life and living

Life is a search/ living is not! The difference is, to be alive requires participation in what has created your existence. To live within that existence simply requires, that you accept the dimensions, environments, and moments that belong to you. To understand those statements, is to appreciate the opportunities given, that are very specific to you.

Living expresses the passions of your heart, the descriptions of your desire, the purpose that has value inside your soul. Or you have lost your way, and descended into either games which have no real value/ or hatred: a development, that goes hand in hand with fear. Until that fear becomes your reason to hate/ and violence becomes your answer.

Living decides the foundations we support, as an anchor to the visions of your own heart. Every foundation is, a law we believe in! Every anchor is the development of trust. Every vision is a destiny worth reaching for, while the venues of your heart decide; what only your love can do.

The question of living is a function of, rather than a passage through time. Time exists as the possibilities which surround us/ living creates the opportunities we are willing to share. Destiny reveals how and what we care about. Time only recognizes distance; it needs not “a memory or a value called love”. The difference is: while we step into our lives, as a requirement of living/ to be “lucky”: we share our soul, as a value beyond time, in the essence of love itself. Lucky refers to the blessing: “I found, my hope”.

The question of human living is: WHY, can I not have everything I desire, without cost? The question of life is: WHERE is my true desire, and HOW do I pursue the purposes that give value to me? The difference is: life requires you to participate with all that lives as your own truth and identity searching. While living merely asks, WHAT are you going to do, with time? It is not “free”.

Value ascends from time spent for life. Time searches for life as your soul revealed. Only you can give that substance, or construct the building of memories worth keeping. Only you can accept the relationships which give us passion, or keep ourselves or others within “their own little human cave”. A reference to hiding from reality/ because fear searches; and time owns the body, or mind: & its measurement, and its pain.

Time gives humanity a measurement called existence; thereby the assertion “I am free”. The critical question however is not time or distance, but value assembled in me & you. Value establishes meaning, and meanings give us the treasury of a life formed from love, respect, hope, and courage. The question of living is, how do we participate for each of these things/ where will we find the value of our existence? The answer is: we participate as best we can, finding within ourselves, the foundation “of miracles”/ which means we can only be “EQUAL”. Never less, unless hate enters in. The search for value is, a reflection of ourselves/ if what we see in the mirror is not enough: then you cannot encounter love. If what you see in the mirror is “more”/ then you have measured the rest as losers, and given them cause to walk away. The body and its mind: are literally a gift, even if what we then do with that gift is our own personal choice. Compared to the miracle of life itself, the living called time; is minimal. Our choice, compared with the reality of Creation itself; proves that is so.

We then ask of love itself, WHY do people fail? WHEN will respect elevate us from measuring each other? WHERE, will I find the one who is “perfect” for me? The answer is: people fail because they measure instead of love. Respect comes with responsibility and earning the values accepted from life. Where respect lives as one life, equal to the other: every passage is open/ but only you can walk inside. Respect identifies the possibility of love, by creating value in “our time together as one”. The rest is up to you both.

The search for respect is a discovery, of what has meaning to you. Therefore the participation of meaning in your own life, has a purpose beyond yourself. It leads others by desire, to the passions which you embrace. Every passion is a moment “held high”, for all to see/ thereby eliminating the guessing game, of what does or does not have value to you. Every pathway to trust, is developed by what proves to be “your truth”. Every possibility that is hope, beyond this moment: seeks to cherish “I have found someone like me”.

HOPE is the elemental dimension, that lives “without time”/ it has no will to measure or be measured. Rather hope reveals a destiny, even if not pursued, it is the essence of your courage to believe in life itself.

COURAGE is a participation without measurement/ therefore it exists not in time, but within your own heart, as the discipline to accept “there must be order”. Order constructs our lives, and our world, it is fundamental to every existence. Unlike the occult of “university knows”; the puke and vomit of evolution believes chaos built this world/ even though chaos by its every description: simply destroys! Fear does this, as those who hate seek to hide themselves from reality.

Living assembles time, into a simple distance/ the end!

Life Creates living as the pathway beyond ourselves, into everything Creation can be. Every life has its choice, to enter into “heart/ then soul”! Or deny it even exists. The choice is yours.