REFORM; “the dead man’s scroll”.

Contrary to common belief, not a leader in this world wants the job of leading/ they merely want the power, the pride, and the trophy that cannot be denied. When they get the job, their first instinct is “to behave”. When they find it noticeably NOT what they wanted to do, with very few exceptions throughout all of history; they then decide to rule! Rule means: to make or fabricate law in society to control every person that does not comply with their own commands. That leads to a call for reform: which inevitably gets people killed when its serious/ because power, like rats hide in all the dark corners of this world.

Reform means: deliberate change! Deliberate change is not allowed by those who enjoy their power, and use their pride to enslave the rest: consequently propaganda invades/ people are unjustly accused/ tragedies multiply/ the intent to control everything becomes more massive/ and individual freedom is limited to those who have power, because all the rest are sucked into the disease of money. No you can’t/ because we own ; the money. We own, whatever it is YOU need to survive. So the common man says: “I have a gun”/ and reality shifts too, make me fear you.

Reform assumes leadership is an answer/ thereby war erupts to enforce reform, and change leadership, or deny that power by destroying all the methods used to control the resources a “common man or woman needs to survive”. However, even if the reformers win, they get nothing: because the end result is another leader, and another group thirsty for power, pride, and greed in charge of their lives. Dead or mutilated, a reality of both work and life lost for nothing.

LEADERSHIP FAILS! Truth succeeds! The difference is, “who gets to decide, a human being for all of us/ OR, what is true to the purposes of peace, harmony, and life; as decided by all of us (as best we can) instead”. Do you see the difference/ it is plain and simple! The only reason people do not, is they lie! People lie, because they want to be rich (believing that is happiness), instead of equal or happy or even alive! To your own shame. There is no happiness in wealth/ just as there is no happiness in poverty: the difference is toys, and food. The reality is a toy merely proves you are a child/ while starvation (while the others eat) simply proves you are a slave.

TRUE REFORM exists in an education that exercises the possibilities of individual freedom at its core. NOT THE DAMNED OR THE DEAD education of this day/ but the realities of life, survival, reality, truth, happiness, and all things of value. So that each might achieve their destiny/ through their own decision, their own determination to understand life, hope, respect, and truth. The foundation of every government, every throne of power: is to limit and force those who would compete with them into a delusion or fanatasy or jail/ thereby all manner of debt is construed. All manner of extortion is conceived. All manner of anarchy against society is undertaken. Rebellion is a traitor that colludes, and conspires to destroy the foundations of law and rights called democracy; as is seen with the removal of the US & IL constitution itself, FROM EVERY COURTROOM. As has been proven true. To construct fear, is to control the people: so they do not react/ or act in their own defense. To construct counterfeiting: is to conceive of complete dominance, as there is no defense (you cannot compete “with a printing machine spewing out dollars”/ while you work for yours). To construct the defamation of liberty: by proclaiming “the employees are the government”/ as is the current lie. The constitution is the government, and our employees, provide only treason. To construct propaganda without restraint: as is the constant of “university knows”/ and all it does to insure none shall question these; “they are god”/ over you.

The value of a sword is “you die”/ the value of a gun is, “I didn’t even care”. The value of law is: WE CAN CHANGE THIS OURSELVES, because in a true democracy, the right of redress of grievances, a first amendment law: is undeniable! By our vote we become: “we the people”! By their control over propaganda, and endless amounts of counterfeit money to control the venue and the choices: power steals that vote to prove it is a tyrant. That means a vote for those you know nothing about, and who can change their mind, or lie/ cheat/ steal/ and commit treason; without even a second glance for life: is nothing.

The value of democracy is: WE OWN THIS NATION, STATE, ETC! But not as “one man, or group”/ therefrom NOT as an individual leader or any other form of majority group. Rather democracy means: every single one must be equal/ particularly in their right to vote for this nation. To achieve that requires: DON’T BE LED/ be informed, and make up your own mind. To identify that, requires that you turn off the propaganda: and USE YOUR OWN MIND.

So all the people say: “we don’t know nothing”/ how can we do such a thing! We are dependent/ we are enslaved/ we are uneducated in these things/ we CANNOT. But that is not true! Rather what is important for life, society, nation, and world has been identified: beginning in the constitution, learning elements from the bible, constructing the values of peace, life, and harmony are a part of living itself: as is the conception of “common sense”/ ISOLATING terrorists by the consequences of what it means to be WRONG; as in igniting atomic fire (same as the sun)/ as in mutilating nature/ as in claiming chaos is your god/ as in demanding “weapons of mass destruction” are our saviors. And so on. YOU CAN IDENTIFY AND CREATE, a vast array of what is wrong, why it is wrong, what can we do, and then isolate government itself, by commanding: YOU, our employees, SHALL OBEY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW/ or be imprisoned, at a minimum! Political platforms (we stand for this) are a fore-runner of how to do this. What must be different is: the leaders are abandoned, and WE THE PEOPLE shall in fact do this for ourselves. Which literally means: discarding all law that is not consistent with truth, life, justice, democracy and constitutional intent. Therefrom making NEW LAW, as is consistent with the values of “the people themselves”. Simple, plain, and enforceable: because “then we know”/ and therefrom you (the few) cannot stop us, from ruling ourselves. To achieve this: it is also required that you accept “limited capitalism: the right of the people to enforce, “NOBODY gets more than this much/ or less for a full weeks work, than this much”. Changing that periodically, by vote; so none can consume you again. Controlling the currency/ is controlling the employees! Therefore it must be tied to the population count: so much per person exists, and no more. Therefrom the reality of war SHALL NOT be given over to “rulers or employees”/ but kept only for ourselves as a nation. With simple, strict, and plain instructions available for all to see and know: that give the military the right to react ONLY under these conditions. That also requires the removal of all weapons of mass destruction: by creating WORLD LAW, world policing (made up of every nation)/ and a world court, to bring only leaders to justice. You will not fight with nations/ BUT YOU WILL gather any leader who becomes a problem for their people or any other people, and enforce “world law” as defined, and agreed: by the world itself. This requires “a billion people, or more: TO VOTE”.

WITHOUT the realities of law, and its enforcement: there is ONLY HELL coming. WITHOUT reigning in the university occult, and all its death squads: this world will be exterminated/ its nature demolished/ your own lives cannibalized. Because that is what the evidence DOES prove.

Make your decision: life by law/ or death by the whores (nothing matters but money) who rule you.