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The story which affects US ALL/ because it threatens, every life on this planet: to the best of my knowledge, “is only reported here”! A reality: Making your media, “cult worshipers”. Consider the cost of being WRONG! IGNITING AN ATOMIC FIRE/ MUTILATING NATURE (nature is DNA)/ ENDING RESOURCES, for every child is killing them; just for starters. Not a word, or  just worship of “university knows”/ even though everything they did, has proven to be fundamentally threatening, to all life on earth.
The critical question of media is: WHY are we not informed about realities which gamble with all life on earth. Instead they cover up that reality with praise of those who make decisions which can exterminate our lives. Part of the answer is resolved by looking through the window of organized crime: beyond the glass, are those individuals whose entire purpose in life, is to control the others, to make their own lives more powerful. 6 corporations own all the news media in America/ of those six, it WOULD be of interest to you, to find out who owns the corporations themselves, as it is of course possible, “just one individual” controls them all. As to reality itself, like all workers: your job is to “stay within the lines”/ and you keep your job. Go beyond what your employer says; and not only will you be fired, when just a tiny few control: that means, as an employee “you never work in this business again”. Editors are the employers version of: “what I mean, by staying inside the lines”. So then self-preservation rules the news worker/ while fantasies keep them in line. A fantasy: Because no one escapes the reality of an atomic fire, or any other world threat we face; therefore “Cowards & fools”. Even though personal cost can seem high/ it is nothing compared to what comes. It is nothing compared to letting this earth and all its life, “simply die”/ by communicating nothing. But alas, the public does exactly the same thing; while hoping, “let somebody else pay”! As we draw nearer everyday to extinction/ as is proven by the evidence of our lives, our world, & our truth as humanity on earth. Governed by a tiny few!

It should be noted: the middle class was bankrupted, because Carter made them believe the American debt, would not be paid. Throughout his presidency; it was said, “wherever you go”/ BUY SOMETHING, or inflation will just take your money. And the people did, because they believed the debt is so large; it will take decades to pay; and it would have. So those who were “good money managers” did buy, expecting just that. But alas, Reagan was elected, and agreed with “the university brain”: HELL NO, debts don’t have to be paid! That meant inflation died/ and so did every investment that depended upon inflation to pay the bill. Immediately impacting and bankrupting those who otherwise controlled the nation as a majority. Taking away their power to make decisions/ and giving it to “university people”; whom the organized crime ring led by Reagan made rich, by stealing, cheating, and lying: from the now dying, America. The theory being, “you can have as many numbers in your bank account as you want” it makes no difference to reality/ UNTIL YOU CASH THEM IN. That makes a demand on resources, and resources determine wealth or poverty for the world itself! So the lie was, “numbers don’t matter”/ let the slaves believe in them! Let the few in power, “Live like kings”/ reality be damned! Couldn’t be so? Take a look at your resources, “soon, ALL GONE”! Capitalism is dead/ communism (only the few decide), rules America.

Democracy dies, because the army created by public unionization of education and all government workers; now creates an epidemic of WE ARE OWED! Even though the vast majority of that debt, was deliberately created by people whose only interest/ whose only purpose, in government: was to be elected, so they could vote for themselves; a pension plan, or a greed of any other kind. Thereby enslaving the rest, “to play little king or queen” themselves.

Knowledge without wisdom, is a whore! Whore means: someone who discards & disrespects life itself, to worship money/ possessions/ or trophies.
Remaining silent, when life needs you to respond: is cause for penalty. This world dies ONLY once!
When we pause to consider: WHERE does extreme wealth come from, so as to control everything by a few? The answer in America is: when a counterfeiter rules, reality dies a little; for a time, so that fantasies can appear real. Counterfeiters need slaves: yes do real work, take real resources/ and we will pay you “with real fake money”. No sustenance/ just a game. Counterfeiters took over America through Reagan. But that was not possible without the extreme debt caused by the atomic bomb. That fact increased, especially by Kennedy; a power mad individual/ whom the American public also loved: because fantasies carry no burden. Its just the realities they create that do! Nonetheless immediately after coming to power; Reagan gave the currency over to “university knows”/ and they instantly stole everything the nation had left; by giving themselves “million dollar raises/ and anything else their heart desired”. Reagan succeeded in his lies: by selling all the gold this nation had. Reagan bankrupted the middle class; by stopping payment of the debt/ thereby reducing interest rates, and ending inflation upon which many debts were created. By NOT paying one damn cent; another fantasy the American public loved; still extending today. A reality of counterfeiting: because none dare call it inflation. Inflation means, “the public is aware, and shares in the numbers”. Not true in America; where the public is told “its debt/ not inflation”. Yet the numbers keep coming at around 6 trillion more currency numbers, per year. Only a select few share these numbers: which does give them “power” over us all! Not a word, about anything through media, even when there were “a variety of people involved”. Because if you tell secrets/ then you are removed from every story “the rich, or powerful man holds”. Because people are killed for less! Unless the majority of other power brokers want that man removed; as in Nixon.

Established by 4+ decades of work, you don’t care about me, or the realities I represent: it’s a choice. That is your decision. So mine is: you have taken a lifetime from me/ because of your terrible decisions, failures, fantasies, and delusions. Which have proven by the cost of being wrong: Threats against our entire planet, and every single life in this world. Extermination, horror, and crisis after crisis are coming; so says the evidence.

The ONLY thing, I expect or even desire from humanity itself, is: FIX THIS WORLD/ BEFORE YOU DIE! It ain’t, too much to ask/ but you can’t think, “it’s a cult”.
Individually, respect, reality, truth, honesty, and even friendship or more is accepted. Alternately, I have given; even more than expected.
I am through trying to work with you/ you refused. However if you fix the big things, “wrong is a dead world”. Only then, will I not refuse to help you work out the little things. For a purpose which includes keep us alive, chosen for peace, and living with happiness. No life should die of little things! I know, you’re too smart to learn anything: tv is your brain. Oh well, its just extinction that cannot be stopped; beyond the point of no return.

Regardless, as is proven by my own work; even though a vast majority of people know about these sites/ almost none work to communicate their true purpose, which is to save this world from its own extinction through humanity. They just don’t want to do it. While it is impossible for me to know how many people have visited my sites (there are eight):  one trinket of knowledge would be, on perhaps the least visited site.   A forum exists, which I haven’t visited for years that had JUST ONE forum entry: at the time, listed at 66,000 views. Or PEOPLE KNOW these sites exist! Yet not one word, throughout fourteen and a half years since the first site existed: is there any known, visible, real communication: OUR WORLD IS IN TROUBLE.

Not one living soul, can claim they don’t know; what it would mean to have our world ignite to become another sun/ OR, what mutilated nature, and the horror that would be is/ OR, what no resources will mean to the future. YOU KNOW, life is not a game or a fantasy/ YOU KNOW FIRE. You see mutilation. You easily learn, “what starvation or all other forms of terror, will be”. There are NO EXCUSES. Leaving only one decision. EITHER to fight for life on earth/ or let it all die horrendously, because you refused to help. The reason literally does not matter, because the evidence is true.

You just keep hiding, wanting reality to “go away”! But that is the thing about reality; although fantasies do go away/ reality never does. Only truth can change it, for life. Lies always try to change it for self/ not life, just me! Take your pick: a world to live in/ or a graveyard, for us all, because you thought the world could be: “just for you”.

Lessons are required.
While it is not fitting, to create or design the elements of any society as an individual. We all live it/ therefore we all must choose together; is fair. But you will not help me/ women have refused the offer for me to help them: and that leaves a void, which we absolutely cannot afford to leave untouched. That, won’t work at all!Lessons are required!
The disciplines we share, create the society we live in. The choices we make for ourselves, designs the future we will live in. The reality of justice, fair play, equality, and freedom adjust life, as living in peace with harmony; or not!

HARMONY is the decision and ability, to work together for the greater good of all. To do that, requires an intimate knowledge of what is needed and why/ what is desired and what to do/ what is happiness, and how to obtain it/ what is justified, thereby allowed for all/ what is freedom, and why you shall not interfere. Among these developments are the elemental needs such as those of an eco-system: or more distinctly, when you bring in “foreign life”/ it changes the balance of everything otherwise at peace with itself. Which does translate as: immigration should be minimal/ because it matters. Thereby those who are from one country living in another/ should move back, and deal with their problems in a different way. Nobody immigrates, unless the nation they immigrate from has their population stabilized, or in decline: fix your problems first/ we don’t want them!
Harmony is very hard to assemble without continuity.

PEACE is, the decision “to let people be people/ to accept life as it is: BUT DEMAND, THE LAW DECIDES FOR US ALL!” That law, can only be formed among the people themselves, and does NOT accept “others will do this for us”. Peace REQUIRES: that the law which rules over us all/ SHALL IN FACT, be chosen by us all. No other shall be allowed. It is by vote. This is changed periodically, ONLY when a greater percentage of the people can agree to that change, than did make it law.
LAW: is an environmental reality/ THIS must be done, for the sake of all lives involved. LAW IS an elemental truth, that participates to keep life alive; therefore it is fundamental to existence itself! Consequently, law is not a rule: which seeks to make individuals responsible, just because someone says so. Law is the essence of what OUR TRUTHS as a nation or world shall be. These are, the definitions by which we understand: right/ or wrong. Everybody, none are exempt. Therefore be careful what you do, or fail to do.

JUSTICE: is the decision of society to be fair with each other, and the world. To achieve that justice, both reality and environment, must be served. Reality states, “I have an equal right to yours”. Environment states: without resources or a world with all its facets of life stabilized/ there is no future. Therefore: justice is: protecting the planet/ insuring the future will survive/ being certain no one makes decisions, which will threaten us all/ allowing the people to be free/ and adjusting that freedom with the liberty to demand, YOU SHALL respect/ not endanger, us all.

EQUALITY is: do it yourself. Which means, you do have the opportunity, to share the wealth, and do the work, within a disciplined pay scale, that remembers we all have the same needs. NOT the same lives.

WORK is: your participation in the needs you create from life, and for life, family, or by decision. Work includes the freedom to say no/ but not, the freedom to refuse your responsibilities. Find something/ create something: you can and will do for society or life, that will sustain us all; thereby entitling you to pay. Let society know: everybody deserves a job/ which means YOU WILL SHARE. Not only the rewards, but the duty we ALL owe, to and for our fair share of survival. Not the same pay/ the same duty. Pay is respective to reality.

HEALTHCARE: is our decision to provide an opportunity to return to work, and life. Where that is appropriate, and affordable. If we the people do NOT, want to pay/ or accept that reality of payment: THEN YOU don’t get that care. VERY SAME, for all. Like it or not/ reality decides by our own truth as a nation. Not your tears! In accordance with reality: the criminal extortion racket and profiteering as is constant in medicine today SHALL BE STOPPED. The endless schooling, without a cause will be removed. The “deadly (I am trapped) debts” for trying to be a participant in healing: WILL be traded for work/ not money, instead. The community will pay/ in exchange for a specific amount of your professional time. The business is removed. Each participant paid according to their actual contribution. No more pharmaceutical patents: WE, the people will own the medicine/ you, will simply make the product; IF you win the bid, or we allow it. We, will provide research for ourselves/ by establishing a proper environment for that purpose. A reasonable prize for those who contribute something of value. “Earn it”!
Remember this: everyone has a right, to do what they choose to do. Which includes smoking, drinking, eating too much or too little, and so on: its NOT your choice. Reality says: YOU contribute trouble too! Its called: freedom! Each however, should understand the medical risk/ and the reality of what choices made about costs, and who decides those things: can do! That means, we all decide the majority. But anything which only impacts a certain group of people: shall be decided within the percentage given. By those “blocks of people; who share the same decisions, that brought them here”/ members (same problems), should decide for members. Percentages of the healthcare budget should determine: how much each block should control.

EDUCATION: Is required, for more options, than simple survival. Therefore it is important to each and every single one. Consequently: EDUCATION means for EVERYONE. Not just a tiny few, while all the rest are merely warehoused, to keep them from competing to get a job. Reality proves: the education of today is NOT intended to “help you survive or thrive”. It simply handpicks a few, and throws the rest aside: to become indentured slaves if they wish by trying to compete while creating a blanket of debt, from which most will not escape. Education means: finding or creating something of value to me. Education is: preparing for a future, that is not expecting slavery, starvation, or unhappiness. It includes, the ability to function in society/ participate with happiness in male and female opportunities/ get a job/ understand and appreciate the law/ find a forum for expression/ and experiences which define and discover what freedom is “for me”. Added in: the clear understanding of money/ the realities of debt/ the cost of failure, bad decisions, prison, investment, and time: as it applies to family, friend, or work! Then instructions for: Working as a democracy; limiting capitalism so all can benefit; building society and its future; identify and remove traitors; fight for your world, with knowledge/ understanding/ and sufficient wisdom to know the difference between “fair or fraud”.

BANKRUPTCY: the failure to fix it, means, the future has to pay/ you choose: to sacrifice every child! Bankruptcy means, “YOU failed yourselves”/ you stole from your own children: simple as that!
Currency manipulation, and political whimsy removes capitalism. Capitalism is “supply and demand economics”. Which means the reality of resources, and the labor involved set the price. The primary purpose is to protect the future. Not communism (government officials decide) as is done today, in america.
Bankruptcy means: under no possibilities of truth, can this mess of financial loss, for everybody be decided. We must start over: returning to reality, by governing the money with truth. In a courtroom, open to the public in all conceivable ways: reality comes calling for evidence. Truth establishes facts. The people themselves decide: WHAT now, and make that happen for themselves/ by becoming DEMOCRACY as it was intended. All currency is then tied to the citizen population count: so everybody knows. Debt is removed from the politician: so they can’t do this anymore. The difference between completing this task; in the interim or not, between start and finish: is who controls the food, water, shelter, etc; that we each must have to survive. You can create debit accounts, with same for all: money granted, for work/ for taking a job offered; until this is settled. NOBODY gets more/ all currency is frozen until the account is settled in “democracy court”. All loans, foreclosures, etc are frozen until settled. However anyone NOT reasonably taking care of the property can be thrown out: let the public decide.
No interest will accrue, however there will be costs to recover: once you have made your financial decisions, as a nation. THEN YOU MUST decide to change everything that brought you to the brink of extinction, as a world, and a nation.
You may use change, it is less easy to flood society with! Keep track of those who make it. When these things are legally settled/ RATHER THAN with civil war or depression or both; as you have currently chosen. Then, You then decide how best to retire these currency funds (who gets what, from the new money supply). Assets will be sold, as a percentage of debt is mine; and so on. This applies same for a nation or state AND internationally. By vote, we own our future. If you move quickly, as a democracy: with determination and realistic honesty; its less than a year! If not, someone is cheating: so insure “there is a penalty” for anyone who fails to participate with RESPECT, for all! Everybody has rights, and needs, and realities they don’t want to lose/ nobody has, or gets preferential treatment! Same decisions apply, for all; Make it so! BUT NOBODY, gets more than the limit you decide: BY VOTE/ for every individual or company, in the nation itself.
If the judiciary fails you: THROW THEM IN PRISON, until dead. We the people ARE OWNERS HERE, which means we hold the final authority over every law, and every decision made in this nation or state. Remember that fact/ and use it responsibly! We are final say/ we are, employers of the police/ we hold the keys, to every jail cell in this nation. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT/ by constitutional law, under its precepts and conditions. By our amendments/ or as the case may be, “emergency needs”! Our employees, work for us. Keep working, or the nation falls apart.

Whatever, I choose to do; is my own decision now. I did deliver this message; change/ so says the evidence of horror coming/ or die.
Regardless what you are told: investigate for truth, examine what can go wrong, and demand LIFE, for this planet, and its future; COMES FIRST.

“Free at last/ free at last” to quote an American. I just live on an earth preparing to be destroyed by humanity; “how happy” is that?

Well, with respect to me: except for this “spiritual woman thing”. Ridicule all you want, I don’t care/ it ain’t “gay”, never was, never will be. Just a reality of the job; the price “like it or not”.
Men won’t “save this world”/ this is what they chose, following each other to “here”. To the edge of extinction.
Making life, and society; a job for women. Too bad, “they’re missing”! I guess, that must be: “why me”.. Much harder than expected, male just keeps slipping away. Not “pretty enough” to make a difference, I guess! “Just wallpaper”.

You can’t defeat truth with lies/ look at your evidence, think for yourself: make a difference. Understand: no second chances. Can’t be possible? Well ain’t nothing proves you more wrong, than understanding: igniting atomic fire (it burns the bond of an atom) means everything on earth is fuel. How you going to put that out, at ten million degrees F? Answer the question; “your experts demand”/ it will just extinguish itself. That is their literal plan! When it fails, you burn.

Know, what being wrong actually means: CHECK any and all facts given/ for proof. Particularly in the case of atomic fire, and all the other energy experiments that will go wrong, like CERN; there are more.
Just for the sake of it: you can create a model of CERN, to see what they do. Take two water balloons, tie them onto the end of a rope (add weights)/ then swing the water balloons into each other, and watch them splash. Now the fun part is giving every droplet of water a name. Using hieroglyphics (call it math) to play games, and hide the results (its just play) from others: so they pay you. Do it again and again and again, but with more balloons and more weights so you can make believe something new is happening. The insanity however is: instead of balloons, by using atomic nucleus: they create trains of individual atomic bombs, crashing into each other at the speed of light times two; not including the explosive pulse, that accelerates the energy of mass that misses the crash (think of nascar): to beyond the speed of light. Creating a wormhole, to accelerate those particles & keep them crashing back and forth into this earth. Removing the boundaries of time/ and therefrom beginning the process: that sliced and diced and became “the big bang”. As they promise to recreate, in their own literature; right here on earth. Not play anymore/ just blind, diseased, “devil (HELL NO, we won’t care)” about any consequences for life.

The delusions of a university are No longer a game; they are death stalking you. Instead of the constant “male leadership; which is, if the journey to understand is one hundred miles/ THEN I TOOK my one damn step, and know enough”. University says: if knowledge is this way/ THEN I AM GOING the opposite direction, because knowledge is law; and they believe “we can be gods”/ and discard all law! Horror coming in every conceivable way! Believe it or not; is irrelevant/ truth decides!
Humanity is never going to be “god” of anything other than its own destruction. The bible calls this phase of complete disrespect & arrogance/ absolute insanity ruling earth: “SATAN”.
Its just a word, until you realize; these decisions, are the end of life on earth.

Regardless YOU can’t blame me! I did my duty.
Without your help; “not my choice/ that was your decision”. Today, I having been released from duty say: IF YOU STOP the destruction, and I will still help you/ because an entire world, cannot be lost. Until every possible decision to help, OR hinder has been made: By us all. Life or death for a world: CHOOSE.

DO, WHATEVER IT IS, THAT YOU CAN DO! TALK, PICKET YOUR MEDIA, OCCUPY YOUR COURTS, DEMAND GOVERNMENTAL SUPPORT, CONFRONT YOUR UNIVERSITIES AND DEMAND ANSWERS: ABOUT WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WRONG. BUY ADVERTIZING, WORK FOR LIFE ON EARTH, and even a future for your child. Or you surrender EVERYTHING to hell. Have a children’s march/ or even a bake sale; WHO CARES! Do something: “It’s a choice”/ until it ain’t a choice no more.
Do something; you can spread videos of a dancing cat around the world to millions in just a couple of days. Without permission from your television! Think about it.

You organized, rallied, talked, planned, spent money, spread around the world: and expected to win 1.6 billion dollars on a lottery, with odds of 1 chance, in 290 million! And you can’t lift a finger, or spend a penny, or speak a word: for our entire world. SHAME ON YOU. Oh wait, I know: you’re gods at university knows/ can’t be wrong. Their priests infecting communications “with the voice, and courage of a mouse: our job/ our job”. Alas they haven’t told you what you can think or say, yet. All of them, Waiting to declare the university is god: WE HAVE FIRE!
As with all cults, “who knew they could be, SO WRONG?” After all, “evidence, is just a little poison koolaid (I won’t)/ to a religious zealot”: they can’t be wrong, “They’re god”. Ask a believer: can’t be wrong/ simple as that.

As is the constant throughout forty years, courts/ media/ everything: “Just stay silent/ and the world will never hear; until its too late to change the outcome”. Ain’t that so.

With rare exception: the vast majority run from the evidence of these things, after they know “its true”/ to hide themselves: “In a burning house/ with NO escape”. Think about that too; the clock is ticking; the fire IS prepared and ready to unleash/ AS biblically predicted. Are you “going to prove me wrong”? Wait until the earth is a sun! Sure, that’s a plan.
As are so many more threats, it is beyond your imagination. Like it or not: WE ARE all trapped in the same reality. Fix this world/ or die. Like it or not, is absolutely worthless: because the evidence says, “its true”.

I paid more than my fair share. Done!

Do something, “right/ wrong/ good/ or bad”; perfection is worthless/ NOT going to happen. So, whatever you can do, “is something”. Isn’t life on earth for us all, “worth a try”? Even by you.