In search of “humanity”!

More distinctly, the critical mass of time itself.

We, participate at the very center of why time exists; because we are the gift of life/ to eternity. Not each or everyone/ but those who do function correctly within a destiny to conceive of, and accept the boundaries and limits of truth, law, respect, love, sharing, caring, courage, trust, and hope. Those who represent chaos, hatred, violence, (evil) shall not find the same reality, beyond these moments on earth. They are, by their own choices: “worthless, to eternal life”. So says the law and the life they violate.

Critical means: this is a truth required for survival.

Mass means: the elemental force, with a potential energy to do many things.

Time itself means: these are the moments of your own choosing, within an environment that gives you both life, and death.

The gift of life, is an energy that reveals the freedom to choose a direction, and make a decision that matters: is our own/ so long as the body of time allows it.

To be eternal means: the very basis of thought itself, can conceive of eternity, because it needs neither mass or permission. Which does mean, even chaos can achieve eternity, as hate; so long as it retains some level of truth.

The question occurs: WHY does truth sustain existence? The answer is: because all truth is evidence of the laws which guide and sustain this universe. Therefrom within the creation of law, are the elements which support and define both energy and mass/ giving rise to thought.

Thought is an envelope (a dimensional carrier), to whatever the future can be. Energy is a dimensional level; assigning definition and intensity by the distance and demand it creates. The center of life is thought/ the center of time is humanity, because it exists as an attempt to create “life with thought”. Therefrom expanding that life, into the universe itself. Thought is not an intellectual game or dimension/ that is merely measurement. Thought is an ascension throughout the development of love, that gains access to the relationship we share with creation itself: with respect first/ then trust, as accomplished by law, constructed from truth.

Humanity exists to participate beyond survival, therefrom searching for truth, to achieve life. Time is not a participant in eternity, therefore the meaning is clear: life is not as time dictates. Life is a separate element, an essence of existence/ rather than a measurement of existence: do you see the difference? It is fundamentally, as elemental as the gender relationships between male and female. “Same, but separate/ equal, but different”.

So we ask of living: WHAT is the essence within both male and female, that participates as “our lives”? HOW, is the relationship between male and female consistent with life itself? WHERE, does that relationship or lack of it, become tragic? WHEN, can we be “truly free” if not honorably in love? WHO has a right? WHY, are the differences between male and female an essence rather than simply existence?

We begin with WHAT. To underscore, the decisions that we make/ the realities that we participate in: become our own truth. These moments are the evidence of your life, as you participate within this environment of time. A reality that can be measured, by both time, truth, and law.

Asking HOW relationships affect our existence, is the same as asking “where do babies come from”. Distinct possibilities rise above the influence of survival, and surround us with choices, proving freedom does exist. That freedom however is individual; which means the reality of one, need not be consistent with the choices of another.

WHERE freedom proves to be inconsistent with respect, tragedies erupt. Because respect means: to sustain a relationship with freedom, requires your acceptance of reality/ your participation within truth/ your ability to identify and create trust. Because without these ingredients, the passage into love cannot form. Without love, respect will die/ because it is dependent upon the relationship you share. Without love, self overtakes caring; and serves to discard the boundaries which insure we can be free.

WHEN we are free, the value of our lives increases beyond existence, thereby stepping across the limits of time through love. Freedom itself has no environment, therefrom without limits it quickly dissipates to form nothing. Consequently freedom must have limits, to form the boundaries of our lives.

WHOsoever has love, has the potential to discover both freedom and its limits. Because love will establish the boundaries in thought, just as body clearly has limits as time. Love is a discipline, therefrom it conforms to the possibilities of sharing and caring as the evidence of our own respect: to each other.

The battleground that is human time between both male and female, proves that simply the existence of a potential for “greatness”/ within each other, is not enough: for the vast majority. They lack love/ they refuse respect/ they consume each other with selfishness/ they don’t trust, and won’t learn: etc/ etc/ etc. So the question is: why does existence prove more appealing (I want, what I want) to the vast majority of people/ than does the essence of love and life itself? So the question is: WHAT does a potential for greatness mean? The answer: along the path of love (between male and female), a discovery in life called each other exists. There are then doors (potential happiness, hope, or tears) within each honest and true relationship. The critical question: can your life, accept mine/ can I, accept yours! The difference between the values we have set within ourselves, makes this possible or impossible, dependent upon time or life itself. Therefrom an essence exists: not because reality will prove we can or cannot participate with each other, even sexually. But because the difference between a relationship that lasts, and one that is short term or non-existent: resides in the desire MOST important to our time/ the realities most consistent with the chosen purpose of our own life. Desire and purpose participate as an essence rather than an environmental truth. More simply, existence is an environmental truth/ while essence is an ascension into thought. While thought is, a clear path beyond time into the elements and essence of Creation and Creator. When your love, between man and woman achieves respect, an absolute ascension through equality; the potential of life itself, then begins as a quest for eternity. Either separate or as one.

There are “problems” within the reality of male and female sexuality/ or simple relationships. The demand of one, does not often match the reality of the other. The demand of life, the values or essence of love, cannot match the other. Lots of problems, which brings lots of true tears: CANNOT be avoided/ unless you avoid both the relationships and the sexual honors of life shared, because I/we care. To change the reality of differences, people lie. To change the life which must prove true, people threaten. To become simply alone, has a cost: it lacks the most basic element of human existence, “I want a friend”. But want is an unnecessary and unwelcome addition to any life, as it leads to all things tragic, either little or great. Therefore desire adjusts, and purpose seeks GOD.