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The most fundamental human truth of all, is without male and female; we are nothing. Not because we cannot exist:  (we cannot), “Except for a time, once born”. But because we cannot comprehend the very foundations of love itself, without each other. We need each other, for much more than simple survival. Beautiful means: within the heart of our own existence, I found peace. Or more simply, “I,” given the grace to understand everything life is: means more than body. Grants, the universe lives beyond “my/ our moments”. Beyond the steps we earn in each other, BY living the joy of hearts joined as one; the expression is “ALIVE”. Beauty also lives in the very fabric of your soul, if you cherish GOD .

The fight for life, is not about time! That time is merely dimensional recognition, a measurement.  Along with the decisions that identify “your place” beyond the limits of time.

The true fight for life itself:   is the search to be ALIVE, within yourself! It is not a gender issue, we are equals: life proves that! We are, in the essence of life;  the dimensional expansion of thought. Only thought recognizes the parameters of soul. To bind with soul, is to know what being alive does mean.  Soul is, a participation within the energy and truth that did create the miracles of life.  It is your life inside; which leaves when you die. Thereby being ALIVE, is at its core:  to understand, miracles have meaning/ which you are invited to experience, express, or translate into love, through respect. The blessing of time, released in you.

 The difference between living and alive is: time is transient, and without the critical element of life. Time exists, even if life does not.  An existence that lives must be, completely or substantially,  submerged in truth.  Truth is the substance: it is tangible,  by which we accept and trust the disciplines we know. Constructing a future “beyond ourselves”, by law. That functionally means: time is a moment/ but life is an eternity waiting.


The fundamental meaning of life at the human level, is the discovery:  “time (an action or reaction, measured by its cost) is a door, into eternity”.  Eternity is, the elevation of truth, into trust: as that trust, established by truth, becomes the very essence of being   ALIVE ! Trust in the development of thought, translates the miracle of existence: into a path, that learns OUR CREATOR awaits those who are true: to love, respect, and life!

Therefrom we examine the path, beyond ourselves as the disciplines accepted by “heart”/ expressing the order learned by time/ the balance of love, as a challenge/ and the structural integrity defined by living within truth itself, as soul; completes our destiny.  Within these things, the assigned relationship of respect, identifies the creation of what you have chosen to be. 


If allowed, that fact invites you  beyond the gates of death: time ended, no longer a body of mass.

So then we ask, what is death/ if life is not as “simply mass”? Why is death,  present within every living thing/ if we are to believe life is more? The answer here is time, has a cost! Nature has a job.  To give, the maximum number of lives, the opportunity to “be more, than simply human”. To balance and protect, all life! At a more complex association:  The body of life does not survive as mass confined, or its energy contained. Rather  outside the confines of nature’s truth;  spirit controls the law of life.  Spirit is different, and consists only of truth. Truth is,  the identification of law!  Law serves life, by constructing limits and boundaries all must obey.  Death as a body; is the removal of mass, from your life. The end of independent freedoms realized and accepted;   foundations gifted upon existence, by the physical energy used. The body has no impact on eternity; body, is irrelevant. Death as a life lost is: the miracle of life energy/ rather than physical energies: lost forever.  “Life energy” is confined by its own miracle: death releases it, to  “return home” to GOD.  Therein we know,  Whether you travel with the essence of life, which is energy.  Or abandon it, trying to remain “physical”. Or it abandons you: as unworthy. That fact, decides what your forever, will be.  Life energy is the beginning of your life on earth, & it is also your beginning, to life in eternity. IF, you go with it, back to GOD!   These are decisions that you will have made; for yourself. The functioning  realities, of what you imposed upon the others; decides if you are invited to try, “for eternity”. Your life collects your memories, for trial/ it knows, what you did or did not do. Whether mercy will or will not, be allowed: is not up to any human being.  True desire, forms a bridge with eternity; through respect. But “that bridge”, is built by love.  Consider it true.


So the question for humanity is: WHY, do you desire life?  That answer refines your existence, and turns the direction of your heart, to the path upon which you will go. So answer, for yourself; WHAT is your desire, for life?  Desire means, “I will pay” for that.

So the question for humanity then turns: WHAT, is the purpose of your life, as an existence here in time? That answer conceives of time, as a relationship governed within reality;  by your own  understanding of truth.  Purpose means, “I have built my life, upon this quest”.


 So the question returns as: WHAT is your truth? Truth is the assembly of elements, which become participants in a relationship that governs the possibilities of life itself. That purpose is conceived by knowledge, interwoven with understanding, by your own concepts; formed in existence. But constructed by wisdom, if you can. So then HOW do you participate, and why?  That is a fundamental truth regarding your own life? What did you add, or take, from life; is a critical question “for trial”?  Truth means, this cannot be changed. Therefrom humanity means: “a truth created, that can be changed, if desired by a purpose beyond self”.

Here, we search within the elements you chose to assemble,  by creating your moments in this living existence as time. Life demands an answer. There are only three distinct choices in human time: “love/ hate/ or need, as in survival requires this decision”.


 Love is a desire unburdened by time, its purpose is to explore the essence of what being alive does, or can  mean to you. Its existence in you, means there have been moments, when living is without a price; happiness erupts, because “we are free”. Free in love means, unbound within each other, to be whatever truth itself allows us to be.

 Hate is the decision, to discard life and turn only to power, or pride as the meaning of existence.  Believing “without GOD” there are no penalties. Everything, is Just you! Hidden by lies, forms a predator.


  Need simplifies existence,  as time alone identifies life is more than existence or survival/ to be happy is required.  Life thereby demands decisions, for happiness:   just like time as a human being has physical needs, that must be met.  Or death, has a price that will overtake you.  Therefore, need suggests:  make your decision, what is more important?  To be happy, protecting the miracles which make it so/ or to survive, by sacrificing life, those “all creatures”;  who are a part of your existence.  If the decision must be made:  WHAT is your choice?  Because hidden or not, that reality influences your life.

So the question for humanity now is: when separated from time,  “WHO are you”? Most answer with an image, “I am this”. But an image is the creation of something developed in time/ and time does not allow, forever.  Therefore an image is always incorrect.


WHO are you, is at its core, the elemental grace (not forced, by truth) of what the miracle conceived by your existence does in fact, mean to you! You may, and you will decide for yourself:   what life, beyond body, means.  Beyond body is an example of participation without a gate, to explain your actions or reactions. A gate is, the elemental awareness of what you cannot do, so says the body/ the reality of time! That is, changed by passing through a barrier that remains for all others, in time. Unless they pass through as well.


 So then what is your answer? If you do not know the answer begins with, “life in time is a miracle, to every living thing”/ then death stalks you with forever, its purpose.  If you do know that life is a miracle, then the evidence of creation itself: is conceived beyond body, as an essence of energy. That energy then equals life, as existence without body.  Life however is not so simple as mere existence.


So the question for humanity is: WHERE will you spend eternity?  Because life, is not explained by time, or body!  These are merely examples of living, the measured existence from elements in time itself. Human Existence is a beginning in time.  NOT the elevation of life itself, as is constructed with thought. But the opportunity to recognize: Your own, your own  Thought! Life requires you, to do that.  Thought then, constructs time as a beginning.  Life constructs time as a miracle. Miracles construct time, as a participation in soul.  Which is, the opportunity to proceed beyond ourselves, and enter within creation.  That is,  As a participant through spirit; the elemental existence of law which governs our universe, by its own truth.

The answer to living is: where you chose to keep your thoughts, these areas of the brain, produce the reality of your own decisions. These decisions, that give your heart the right, or the reality, to be: “here in time, as an identity created by, or within  your own personal choice”!

 There are 7 functional areas of the brain: love (I cherish you), respect (you have value to me), discipline (I can pay, for my life, my hopes, and my choices),  life (I have an opportunity that is my own), hate (life costs too much), worthless (YOU, are the enemy, or nothing to me), & pride (I win/ you lose).


That fundamental expression called  “heart”, is an elemental passage between time and life. More than a conceptual element, heart means I have found my life worth living; because of you! Therefore love is required, as is respect, or you will not know what heart can be.

Living Verifies,  you did indeed receive an opportunity to choose/ nature did its job. Loving accepts, respect provides the foundation for this.

 Justice allows:  judgment. Where mercy does not. Judgment is: the reality of your truth/ your choice;  defined, and created  its own fate.  Mercy is: an allowance for better, than you gave.  Which means what you give to life, DOES have an influence upon what life will then give back to you.


 In human society:  Fools (knew better), failures (did it anyway), devils (wanted you to suffer), and satan (knows  its  purpose is to destroy life):  are elements of HADES.  Subject to: Eternal, if not less;   punishment. The fundamental reality of justice, that requires a punishment for what you chose to do/ does exist.  Tragedies against love and life; DO cost some their eternity.  That tragedy steals, “the very essence of existence itself”.  That fact “steals from  GOD”, because of your choices! Or more simply could or did indeed “kill those who would have been HIS children, throughout eternity”. A fact that will NOT go unpunished.


  Fools are punished by remaining “in true  chains” to dissipate into nothing/ never leaving this earth.  They become ghosts, “If you will”/ they have no power or influence. However, a tiny few;  in the very first moments of death,  can jump into another life. If allowed, or overrun (simply don’t get close, if spiritual). Their fate if failing is immediate evaporation.  Fair or not, is irrelevant.

 Failures will learn what they refused in life, deciding: this is without value to them. Did matter. They will eventually die forever, encountering the experience of forever alone.


Devils, will be returned their appropriate level of suffering; according to damage done throughout the generations they affected. While those called:  “Satan” will be forever enthroned in fire/ to be scorched, tormented, and tortured into eternity, with no escape.


Those who enter life, beyond time:  will NOT enter as religion suggests: “now, we get everything we ever wanted”.  You don’t deserve it/ life is not free.  GOD is NOT “your servant”. Rather, You will earn your living, by the choices you make. As reality preserves in you;   the verifiable  substance of your own truth, by your own choices.  If substantial mercy exists: The elevation of a true desire for love will speak for you.  The Distance from love in your own heart (desires beyond self), equals the  distance each lives from true life, and all being “alive” could/ would/ or will become.  The quest for more is not likely/ but mercy exists: that is the meaning of eternal life.  Without mercy we cannot exist.

  Critical for you, in eternity is:   BE HAPPY where you are/ or risk what you do have.

 Developmentally;  While trust and the values you place in truth itself, become the dimensional home, that either limits, or sets you free. The reality will remain,  there are dimensional barriers and boundaries at all levels; but one.    To insure you do not stray from your assigned place, and die; forever.  Life or death forever, is not a game/ make your choice. Live within your reality, by choosing to be happy.


 As to the endless fairy tales of religion: Wherein your truth as human existence knows, this  reality in time, wherein I must live.  Is governed by those who hate.  Understands, that Respect for your situation lets fantasy assemble into the precepts which are simply “moderating the pain”.  By allowing fantasy to give back something less real, life survives.  Love, is not a fantasy.  But religion  assumes eternity is “getting everything you wanted” is fantasy.  Just because you want it, plus a billion times more”; for free: is not real.  Absolutely not true.  Life is life/ “eternity, is not a candy store; etc”.


 Rather eternity is A) a relationship with realities governed only by truth, through respect.  B)  The choices you have made for yourself, and the choices others make, which then influence you: DO, identify your truth. The place you belong.   C)  When love influences you most, it then  becomes your destiny. By that choice: life has joy.  “Even if time does not.”

What is true of you, can never be discarded; “truth is truth”.  It can however be “covered up” by the things which you did then choose beyond moments;  for which you do, honestly repent (I will, never intend or expect, to let that happen again).


 Realities of love “heal the human heart”.  Therefore be true to the destiny you desire, and live a life called love; governed by respect/ trusting in GOD and truth.  That does not mean, you will live without error; none do.  It simply means, “as best I can”. 

In this day, love is secondary; to all the threats we face: a matter of survival for our world.  No one is excused!  Their university Threats, Which will cause our extinction UNLESS we stop them! Must be investigated/ examined for what happens when this goes wrong/ and chosen by truth to be stopped, where needed for life.

 That means we must in  Facing our own truths, choose to live within our own reality as a participant called humanity on earth: through functioning and fundamental respect.  LIFE, for the planet FIRST/  Or we die.


 Running away or hiding, is not respect!  We are NOT “gods” over this life/ we are life living on earth. Rather than gods;  we DO need all of nature and what the planet provides, just as much as every other form of life has needs too.  Together with nature, we survive:  by the chains of food, the environment, the resources, and everything else which give us all, miracles of existence; called life.

To Separate, mutilate, or destroy nature;  as in “humanity first”/ demands and proves:   instead of living,  we ALL die, everything; because of human arrogance and complete disrespect for our world.


 Because that fact (human decisions),  represent potentially real extermination from this planet; YOU MUST ACT to defend our world.  OR by the evidence currently known, as the reality of what you or others chose.  The knowledge of tragedies coming, by allowing universities, military, industry and/ or governments, etc;  to choose for you. The reality of your choice NOT TO INTERVENE for our world.  Means our lives and our time DOES face extinction. The evidence convicts humanity of failure, the cost of that act represents:   our own reality of living WILL disappear. 

SIMPLY;  Because you didn’t care enough, about life, or planet/ TO BE INVOLVED.  To protect your own child, or what is important to you.  THEREFROM: Swallowed, by your want/ destroyed by your pride/ consumed by the thirst for power: you chose “HELL”.


 The university leads as religions always do.  They found “a couple of basic truths”, told stories to fill in all the rest/ and then leaders believed with these “worshipers”, I can play god (I am special).


Religion has always been the same: we found a couple of basic truths, so now we “know,  god”. We are “the leaders”, therefore like god!  The difference between religion and university is: religion requires a deity that cannot be touched/ so as to keep it “beyond everyone’s reach”.  While university proclaims we are that deity/ worship us:  thereby we can, and will play god, with life.  Not much of a difference in reality/ each bares little truth.  Even so, the functional value of truth must not be underestimated: it has meaning. Truth has value.


The question is, why does humanity accept a tiny truth as evidence of “leadership”? Rather than following truth itself.  The functional answer is: I want what I want/ but I don’t want to take the blame for anything I do, or say; so leaders are necessary.  Because people want someone else to blame. People want an enemy. Particularly those who believe in eternity: because they do expect, therefore “I have an excuse”. They are wrong/ no allowance is given for not me, I only followed; I was lied too; etc.  These are excuses. But, Reality knows, that is irrelevant, as the consequence of your help, hindrance, or choices clearly focuses on: “you, too”.

So then we examine the possibilities of change, that would include life remaining upon this earth.  The law finds you guilty of destroying the earth.

Nonetheless, To find, after a full decade of searching diligently: that men cannot lead anymore!  Learns: Like a dog to its vomit/ they WILL return to their “old ways” just as fast as they possibly can.  Facing, “Death again”.

 Those “old ways”, brought us to the edge of extinction.  Therefore men cannot remain leaders/ leaving life or death for this planet in the hands of women.  Whatever they decide, it cannot be worse: than extermination for us all.


Therefore mercy for our planet,  depends upon women/ just as the opportunity to engage that mercy, depends upon men accepting the fact: WE MUST CHANGE our humanity on earth (our expectation/ our reality).  Regardless of their own “male want”.

What women will choose, depends upon their groups.  They cannot as men did do, “pick an individual to lead”. That failed. They cannot let money decide/ that failed.  They cannot let war determine the outcome/ that failed.


Rather;  As a group, independent of an individual:   women must create a plan for society that can & will work. By  allowing every person above the age of twelve, the opportunity to vote (their life, their future too).  Whether this is the life we will all live, particularly within this nation;  or not.   This is our path into the future, our choice for peace and harmony established by facts.

A vote, to determine: Whether these are the laws we will all live internationally as a world as well; or not. Removing weapons of mass destruction, and extreme military might, by enforcement of law.


That is the first test, of a different world;  and it will not be undone as necessary. Apart from the fate men did choose, our reality of this day.   Women are now given the opportunity to STOP MEN from destroying our world. To stop themselves from participating in that death.   Therefrom the command of mercy is:   GIVE WOMEN THEIR CHANCE.  “Their lives too”!

 Men WILL make women critically and truly EQUAL in all possible ways, across this entire earth.  Or life will not survive.  That is the price of mercy; accept it or die.  It’s “you’re only choice”.  Believe it or not!

The fact we are all threatened with extinction as a planet; CANNOT be questioned, because of the extreme experiments being done.

 With a clear purpose to ignite atomic fire (as is on the sun) here on earth. The ultimate atrocity is currently being done: men are gambling with all life, the entire planet, even the solar system itself. That is fact, and it cannot be denied.


Beyond insane:  Particularly, WHEN THEIR ENTIRE PLAN, for extinguishing a ten million degree F fire is:     “it will just extinguish itself”!

 Their theory, “not enough gravity here”. There is no other plan.  There is no other possibility, “flames on the sun, are considered to be,    a million miles long”; so the university says.  Man at his worst says, “we can be god, over this too”!

 WRONG is our planet becomes another sun/ even destroying this solar system because of that fact.


 The evidence of these experiments,  CANNOT be denied.  The reality of other extreme threats, shall NOT be denied their investigation as well.  So says truth! Like it or not, extinction for this entire planet, looms large, and              Very soon.  MEN chose these things/ MEN built these things/ MEN LED the assault on life/ MEN CHOSE to gamble with this earth/ MEN followed, and said NOTHING.  The few women involved, chose to be “like men”/ or they were not allowed.

 There is a penalty to be paid: for threatening life, with extinction! Simple and plain.

I DID my job!  The rest is up to you.


I am functionally done talking to you. This last communication is critically all I can give you, in understanding: THE VERY BASIC REALITY.    CHANGE THIS, or you die.  This is now, as simple;   as you allow it to be.  Ten thousand pages of “wake up or die”!  When all that should have been necessary is: “life is being threatened for this world, HERE is the evidence/ COME HELP ME”.  You would not.

Today:  You do understand, if you did not run away. Duty, cannot be denied.  Plain is,         Life or death, for this world;   because of choices made!    A reality threatening:   us all!

So the only question left is:   will GOD stop your insanity/ or allow biblical prophecies to be fulfilled?  Not my decision to make; simple as that. What is real however, is absolutely real; and without compromise, “there is no going back”.  Once the line is crossed, for any of us!


You, are insane! But I do truly hope for you anyway.  Reality however suggests:   From here, any number of tragedies, horrors, “hell on earth” can easily arise/ including igniting this planet on fire.  As a biblically predicted end as well! That is, “what the evidence of men, chose to do”.  It takes a miracle now, to come back from the edge.  Miracles DO happen; but not, by the hand of man!

I am now free.  The job is done.