sheep vs life

To be human, as designed, asserts: the treasury, that is our soul/ our relationship to the miracle of life inside. Means that we value the foundations of life, respect the infinite wisdom of natural process and purposes, understand the basis of love is “our choice”, and confront the freedom of decision with discipline, balance, order, and the structural integrity of a destiny assigned by hope. Hope is elemental to life, as there is no purpose in death/ it is only an ending, to time. Life as a human being, develops from thought. Therefore it is thought, an “illumination of possibilities” that understands the potential of an eternity; even if we cannot gage the true existence of the same. Therefore, the closest example of what that may be, exists as JESUS . Regardless of your complaint or beliefs. That, is simply true.


1. Even though there is an exit, sheep when frightened will just fall down. Even when they face certain extermination: they won’t fight! Or, more simply: YOU CAN STOP extreme experimentation easily; yet you fail! You know, what a fire that cannot be extinguished means. Etc/ etc/ etc.

2. Sheep WILL choose a goat (not the same/ got weapons/ got attitude), for their leader, instead of thinking for themselves. Apparently because they don’t want to accept the blame for being wrong: they want SAFE, “they only join, from the back/ where the exit is”. They want someone else, “to be in front/ to take all the risks”. They just want, what they want; and there is nothing else to living or life! But survival by running away, or hiding “with fear (joined to them/ worshiping fear, as the means to stay living)”; so the evidence says.

3. Sheep rarely look up, rather they are too busy trying to eat all they can; before the next one gets it. Since they stand so close to each other, trying desperately not to be singled out. “Let the other one die”. Those in the middle must deal with the shit, etc. Missing, everything else life does have to offer.

4. Sheep don’t fight, so they have a long list of predators/ because the thing a predator hates most is: IF it gets even slightly injured, it can die. So they want “the weak, the lame, the scared, and the failure”.

5. Sheep band together tightly, so as to keep all other forms of prey out of their group/ that can cause trouble; and they have no weapons to defend themselves, or force the others out. So they stick tightly to each other, too not let them in. When running, if it is not done in unison as a group/ catastrophe occurs. ALL must do the same/ be the same/ think the same: So they have a cause, “its called, justified fear”. Because they have no weapons. In challenge to that, is this true story: my uncle having raised 5-6 cats without a mother cat, to teach them. Found the “teenage cats” all surrounding a single mouse in open territory, in daylight. The mouse realizing there is nothing to lose, ran up and bit one of the cats (surprised them all)/ and got away! What do you suppose the lesson is?

6. Sheep believe its better where we are/ than anywhere else we can be, until all the food or water is completely gone. Fear makes them want what they know; regardless of the poverty. When even that is gone, now they are desperate, with few options. Fear, Makes them believe; tragedy comes with change.

7. Sheep live their lives “like most people do”. Easily manipulated, because they don’t want to risk anything. They don’t think for themselves, “because that makes the individual, visible”! They just “want what they want; to be hidden, in the middle/ so LEAVE ME ALONE”. Or more clearly, to the predator: “take someone else”.
Yet our world is full of predators: people who use hate/ abuse power/ discard respect/ deny justice/ attack love/ and assume pride makes them “ a winner”. Our world now has “satan here”: People who violate and attack, the very foundations which keep us all alive.
Given that truth: the critical question of our existence is, CAN YOU BE HUMAN?
The religious will counter: HOW DARE you suggest we are less than everything we ought to be; yet that is what does tell to their parishioners/ believers; in one way or another.
Christianity will counter: JESUS, was called “the lamb of GOD”. Therefore so should we.
As to religion: again, the very foundations which provide for all life, and even the planet itself ARE CLEARLY UNDER ATTACK. And there will be NO tomorrow soon! So then explain, what it is that YOU should be: to yourselves!
As to Christianity: in order to show mercy, and identify true love, and complete respect for GOD and HIS purposes! Sometimes, it is necessary to accept whatever the cost of that work shall be. JESUS gave HIS LIFE so the world would understand: “think for yourself, love with honor, accept your duty with dignity, don’t accept pride, believe in mercy, be honest with yourself, and put life on earth first”. JESUS gave us with HIS DEATH; the possibilities which open the door, to consider and search for eternity within ourselves. By accepting the LOVE OF GOD is that door. Consequently we look to Creation itself as the beginning, of our journey, beyond self.

I cannot give you courage. I cannot save your world or your life or your child, etc. I am not your enemy. I cannot make you save this earth, or its life. I can only tell you: WITHOUT CHANGE, there is no future. The evidence is absolutely clear, and you would know that is true; if only you weren’t sheep!
Reality states: that people have been known to walk among bears, but they will eat you, if hungry. People occasionally find themselves “with wolves”/ but they will eat you, if hungry. There is no trace, from a large enough pack/ because there is no visible trace of any other carcass they eat either. They harass or track you, till you surrender. People encounter human predators in all manner of disguise; until their weapons are drawn. Even wasps can swarm, and sting until you are dead.
Therefore it is unwise to suggest or assume, the foundations of fear are inappropriate: there is cause, to run/ fight/ or hide as the need arises, and reality proves the choice is limited. However we stand today at the edge of chaos for our world. You cannot hide, fight, or run away from a planet consuming fire. You cannot hide, fight, or run away, from life altering genetic mutilation. You cannot demand food, water, or any other resource; when it is simply gone. You cannot fight over-population when it is too late/ you cannot hide from the consequences/ nor can you run away from the fact, we will all die. Because every life and ecosystem on earth will be ravaged and ruined to keep humanity alive/ and that means, there is no future left for anyone. And that means war/ cannibalism/ and hate. It is no game; men playing god, have indeed changed this world.
We must change back, all things necessary for nature itself to survive. Therefrom, we may survive as well. Nothing less is true.
As to me, having found no amount of evidence will do/ no amount of consequences due to decisions being made/ no threat of extermination will help you understand THIS IS NO GAME/ and you have no choice, other than extinction or change. Ending primary public participation. Rejected by all forms of media, religion, and government official; I then looked to the courts, demanded from the policing bodies “BE AWARE”/ and worked along the lines of biblical process: to begin with foundations, and seek to explain the various elements of being human and its problems. That not being enough either limits the reality of this work: to personal communication through the internet. Recognizing, IF YOU CARE; then you will work for life. If you don’t/ then my life was “simply a one person battle”. Even so, that led to considerations for war (non-lethal forces requiring your attention)/ but that would have solved absolutely nothing. I then approached women, who would not help. I then sought for, and found the spiritual door of female: “ to ask a question/ how would you change this world”? And was invaded by a spiritual element of women, that now controls “51%” of my life. That, however became a blessing over time; because she enabled me, to finish this work; without your help. The work is done. I have changed; even though that was not my intent. I believe she is done now too: 3/ 25/ 16. That leaves the only question left: CAN YOU be more than “animals”? An animal does not think about the future, it only recognizes “now”.
Biblical prophecy as in the book of Daniel; gives you only a short time left/ before our world is lost. The reality of igniting an atomic fire: evidence of your own prophecy, intending to destroy against an entire world: guarantees only, “it won’t be long/ before this planet becomes a sun”. Truth about everything else you do as humanity on earth, recognizes; CHAOS is coming soon as well. You can hide/ but you can’t run away from either of these threats. Neither can you fight with them, once the point of no return passes earth by. It won’t, be long! Believe it or not, is irrelevant/ just like wishing a hurricane away: NOT going to happen, its coming, whether you want it to be so, or not. Because truth, is nothing less than truth.

It seems, there is one last item that should be discussed a tiny bit.

The elements of combined genders in me, IS NOT a “great or wonderful thing”. Through the work “we needed each other/ so there was no real issues”. Both are less than satisfied today; since looking at the end of this work. That has increased the reality of separation. Genders are not “suppose to be mixed”/ and they know it. Nonetheless we are, in this body. Believe it or not. The reality is entirely a “female thing: no other men allowed”. While man in me is fundamentally no longer in charge; I literally MUST “get along with her”/ there is no escape. “Its COMPLICATED”. Enough said.

But that brings back another issue worth repeating: because survival means you must deal with it or die. There is no population control in a vasectomy for men. That merely ends the chemical realities of sex/ which like all other animals on earth: take the testicles away, and they literally do quit having sex. Ask any livestock producer; its true.
The whore’s of media/ the cult failures of “university knows”/ and a complete lack of courage to declare what went wrong, by those who experience it. Have led to MANY direct consequences. It seems primarily white men who have had a vasectomy: wanting to do their share in birth control/ because they are BELIEVERS in the cult. The consequence is, without sex they work harder to displace the desire. That leaves the woman without sex, and without a partner in their lives. That often results in women trying to find sex outside of marriage. Some men and women, turn to drugs instead/ causing even more problems. Which ends marriages, people have been killed because of a vasectomy.   Children suffer, get depressed, and even commit suicide; when their parents are experiencing trouble.  Lots of complications, which includes the reality if you are looking for sex: those who are young and unemployed have the energy, and the desire. The largest segment of unemployed are “black men”. With sex and a white women as a sex trophy; that activity results in black women suffering rejection. That results in their behavior changing to compete sexually. More sex, with more partners, results in more sexually transmitted diseases, of all varieties. 5 times more black men have AIDS; some statistics say. Sex outside of marriage results in babies being born; which make it impossible to deny. Babies require support, therefrom money; since white men are considered “the bank”: they are attacked by courts and women, for 18 or more years of support, for that child. That is the single largest reason; white men don’t just rush into sex as easily as some others. Since many of the black men are unemployed (if you make another subset angry/ they won’t hire you), most go free of supporting the children they bring into this world. If you don’t hire a specific subset, they become angry and tear your world up too. All of that angers white men: being in powerful positions, that causes black men to be incarcerated; even if they should not be. That causes hate and anger directed at society; etc/ etc/ etc.  All because “an expert” declared:  this is what we can do for population control.  Could not have been more wrong! Although a vasectomy is NECESSARY, for those having AIDS/ to limit transmission of the disease:  a simple reality, nothing else.

The other base groups do have their own sets of problems, but in reality it is gender issues, and complications; that underline most all of social upheaval. YOU MUST tackle these problems honestly; and FIND solutions for population control. One such solution as is found in nature suggests; each separate segment of the same species is better off/ Keeping their sexual partners from those in the same group. We are different subsets of the same species; like it or not. Not better/ not worse; but when everyone automatically “does the same thing” in group. The whole group does better. Doesn’t mean attraction won’t exist; there is room for a few. But if you want peace, male and female realities must be observed. For instance; back when I went out as a young man, in all white communities; it was a simple reality, from time to time; those from one small town, would try to drive out young men from another small town. To keep “their women” for themselves. It’s a game young men play/ and has gone on forever. Mixing subsets together has not resulted in more peace or harmony; because of gender issues. Although it has had some positive benefits in other ways/ that are not sexually related. “Its just a start”/ gender, is a long complicated human trial. Even so, the world is no longer able to survive without true harmony; therefore it must be fixed.

Some suggest, that I believe sex is the basic problem for everything; not true. Honest Sex is, the distance we are each willing to travel to define ourselves to the opposite sex. Therefore honest sex between a man and woman is: the creation of possibilities beyond a simple life in time. More simply, honest sex combined with true romance is, the value of our heart, multiplied by the decision to share our soul. When accepted by trust, this shared commitment in respect for each other, identifies our hope, truth, and love. Every sexual act that does not achieve this purpose or desire, is an act of betrayal: that will have consequences for those involved. Life is not a toy/ the body is not a game/ each mind “lifts or descends” from its beginning in search of truth/ while spirit and soul form the very treasury of life itself. Love aids truth.

Other than the potential to use these sites as an “advertisement tool”/ strictly for the purpose of some business interest; while we wait for our demise.                               I/ we, are done.
I will retain hope for you/ as it is in my own best interest. Whatever you do, is whatever you do: end of this story. Teaching those who will not learn, is useless. Fighting, for life or child; even a whole world or solar system;  is useless/ when confronted with a world reality of humanity, that will not care. Until it is too late! Is also worthless.                 Doesn’t mean I don’t love those who can love or respect me;             this is instead,     just your reality, proven true.
I fought for this world, your child, you; with information and reality as defined by truth, and the existence of threat. Apart from an extreme few/ you did nothing more than ridicule and run away or hide. The decision stands.

James Frank Osterbur

3/  28/  16