RESPONSIBILITY comes with a price: you cannot truly be free/ duty now exists. That fundamental means: YOU MUST accept the decision to learn how best to respond to the situations which determine the development of choices. With valued choices, that are not so fenced in as to remove reality: there is growth in humanity. With boundaries so closed, people believe they are winners or losers/ the world lacks size. Existence drops into the framework: “this is just about me”. Which means you failed as a mother. Each must exhibit their own decisions. Each must find someone to HONESTLY listen, or there will be no balance to their lives; and the result is failure/ with consequences.

The most fundamental of all life’s choices; is do you want to die! The second most critical choice for humanity is: are you going to let, what you value most, “be killed”/ to what extent will you fight?

Given that fact; it is beyond belief true: people are frozen in place, with regard to even the MOST BASIC THREAT of all. To face an un-extinguishable fire/ where everything is fuel: CAN’T be stopped. Can’t be wrong! That fact identifies what can ONLY be called a religious cult is responsible. Because nothing else on earth, can allow humanity itself; to be so belligerent, so utterly without the need to protect themselves: as a believer! Evidence be damned, “we believe” whatever we want!

Having established the evidence for ten years in the beginning/ searched to remove every excuse for the next 15 years/ and then fought for recognition of the facts; and nothing less, for the last 15 years. With critical information, to prove “intelligence”. Accepting that information; allows even worse destruction to begin. As a means to prove, “THIS IS IMPORTANT”/ not a game. Ends with, the believers won’t stop. Which establishes a more fundamental world fact: either cowards/ or children; no adults (responsible for their own actions or reactions) exist.

Fear controls a coward (can’t do it)/ which functionally proves, no point in trying further.
Realities that can be balanced, will fight for a child. So then if we remove “everything but a child” from the fact we must do something as a world/ or those “university death squads”; which are so determined to destroy an entire world; won’t stop. They make the Nazi SS; look weak, and blatantly less violent. You can’t threaten an entire world, “for less”/ extreme arrogance, extreme pride, extreme expectations to control power; etc.

That leaves one single solution left; no more “we must fight”/ replaced with “a child must be mothered”. To enable, finding his or her way back to life! Reality does not predict time for this to occur: machines capable of igniting atomic fire are here, and more are coming. Which literally means: GOD MUST intervene for this world, or we will be lost. There is no purpose in accepting we will be lost! There is every possibility, through the recognition of miracles: that we can be saved. Even though we as a world, surely don’t deserve it. These are human threats, we must be saved from: think about that!

Nonetheless, since I have no one helping me: HOW can I possibly mother anyone, is the newest turn in my life? Obviously I can’t “mother a world”/ none can. Which leaves the reality: then we must create “mothers for a world”/ which obviously means women. Which applies the question: WHAT could I possibly do for women/ that will help them distinguish what a cult is, and turn life from it?
I would have to say: not a clue/ even though growing tits remind me, “its not up to men”. Reality pushes for an answer. How on earth do I translate, what I don’t understand?

Nonetheless: what is important about a mother is,

  1. “that you listen to your child, honestly”; as if you don’t know the question or answer. You may not!  Even if you do RESPECT requires you to learn what is or is not true, regarding your child.  If you fail in this respect, you lose your relationship to whatever degree you refused:  potentially forever.   This is your critical link, between mother and child;  and it controls your futures.
    2) That you “be there” for your child when they are clearly in need; as best you can. When help is needed, life is being serious.
    3) Understanding is not necessary for love/ it is for respect, but that ranks less. Therefore love searches for knowledge, and having attained that knowledge will ask for understanding. But every mother must recognize: the child has certain rights too, particularly as they grow up.
    4) Never judge, is the most significant thing you can do for your child. The freedom to be wrong, is needed for life to move forward. Only the law is allowed to judge; because everything else (in and of yourself/ not including others against their will), is a freedom earned by being alive.
    5) The value of family is: I am accepted here, without a price. Even though I do have responsibilities and duties because of family: I belong here. I do not earn a right to be here. Respect from and for each one is required. Even if its just because you, “are one of us”.
    6) The duty of family is: that we must protect each other from harm and tragedy if we can. We must not overwhelm freedom and respect/ but we must not let those we value, simply fall into a trap without a true and significant warning. Caring is like that.
    7) The responsibility of family is Sharing; because we are human, which means we do have needs. While it is fundamental to our existence: whatsoever can happen to others/ can in fact happen to us as well. Therefore we share, in a plain and simple hope: either to make this better for you/ or understanding someday, perhaps you can or will do so for me.
    8) A mother does not live for a child/ a mother lives with a child: thereby recognizing the boundaries, but never releasing the bond. Or strangle the freedom required for the child to be free.
    9) Love is a gift/ because it is a part of my soul, given to you. Therefore it is my loss, unless you return that love to me/ or me to you. It should never be forgotten, that love should never be belittled; because it is the most real thing in evidence of true life/ this universe offers.
    10) A bond is trust! Nothing more or less, because trust form the relationship; even if love cannot. Love is a freedom from beyond self, shared within you. Trust is a delicate balance, created by the essence of truth established within respect. If you don’t have truth; you will lose respect, or never attain it.
    11) Truth constructs and sustains life! Nothing less can do so/ therefore truth is a fundamental to existence itself. People believe: they then declare what they believe is true/ even though most of the time it is absolutely not. They simply want, what they want; as children do. Mothering requires “the sorting of details”/ so as to change a path, into something survivable; as best you can. Truth knows best, mothers do not. A fact that also must be accepted. But mothers know love (I gave part of my life, and my body for you); even if they fail too.
    12) Time is the essence of both purpose and desire. It gives you freedom to explore; to find your own true identity, and create happiness inside yourself. Happiness lives inside of love! Love accepts a relationship, shares a destiny, cares about your life, and constructs truth as the home for, or from which we live. Living is not time! Living reveals life is a miracle. Being ALIVE, recognizes; “there is so much more to life than me/ as explained by miracles: an eternity awaits”! PRAISE GOD in my soul.

We are, the builders of our future/ by the decisions that we all make together; and individually. That fact recognizes: we must make choices! The clear evidence of this day includes: “all university leadership” has failed us nearly completely. As is evident by threat/ evident by debts/ evident by educational losses/ evident by nothing has been done for a future, for a very long time. As is evident by weapons of mass destruction/ as is evident by drug escape/ as is evident by temptations, manipulation, control, thievery, betrayal, cheating, lying, cowardice, failure, fantasies, delusions, cult worship, the failure of the press, giving billions to a few; by robbing all the rest. As is evidence of dispossession/ immigration/ over-population/ death of our oceans/ climate change/ resource loss/ massive extinction events/ pollinator collapse/ planet catastrophes coming; antibiotic catastrophe’s; disease pandemic’s coming; starvation at the door; drinking water threatened across this world; and a long list beyond these things as well.
We are deeply in trouble, led by fantasy, corrupted by delusions, betrayed by selfishness, and threatened with so much arrogance and pride: people actually believe they can play god. AS ALL FOOLS (I won’t stop/ even for true facts), FAILURES (I can play god), & DEVILS (I care for nothing); DO!

Your cult has died inside; you just don’t know it/ “because you believe”.

Whether this helps you or not; it is functionally about all the mothering I understand how to do! Simple and plain.