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As we examine the fundamental relationships that present life with a choice, the question appears: WHY, can we simply not be happy/ doing whatever we want to do, giving reality to someone else. Because “we the vast majority, just want to have fun”! Or, if not fun/ then to win the game of men: I GOT it all.
Since that life requires no thought at all; you can do so/ it is allowed, “take a look around” the results of it are everywhere. You want time, you took time for what you want, you threw the rest away, by your choice. Simple as that!
So then nothing I do, is about the majority nor their abyss of want. Instead, I write and I work entirely for those who choose to “think about, and relate to life itself”! “NOT intelligent/ a measure of traps”. But thought as it confronts those who find life interesting, worthy of respect, and created fundamentally by true elements governed through miracles. Can that not be you? nevertheless  These people who literally accept that framework;  have been invited, to achieve eternity: thereby “potential children of GOD “. It is not free!


In the elemental truth of our reality today; are the facts/ even if my duty to deliver a message of change is over. Since we all stand on the edge of extinction; “living just off the graveyard, so to speak”. That fact means, no one is truly free. Consequently work continues, simply because “we must”. Includes you too!
Examining the facts, requires an element of concentrated deposition: or, “its all their fault”/ as is consistent with trial. More distinctly, when examining social structures, and what makes them fail: there is always a group/ or natural incident that makes this possible. That group in America today is “the university elite”/ or the few who do make policy, spend money and counterfeit lies to cover it up, establish stories that are not true, as if they were; and therefrom control the rest with propaganda by communication and control of government.
What is consistent with “university control, arrogance, and manipulation” is the removal of people in government,/ justice in the courtroom/ freedom for individual lives. As is proven everyday by public media content. OR more simply: the employees of all governing bodies are hidden/ thereby are not responsible, for their crimes. Instead of individual faces, making individual decisions: “they are combined together as, the government”. Which removes them from penalties and punishment, by hiding criminals, inside a structure you are not allowed to prosecute or question. As history proves: it is the male version of a perfect disguise, for traitorous acts and betrayal.
Consequent to that: are the endless demands, of “university did it” here. That is Not intended to identify individuals/ but populates the courtroom, just like the universities do of government: “you can’t get me here”. Existing to identify the group, in charge of these decisions, whether hidden or not: that does bear responsibility for all these tragedies coming; through some of its members. Certainly “like the term government” the accusation does NOT, include every employee or member, of the group! The majority in every large organization has no rights and no authority at all; they are the army, protecting the leaders. Just like military organizations: When it comes to leadership failure, tragedy, disgrace, etc: their job is HIDE IT, or die. Ask any soldier, “this is your damn option”. Cause we the leaders, are GREAT/ and we have a prison! More simply, IT’S; Either you “the army”, WILL obey me the leader: right or wrong. OR YOU will be very sorry; “I/ we, have the money, thereby power.
In contrast to the endless claim: “universities did this”/ it is a much more deliberate, to say, “some at the top in leadership of a university, etc: LED us here, by playing god over our lives”. Like men in government, as arrogance increases: they build armies/ so they can become delusional without being stopped. The rest “of their army” are accused of NOT overseeing their own responsibilities to life. But like military soldiers, the price for doing that; as the general public has proven time and time again in my own life. Is just plain more than the vast majority of people are going to pay. Doesn’t mean innocent, or even forgiven; it just means, this is your human reality. “That’s how it is, like it or not”; truly doesn’t matter!

In contrast: as is consistent with all of my web sites, the “universities” are entirely free, to take me to court/ and prove without a significant doubt. Among other things: That realities like deliberately mutilating life, or trying to ignite sun fire here on earth; is not threatening/ is not sacrificing the future. By establishing: Being wrong, has no real consequences? You will also be caused to defend: your religious belief in evolution is. Constructing a reality of evidence, sufficient enough to allow the destruction of nature itself/ through DNA chaos. Proving chaos did in fact create life, or removing it/ and paying life back, everything you stole, by trying to play god. Plus much more, in public trial: where silence is not allowed/ and foreign languages will be translated, so all the world can understand: what is “your truth”.

Regardless, reality states: that is brushed aside as irrelevant. It literally doesn’t matter to me anymore. These are your problems now! I brought you enough evidence and wisdom to demand an investigation/ the examining of facts/ and the need for new decisions that reflect and identify truth and life MUST BE FIRST. If you fail/ YOU fail, not me.
Nonetheless; the need to prepare for a different life exists, even though you do not show reality as a possibility. With time running out, the only thing left is: to assume your insanity, failure, the disease and dysentery of your arrogance; will die on its own. You should note, and accept: the foundation of all life is, that you will not survive time. Consequently death, or what happens thereafter: is, “very important”. More so, than this time!

We begin with the ascent, or first steps beyond the edge of time, toward the door of spirituality, and its companion soul: as represented by the essence of thought, embodied as energy; or more simply “controlled freedom”.
As we must and will all enter from here into death; sooner or later. This journey; Dangerous or not, will happen for you too/ therefore delay of that instruction; is considered irrelevant, to some degree. You will have to get over your fear/ like it or not. However that said: I do remind you, the failure to be prepared is deadly. As proven by, Some who enter in through time, will go insane (trying to escape, back into time): most commonly described as schizophrenic. These people fear making any mistake now; because there are consequences with even the least mistake: that cannot be erased. Or more simply, if you enter: You cannot escape, back into simple freedoms/ or more distinctly, back into time; unless you understand “truth”. Thereby accomplishing the lesson, that gives law to, “this portion” of life. Outside the law, “is criminal”; so to speak. Unless spirit itself releases you, you must remain until the law rules you by knowledge, you then rule the law through acceptance of its value. If you don’t know the law, understand this part of the spiritual world/ you can’t do this.
The spiritual world is real/ but very dangerous; because it does not allow for mistakes/ you chose; that is the truth. Just beyond the barrier, are the two directional choices: love or hate/ fail to choose honestly, and you will be trapped. An endless amount of “people” all asking for help; exist here/ you can’t help them. Pass by, or accept their fate for yourself. Truth itself, has no mercy. It is, what it is/ which means “this ain’t no game”! ONLY, If you are fully committed to your decision, granting the reality is: you can die from this/ people who try to get back out, “go insane”/ you can enter the wrong door, and be trapped; etc/ etc/ etc. DON’T DO IT. You will be sorry, maybe for an eternity. Between the barrier of time & the doors which represent “the truth you seek”/ there is “every form of spiritual liar”. They know your weakness/ JESUS is SAVIOR here. In death, your concept of options is removed: granting truth itself to take over. That means you have passed through a into a specific truth. This is your decision: to participate beyond time as a choice! Which does allow you to return into time, if you understand. If your choice is BAD, even by accident/ so too, will be your eternity. You chose, no mercy. It is literally, the most serious decision your life can make. But it can also be very rewarding, so long as you choose well.
Some will walk in, with preparation: but be caught, by a question that cannot be answered. Therefrom immediately thereafter, in trouble (as was my own first experience). Some will enter into a door they should not have opened, to find hate waiting inside. And so on. There are many doors, but the only exit is understanding! If you simply believe you understand: look out, because the next choice you make, will be the result of a lie.
The critical question for me, in that first spiritual experience was: is this body, “GOD’S temple” or not? Because if it is, then I had no right to change that body, with the addition of two false teeth! No answer, I had no real clue: I decided, better not take any chances/ and took them out. While that may sound insane to you: it was a decision based upon WRONG in this world, HAS CONSEQUENCES. So, I did what turned out to be the worst decision, I could make. Failing to understand immediately, that the human body is not a temple of GOD/ it is a miracle of GOD, that is our gift to use, or even abuse as we choose. It is our own, to do with as we please. NO SACRIFICES allowed. Truth is truth. That alone, which means you can’t go back, no matter what your decision was! There is no such thing as “better not take any chances”/ that simply multiplies the problem you presented. Love is “the temple of GOD, if you cherish it”!
“After remodeling me”: That bit of information was all I needed later, to enter into the spiritual world; and survive there, even thrive there. So its not hard if you understand/ if you choose love and truth through JESUS! If you refuse any of these three, you will fail; the consequences are real.
Nonetheless the spiritual world is no game. The next mistake I made, which was to be so distraught at finding “men have no solution” for saving this earth/ I found, knocked on, and opened the door, to the essence of “Spiritual female truth”. Or, do you have an answer for life on earth? That decision had serious consequences/ still going on, over ten years later. However, It was a good decision for life on earth. That decision alone, and its consequences: are responsible for letting me finish this work. Men, eventually choose war; when nothing else works/ even if its pointless.

So, we begin; aside from that warning.

The critical question is: WHAT DOES THOUGHT, have to do with life?

While it may seem strange to “clean yourself/ so you can find yourself first”. That is absolutely necessary, in all forms of initiating thought, or the steps to thought as a beginning in you. Without significant truth, as to your own identity: there no truth “of you”. Or not a declared identity/ Which means there is no form or development by which a journey can be made. Therefore an invitation to journey beyond time into the spiritual world; which is strictly about truth; cannot exist. Personal identity is “the price to be paid, for the ticket” so to speak. To achieve a personal identity, you MUST discard and remove all other influences. Which means; society, people, history, religion, etc CANNOT be used to determine your decision. You must make your decision, based upon the true desires and purposes of your own “heart”. Only from here, can you begin to conceive of thought. Existence is an experience/ desire is an expression/ life is a participation with freedom/ love is the declaration “I will share/ I will care; without reward, or return”, if necessary. These are elements of your new identity, learn them.
Reality states as well: just in case, for spiritual reasons; or in preparation for death. That each and every one should in fact do what they can to unload, what troubles you about someone else. So this can be discarded prior to death. Otherwise, it will taint and trouble your soul, at a time when this fact becomes DANGEROUS for you, in eternity. It is important, believe it or not.
The second part of finding yourself, in preparation for a spiritual journey, is to remove pride. Pride is an arrogance associated with body and/ or mind, as in: “I got more/ I am winner/ etc”. Pride is an enemy, because it discards love in favor of “personal space”. Or more simply, pride is an enemy of love/ because it measures and judges other living miracles; instead of the law alone, judges. Therefore if you judge/ you choose pride. If you measure/ then you choose to be superior (righteous), or will find jealousy, violence, & revenge; as inferiority or hate takes over. Pride is an “extremely hard to remove reality”. It won’t be pushed/ locked out, until you accept: life, shall not be decided by body, its effect on time, or other people. Only true personal decision, shall decide. Only true equality for all life, can be allowed.
Christian Religion will argue, “spiritual life, is all free”. But biblical reality demands: JESUS is savior (in the environment: beyond death, as is called eternity). He did not save the body/ HE save the soul: is that not true, according to religion? Is it not true: Only to those who “pay his price”, are saved? Its called RESPECT; not free, respect is a choice: with consequences. Respect Understands: HE gave HIS LIFE, not free, for HIM. That fact means: You will accept the consequence of that price to HIM, by accepting JESUS as truth! That is a matter of faith/ not excuses. If you have faith, then you will do as JESUS commanded. Which he summed up in: “love GOD first/ love your neighbor as yourself”. Not free. Rather it is as evidence, that you did accept: GOD , not only exists, but loves those who follow “HIS SON”. Jesus leads to love, truth, wisdom, duty, and respect! That too, is not free/ it requires your honesty & your work & your duty to life.
Or you fail yourself, in eternity. The spiritual world accepts only truth: “your life knows”. It cannot lie for you! Spiritual life is, at the core of every existence. That is recognized as an energy which leaves your body, when you die. That is death, the energy exits. Which does Prove: if you wish to remain in life/ then, you must anchor yourself to that spiritual life inside, and go with the energy that gives life its freedom/ back to where it came.
Everything else which is life beyond time, will be lost, including you/ if you don’t.
I regard that as biblical reality; because it ultimately cannot be proven, until you die/ therefore a choice, based upon an evidence inheritable as thought. Apart from the history lesson of what life was like for a distinct family of men talking. The bible itself as a whole, is built around miracles of Creation/ why does religion exist? This life on earth, and all this beauty: was not made by man. It is, “so well built/ and so intrinsically defined, balanced, and disciplined: thought existed before us is proven true. Therefrom, proving a CREATOR (greater than we will ever be) existed. That fact is ultimately and truly proven: without the possibility of being proven wrong. Therefore the book itself, called a bible does have credentials. The new testament shares those credentials, with evidence of a love so strong and so respectful: nothing can make it die. Every miracle on earth, then upon true examination, DOES represent that kind of love by design. Which is thought proven by actions, with a deliberate intent to provide “life by love”. The new testament, establishes “someone who stands out, from the rest of humanity”. Creating even a life (a story, which has stood the test of time) so measured, by love: we may assume, or even assert, to be “flawless”. Thereby the two questions: DOES “GOD” still exist, and are we abandoned? Is removed! Added in, are the teachings which lead us, to conceive of, or understand: LIFE is more than this! So the decision to enter within a spiritual definition of life, as described therein; must understand both love and JESUS/ but it hinges on truth, and requires trust.

That, has nothing to do with the Jewish nation: as their own history proves genocide after genocide (stealing), was their choice/ war their answer (claim, we have a cause). Even turning on their own family. Then repenting just before it was destroyed completely/ but allowing those men left: to then “ go steal the women” of the only little town which did not join in the massacre. No love here! Simply men punishing men for not agreeing with them/ by using women as their pawns (this, will make them sorry); common throughout history/ around the world. Therefore not a question, to be asked of life, its just hate modified. What the Jews did do, was create the most legitimate historical writings of what life was like for the last several thousand years: with men in charge. They kept a central theology, which allows us to see, why they made some choices/ and how they failed those choices again and again. Apart from keeping a few “moments of enlightenment: sacred”. Considered over time/ the old testament is the rise and fall of what men as “government” do, again and again and again. When humbled they work together and find unity, give thanks for a second or two/ then get arrogant, start oppressing each other, get into war; eventually lose/ and then do it all over again. Never learning, because they “just want what they want”; and that does not stop. What nation is not like them? Answer, they are all “like them”/ in terms of greed, arrogance, pride, hate, and failure to accept equality with women.
As to love, as designed: Some might argue “nature is cruel”/ therefore creation is cruel! But that is ultimately not true. Nature limits itself by predator and prey, balancing every need, for the protection of environment, and every species therein so all life can survive. A reality proven to be absolutely correct, for thousands of years in written human history; apart from men, and their own destruction, ravaging, ruining, or raping everything they find. “For a few pennies, more”. In contrast, The fundamental end result of predation is: that it reminds their prey, to respect life, and appreciate the day; rather than be lazy.
Some will argue: GOD is not love/ my child died/ or, my heart is broken! But today, after men learned how to intervene: we now clearly see, growth has human population on earth at over 2+million more mouths to feed every single week. Our humanity standing as one person per acre of agricultural land, with every sea on the brink of exhaustion. These facts: Threatening our entire planet; threatening us all, with complete starvation/ while we run out of drinking water, and everything else. Since you didn’t control yourselves, or balance reality; after making that change. It was a choice, which humanity with nearly one voice said: HELL NO. So, people played “devil god” instead. Or more simply: let the future die/ “it won’t affect me”. Let the children fend for themselves! Which is; “Welcome to the real world of men”/ life has costs. So every child is sacrificed; so I don’t pay”! Summation, as leaders and men in control: you don’t care.

But, apart from constant failure: you are who you are, with men in leadership, that won’t change. Hope however is required, the potential to let women try to lead, by organizing themselves together; is real. Not one woman/ all women attempting to design a new society, with new laws based upon justice/ rather than greed or selfishness. If they can actually control themselves is questionable, FOR LIFE! However we literally know (history proves it), men cannot; so women are the only choice left.

Therefore We begin in the simplest definition of thought: knowledge requires discipline. Or more simply, you cannot share what you know about truth, unless there exists a means of communication that is sufficient to understand.

In humanity, that means we must construct language, identify “parts and pieces” upon which we can agree: this is its name. And create various other methods and ways by which we understand ourselves, as the same or different.
So lets assert, LIFE has meaning beyond this time! If it does, if our CREATOR has put us here for a purpose: that is identified by love. Then what is, or where does, this possible means of communication with “GOD” Begin? All of religion says, “here”! But lets examine that fact, and I limit it to the bible; avoiding countless hours of “you care about religious pride/ I don’t”. I am only interested in life itself!
As described above, the old testament lacks love in many of its descriptions about a family given the right by their own description: to be this communicator with GOD. They fail love, until the new testament: wherein they mostly fail to love once again. Even so, out of their stories in the new testament: a new communication does seem to arise. “Everything living is NOT, about the human body or existence in time”. A statement some call religious/ I do not. As our bodies, as life surrounding us: is absolutely clear/ NOT by human hands, and certainly not by chaos. But by thought, as proven by design, and realities, proven far beyond any other conclusion! There is no doubt, nor even the possibility of doubt. So we answer the question above with:
Thought then begins the journey into life itself.

The second question is: Divided into three parts. We begin with: life which constructs a freedom/ energy which identifies the means/ and communication within life itself, as defined by existence: lives.
Life is a dimensional, meaning freedom resolves the ability to dissolve oneself with too much expansion/ by understanding thought lives within a discipline. That must be cherished, to survive. Energy is an environmental reality, that must be balanced to achieve the expression called harmony. While living experiences order as the construction of a structural walk, “upon the stairs” of wisdom.
Therefrom the elevation of life, from a mass into its own relationship with living, is formed from the values inherited by discipline/ balance/ order/ and structural relationships established to conceive of CREATION itself. From here, we turn to soul.

The beginning of life, requires organization/ and every participant necessary to create an autonomic existence: which is the potential called “an individual”. Regardless of conceptual and disciplined realities: The true question is why, are we born?

We return to the very essence of CREATION itself, to recognize: love exists here. Which leads us to understand: love lives most directly and passionately, whenever it is shared, among those who do choose to honestly care for each other.
That very simple truth allows: to love, and be loved, “requires LIFE”! NO other solution or answer is necessary.
However the facts of living DO enter in!
In a spiritual world, where only truth survives. LAW, then Demands: “that truth”, for the sake of all life, MUST THEN REMAIN PURE. Or every life will suffer, and may die.
Consequently time is about establishing the purity of your truth, so as not to contaminate LIFE ITSELF. Because when allowed to communicate with life/ there is no allowance given, to destroy the whole. Any deception, will remove you from life/ so as to protect the whole of life itself.
Every failure to be “pure to love, and its companion truth”; leaves you distant, from the source of existence/ the reality of pure love itself. As such time is the gradient used to justify and create who will, and who will not “be family”.

Humanity says in summary: “I could be god”. OR, I deserve MORE. Or, “I, just want what I want/ give it to me NOW.” These are the constants, along with men believe they are owed the right by violence, to lead. Presenting us with reality as in this day. The majority: NOPE, can’t think/ won’t think/ not allowed to think, question or have a say; so I don’t care. As proven by history, this changes little over thousands of years. Partially due to men in charge/ they will not change, for long. THIS IS, “what they choose”; games/ money/ & war.
Religion says: “God owes us”/ HE can’t let this earth die! So there, we DON’T have to do NOTHING! Doesn’t matter which one, all alike.

So the question is: given the fundamentals of life in time, WHAT is true for you?

WHAT IS TRUE, regarding this world/ and whether it is going to live or die, because of what men chose, with or without the aid of women? Because of WHAT YOU CHOSE, and did or did not do: we are all threatened as a world! How is that fair?

“You want what you want/ and nothing else”; IS, the american way: The human way. LIFE does not survive, without truth, respect, and values beyond self. Neither does your eternity, unless by terror.