “became final”/ after a mental picture appeared:  of a “wire” being stretched beyond its limit; inside.  That moment, then literally exploded in my head/ whatever it literally was, I don’t know.  I thought it was hearing lost forever; but the reality became apparent as, something changed or: became “unattached, to me” in other ways. Just another, price to pay, I don’t know why. Reality however suggests, “like a woman”/ beyond a certain point, I no longer have any control, regarding “certain things”. I can feel it, in my soul.  Not an education I would have chosen; it is however, “a very different look at life”: from the other side. I don’t like it! Nonetheless, Women DESERVE more respect, for everything “honestly female”; than they get.  So says the man in me!


 Even so:  you show no true sign of fighting for life, or even planet;  so this conversation is absolutely irrelevant.  Just my humanity showing, a little complaint.  Just proof, not a game for me either. An entire lifetime, spent/ because you didn’t care enough, about life itself, to protect the future. Life is just about over;  for us all, so costs don’t matter.  Including this conversation.   So says the evidence. Time has functionally run out; at any moment, on any given day, our world can end now. Your fault.


As to all other things in me:  Simply, I know that no man can save this world; never tried. Not my job!  That leaves only women to try; female to lead. Not better, different;  and we must have different than this. Spiritual woman does control or lead part of me: I failed to move you;  as strictly male/ simple and plain. Communication, reality, proof, money, documents, fear, absolutely NOTHING helped; “humanity itself proved”/ you would have none of it, period.  Or, in a different way;  Humanity refused me; refused  “GOD (fight for HIS world)”;   and refused themselves (we don’t care enough) to fight for life!  Consequently even though I assert, “more could be done”;   she refuses, and controls those decisions.  I do accept, spiritual woman, the essence of natural woman herself; as the only possibility left; to save this world.  GOD IS GOD, but we are free to save ourselves, from ourselves! Both male and female. How is that not true. Our enemy are the choices:  you the people made, followed, or demanded, WE WANT this anyway! You are responsible/ you are required to change for life to survive.  HOW is that:    “GOD” must do whatever you want, or believe?  Seriously, wake the hell up; or be condemned, damn (life itself,  no longer cares about you) dumb ass.


  Reality continues to prove, I am finished with this work; you are on your own.  It is absolutely true; absolutely necessary, “it’s,  YOUR TURN” now,  to be involved; or die.  Whether you like it, or not. Even whether I accept it or not. That is a fact:   only you can change. Its not a game/ you don’t get to excuse yourself: our world, is in trouble.

 To ask “HOW:   would women keep this world alive”;  is worth the price, for an answer!  How is that not true? With a certainty, OUR world/ every life is at stake:  would you not do the same: for an entire world of life? Their answer is: let women try!  I literally could not find that answer on my own, as strictly male.  “Couldn’t do it”/ searched ten years, never crossed my mind! Honestly don’t know why.


 I don’t know why me either/ other than I don’t give up, until “the realistic  end has come”; not even after 40+ years.  Necessary, with nearly all people telling, or yelling at me “give it up/ you lost the battle; you must be wrong/ no one wants to hear it”. From the very beginning, to this day: same.  Although lately after, “it takes a miracle now”. There does seem to be a very tiny movement; maybe.

 “I know”/ your certain I should have done better: so its all my fault. Isn’t that so!  I could have bribed you: but at even the tiniest glimpse, “problem solved, even if its not”.  You abandon all learning and change instantly; making that “a bad thing to do”. Can’t force you:  you won’t learn anything. Can’t teach you/ you run away and hide: etc, etc, etc.


 Regardless, “I GUARANTEE”, this ain’t/ has never been;  a journey for the weak or scared, or less than totally committed! I guess that’s why me.  The religious, apparently all  have “other things to do”.  Clearly NOT involved.

 Until recently, absolutely none supported this cause intentionally; not even with pennies/ they would otherwise throw away. Still don’t!  VERY Few help today: Apparently “the world is cheap”, to you!  Apparently both life and child is expendable; “got to have another trophy for the garbage”. Another penny, to prove you have pride.


Apparently, and it is absolutely for sure:   the vast masses of humanity all believe: even though you know, and understand, the realities of threat we face cannot be survived/ they ALL expect “not in my lifetime”.

 So death of a planet,  doesn’t matter to them/ or to you; not even for your own child, or grandchild, or all life itself/ NOT EVEN when an entire world, will be lost!  To your shame.

  An entire world exterminated, by one single generation  of humans in time (within one hundred years)/ and you believe there is no penalty for that?  Wrong again!  


Media says; “only the university is important/ everything else is either fear, failure, or irrelevant” (after all, university is god/ they can’t be wrong; so says the cult).  Religion says, “this might influence or take away my job/ so they  refuse”. (after all, university is god/ they can’t be wrong; so says the cult). Government says: without pride & power, this job is worthless; no justice allowed. (after all, university is god/ they can’t be wrong; so says the cult) The public says; I JUST WANT, what I want/ leave me alone! (after all, university is god/ they can’t be wrong; we are only a herd. We can’t think, the university says so!)


 But the world itself says: “life shall not go on, like this”. The university is wrong.  CHOOSE BETTER NOW, or die; without even a whimper.  Because ignition of an atomic fire, close to an ocean, will be almost immediate destruction by fire: the ocean is atomic fuel, easily gathered by a thousand + mph updraft. Followed by one horrendous boom, as the planet explodes. This is not “a round globe”/ it has cuts and tremendous valleys, which won’t withstand the fire. Ending forever, even this solar system.


 Simple and plain;   it makes no difference if you understand or accept me. That is ridiculous/ only the evidence matters. Yes I am aware, this type of ending statement regarding spiritual female in me;  is all most people need or want:   “to step away” FROM an entire world of LIFE,  IN DANGER.  You just say, “Blame him”, then ridicule and claim “we have a right/ he isn’t like us”.  After all herds must be the same throughout, or there will be problems. Too bad you can’t think for yourself; “well, that’s not all the universities fault”.    So people say; then  “its   GOD’s ”   Fault/ HE, should have made you do it. Yep history proves, “that’s the human answer”; again and again and again.

 However if you do, assume these things; that just because of me, or any other ridiculous excuse/ you have no duty to life.  Then truly you are not worthy, even of helping life on earth survive.

You need not worry about your  eternity, other than HADES (ETERNAL punishment), more doesn’t exist for you.



 What matters is the evidence against our world of LIFE:   of threats (facts which cannot be denied, without lies) that will make EVERY living thing extinct, on earth.

 Not a game, not an excuse, not an “I don’t want this”; will change that.  There are No second chances, here.  Only different than this, which does mean: men are evicted from total leadership;   holds even a chance, to survive.  This is, the best they did do/ as thousands of years in history does prove. As the evidence does prove extinction coming.


 I am not “your decision”!  I am your messenger, like it or not.  “How special” do I have to be, “to deliver the mail”?  This work is:  Just that simple, nothing more.  I HAVE proven to be enough, to deliver your chance:  to change yourselves.  Regardless of the journey, I took: your excuses are dead.

Still can’t be true?  Look again at the evidence; reality says, “we are but hours or days, from the true potential of nuclear fire”.  Fire here: Just like the sun, as “university promised”. 

As the religious will tell you “again and again:  This is ultimately    GOD’S WORLD OF LIFE !  Not yours, or theirs.  But the evidence proves: MEN are threatening HIS WORLD, a reality DO ENTIRELY, to decisions humanity itself makes.  Do you not follow/ do you not allow it? 


Which means: YOU are demanding of   GOD / that HE, intervenesand makes you do, and be, what you deliberately and purposely CHOOSE not to be. FAILURE to intervene, THEN allows you the adults of this day/ to completely mutilate or destroy HIS WORLD; to bring HIS CHILDREN into chaos, and assassinate every future life this world would have created! Because without true change, that is exactly what you chose to do!

ARE YOU:  RESPECTFUL OF LIFE,      GOD,     JESUS,  AND PLANET!    Change or die. How is that not true?


  Should   GOD   not choose to intervene/ then, reality by all its evidence, already proven true, establishes:   this world/ this humanity is judged lost; thereby abandoned (not worth the price)!

Consequently;  WHY would you not expect   “A message, called change”? A chance to examine yourselves/ investigate your reality; and prove what is true.  A FINAL, chance to CHANGE! When the evidence proves humanity is IN FACT, about to exterminate this whole world?

Oh wait: “university is your god”/ ain’t that right. Your old classmates, these people just like you;   were so great, “they could not possibly be wrong!   So:  Go ahead BET YOUR LIFE; see what you get. Just understand, anything past the point of no return: “IS FOREVER”!  Ain’t that so?


Yes I know, “you got a book”.  Better read it again.  Or just know, you can’t extinguish a ten million degree atomic fire; and look at the evidence proven by men/ threats everywhere.  That, is just the beginning. Lies/ cheating/ theft/ traitorous acts/ terrorism/ corruption throughout:   world war 3 coming.

 BUT, as always, you are:   Still “too righteous” to be dragged into fighting for LIFE ON EARTH?  Still too proud to believe “you can lose too”!

 Well not to worry, “the universities will save you, from themselves/ ain’t that right”!  After all, didn’t they make you “god too”. Are they not responsible for many threats? Indeed they are.


 Still believe “life/ along with the body,  simply returns to dust”?  Not a problem, go ahead: believe that.  It is only miracles, truth, reality, evidence, laws, disciplines, order, thought, courage, freedom, respect,   JESUS (we are not abandoned)  and     CREATION (thought did this);   that stands to prove you wrong.

 HELL, but you’re better than that; “you got a big brain”, for free.  Didn’t pay a damn thing, not for a body either!  Its all, just an accident without the slightest possibility of form or fact called reality or punishment being present.  SHIT, its only an eternity! Why worry about being wrong?  “For fools, right”.


Oh wait, I know:   “He’s too vulgar”/ so you can’t believe anything he says.  Evidence be damned, “the righteous KNOW”.  As always, “you didn’t obey the rules”/ so we condemn you.  Good luck with that too, “play god”.


Then we have the religious, particularly Christianity: waiting for miraculous illusions to appear/ can’t have the world ending without that, now can you.  But, JESUS said, he was returning as the son of man/ NOT literally, in any other form.  I am certainly NOT “JESUS”.  But the journey of my life, could not have survived without HIM. Neither would the education I have earned, be allowed. HE IS, “the major teacher” of my life.  I am, Just a man (beyond dispute)/ just a messenger (I HAVE; delivered a true and significant reality of importance): NOT your savior, obviously;  in any shape or form.  NOT ANYTHING but a man (apart from the spiritual mess, of entering “a woman’s world”).     But it may just be, “this is all you get”.

 That fact means nothing to me;   the evidence convicts this human world of going too far; discarding the laws of life.

 YOUR work, and YOUR decisions ARE;  threatening all life on earth.  By proving our extinction can happen at any given time, as of this day.  THE REALITY of a message being sent; “becomes fundamental”.  Go ahead PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS WRONG.


  So, given that fact, our world is at the edge of extinction, in many ways; it seems fair to suggest again, as I see nothing else to help you:   “This may literally be, all you get”: that means, the work/ not me. I am irrelevant, only the evidence and what YOU DO with that information, actually matters.  The truth established: You must change, to save yourselves.  Nothing new there: but the NEW FACT IS:   this world now faces extinction, because of machines built/ than can ignite our world on fire, etc.  Is absolutely true.  None of is my fault/ That really doesn’t include me; I have worked for life, throughout my existence.  I have in fact, already even “been changed dramatically”; because nothing in this world is more important, “than this world”.  Although that was not my intention to change/ it is my reality. Not a price “too high to pay”. Neither is yours.

 No matter how unlikely these things may appear/ the evidence is real.


 The reality:  I am Certainly NOT “JESUS”/ cannot be disputed.  But my life IS,  still certainly influenced, and critically saved, more than once:  (the spiritual world is a dangerous place); believe it or not.


That fact supports the statement: To do this work. I am a little different, should not be in dispute; is simply saying, you can’t learn, without knowledge.   Nope, the work is not perfect/ neither am I. Yes, it could have potentially been done better. But the fact is, “this IS, the best I did do”/ good, bad, or indifferent is irrelevant. I did not do better, because I am not perfect:  This is it!  While the evidence is not perfect either/ reality remains:   our world IS  threatened with extermination, & that, cannot be in dispute.

The only religious advice I offer is: the synagogue in JESUS day, didn’t believe HIM either.  After all, “HE, came as a baby”/ & later, HE didn’t give them what they wanted, or expected.  So they SOLD HIS work, and when confronted with that;  murdered him. When it came down to money (a man’s world)!


  Nor did the first Christian churches receive what they expected.  In fact: Much less! What they did receive was evidence, of undeniable truth:  Miracles have meaning!  Which means, they did have to choose:   are you,  going to believe the evidence of both life and eternity;  set before you/ or not?  Not a game for them/ not a game for you! They had to change their lives; so do you.

  YOUR TURN, until the moment it obviously doesn’t matter anymore.

To decide, and work, for life:

           IF YOU CARE.  That too, is a choice you will make/ or die.