searching love

Examining LOVE, the essence of life itself/ because without sufficient desire, none can survive.

Love is the cause and the consequence that gives us the potential for eternal life. Love is the development that leads to value, and value is the consistency that defines the freedom which then shares and cares for what is “beyond ourselves”. Without love, there is only time; the measured moments which lack a fundamental illumination called “why”. Without why, there is no path into thought. Every participant beyond time is required to assess and assemble their values into an identity/ because without an identity, you cannot be “individually loved”.

So we conceive of desire, to prove the essence of our values are real. That foundation then gives purpose, to define the distance we will travel to achieve what our heart truly accepts as a destiny worth living for. So there is both truth, and trust in what we do for love, because a reality conceived, can only provide “so much”. Therefrom we begin with the element called desire and ask what is destiny?

Destiny is the literally core, of our individual faith in life itself. It cannot be found, without a diligent search within oneself. That can only happen, when you are examining, defining, searching, and purifying your individual life/ as time given to the purpose of becoming “value, a treasury of the soul”.

Development asks: is value “soul”? The answer is no, it is not. Rather value leads us to soul, through the identity called faith. Faith forms the bond created by truth, through distinctive evidence of value, as is found in miracles. Truth then binds to trust, and trust becomes a relationship, and a respect with Creation. It is that relationship which forms and identifies soul.

We participate as “Created”/ by understanding the foundation of why we are alive is love. That love finds its proof of a relationship called soul, through JESUS. The biblical witness, both love and eternity can be found.

Love is a distinction, that lives in the journey taken. You cannot be, or claim love, unless you chose to travel beyond yourself, in search of truth as identified by the essence called heart. Heart shares participation in time as the descriptions of what a person does cherish. Therefrom what you are willing to work for, defend, create, support, and define by searching for truth; are all elements which bring us to love. Each of these are personal to you/ but they represent a search, that needs someone else to participate in them with you. Therefore, we do believe “someone like me, is more to be loved by me” than someone who is not. The differences are minimal, so the reality is also of little value: love is not a game, neither is it is a decision. Rather love is an environment achieved by order, which grants the owner participation in miracles. When that door opens, to allow someone else to “come into your spiritual self”/ they either enhance everything life can be; or tear apart the harmony and peace of your world inside.

So then we ask of love: what is “a world inside”? The answer being, three separate distinctions. Time lists the activities we agree have value, whether true or not, is called belief. Time also grants the development of truth, which brings trust through that truth, thereby faith. Spirit is the essence of truth, and all truth points to the laws of our universe as the environment to be searched. Love is the miracle of thought, and all its conception beyond the time of measurement. Therefrom love ascends into miracles, by the realities of thought, to become a participant in the same creation that gives each its life. These things are not quantified by human understanding/ because they are not measured by anything less than law. Universal law, is granted judgment ONLY by GOD.

Love is beautiful! Nothing can compare. Therefrom we search for what is love, to see what is beautiful, and understand the value of soul, is a treasury to be shared, because we cared. Therefrom the question is what is the value of soul? The answer: from every miracle, the value of respect shall be found. Within that respect, is the foundation that participates to achieve love, and therefrom life through existence. Life is not so simple as can be measured. Bodies are measured, but they do not recognize “the power and passion” within. The “power to think”, identifies a search beyond the elements of time, to conceive of self, outside the limits of an action or reaction. This is an essence, rather than a judgment. To conceive of thought, there must be passion. Passion drives the essence of an “experiment to be, you”; and solidifies the search as an identity formed. With thought, essence, and identity, we become “alive”.

The question is, WHAT does it truly mean to be “alive”!

The answer is: to establish within oneself, the true desire; “to care”. To exist establishes “I am”. To care establishes an elevation of life into the spiritual world of truth. Truth is the basis identified: which builds life. Spirit then establishes within your care, a life that can be recreated beyond time. It is the first step achieved, in becoming “a child of GOD”. Caring also contributes participation in the spiritual world, by the evidence of that “infant spiritual life” created by you. Consequently what you truly do care about, becomes a companion to your life in time; spiritually. The second step, is to encounter what it means to be “spirit” within yourself.