Rebuilding Revelation 17

I am called once again, to look at Revelation 17/ therefore a slightly altered interpretation is formed.

It begins with “a truth”, that delivers or attests to, “a punishment” will come. Water represents power, for life. When we look ahead to find the definition of the great prostitute in verse 18, “the answer is, “the great city that rules over the kings of the earth”. When we look back at verse 2 “these rulers commit adultery, and lead their people in “drunkenness” (or fantasies rule).
The prophecy then shifts to a completely different scene. This time truth (angel) carries the witness where few survive. That witness then describes: There they find a woman who does not let the beast rule her life; not a game/ not an alliance/ simply reality. The beast is “university knows”/ it is scarlet, because of lives lost due to their actions. Blasphemous names represent complete disrespect for GOD. Seven heads represent control by intellect (the ability to create or perceive traps). The ten horns represent control or threat, over a substantial area or lives. The woman presents with “all manner and kind of riches, the presence of royalty”. Her cup is of kings, but it is filled with the tragedies that are the reality assigned by the first description of a prostitute. Therefore these are two distinct “women”: the prostitute a description of a nation called America. The woman presenting “wealth”; a description that deals with, or controls, the beast of university knows. The mystery is of the prostitute/ thereby America (does the description not fit?). Prostitute means: someone who sells their own body, for what is clearly less!
The witness, is a religious man/ he is from the elements of a religious book, written by a religious man who judges: “the woman”/ rather than the prostitute. Religion does not like the woman; and considers her, an enemy; even those called “Christian”. But religion also condemned JESUS . Religion when confronted with “JESUS or the money”/ chose to kill JESUS. Because the end result of religion is a worship of power; the delusion of “I want, what I want”. So I pay little heed to him. Power hates change/ unless it benefits the powerful. Truth (as is an angel) then returns as the writer. Verse 7: this should not shock you. Instead “university knows” called the beast; is a recurrent theme in history. The advancement of human knowledge, which then changes society: without considering the consequences for the future, environment, or life. Want is an abyss, which means you cannot escape it: but this beast does come up out of want, but cannot survive. The masses of humanity will worship the beast; just as humanity always has; when nature can be controlled.
Verse 9; changes the discussion entirely, focusing on a new definition/ a new venue. The seven heads (represent knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of man. His education/ as women were not educated in this time.) are removed from the beast, and now called seven hills. A hill is an obstruction to people, which they must climb to advance over it. The woman is recognized as “on top” of these hills (she is an oddity/ being educated). The seven kings are those who want power to remain as it is: they are “human time (this time), described by male, as unchanged”. Their reality is: the power of male pride as has controlled life from the beginning, is now seen to fail. Most power is gone, yet one “male power alliance or weapon (likely to be weapons of mass destruction)” remains strong/ another will grow in power soon (likely to be the threat of atomic fire) : but will fail. Those who form a “university knows alliance” remains in the background influencing the rest, but will also fail.
Verse 12 the ten horns are nations, none control the world/ but they will band together, with the universities; when confronted: to form one nation intending to control the whole world. But will succeed, only for a very short time. When they realize they are losing: they will turn to the weapons of the university, to threaten and control humanity.
Verse 14 establishes, that those who accept JESUS as their LORD/ their savior; will confront them. They do not surrender, they are determined; and win for life. Because they do not fear death.
Verse 15 begins again: the water or power of and over life; that governs this world is the prize. The university and their powerful associates will hate the woman. They will intend to bring her to ruin, by whatever means necessary. They will intend to “tear apart her life” to expose anything they can find. They will be angry enough “to want her dead, by any means possible”.
Verse 17; there is a plan, “letting the universities hang themselves” with their own words and ways.
Verse 18;  the angel, instead of the religious man, now refers to “the woman”  (what she represents and presents/ as is the reality of change. The end of “university knows religion”.) who makes the ruling powers so furious: then becomes a great city, by wisdom; that rules life on earth.
The woman is, “the spiritual reality inside of me”. As described in Revelation 12; a great and wondrous sign “is the opportunity to learn of spiritual things. Heaven, is the reality of what life here; was intended to be by “GOD” (living with respect). Clothed with the sun; is the opportunities of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom she has brought to this world through me. Standing on the moon, “means supported by something foreign; as is man”. A crown of twelve stars indicates the level of her knowledge and understanding will be proven, with wisdom. “Those who hear, LIFE NEEDS YOU, and respond; are her child”. As to the understanding of how I came to be involved; the simple descriptions are written. As to all other things involved; I otherwise have no clue.