SIMPLICITY: the consequence of being plain, and without ulterior motives.

What is consistent with our needs as life on earth, is an understanding that enables thought to occur; establishing a new direction as required for survival. Our survival is in jeopardy: because ARROGANCE, the summary influence of too many holding a “university diploma”/ have attacked our nation, our democracy, our lives, mutilating nature, risking the entire planet with the intent to ignite atomic fire, failing to address the true needs of over population, and a thousand more realities that will not allow life to exist beyond a moment when all that keeps us alive has been lost. Arrogance is NOT limited to a university diploma or leader/ but these have far more influence over our lives than do individual tragedies.

So we begin the question of a new direction; by understanding what causes the old direction to exist. More simply: we are, who we are as humanity on earth, because of the decisions we make as individuals/ and decisions leaders make, or fail to make, for society.

Decision means: to accept a direction, and apply its consequences as either fate (whatever truth allows) or destiny (accordingly as thought conceives). Knowledge does not participate in a decision/ rather it isolates and constructs a path or road. Knowledge is the evidence of reality, reality cannot decide unless truth through understanding establishes the beginning of a decision. A decision of merit participates with that path or road, by the evidence of its truth: to conceive or expect an outcome as is dependent upon understanding and wisdom. A decision of value transcends participation with knowledge and confronts the development of every path or roadway: as thought allows, with wisdom. It is wisdom or the lack of it, that develops fate or destiny. A decision of stupidity, conceives of hate/ while ignorance and delusion refuses evidence, to assume want is enough.

Want is without the slightest doubt, in both men & women (children too)/ the single most relied upon decision of every human animal. More simply described as: NO, I don’t want to understand anything of wisdom/ I JUST WANT, what I want. Because of want: the world falls down, in crime, and all versions of corruption establishing every illicit or criminal behaviors/ except hate. Hate is an alteration of life: it lives in death, as a participant in evil. Evil is: the relationship allowed between fear and the selling of your soul to stop that fear/ giving away life, for a chance to prove you aren’t “fear” anymore.

So then the critical path to a new beginning that understands, our world has changed due to so many people being present on this planet: so many human wants and delusuions leading to endless tragedies for all other life/ even the planet itself. Requires us to examine want itself.

To want means simply: I WANT MORE, than my life or living have allowed. Want is not a need, as that establishes “survival/ or not”. Want is a decision to participate beyond the limits and boundaries of your own existence, to confiscate/ condemn/ or allow the values you set, to be used in judgment over something or someone else. Want then exists as a measurement of both purpose and desire, in you. But these are not known by the evidence of your life: rather this desire is to participate as if you were god, and its purpose is to pretend that you can be god yourself. Some call the elaborate version of these things “arrogance”. Arrogance needs not a right or a reason, it simply assumes “righteousness (I can’t be wrong/ I am god, over this). People assert their righteousness with a diploma, or a religious book, or money, etc. Each being soiled, with their own shit accordingly.

Only the evidence which examines reality and proves truth as a distinction called, value: finds respect and therefrom trust. The human condition has little value, until it escapes the experience of being an animal/ and transforms itself into being a “child of GOD”. That condition is contributed by “thought”/ and its direction is called love. All thought builds toward the creation of purity/ which enters existence as love. Because all love exists as the definition of why we choose to be “happy”, and remain alive: throughout eternity. The contribution of thought is without equal. While this is not a format for discussing life beyond time. It is a development that requires, a minimum participation in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding: through the desire which we achieve as “trust in truth”. Truth thereby begins the purpose, of a life beyond time. Truth therefrom allows the evidence of miracles, CAN be trusted: to transform each and everyone who understands and accepts the reality of respect found within those miracles, to achieve “your soul”. Our participation as an individual part and piece of Creation, is ultimately “our inheritance”. It is the foundation of life, beyond self! Evolution is the most absurd lie ever made: nothing is built with chaos/ everything living DOES REQUIRE “all its parts and pieces (at the same time)” to be alive; or it dies quickly.

Knowledge therefrom begins the journey, by the collecting of realities proven true as the evidence upon which we build our trust in the decisions that will become our lives. Knowledge does not establish a decision/ does NOT expect you to make a decision/ it simply informs you of the possibilities that wisdom and understanding will use to present a decision.

Understanding is: the basis of an elemental periodic rise, from little influences with major effects/ to realities of complexity and consequences which cannot be fully known until “nothing is left to know”. Beyond truth is an explanation of eternity itself, thereby recognizing “the vastness of the universe itself”.

We encounter wisdom as the certainty of trusting the realities and relationships we do trust as the creation of what we can or cannot be/ of what we can or cannot do: because reality has proven it so. Consequently when we live within the boundaries and limits of that wisdom, it is said “we are wise”.

We start here, on the path to a different world, asking discipline to construct order, by its work.