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We are, to each other, the fundamental essence of a clear and critical truth: nothing is more valuable in this universe, than the life we share with other living existence/ so long as that is developed through love, acceptance of true value, and respectful to reality! Time is a beautiful beginning; as it shares the meaning of existence with the honesty: life is not free!   The   treasury learned simply:   every miracle makes a difference/ every tragedy a tear/ every love, a passage beyond ourselves that lives to enter and share the essence of what can be true of us,  together as one.  Happiness lives “in the beauty of our soul”. Soul means simply, “a relationship born, out of entry, within the truth that is Creation”.    To cherish value, demands we care.

Within the struggles of human existence, and in all likelihood common to every form of existence: is the elemental truth, loneliness matters! So the struggle is then to consider and conceive of methods and ways by which we become less lonely, and more able to be alive inside, where only the invited are allowed to travel.
So the question is; WHY would we invite anyone to “come inside”/ and WHY are we not invited by others to come inside their lives, to experience life as it was meant to be shared together. The foundation of all happiness is: that we care about life and living. The foundation of loneliness, is a lack of purity/ from which all forms of corruption does follow. The critical element described as love, exemplifies the possibilities and realities called sharing. While nothing survives, unless it is governed by truth, and balanced with trust. Therefrom we come to learn: our place in the experience of loneliness is discovered by what we can or did do. But it is also conflicted by the expressions which confuse, damage, abuse, destroy, limit, ridicule, refuse, and disrespect life or self to create walls, to separate us: from which people rarely stray.

These things are important, particularly at this time: because unless “we the people of this world” become friends/ we will go to war instead. The greatest peace instrument of society, is gender. Male and female balance each other; so the cause and purposes of both truth and society, can be found!

Nonetheless: I have known people who thought they were “cheated, even a little bit/ and were actually wrong”; still holding the same grudge fifty years later. I have known people who were abused as a child: still severely impacting them, decades later. Lives changed due to ridicule and gossip. People changed because of hate/ because some tiny excuse “such as too fat/ or too skinny/ or too tall/ or too short; or whatever it is: caused someone else to believe “I CAN JUDGE YOU, WORTHLESS to me”. The list is long, the reality of used and abused by others runs from one end of the spectrum of life and living, to the other; and is enjoyed by both male and female of all ages. By enjoyed I mean: when using or abusing someone else, “the predator says, I win”.

So the fundamental question is: both how do we change people from trying to betray us all, by using or abusing life? And how do we understand our own situation, so as not to allow those who could abuse or use us: to change our own desires, purposes, balance, and ways?
Changing people is not changing an individual; but allowing realities as designed by truth, to intervene in their & your conception of life or living. You can’t change anyone, without torture/ which means they must change themselves: OR YOU, are the one who needs to change. Nonetheless torture is many things, which includes shunning/ ridicule/ abuse/ rape/ violence/ and hate or more. Your purpose in these things is: to establish dominance, thereby removing or using the competition, to make you winner! So then all torture regardless of the extent; is about a game. That game, is the resolution to make someone else LOSE. So we ask: WHY is it so damn important for some people, to believe they are “winners”? Important enough, to make me lose something to prove it? The answer is: they earn points or fears, from the others, by manipulating them. So apart from the consequence called hate, torture of all forms is about proving something to the other people, not including you. Hate concentrates on, their mental descriptions of you. Violence concentrates on “making your body pay”: for whatever it is, that grinds them into “dust (nothing more, than predator)”. Hate and violence walk together, and are very hard to separate/ although that is the mark of a true liar!
What is important however, is the cause and consequence of the majority who play the game in lesser versions than hate or violence: they want attention.
So lets examine attention: “I, am the important one”! The reason doesn’t matter, people who need this attention are living in fantasy or delusions anyway. Reality then asks: WHY, do you need a delusion, or something other than truth? And why, is this attention worth paying for by abusing someone else’s life? The answer to abuse is: because its cheaper, than doing something for myself/ I don’t have to pay (selfishness). The answer to delusions of superiority are: we WANT MORE; so we or I, can play god. Or, we want power. The answer to fantasy abuse is: I don’t like my life here; so they use others for pride, to demand “winner” anyway!

Of the values and relationships which guide our lives, throughout existence; little is more fundamental to produce, life’s core values/ than is torture. I am intimately familiar with torture. Not, violent torture/ but torture nonetheless. Tinnitus has many levels of tragedy; mine goes from “finally good enough” to having what is most accurately defined as “a smoke detector/ at 3/4 volume, squealing in my ears; for hours or days”/ it has been even weeks, without relief. NEVER do this on purpose, for any cause or reason! You can die, because it is very harsh at its worst, and it may never heal:  permanent. That is torture, because there is no getting away, “from inside your head”.
The purpose of that statement is: for all the people who believe “life is just too hard, today”! I would remind you, of just how much worse it can get. My predicament IS NOT “the worst”/ by far. Yet it is a reminder, to appreciate what you do have; and work within the realities of survival; as best you can. There are usually a few general benefits, to hardships: you get to learn, what cannot be learned in any other way/ it is an education. You are pushed to the outer limits of discipline, balance, values, and time: recognizing therefrom who you truly are. Even more; not going to say worth the price, but we all have to look for the best in what we have. That is a suggestion to you.
Reality proves: you do have to look past the people who will never believe you are telling the truth. They simply refuse, can’t change that/ no need to try. Instead remember this, that life is a miracle. What you do, with what you have, “is what living as a miracle” means to you.

We then begin to understand: the lesser fundamentals construct a game, “to make me more than you”. The harsh developments of hate and violence are used to demand: “either move away from me, or die”. Both assume there are no punishments, because you are less/ weaker/ or I won’t be caught. So the mental walls built in response by those who suffer the abuse: are used to keep these things, I did not deserve/ from disrupting or changing “my life, even more; because of you”.
We then add in the twist: sexual lust! More illustrative, animal lust “I only want to use your body/ YOU don’t matter”: therefore has no connection with value, as a human being. It is about chemicals, “I am only familiar with male versions”. As to boys, “its playing with my new toy”; many NEVER grow up beyond those words. Which is why then end in sexless marriages/ and some, if they can’t get to play with their toy, find perversion/ rape/ etc instead.. Some males grant respect to females, but still fail to separate sexual lust (I only want what I want), from using or abusing a female. Men understand: that sex is not about their penis; it is about the passion, to belong “here”/ and earn that right, with open participation. LOVE accepts: the true desire to earn trust, express it, and lock that inside with truth; conceives of an experience expressed “by the honest joy of being ALIVE (because of you)” in true freedom. See the difference/ few do.
Nonetheless, sexual tragedies occur again and again as both male and female struggle with the chemicals which demand: “something must be done”. A reality of nature, that is both necessary for the survival of a species/ and fundamentally worthy of your time and choices. Sexual realities create a wide ranging effect on society and life.

So then given a tiny view, into the conflicts that confront us; as male and female struggling to rebuild a world. IF you choose that. We then return to love, loneliness, truth, happiness, and feeling alive.

Once again, the foundation of all human experience: is on the inside/ not the outside. Critical information regarding the choices made and their consequences; are on the outside. The elemental foundation of life itself, as is thought combined with energy; exists inside. Energy aside, as we have no functional authority over that: it’s purpose is LIFE, or DEATH. Thought however is all other things combined into one single identity, which you must form for yourself. We do that with decisions, experiences, expressions; and the work or lack of it, that follows.
This writing is about: a human world that must change itself to survive. Limiting itself to what the earth can provide, as a future for every child as well. Consequently your want is completely irrelevant, as are the games men provide, that all are required to play.
What must or can come instead; is the purpose here.

LOVE IS, at its core sharing the experience of our existence with truth, so that trust can enlighten us enough: to participate within souls, united as one. Few find it, because walls are erected by lies, liars, and fools. Consequently the educational relationship that gives us knowledge, beyond ourselves in happiness: must be found within many more.
Loneliness means: I cannot conceive of moments beyond myself! Therefore I am stuck in the mire of my own want, the elemental truth no one comforts me. It is a harsh condition when severe. Nonetheless two realities must be confronted: want, “give it to me/ I don’t care about nothing else”/ or more simply want is: consequences be damned. And there is “people don’t seem to like me/ don’t put up with me, I have no honest or real friends”! As always: it is the university diploma that creates the massive influence of this. Always demanding of society, propagating through media, and instilling fears through entertainment: FEAR THEM ALL/ EVERY STRANGER IS A MURDERER, PERVERT, OR THIEF! As a consequence the massive majority of society cringes behind their doors, and runs from every person in need of help, or who could be valued as a friend. That makes those people fight for “something else/ something other than human contact”. Which can result in the things you fear in some: because of you in most. While others simply hide from life, and run away from repeated humiliation. All hail the university; “they know everything”; sewage related. Nonetheless, the human desire for attention/ and the games people play by using or abusing others contribute just as much. Suicides result, along with a variety of other costs.

The question of friendship, the realities of dating, and the quest for “constant companionship” as in marriage or other; all then come into view. Friendship is: “I HAVE, time for you/ and a willingness to accept you as you are”! These two conditions along with respect, combine into a relationship that does participate in ways that understand caring, and provide or produce sharing. The question is: WHY don’t, the vast majority of people desire to spend time “with you”?
There are three main realities involved: 1. “I don’t have the time, something else is more important to me” (I can’t/ its not really a choice). 2. Sharing demands, that your invitation to join me; has something involved with it, that I desire or want (you are, “like me”). 3. Caring asserts, that I will give something in return (I don’t want too)/ or there is a price to pay. That can be from sharing time taken from others for you. Or, being afraid I will be cast outside the group of friends I already have or want/ because you don’t fit with them. Or whatever excuse you wish.
So lets talk about “I can’t”. There are a wide variety of definitions to those words, some of which are true/ many times they are lies. But lies don’t matter, because nobody “needs a liar”. So then what could be true: too poor/ too much work/ marital strife; and so on. Or like me, I just can’t be distracted from my work: the cost is too high.
Let’s talk then about “friends should be like me, or contribute to my world”! Sharing existence does not need enemies, or extra work; and people who are not like me, simply interfere in what I am trying to do with my own life: so I don’t need them here. What can be done to illuminate, where you belong in the “fabric of my life”/ is a two sided choice. Consequently we use conversation, beliefs, stability, “resource aided”, and work/ OR fun; as a partial reality to decide. The most powerful among them depends upon the situation: people have needs, it depends upon what they need or desire most in this moment of time; that decides to what level they can or will be friends. That does NOT present a relationship/ because only consensual agreed upon respect from both sides, builds a relationship. But the first part of determining “if we can, or will walk together”; is by conversation.
In general: conversation should not be about work, unless you both share a similar job. Because “if its not important to me/ then I won’t care”; even if its important to you. The first step in friendship is to get beyond the moment that measures us both. To do that, we need neutral ground; the most convenient and happy of those topics “create a little bit of fun”/ or make me happy, and I will want to spend time with you. Humor is the development of: remind me, that life is “multi-viewed” from many different angles/ so that freedom from being serious brings imagination. The second most successful method is information: as in make me smarter than I am/ so that I can “do this/ understand this (what I am interested in) too”. So informational discussions must include what the other person finds important, or they won’t listen. That means you must listen yourself, to understand what interests them. If you don’t have information or experiences regarding that topic/ then you probably don’t or aren’t “like me”. FIND SOMETHING, or Conversation over. My website’s do offer controversy, but with lots of educational information if you wish: www.justtalking4.info is a summary site. This particular document is called homepage 10 on that site.
Listening to their story, is the first discipline past measurement! Or more simply, if someone is willing to take the time and effort to tell you what is important to them: then they are also telling you, “I lack a true friend to do this with”. It can be you/ if you are willing to pay that price, and can afford to give a little more than you get. Just remember, if they won’t listen to you in return/ then they don’t look for friendship; “its just pay attention to me/ I am the only important one here”.
So we come to the “fabric of our lives”/ and find that interwoven by existence is the need to search beyond ourselves: where others cannot go. The quest to enlighten the boundaries, and determine the disciplines which explain our existence; and decide the potentials which will become established, by our death. Is a reality we all must either deal with OR, avoid at all cost. So the question of friendship not only revolves around respect, listening, and working within a neutral ground for time to share. It also includes the never neutral ground; of what does life itself mean to you?
Religion comes from here, as does all kinds of apathy, delusion, fears, failures, fantasies, and more. Politics add in a little, as do other definitions of what we do or believe “together”.
So, the question returns: what does life mean to you? This is a fabric question, because if your response is in absolute opposition to mine/ then a tear will result, that may or may not be fixable. Regardless it will cause work to be done. So I don’t want reckless abandonment of my own ideals or definition. Generally, we can’t be friends, if you don’t accept my view on life! Therefore it is important, and will come up. Of the various levels of friendship available among humans; this is the one that determines the foundation upon which your future together, will be built. Decide what you do believe, accept what you do trust, and determine for yourself, what the fabric of your own life is going to be! You can’t weave a life among others, without that information: its just spending time/ not sharing anything of true value, until you do. Consequently very many male & female relationships never really, go past sex or money. Most consider comfortable, as enough/ it is not, for joy.
Religion is: the assertion, “I can believe, in a future; even if I cannot have that as the present”. Therefore an “anchor in the sand” for most. It nonetheless softens a harsh reality, that does not deserve to exist.
Faith is the reality of evidence, that binds truth to the acceptance of miracles, creating in fact: the trust that will not die. Because it is bound within an anchor proven by undeniable truth. Both thought and love exist here, by design: miracles prove that. And going forward: JESUS proved we are not “simply built” & abandoned.
Politics assemble the idea: we can govern ourselves, and not be overrun. Governing ourselves means “I have a voice”/ which translates as: what game or lie can we the few, play to consume that voice. It nonetheless results or serves as “the topic of rules”. With rules, everybody gets to play god: “you stepped over the line/ NOW you will see I can’t be played with”. Unfortunately, that is not true: rules play with every life/ making rulers out of men or women: which does destroy freedoms.
So the question returns: what does life itself mean to you? Politics say, “everything is about now/ and who has a trophy”. The result of children playing games for fun; when life allows this is not serious. Which is an open door, for thieves and traitors. Faith says: everything is about what happens when you die, and the search for life itself. Which is a very individual reality. While religion gathers information to play games, and believe whatever you wish: so long as, you play with a herd. We must do this together.
Among these three choices, are the basis for every definition that presents life in society as valued. Therefore as a participant in society, it is fair to say: if you pick one, you shall be accepted by the majority. So long as you do not judge the rest, alone. Or, we pick on them together/ not separate.
In contrast to this are the participants in hate, revenge, and violence: they have no real group. Instead they wish to be “hiding in the darkness” because predators never want to be known: it ruins the surprise! Jealousy, adds the spice, to this cauldron of fools. Those who are jealous, DO hate inside/ if they do not surrender jealousy fully. Although that said, those who do surrender it: become jealous only when they realize “I cannot compete here, and its serious”. So there are two sides. One that cannot surrender because its hate/ the other that will surrender jealousy, because they understand: your life cannot be owned by them, “its yours”!

We come to the next step in reality: sometimes no matter what you do, people never seem to desire your friendship, or mine. Particularly when they cannot sell you for something they want.
Desire means: I have placed my life, on the line that divides and directs the future of my soul. To fall from that line is failure. The consequence of a passion or purpose so critically “life or death” scares people away/ they don’t like the edge of extinction. Which is one extreme. The other extreme is: that your participation is so minimal in everything I desire/ that I cannot believe we will ever be friends: I need you, to be more. Everything in the middle of that, is a manageable negotiation IF: you have access, to make your case.
Those who do not want friendship many times use lies and temptation or manipulation: with a clear purpose coming. Commonly, that is to use you for gaining access, or finding a solution, or transferring your funds to them, or similar realities.
Those who cannot find a friend for whatever reason, are many; even when there is no justifiable cause. Doesn’t matter, some will live alone: people do that to each other, without any substantive cause. As I am an example at least somewhat of that: primarily because my education requires it. Not my fault/ or yours; Nonetheless true. We turn back to purity to define the answer as to: “how can I be whole, if nobody desires to be my friend” to any real degree? I am somewhat responsible: time is a value, but thought is an environment which requires “the individual”.
Regardless: purity is the relationship we share with truth. Thereby becoming less corrupted by our own thoughts, as we “clean house”/ to establish the disciplines and order that are necessary for wisdom. To clean house means: to remove all other influences, thereby coming in contact with what is true to self. With purity of development, there are no voices inside: simply peace. Perfection is living with an idiot. Purity is finding the essence of “your own truth”. Peace understands: that the harmony of our soul, is directly tied to the life which does surround us, as the miracles of living existence itself. Did you know: every blade of grass is an individual life? Or more simply, surrounded by true miracles which no man or woman can build, or thereby claim as mine or yours; outside of possession in time.
Life itself, proves we belong within the miracles, particularly within our own body; proving equality because none are greater than life itself. That fact, none can take away. Alternately Possession proves we accept the games men play; some of it is necessary/ because people steal. Doesn’t matter, when life lives within us; the true journey to a treasure beyond imagination: is the quest to learn “the joy of that beginning, as life”. To seek beyond self, is a purpose and desire, to encounter Creation. Humanity is desired, but not needed: so says a quest for life itself, “within miracles”. GOD will help.

We turn back to discover dating, as the realities that must be dealt with, to find “a companion for life in time”/ beyond ourselves.
Dating by definition is: to accept the challenge, and create a path; for the purpose of discovering if man and woman (as in us) belong together as one.
Dating by reality is: to learn without exception, “people have problems, that must be healed” before you can move on.
Dating by decision is: to understand, “I get nothing, without risking more than I am comfortable with”.
Dating by design is: there are steps, which we must ascend together/ therefore this takes time, to understand each other.
Dating for sex is: tragically for some, this is not simply “a fluid exchange”/ it is much more. The true cost of sex cannot be evaluated, until it is too late. Hearts can break: because you took too much/ gave too little, now I am in need.
Dating for life is: proves respect will decide the relationship, because truth demands it. Trust comes when it is clear: I have shared honestly. Proven caring is the truth within my heart, for you. Openly loved the expression of joy, as is romance; you did give to my heart. Establishing: these are the Same for you as me.

So lets then examine the methods and ways of communication which rely upon respect to initiate and concentrate the ability to become the essence of “romance called by life and living, that male and female together was always intended to be”.
The disciplines, balance, and order.
1. You CANNOT buy me, not with sex or money or anything. I am not for sale.
2. You CANNOT be my slave, or own me as a slave. I am not a possession, and neither are you. Neither am I your trophy, or treasury: to belong here, means we build together as one.
3. YOU CANNOT own, abuse, or use me, I am free/ as are you intended to be. Freedom is a personal choice, the clear legal right: to be what and how you choose to be, within yourself. So long as no harm is done to the others.
4. You CANNOT manipulate, lie, cheat, steal, disrespect, attack (even in little things), try to consume (mine/ mine/ mine), or assemble a plan to capture, entrap: without losing trust, or a path forward in truth for us both. These things ruin, or destroy relationships. Even if love survives/ your ability to share or care will end.
5. You CANNOT tempt me: because if I, or you fall victim to lust/ then love escapes us both. Lust uses and abuses the body, without love: thereby wrecking trust. Without trust, there is no true love. Without love, there is no purpose here other than sex, or abuse, or possession.
6. You CANNOT accept anything less than this honesty: there is NOTHING fair about war/ the only thing fair in a relationship of love, or hope, is truth.
7. The price of happiness is freedom. Therefore the cost of every relationship blessed with the opportunity to find joy within themselves, as a true marriage (vows or not); is to accept, we are both free. Honestly: Choosing life together as one. It is not security that binds us, it is love shared. Established, when we truly accept our decision to care, respect, trust, learn, and live for each other. You can’t be forced, it is your decision, and it is your life. Remembering when you believe marriage is an answer here: each will be asking “for a lifetime”. NO SMALL thing.

Dating honesty with sex means: either, there is a need which I can help you with, and choose so to do. Understanding the consequences, and being willing to pay that agreed upon price (this far, but no more). Within the agreement, the words we use: there is a truth we both agree too. Accept it, or don’t do it! In contrast to that: given the respect & truth we have shared, in romance found. The time to participate beyond simple limits, constructs: let us both, let trust decide. Without trust, your relationship shall fail, even if your time together does not. Trust is the evidence of love/ it is earned not given. Trust binds you together, when we accept this relationship is no longer a choice: it is our decision together, to stay, to care, to live in love for each other: working hand in hand for life.

The methods of dating; must simply respect the reality of our time/ or you are left out. You cannot force “disciplines/ balance/ or order” upon those who are unwilling to accept it. You cannot simply depend upon honesty and truth in a “university driven abyss”: when propaganda drives, manipulates, and tempts; controlling the vast numbers of people, as if they were a herd, and without brains of their own. That leaves us with today, and the “recent past” forming barricades to the future, in every life.
AS: “The university few” lead, by all manner of communication and expertise: to manipulate, tempt, eviscerate, steal, abuse, rape, and control life in society. By removing, ridiculing, or deceiving known methods of social harmony so they can “become rulers”. Recognizing if the people are happy: THEN THEY DON’T LISTEN, to no damn rulers. We need you not. So the demand of power and pride is always: MAKE THEM UNHAPPY/ or make them need us, by betrayal and traitorous acts. Pursuing us all, with surveys and other methods to find “just the right words”; to make them fear, or change direction, or bunch together believing a mob is the only way out: etc/ etc/ etc. The method most recognized as change: is lets pretend, we can make sex “free”. That ends in a multitude of “broken hearts”/ separates the genders, because we cannot trust you/ produces numerous sexually transmitted diseases/ and separates or costs all portions of society, so that respect will die. When respect for life dies: drug addiction begins. Then the courts become corrupted/ the people become angry (I got a gun): and a mob is easy to create. Today, “In a nutshell” so to speak. Add in counterfeiting to promote excessive greed; and it is a volcano of human emotion waiting to erupt.
Nonetheless, with the reality of world threats, the consequence of extermination at any second of any day, demands to mutilate all of nature, and the destruction of every resource: we are left with, there is no time to resurrect a reality of “romance, without end”.
The consequence of that is: you do, have to take what you can get/ because humanity is battered and broken, and living with the extreme threat of complete extinction. All hail “satan (ha, ha); the university knows religion”; which proves “nope, you can’t think”.

That said: we come to the reality, it is essential to every life, that we must hope, at least for life and earth, to survive. It is a necessity! Within that truth, the essential element of your participation in romance is: “time is wasting/ let us try honestly, right now”. Don’t look for perfection; it does not exist. Be willing to honestly pay the price, to fix someone, who you believe is willing to love. IF YOU CAN afford that/ if not, look for another, because it can leave you in human poverty (I need love, to love myself), too. Don’t overuse sex, it doesn’t even buy much time anymore: because of the revolving door. “Married/divorced/ married/ divorced/ married/ divorced; and so on.” The internet I am told is full of nakedness; won’t buy you respect. Men who attract women never grow up/ don’t have too, “plenty more”! They Never learn, the price of what you did do: “meant a great deal to me/ the possibility I hate all of the opposite gender; must now be dealt with”.
Find the person who is honest. Find the person, who you can be attracted too. Find the person who will give you time. Find the person, who has enough love left in their heart, to try one more time. The wrecked inside (love did this to me), need a very gentle hand/ or they cannot come.
“Just because”; one of the major assumptions of female that does not work on men is: if we have sex, “here and there”/ you will remember me, in each of those places. Not so, men do not remember sex with women in that way. We only remember bodies, or we only remember you. The place is absolutely irrelevant, and bears no vivid memories. Which means: unless there is love involved, or lust, or just plain appreciation for what GOD did make (with your help)/ there will be no lasting impact. Which means, in the end, that a “beautiful body”; is far less important to companionship, than a beautiful soul, that captures the heart. Beautiful bodies however generally get more opportunities in this search: attraction is real, its nature’s way/ therefore valid, whether fair or not. If you never have sex/ then you never have to deal with the, “real chemicals” involved in sex. So you can remain innocent of the damage sex can do: not your fault. However, you also remain unaware of the potential ecstacy, that true love conceived with sex can bring, the closeness, the hopes and so on. Few find it/ few are trustworthy enough, even to hope. It is a choice/ one that should never be entered into, with the wrong person; as that will only damage you. But beware, sex also opens a wide variety of needs, dependency, and a long list of consequences those who don’t have sex, need not know! One such consequence is, if you stop having sex: the frustrations that brings, is far worse than expected. Can’t think straight, when an opportunity arises: “I can’t, it will break your heart, when I leave”. Even if “just this far”/ its still “heartbroken” when someone leaves. Or, because this will go wrong/ or that will happen/ or whatever it is, that keeps you from having sex. It is only relieved by a decision: either pay the price for sex/ or pay the price for not having sex, and accept your decision. There is no easy or simple way, out of a sexual relationship: expectations arise. I have encountered “sexually frustrated women”; who clearly experienced that same thing/ so I am guessing basically same for each gender. Try to be compassionate, its temporary.
I have known beautiful women who couldn’t get a date/ not pretty women who got all the dates they wanted. The difference was: communication/ and understanding how to listen to men, accept their limitations, offer invitations, open conversations, and present an appropriately timed opportunity. Remembering not to judge or measure, gives a much wider range of possibilities. Same is true for men/ learn to listen. For men: if you want to continue having sex with women/ stop being so damn selfish. Sex is not a rodeo/ neither are women a damn rubbing post for your penis. Stop playing with your toy, and be a man: love designs. Included is: kissing is an art form, each meets in the middle, to express and experience what “I” can do for you. With kindness and compassion/ grants opportunity. With “slam/ bam/ thank you ma’am”; you get refused (got a damn headache/ leave me alone). Take heed, sex involved with love, is a two-way street: as equals. Those who cannot commit; will not trust. Those who refuse to accept even a tiny risk/ fear the hurt they experienced before. Those who fear sex, do so, because someone made it so.
Just a tip: if your gums bleed/ then brush harder. Within a couple of times; the problem will disappear quickly. If you don’t do that, the problem will get much worse” quickly.

The most obvious places to search for a companion, apart from internet (BEWARE THE LIAR). IS organizations that bear some resemblance to what you feel is important. Things like working with “big brother/ big sister” establishes children are important to me. Which can be considered a “connection with you”. Etc. People who volunteer in particular, generally have time for you: not getting paid/ I have a right, to make this choice for you. Most Religions attract people who don’t hate/ thereby forming a group which can at least begin the search for someone new in your life. They know other people, and can introduce you: but the majority are “just fine, within their own little group”/ and don’t need you to interfere. So don’t expect anything other than what society itself provides; other than a slight bit more selective group, whose interest is generally “less hate”. Or more simply: IF YOU DESIRE HONESTLY, to find someone to spend your life with/ THEN get out of the house, and go search. “You have to meet and talk too, an entire village; before you can generally, even hope to find someone who might be kind to you.
If its just too much trouble, IF you feel this world holds nothing for you: the spiritual world is real/ but very dangerous. Truth itself, has no mercy. It is, what it is/ which means “this ain’t no game”!
Remember this: love did not “do anything to you, other than give you the opportunity to reach for more, than simply self”! You chose or accepted all the rest. You participated; which means you do share the responsibility for what did happen to you. Love gives back the chance, “to be more than self, again”. But it is only a chance: you must do the rest. You must get past the abuse. You must get past trusting someone; who could not be trusted. You must reject lies and liars; because that is the road which harms us all. You must begin again, to achieve a “whole heart”: even though risks are everywhere. Because of “university led deceit and propaganda”. Made very difficult: because of university driven changes in behavior. No, I won’t go outside and meet anyone/ I will stay “air conditioned”. I will stay and play video games. I will not even talk to people anymore, “that’s what texting is for”. ETC/ ETC/ ETC. While the job won’t leave you alone, the children need your attention too, and the marriage falls apart because the temptation to spend and go into debt; was apparently too damn much to resist. ETC/ ETC/ ETC.

This takes a miracle to fix, as well. Do your best; WHY on earth, would anyone do less than that? It is not worthy of “YOU” !

A TINY irrelevant tidbit, important to some. A man’s penis will keep an erection, if you place a small device such as a, “just tight enough” rubber band around the balls. If the testicles cannot rise; the penis does not go down, although it can weaken a bit. You do have to get an erection before placing the device. A statement to alleviate the need for some medication.

Number of drugs ordered or provided: 329.2 million
Percent of visits involving drug therapy: 72.5%

Statistics on OTC Use
There are a total of 2.9 billion retail trips annually to purchase OTC products. … The availability of OTC medicines creates significant value for the U.S. healthcare …

The figures come from a report released Tuesday by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, a global information and technology services company. It found that spending reached $373.9 billion in 2014 – a record high – and increased 13.1 percent for its highest spike since 2001, when growth was 17 percent.

IT DOES NOT take much of a brain to understand something is wrong: look to “university knows, and understand, if they get you hooked on a drug/ the entire industry collects a great deal of money” from you. Then look to your news, and understand “its all about making you believe drugs are, worth the price, for you”.
In contrast, to “take a pill/ etc; I add in: that women can enlarge their breasts; by simply understanding one simple procedure. The nipple has bumps surrounding it, because these are sensors which tell the body where the baby is feeding. As a reality of use; if the baby concentrates too long on an area that is not the nipple itself; that nipple can extend so the baby can be fed. One quick “suction pull” on the nipple, and the breast will enlarge up to about 7% of its current size. Unfortunately those women with a large breast can potentially, find this very unwelcome; so pay attention to what is going on. The purpose here is to negate some spending, and dependency on doctors.