PLAIN, is the developmental dimensions of a human endeavor to control the world of men.

The value of work, the critical nature of all forms called a resource, and the substantive decision which controls humanity is: “I WANT MORE”. Which translates life and living into a competition, to survive/ and beyond survival, our reality becomes a game to be played for wealth.
Dimension means: to expand the relationship of energy in space, by altering its composition in mass. Or we grow an environment, by redirecting the energy into structural integrity. In terms of human activities, the foundation of space is our time, and we grow our time into the societies which then environmentally, and structurally control our lives. Consequently what we get as a life and living, are the direct developments of the choices we made to control ourselves as a mass.

Beyond the simple elements of I want more, are foundations which keep us alive/ grant peace in society, through disciplines and order/ create harmony by acceptance “you have rights equal to me too”/ respecting the individual, while recognizing society itself has rights/ and finding the means to cooperate within the structures, definitions, and decisions we chose to enlarge our existence.

We deal with: “I want more”, first.
There are three variables that do contort and twist the values of a human being into what is good for us/ what is good for me/ and what is good for you. I want more for us, is a developmental purpose intended to create “more for me”. What is good for me, is an orderly progression; step by step, which makes it possible for me, to give more to you. What is good for you, is a foundation that makes the opportunity of sharing our existence, with the value of our design; by understanding peace and harmony are better than wealth. So long as serious poverty itself, can be kept at bay. The three variables are: 1. I am going to die/ this is the only life in time I get. 2. Nobody cares about me, I am lonely. 3. I helped you as a friend/ but you would not help me.
To understand contortion, is to recognize: nobody wins, death takes us all. To understand the twist, is to recognize: some people have it better than me/ why is that fair? So then we have a reality that cannot be changed, and a question that demands, “god (the giver of life and body), likes me less”/ in the mind of most. Or more simply, the discipline of time is: we will all die/ the price of life, here! So its not entirely free. The question to “god” is: “IF, you are love/ THEN WHY did I NOT get everything someone else did? Or, who cares is someone got less than me/ I didn’t get everything someone else did get: damn it!
So then lets look beyond you, as if the world was not simply about you; and nothing else is important, but you. We then see a question: should their be individuals (each is independent of the others)/ or should there be a herd (all look the same)? What is your answer, do you want to be distinguishable as “you”/ or do you desire to be a mass of individuals, that cannot be effectively identified as each one? A herd gives you no possibility for independent actions/ we all move as one. While an individual must think for themselves, because it is required for life to continue beyond the herd. To be an individual, and identified as such: THERE MUST BE differences between them/ today 8 billion differences is no small thing, the range of variables is not so large, everybody gets to be “pretty”.
To understand contortion, is to recognize: somebody wins. To understand the twist, is to recognize: diversity is required, because what has value is different, in different sets of circumstances, realities, environments, and by needs. Therefore to protect life, and insure “somebody can survive”/ there are “differences (some do better with this/ some do better with that)”? So contrary to the cult of university knows, and the ideals of men who want to control everything “their way”. The reality of survival under all circumstances, requires a list of diversities that are substantive changes, which only reveal themselves as having value during specific environmental realities. Somebody survives a change in nature. Adaption is real/ evolution is not even a fantasy, it is an outright lie, without substance or merit.
That brings us, “to the human effect”: developmental progressions, as determined by want. Or more simply, even though independent by nature and birth/ the masses of humanity like to conceive of themselves as a herd. No I DON’T have to think for myself/ I just need to blend into the mass of humanity, and be “nearly unseen (for most)”. To be leader of the masses, requires you do what the masses want you to do/ or they won’t follow you, and may eject you from their midst; as herds do! BE LIKE ME, or you’re out/ is the foundation of a herd, because we can’t move together, unless we all do “the very same thing”. What separates humanity from the herd, “just a little”; is their dimensional ability, to establish space between themselves. A herd of animals, has no such ability. But in a crowd, the only way you get space is: to make sure the others know, “its costs you something, to crowd around me”. So the contortion is: to keep a distance/ while the twist is: to keep the owner “of space” off balance, so they don’t know what the real distance between us is. Or, now you pay me!

We then turn to recognize the competition to survive, is very simple: when there is not enough for everyone/ someone has to die or move! Doesn’t matter how/ if resources fail us all, then either we must find resources, or we must be fewer in numbers (by whatever means possible), so that some can survive. Disease exists to accomplish this fact, without resorting to “human decision”. When that is not enough, or humanity wants control for themselves; war adds in. This is the fact of nature, in us all; like it or not, is absolutely irrelevant.

Once survival is stabilized: games will erupt/ because men and women want to play with their time. “I only get one life to live here/ so I want to have fun”. The most amusing forms of fun, involve other people. To prove I am the winner/ I have the most/ pay me, so I don’t have to work: people flock to the games, and pay to play. So lets define “fun”!
Fun is: “the elegant relationship proven true, that I not only have enough, but more than I need; not only to survive, but be accepted by the rest. Even an aid to those important to me”. More simply, “the proof”, that I live “a rich man’s life/ because the body I inherited, is more than I could have ever built or designed for myself”. Here pride sneaks in, and says: “I built myself”. But that is not true/ you simply used or abused the body and mind given to you. Using or abusing a body or mind; is nowhere/ NO POSSIBILITY, the same as “building it, and creating a life within it”. Thereby truth acknowledges in the humble, “everything called I, other than my own decisions/ is a gift”. Some refuse reality, and demand truth is only whatever they want it to be/ to their own shame.
Nonetheless, beyond fun, are the games people play to prove they are MORE than the rest. To prove, pride won’t accept equality/ power won’t accept freedom, for you/ arrogance, won’t accept reality/ greed, believes “you owe me more”/ lust, “only my life is important”/ manipulation, “I am an intellectual, to trap you/ temptation, “you can’t refuse me”/ and hatred: “I called you worthless”.
Wealth asserts: I have more than I need, so much so, I even have more than you need too. Or, I won’t share/ because I don’t care enough. Your life has little meaning to me. But there is a caveat in wealth: some who do care, become wealthy (more than I need); simply because they work hard, or provide something of value the rest cannot easily do, or don’t want too. The wealthy quickly learn: we don’t have to care/ let the money decide. The poor quickly learn, they won’t share/ the only way to survive, is to slave! The wealthy are then attacked by the rest, who all demand “share this with me/ or I will steal it from you; crime (I will take it) erupts”. If the wealthy do share, they will be discarded: “we don’t need you anymore”/ & BEG me, now. If they don’t, people will try to entrap, use, or abuse. Like wealth, the variables in people and what they do or refuse to do in the games men created; is wide.

These common behaviors of men, and the societies they have built; describe a history filled with conflict and war. Not because nature or the world environment demanded it/ but because, when a few have taken too much: the rest demand NOT any more. WE WANT some “good things” in our lives too/ or you die with us!
To increase the dimensional reality (what we can or cannot do, because of current barriers and limits) of human life on earth, is to move away from the living that men did build; and adjust the relationship of our lives to each other and existence itself: IN NEW AND DIFFERENT WAYS. Men HAVE developed this world of human living and behaviors: as best they can/ this is what they did accomplish, in the world that used to be! History repeats, for a reason: men rule!
New and different requires “men should rule no more”/ but that leaves only women to assume leadership. Leadership proves a herd/ and a herd, CANNOT do better than what we are. Therefore new and different actually means: together as men and women achieving true equality, with one voice by vote: WE MUST find as humanity enlarged by, “what is true/ what is better, for life first”! The means, for our world itself to survive.

To teach correctly, is to understand that knowledge is not evil/ but it can be used or abused for evil. Therefore a clear understanding of what evil is, must be explained. Evil is: chaos unleashed! Evil does: whatever it can be bring chaos to life. Evil at the extreme, gambles with every life it can touch/ expecting destruction, or insuring “if I can’t play god/ then everybody dies”.
To teach necessity/ thereby duty, is to understand: “we cannot let this/ or them, BE WRONG”. Because life matters too much.
To teach truth is: to construct and build, the necessary parameters whereby within “these limits or lines (boundaries)”, the foundation of peace, happiness, harmony, and hope will arise.
To teach trust: is to learn, no matter what you want/ or what you believe is true, ONLY the evidence can decide what is real. Thereby the lesson is, search carefully, your future depends upon truth.

To grow society, requires input from all directions, so as to establish by the clear vertical illumination of what our future would be/ or could be/ or will be: if we accept this direction. So as to create a destiny/ rather than fall into a fate. To grow a society, it is absolutely important: to render and align every piece of evidence, as assigned by its own reality into a law that we all understand, and accept as true. Therefrom we design, rather than fight with: the games men played. To grow society, is to recognize LIFE comes first. Thereby creating the disciplines and order which constitute the values we desire to build our own lives. To grow society, there must be work/ and there must be resources or there will be no work: that is the truth. Therefore resources come before the claims of work, so that a future may survive for life and child. To grow society, the demand for work is an absolute among humanity: because we must all support ourselves, and participate in building a society we then earn for ourselves.
So then we look at work, to find: it is NOT money that decides/ because when true need arises, people work regardless of money. It is NOT money that decides, because as is constant in America for decades now: all the money is fake/ every penny is counterfeit. So the people work for free, claiming resources without a right: because what they do, is in fact stealing their children’s future. Instead of paying for themselves. All happy, until the world itself is dead; because reality did not rule people or nation. Only fantasies and delusion and fear.
Reality states: money is about trading work and resources, for what you want instead. It is not about life, it is about want/ until survival gets in the way. Therefrom until a crisis occurs, the game is played to create winners, and losers: or, we must have trinkets and toys. Or we are bored. So then the critical question apart from survival is boredom: what must we do, “to play with ourselves, or others”?
Playtime is the assertion, I DON’T have to do anything I don’t want to do/ therefore, I will search for “fun”. This varies with the participants! The critical acknowledgment for the vast majority: its not fun, UNLESS all the rest want to play too. Then we live as a herd, accepting each other as a game, that is to be lived by all these people. We agree, “its fun”/ in one form or another. Gambling enters here, as a participation: an acceptance, YOU can play too!

If we remove playtime, and assemble work as a right/ rather than a competition. The critical question becomes: today, we potentially have “too much free time”/ even play, is not appreciated; thereby bored! So the game comes right back, to eliminate “what can I do with myself”?
So the question is: WHAT has more value to humanity as a whole, than playtime/ than being a winner or loser/ than finding your place in “the herd”? Value assembles a right to receive something of love (what makes life valued)/ within your experience and expression of time. Thereby we know that love is at its core, what all but the few called hate desire within their lives. Hate must be found and “eradicated (removed from among us; in one form or another)”. It is otherwise “worthless” to life/ granting only the reality of a price, for what hate truly means.
Only love has value, after survival. Therefore assuming survival, the critical question of what can society be, instead of the games created by men? Becomes, WHAT are the solutions, which give each one the opportunity to experience and express the love that grows, when a seed is nourished properly?

Solution: let us be free, in love! HOW?
1. The greatest gift, apart from body itself, and time/ are the elements created by gender. The differences between male and female, are more than “a toy”. They are representatives of the path, into far more distinct complexities; created within yourself and each other. To explore these environments, requires trust. To achieve trust, there must be truth. To accept our destinies can in fact travel together as one, there must be similarities along the path we have chosen to go, as our own true destiny.
2. Romance is, the elemental rise from time, into the grace and beauty of what can now be conceived as the treasury of love, and the essence of eternity itself (that we can find cause to exist, in love).
3. Mercy is, the structural containment of what should not have been. Granted asylum from punishment (when appropriate), because freedom is not perfect, and neither are we.
4. Sex is, a step by step revelation, that we live beyond chaos; when we adhere ourselves not only to love, but each other as equals identified by our own truth shared. The essence of caring, then gives to sex its natural high.
5. Caring is: the distance we accept, as each others heart embraced. I am alive in you/ and you in me. Together we are one.
6. Sharing is: my lifetime, belongs to you/ just as yours belongs to me. Together the value of our own creation in life itself, becomes clear.
7. Loving is: time did not create us, therefore soul did! To journey as one searching for that soul, is life.