It is, the concept and concentrations, of retreating inside your own life, that gives the opportunity; “to safely go beyond existence, and become alive, in spiritual terms”. It is this same element of creation, “the search for where miracles begin”/ that presents eternity. But do bear in mind, the journey inside is not easy: Creation begins in truth. Therefore your inner truth is the key, to where miracles live.   Bear in mind: if you do not discard self/ you WILL become lost in the violence and chaos of selfishness. Therefrom losing your way, to encounter a mind without true direction.
Time, is a tool used to create the existence of you. But it is also a road, to the “outside” values and realities of what others say, do, and believe/ causing a reaction. That fact betrays the essence of an individual life, which is your personal actions; because it replaces independent thought, with “us, and what we want as a group”. That fact, living outside of self; also creates the opportunities we experience and express as love; therefore it is both “good and bad”.
The essence of a journey inside is to identify Creation; as that has nothing to do with self. Self, then becomes a complete distraction; until you are able to understand: “life is more, than simply want, pride, selfishness, greed, power, lust, and all the rest. Life itself is, the ultimate destiny; that explains freedom with law. Without law, life enters chaos. Without freedom, life enters depression (I am/ my life is; not worth living). But with truth, Leading the way; the essence of both life and freedom forever joined, & examined through peace and harmony; reality becomes experience and expressions called love! Therefrom we learn, the real journey beyond self, at its core; is an identity that creates, & teaches life to live within truth. Truth then opens the door, to a world beyond time; as love allows, or hate enforces.
Love is all things beautiful and valued by life as a blessing. Hate is all things devoid of life and living, which bring chaos into our world of existence. Do you see the difference? They are opposites, and never truly exist together; one evicts the other. In time, freedom allows reality to create what you desire most. Which means freedom can create hate or love. The purpose of love is life comes first. The purpose of hate is; “I, and I alone come first”. Do you see the difference?
There is a passage, between time and love; its called trust. Trust binds us to each other because of love. Without love, there is no trust. With love, trust is sustained by truth and respect. Lose either one, and love itself can fail to accept the disciplines needed to remain in its relationship with your life. Love is a discovery, of what can or cannot be added as value in living. Love is the intensity, of what becomes “our romance”. Love is the passion, that gives the very essence of our lives; to the potential care and sharing that lives in someone else’s life. Love is the destiny we accept as our duty to each other. Love is a foundation called respect, that cannot be moved.
Humanity lives and breathes because of love: as every form and reality of miracles reveal. Humanity fails, because it lacks respect; finding selfishness “more”/ for a short time. But then refusing to repent of it; and demanding others must do the same. Humanity fails trust, & therefrom fails love. While those who find even the smallest bits of love; are overwhelmed by the realities of life which thrust us into two primary categories. I want to be safe/ and I want to be free. Being opposites, these two definitions attract each other/ but being opposites, these two definitions defy each other, and accomplish separation after time dissolves their reasons for being together. Reason means: I require moderation!
Reality remembers “everything I did wrong”/ when relationships falter. Truth, remembers everything I did right/ when love enters inside the door, that is your heart. Therefrom we know, that heart is a search, and love is a journey. The foundation of that love, is a treasury called what you desire most. Desire means: I know, my love, which is the purpose of my life itself; lives here. These elements blend existence into destiny.
Elements that bind relationships, so they survive; all have boundaries. THIS is my choice; because it affects me most. THIS is my choice; because I must pay the most. THIS is our choice, because it proves the value of our respect for each other. THIS is our choice, because we both must pay.
Elements that balance relationships, so they can improve and sustain romance; are expressions that prove, you have value to me. Every form of relationship value occurs through freedom, therefore freedom decides romance. Not freedom without honor, duty, or responsibility/ but freedom with an acceptance; that love should decide what can be true, between us. Everything that is true, improves trust; thereby binding us together. Everything that is lie/ steals “the heartbeat” that lets us “sing for joy” in each others arms: feel, that it should be so. Every relationship is a rhythm, unless you are “in tune (learn my needs/ teach me yours)” with your partner, no song of joy can be sung.
Elements of parenting are: this won’t be a true blessing for years/ unless you are truly prepared to commit to that world. Now done, with learning the values and relationships required for honest sexuality/ now done, with believing there is something more “beyond the horizon”. Raising a child, is literally conceiving of a life, that has now changed hopefully for your lifetime. Losing a child, is literally the end of that dream. IT IS, very hard to recover from.   You cannot blame GOD / HE, gave life to this earth and all its nature. WITH the freedom to do, what humanity chooses to do. Death is a natural part of that order, and it is absolutely certain that balance requires not all shall survive to old age. Because survival needs an abundance, to be sure/ but an abundance needs balance, or soon there is nothing left to eat. Love lost, even a heart that is broken: will mend, if you do not focus only on yourself.
The element required for a successful happy relationship: is the acceptance, we both/ we all, share the dignity of making our lives better, by choosing happiness. This part and process of living, is aided and abetted by simply: never manipulate each other/ never make a decision that should be shared/ never believe you know better, “my life, my purposes, my thoughts are important too”/ and never lie; let me be free of that! Happiness is, the acceptance “my purpose, my life, & my desire, are free to choose”; without a price.  Love has a price, it is “your blessing”.
The element of youth is: I feel so good (if you are lucky)/ that surely I never need to believe I will die. The element of middle age is: I now know, NOT everything will heal. The element of old age is: I have lost so much, I know for certain, the day is coming when I will die. Share the experience of your life, with those who surround you: they are “your world”. Whether you like it, or not.

Elements of our existence, include the fact; nature controls itself, primarily by chance/ rather than choices. That functional definition of environment, creates and causes a wide variety of conflict in humanity. Simply because, “this is NOT, what we want”. But it also leads a large majority of humanity in its quest: “to GET, what we want”.
In nature, the foundation of chance is: “whosoever, is less likely to survive without help/ would contaminate genetic structure of the species itself/ made a mistake, and so on”; is eaten first. Beyond that moment of simple and plain; comes the reality of whosoever has the least stamina (least health, or physical presence), becomes a prey. Predators exist to control the prey species, so they do not “eat themselves, out of existence/ by over-population”. Predator and prey balance themselves; through death, by whatever forces present that ending.
In humanity, the foundation of choice is: we can live in this society by law/ or choose hate, because we didn’t get what we wanted; so a few make it their purpose in life to take, what they don’t have. The consequence of this is our history, as a male dominated reality of existence.
Unfortunately for this world, war, and its predation on people; was not enough/ and we now face extinction, because of over-population; and the clear insanity of religion, and its primary fixture today as is the cult: “University knows”.
Unfortunately for this world, every aspect of “food or water or resource” as is required for our very survival: is now in jeopardy of extermination, leaving us all with the only other choice as is HELL on earth. Or more simply, without “other lives to eat”/ soon; we can only survive by eating ourselves. Its simple reality, NOT complicated!
So the question is: WHAT can we do? CHOICES MUST BE MADE.

1. As is consistent with the humane society demand, that nearly all pets must be made sterile/ so as not to have “children”. We are being overrun!
That will be necessary for us too, like it or not! With the concern that all who are healthy, should have the option to have at least one child, if they can. We can do that/ China, to their honor, tried, but failed badly. Because people chose not to cooperate, along with failed policies that are created by pride; “better you, than me”. The evidence says: WE MUST accept our own reality/ and make choices no one wants to make: by public vote. By the reality of what we do or do not do: the future of all life and planet, will in fact, be determined; for us all. As a planet, forever.

2. You cannot war; because there are not enough resources for the world to survive it. You are inundated with weapons of mass destruction to insure: “you die too”. We will be extremely lucky as a world, if biological weapons; do not intentionally destroy us all. Kill a billion people/ STILL over 6 billion more to go & growing at over 2 million more per week. That WON’T make a difference. Even if you don’t die from resource destruction or weapons of mass destruction: you will die from biological diseases created by all that death at once. The reality of evidence says: NO MORE “Military rules society”/ NO MORE, “society rules military”/ NO MORE “so much money goes here; etc”. Rather we must as a world establish and control WORLD LAW; or we die.

3. The university cult insists: “don’t worry, we are your gods”. Demanding, they can change this world by mutilating nature with chaos/ manipulating life with their wants/ creating atomic fire/ and leading the way “to garbage”, so that manufacturing facilities need not be regulated for life. Corrupting governments to destroy democracy. Destroying elections and society by counterfeiting. Lies/ injustice/ theft/ failure/ fantasy/ propaganda/ deceit/ cheating/ acts of a traitor/ terrorism/ and all things insane or deliberately in denial of truth; as they do. As cults do, because people who refuse to think for themselves, or have been brainwashed (they are god/ they can’t, be questioned): do allow. Reality, by the evidence says: THIS MUST STOP.

4. Limited capitalism WILL control the greed of man/ thereby freeing society, to be whatever it can be. Limited capitalism, is an elevation from money, into peace and harmony as a society/ and as a world. Because it takes power away from the individual; & gives the power of society itself, to us all. Limited capitalism: is we control the limits of income for any and every individual, both least and most income anyone can make in any given year/ you get no more, we all deserve to share. By public vote, which returns to public vote in every 8 years or so. Property assignment is the same: we decide how much you can control, by public vote. Resource assignment is the same: THIS IS OUR FUTURE, this is the future of EVERY CHILD, and every coming child; REALITY, must decide!
But you must control national currency as well/ and tie it directly to the population count: so that all know, what they get is substantially fair/ or not. International currency is a resource.

5. Our survival exists, because of oxygen/ water/ food/ resources/ environment/ oceans/ eco-systems/ chains of life/ diversity in life/ land/ aquifers/ climate/ habitat for living existence among all species/ and human decision. It is human decision, that is insane; and the destroyer of all things, as is clearly seen in this day. By ALL, the evidence! Which means: it is our choices, that threaten extermination of our world too. It is your cowardice, that hides the facts of life; so you can pretend “not in my lifetime”/ and did so do. Playtime is over; we stand on the edge of collapsing “everything”/ into chaos, as has the university cult, who lead you: did so choose. Reality states, by the evidence: we have passed the safety markers, THIS IS NOW, LIFE OR DEATH for earth!
6. The critical defining factor, of whether we live or die: WILL YOU, as the vast majority of people on earth, ACCEPT OR DENY, THAT TRUTH ALONE, MUST DECIDE our future? No more religion, that is not consistent with LIFE FIRST on this planet. No more want, as in this is a game no more. No more pride: neither a winner or loser shall we be/ simply equal, because life is life. No more gambling with life, nature, world, resources or anything else we CANNOT survive without. No more stealing from the children: pay your own debts. No more propaganda. No more power to the few. No more avoiding reality, or hiding from the facts. We must accept our responsibility, for the decisions that we now make. Because nature can no longer survive us. Which means, every decision we all do make as humanity on earth: will decide our fate or destiny forever. Not a game.

7. Regardless of the religious connotations, I do accept the words of “JESUS; in HIS, lords prayer”; says it best.
Our FATHER (CREATOR of life) as is proven by miracles, clearly designed and well thought out/ built with love, and given freedom.
Who art in heaven: which means we are NOT forgotten. Not simply discarded into a grave; there CAN be more.
Hollowed by thy name: RESPECT IS DEMANDED/ AND EARNED.
Thy kingdom come: whatsoever my life can be, is up to you/ and to me.
Thy will be done: let the soul prove my worth.
On earth as it is in heaven: while we know not by the evidence what it means to live in “heaven”/ we do know, that the miracles of life were created in love. That balance was achieved by predator and prey not because of violence/ but as their need. Abundance keeps us alive, until we fail when required to accept the responsibilities our choices made. Discipline creates order, by law is a fundamental truth.
Give us this day, our daily bread: Allows for the honesty that is truth, not a single breath we take, is without the reality of our biological genetics. Every miracle of existence we eat, is by the values created in nature itself. Everything balances on what GOD CREATED. Only a complete fool, would assume or allow chaos as “their god”. And we absolutely did not create ourselves; only hate allows for that.
Forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us: Reminds each one, there will be a judgment day/ based upon our own decisions. The result of truth is: this exists, want has no place.
Lead us not into temptation: the elemental placement of both life and time, in a situation where you must decide for the price of, an eternity.
Deliver us from evil: Because we live in freedom as humanity on earth/ where life itself gives you the ability to decide. Some fail completely, yet they are not punished individually: because that, is not “freedom” given to all.
For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Not a game, an eternity is waiting for your choice!

We add to that the two greatest commandments: what humanity would do, if they have faith.
1. LOVE GOD, It is the only pure choice you can make. RESPECT GOD, because it is your duty; you owe HIM, your life.
2. Love your neighbor as yourself. Because each is equal/ and none can claim to be “more than life itself”. Do you not deserve respect/ then why not every other one! Only the law, which honestly judges life itself, by the evidence and its truth; decides/ not you. GOD can defend HIMSELF/ it is not your job. Religion is a right/ not an honor, unless it proves your respect is true!

3. We cannot save each other/ we can only testify to our own faith. Faith is born of evidence, solidified by truth. It is soul, the foundation of our existence/ the very essence of life itself, that gives us eternity. Without soul, that eternity does not exist for life: JESUS came to give us “Soul”. The inner light, by which we see “miracles surround us all”.    EVERY faith is individual, there is no “amen”. There is only, I accept this is true! The fact we can do that together, is not the same.  YOUR choice, equals YOUR decision!  That, is never “ours”.   We believe, means “I, am searching too”/ same as you.
The second coming of JESUS means:     HIS life shall again rise, as teacher/ as Savior in eternity, of all who find soul.     Even if that is, by the hand of one born as the son of man.
As to me, I AM merely a messenger. Elemental influences established my life, through an extreme existence in spiritual terms! Training, With a long list of “start again”/ that was a mistake. Or, that decision lacked value; does represent my time. Including, forgive; because eternity, for us all; is worth more than this. Reality teaches; I need not judge, it is not my right. Time teaches, I AM ALIVE in this moment, as truth in teaching/ as I am taught, becomes a part of my life and living.
Whatever you can make of that, is whatever you will make of that/ that decision, is not “my fault”. I am, simply the messenger. Trained to the degree I have been able to learn. Surrendering everything else for this job: our world is in trouble. This is a job; which simply means, “I seem to have been born to do it”: my soul requires it of me. I don’t know why me, or what happens next. Even so, I have survived, my soul is honest and true. I did do the best I did do for you/ the evidence will prove what that is. I do wish it could have been better, but you did not help me. Just the facts, teach reality. Just faith reaches beyond time, to conceive of life itself.
I will continue to hope for you/ for this earth; as best I can. Because without hope, we each lose ourselves to the possibilities of hate. There is no purpose to hate/ no true desire for living. Which means, that failure to hope, is the essence of simple terrorism: “we deserve more than this”!
While the reality of arrogance “beyond stupidity” is the foundation of world terrorism; as are such things as genetic mutilation/ igniting atomic fire/ destroying the future of life/ gambling with the planet, and even the solar system. As is consistent with what the leaders of a cult called “university knows” have done. I will hope for them too, simply because many are deceived about what they do.
Hope is, the acceptance:
GOD, Loves us/ even when we truly do not deserve it. But that does not mean, if you have NO respect in your heart/ all the things you have done, all the decisions your leaders, and those who follow let them make: won’t come true. Mercy is a two way street: you must ask/ “HE” must accept that truth. Otherwise, “you chose/ and commit that decision, to forever”.    TIME, is your choice exists!  ETERNITY  is,  you made your choice.