Society by law

Society means, “people meeting people & working together for the common good”. Law means: we each accept, the boundaries we create are for the good of us all! Therefrom, the questions that arise during and after that process; conceive of our time together as one. No one can do more than “the best, I can do”! No one is entitled to gamble with, or enslave another life, just their own. You are your own possession/ just as is everyone else. Entitled to that respect!

Society by law, more than a concept: the distinction of justice established/ the reality of enforcement conceived by fair play/ the dimensions of a courtroom dedicated to equality under the clear and certain demands of democracy itself.

Without law, there is no society of people/ because there are always those who will believe force then rules. Force is the assertion, whosoever can kill, stab, or club: WINS! Which then brings revenge, hatred, subterfuge, more violence, weapons everywhere, and the intent to insure “you die/ not me”. In slightly lesser venues, organized crime rules/ which then brings armies, “its us or them”. Drug addiction rises, prejudice multiplies, & preparations for civil war begin. “University leadership” being highly responsible in tearing down peace, harmony, and happiness; by their true and literal intent to manipulate/ propagate/ control/ tempt/ mutilate/ counterfeit/ lie/ cheat/ steal/ and commit endless treason as they choose deliberately to corrupt government and law to their own advantage. Thereby enforcing slavery, incarceration, or poverty on the rest. The making of rules, to produce betrayal of freedoms. The removal of reality from all forms of economy; to conceive of “debts don’t matter for us”/ because we own the counterfeiting machine. The placement of fantasies, propagating “we will wipe away every tear”; by mutilating life (even a dog knows better). Etc/ etc/ etc. Bringing us all to the inevitable conclusion: the worst men can be, as a group; “is university knows”. Kill the world, with fire/ kill everything in it, by mutilation/ destroy every resource/ corrupt the courts/ bankrupt the citizens/ remove their business and industry/ give away politics to a bribe/ force religion to vomit “university knows”/ establish hell on earth: because that, is what they chose! And the people being overwhelmed by “foreign language (we can’t even talk against them)”; are completely controlled by media propaganda: and manipulated through bribes for the armies of “I got a university diploma”; listen only to me!
Just a small part of what is wrong in society today.

So lets talk about what it takes to return society, to a state of existence, that exceeds what was before university knows tried to destroy not only this nation, but all of life itself.
We begin with corruption, similar in concept to “sand running through an hour glass”. Corruption begins with little things/ making more little things easier to accept and do; but alas, then the corrupt begin to say to a judge for example. “Look at all the things you did: added together, this would never do; to keep your job”. The end result is: DO WHATEVER we tell you to do/ or the potential for prison is in your future; and if not, then loss of job, healthcare, pension, pride, and so forth. Just do what we say; “we got bribes”! After all, who would or could, do better for you personally!
The only way corruption is stopped, is to make every decision/ every trial, public knowledge so that NO REAL AMOUNT of corruption can accumulate! Thereby a clean slate, and a public respect or removal for those who have proven what they will or will not do. There is NO CONSTITUTIONAL LAW which protects a judge, under any disguise! There is only one constitutional rule for the judiciary: you keep this job ONLY DURING GOOD BEHAVIOR. Which means democracy is first/ through constitutional law; as is consistent with the foundation of everything called this nation. Which makes the constitution itself: THE FOUNDATION OF ALL LAW. Which means nothing, can be called a law, if it is not in complete agreement with the constitution itself. Simple and plain! Any real deviation from that is traitorous. Any real intent to destroy constitutional authority over employees in government, is TREASON. The critical proof of: “Constitutional law is evicted from the courtrooms in America and the state of IL: on this site, is a fundamental reality; establishing betrayal of life, citizen, business, and even this world. OPEN THE COURTROOM, and watch over your law. It is the only way, to sustain justice/ fair play/ or equal rights in society itself.

So we ask: WHAT is fair and deliberate enforcement of our laws? The answer predicated on the knowledge: NOBODY is perfect/ not going to happen! Therefore what is our true and honest opportunities to correct what fails?
We must first acknowledge: policing DOES include a small percentage of dangerous situations/ which can result in death for any and all involved. Therefore the very first requirement for a police officer is: “fear as little as possible/ because fear can never be depended upon, to do anything, but make matters worse”. The second and equal requirement for a police officer is: never use more force than is consistent with your need. The third reality of both law and enforcement is: let the punishment fit the crime/ NOT the damn rule. There is no such thing as a line in the sand; “that’s a rule”/ which means the damned, the righteous, the fool, and the fantasy of making everyone obey what I want; is trashing freedom. Freedom is precious, but it is not free.
IF ITS NOT A LAW; which means reality will prove by the evidence, no one can honestly deny; That this boundary shall not be broken, because the cost is too great for the rest, for us all.
A rule is the opposite of that, and consists of someone with a tiny bit of power demanding: “you can’t do, what I demand you can’t do; my army will get you/ and make you pay”. Rules are the abuse of policing power. People demanding “I am god”/ are an abuse of society. But that said, there must be recognition for the fact: DON’T ABUSE EACH OTHER, must be enforced, for all sides.
Primary abuse is economical. A primary catalyst for most of societies grief. Economical justice is as simple as limited capitalism: WE THE PEOPLE, will determine what the limit of our income, as a nation; will be! Or more simply in any given year: NONE, shall make more than/ nor less than the given amounts we set into place as our law. WE THE PEOPLE SHALL control the currency, and erect law to control employees; so they shall not make or establish debts in our name. NONE OF IT/ we will decide by taxation for ourselves. We will establish an impenetrable wall in law, that says: taxes collected for “this purpose”/ shall not be used for any other purpose. Taxation shall be provided with forms by those who must use the forms. Taxation will be collected on a local basis, through contracted business; who gain their right by our vote. Once every eight years, independent business will be contracted & elected to inspect and prove tax collection was fair to all. The purpose is to remove the power of any and all employees; at every level of government. When a law controls the military; with plain english speaking in America; governing what can or will be done and when. Then the only decision a president has is: to demand an investigation establishing evidence from all sides (such as Iraq would have been allowed to present evidence and defend itself in court PRIOR to being invaded by fools, who controlled too damn much); if and when reality allows that to occur.

Secondly in the enforcement of law: We must acknowledge: public life DOES include a small percentage of dangerous situations/ which can result in death for any and all involved. Fear will be involved. People get stupid. Some will react based upon a situation that happened “fifty years ago”/ and was never resolved: ETC/ ETC/ ETC! Therefrom any and all should know, every situation is fraught with peril to some degree: because humanity prefers “never to forget, what someone else did/ while they will always forget or fail to recognize, what they themselves did do”. The end result of that is “unfair”/ because it influences today. So then the police have a right to feel uneasy in any situation/ and the public has a right to feel they can’t be trusted, if the response is too damn aggressive or unwarranted by real or assumed circumstances.

What can we do, about fear, on all sides? The answer is: we take the lethal/ or life altering part away! Simple as that, because if I know that justice through equal treatment of both the police and the public are a foundation of this society/ THEN I have nothing to fear, but the reality of law that was broken. Foundations must be set, by public vote and public description: what the penalty will be, for each and every criminal offense. THE LAW WHICH DEFENDS US ALL. What the fine (based upon a percentage of income) will be for a rule broken/ “we have rights, and needs too”. IF a fine does not affect both rich and poor equally/ THEN it is not justice.
Taking lethal away means: “under 99%+ occurrences” no significant damage will result!
To achieve that, by the means chosen in this society, “to use a gun”: then requires that the bullets in that gun will be rubber based/ so as not to penetrate the skin, but inflict a hard punch. Additional elements such as chemicals inside the bullet can be released to mark or smell; thereby track and identify chemically. Policing will say, “we need more”. In today’s world, for this moment in time: the first four bullets of six: or so, will be rubber/ the rest lethal. That is enough, because a gun can be emptied in less than a second. A person hit hard four times, will be affected: give it another second before firing again. The fact its not lethal means: a greater measure of tolerance, for the use of a weapon, can be exhibited. The first bullet then, must be less hard, than the rest. Because society is arming itself for war: the foundation of that can ONLY be supported for a society that believes it can survive. By making certain: NO PUBLIC army shall carry anything but rubber bullets, at a predetermined & accepted level of hardness by all. If a terrorist attacks/ and you can hit him or her with a baseball bat for instance; from a distance. That is enough, to gain control over the situation. And if you miss/ then you won’t be responsible for innocent death: IS THAT NOT worth the price!
The secondary to fear is: “the price for this act or reaction, is UNJUSTIFIED”. IT IS, “unfair”; which then becomes “you have to catch me first”; multiplying failure. To examine this phenomenon requires us all to understand what we mean by freedom, both individually and as a society? To do that, it is essential to understand: freedom deliberately means, “different things to different people”! Therefore, it is neither simple or plain/ but complex and fundamental to life itself, as the basis for happiness. That which brings us happiness, is the foundation of peace in society itself. The fundamental which causes harmony to erupt. Therefore happiness is critical, to all hopes and purposes of life through value in every society.
Reality states: that legal representation is a fundamental to justice for most of society/ they cannot defend themselves. Therefore, the element called lawyers MUST BE granted a new reality: no more greed controls. Rather the lawyer is paid to represent society itself. Making democracy and justice their work/ NOT defending the guilty, or stealing from the innocent; for greed, or anything resembling a job! No more stealing from life or society. Instead: a wage representing “fair play” to society itself shall be instituted. A case won in significant favor of JUSTICE AND DEMOCRACY RULES in this society/ and will be rewarded accordingly. A significant case that proves the police did their job in the best possible way: SHALL give the police dept, and the policing individual, a suitable reward. Whereas a significant case, which proves the policing were wrong: will have a fine imposed. Where a criminal act was intentional; as is the surrounding of a victim/ and subsequent killing of that prey, while it presented a very minimal threat. Will have serious, or criminal consequences. If the peace and happiness of a society rises in accordance with changes to their reality; those employees of government which had a direct involvement in that, will receive a reward. However if crime or policing behaviors prove otherwise, a significant increase in the tax rate of these same employees of government shall occur; for their failure to oversee properly. Not a game/ a job!
So lets talk freedom.
1. THE LAW removes freedom from discussion because the consequences are so dramatic that no one argues, this is not necessary. If it does not meet that criteria, then it is not law.
For example: in one of the lawsuits on I received a ticket for not coming to a complete and total stop at a stop sign! Some will say this could be a dramatic consequence; causing a fatal accident. But it did not/ nor does it represent any foundation for that claim; under the freedom to carefully view the roadway from all directions prior to proceeding. In fact, a greater view is given on approach of that roadway, than at a complete stop. It is not law therefore, rather it is a rule. That rule has greater potential consequences for me in that situation/ being the probable impacted vehicle: which does mean it is my choice, so long as substantive care was taken. Do you see the difference, between a rule and a law/ between freedom and a rule?   Do you see an example of corruption: when the judge tells me, going through a stop sign at about one mile per hour carefully brings me into criminal court. And threatens a one thousand dollar fine in addition to the one hundred and twenty dollar fine. Instructing the jury the penalty is NOT THEIR concern. Reminding me, I would be called in contempt, should I tell them. Total cost of that ticket with appeal was about one thousand dollars. Appeal was thrown out of court, when I refused to pay another $200.00 dollars to have a clerk email (push a damn button) the appellate court: the transcript I already paid $400.00+ to get.   The IL constitution says, and the court so informed: “that justice, shall be free”. Constitutional law again; Refused as always.     This is the real, proven:   “american” courtroom!    The fine imposed by a stop sign ticket/ an extreme hardship for some. While little more than an irritation to others: means this “justice” AIN’T FAIR, nor does it exist in a courtroom of corruption!
2. The freedom to trespass and damage the lives of others, does not functionally exist/ unless it is of short duration, and does not exceed limits reality would impose. Everybody has to put up with some stuff/ nobody should be forced, battered, or assaulted. How is that not true? Therefrom this can be considered a secondary law; one which occupies the fundamental of law/ because there are true consequences. But lives within the boundaries of slight variations: “too much/ or must be tolerated”. The example used is Trial MR906 is now federal trial 11CV2023 found on this site/ established on
This is a trial about a business, which became an industry nobody else wanted. The critical task of drying and shipping grain from agriculture, to its destination; is fundamental to life in society. Therefore it cannot be dismissed as unnecessary; reality demands it will go on. However the trial is not about that. The trial is about the level of noise that now inundated the area; particularly through harvest season. Noise: Far beyond known decibels and duration, for permanently damaging hearing. Consequences which include lives hurt, property values diminished greatly, children threatened, and so on. The court protects only the power and money, discarding the constitution as always, and sacrificing the town to support the business turned industry.
Therefrom the question of law is recognized: who has the right to sacrifice some, for the benefit of many others? “Some, good for us/ bad for you exists”! Where then does law FAIRLY intercede in this reality? The critical question of JUSTICE is: WHAT CAN BE DONE, to help all involved?
The fundamental answer is: the noise must be critically reduced/ that, would functionally answer the most essential element at issue. Anything less, other than forcing the industry out of town/ downsizing the industry back to “a fair and legitimate community business”/ or letting the town die, robbing every citizen of their peaceful lives and investment in housing: are the only other choices.
Recognizing noise pollution is indeed a criminal trespass; when it results in a duration, even for a valued purpose, that is known to damage lives. Clear and deliberate battery is a felony charge; against many people. But that is Not a question here, today.  It will come, as soon as the first “wet harvest fall arrives”/ as there will be permanent damage to many as a result.  Rather criminal trespass is a violation of public law: “I have rights too”! Which then constructs law as: for the public/ for the world/ and for the citizen. Within these separate boundaries, peace on earth can exist. The one who trespasses, pays! The courts job is to insure public safety, by requiring the noise level SHALL be/ trains and all: within a respectful description for life itself (don’t damage me). Lives being more important than money; the law is clear. Those who work here/ do not lose their “job”; as the work shall be done somewhere. Their complaint, is then moot.
Noted is: one of the methods for reducing noise in this town is, to push it back onto the farm: where many installations are also far beyond the level that does not damage hearing. Consequently it is an industry problem that must also be addressed by law. Law means: where the evidence does prove substantial damage to life/ there must be boundaries placed and enforced for the good of life everywhere. Laws protect life/ rules, are merely issues of my freedom versus your freedom. Noise travels far, even more so, at night. We have equal freedoms/ none are superior. But to keep peace: there can be boundaries. More simply, “people over here agree to do, this”. Whereas people over there do agree “not to do, that”. By vote/ not orders of the court. Rather the court gets involved only, when called to identify, if a boundary was broken substantially. When neighborhoods are required to change/ the difference between property values before that change was instituted/ and property lost value because of that change instituted: will be modified by tax, to benefit those who lost money, for your freedom.


In the case of criminal trial; the foundation is very simple/ evidence matters. To that end a “free will personal statement; without a lawyer” shall be made by the defendant accused. Indicating their version of the subject matter, to be tried. After that, a lawyer can assist in “refining that statement” if the accused does so choose. If they refuse/ one juror vote, in a jury of 12 shall be established as guilty, removing one vote from the twelve. If they provide substantive evidence which can be proven as true, and innocent/ they receive one vote for innocent, in a jury of twelve/ removing that vote from the twelve. If a witness is killed, or severely harmed because of trial, or potentially because of trial: then their statement regarding that trial shall not be disputed. Instead, regardless of the outcome of this trial/ they can be retried, for a period of ten years; upon the evidence of any substantive proof, one way or the other. The purpose is evidence collection, and the need to identify what can be proven.
The reality of criminal court is: the power to harm, cannot be trusted to anyone. That includes the judge, policing, defendants, and more. Therefore law is brought to bear upon the reality; and complete (back room and all) public view is absolutely necessary for a correct and legitimate outcome.In civil court, the demand is “someone is going to pay”; the reality is, how do we, as a society, decide who? The fundamentals here are more complex; because the law includes grey areas which allow for mercy/ realities which cannot be simple/ or fundamentals which can only be predicted as true or false/ instead of proven without a doubt.
The case to be reviewed is “Osterbur vs Selimi” in Danville IL court (old case). Wherein I was general contractor for the rebuilding of a restaurant. 6 months of my work for him, at a cost paid by me of about $10,000.00.  PLUS an additional $3,000.00 never collected from the contract dining room partition/ because of this judge.  That,  After being threatened/ after saving his restaurant from financial collapse, and himself from bankruptcy. The state of IL legislature says: WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN! And we won’t fix this problem; because they don’t care. Let small business be dismissed/ let thieves rule; only big business matters.
Primary to this case is: the state of IL provides only 30 days, to file a demand for payment on this type of contract. No warning/ no right/ no reason given: 30 days and you no longer have a legal right or cause. This is a criminal act; and constructs a violation of justice by the state of IL. As 30 days, and no warning: proven to be less than necessary, to rebuild what he did destroy, and ruin accordingly in my business life.
Nonetheless, the filing of a legal court case; no longer a simple matter/ was done. The court being in complete ridicule of anyone not a lawyer, never once acknowledged any part or portion of that trial; they simply took my money, and did not even send me notice of trial, docket number or any other evidence of merit. Only evidence of that received was from the defendant attorney. A bad sign, with regard to outcomes. Lawyers horde the courtroom and defile it to prove they alone can gorge themselves on extortion. The judge being a lawyer, complies, protects, and insists: to protect “the union”; both in court and in legislatures. They fail life/ and they do intentional unjustified damage; wherever the doors are closed.     There has never been/ and there will never be, “an organization of  any kind” that can be trusted, to investigate or keep itself from corruption.  Doesn’t happen, simple as that; selfishness takes over, and everybody else pays.  Keep it in mind!
The one and only caveat in this case is: it seems probable that Selimi, an immigrant, quite possibly did not know how to read english. He was however told to take the contract to all his buddies and lawyer and make sure he understood it, before signing. That however negates his excuse. The second part is: I allowed him to ask for a contract bid on JUST THE DINING ROOM work; even though that did not nearly cover all the work. He then apparently substituted that price, for the whole job/ even though a clause said; the rest would be priced independently. Nearly a gift anyway, because my nephew needed the work (realities required it); and I needed a ten thousand dollar tax bill, to force the “government” into court; thereby demanding a legal end to extreme threats against life, world, and nation.
Critical to this trial is: a defendant at the edge of insanity, “because he didn’t know what he thought he knew, even though I told him clearly the price is much higher for the whole job that he insisted. He was wrong/ and became horrified saying at one time: I could lose everything”, to me. Trial meant his threat would be revealed/ his manner of doing business would also be revealed. In all probability his restaurant by public knowledge of these things, then failed. Making his prediction come true. Making his threat against me, all the more plausible. Making this work, for all life on earth; potentially in danger! So I let him go. Even though that was not justice.   I did, and I have “thrown away everything else, in this my time on earth: to demand EXTREME THREATS must not go forward”. It is utterly contemptible to believe I would jeopardize that, for something so worthless as money, or pride. It will never be so! Win or lose is not the reality/ duty is: life on earth, must not die!
Therefore the price of justice does come into view: wheresoever, the cost of bringing justice to society in all its various problems is just too high/ the realities of crime continue on.Now, in terms of justice for all of society: the question is, HOW do we insure FAIR PLAY, and fundamental justice FOR ALL?
The answer is: take control over business in society. Or more simply, insure as a society that everyone involved understands a specific contract/ has the means to establish the realities of that contract/ and provides independent review of that contract both before and after the work is done. But that is power, and power as attested too in another test of the code department in Champaign IL (in old cases) proves NO POWER is the best power. Let only truth, by its own reality, decide.
What then is truth, in each and every case that represents “civil law”?
Civil Truth is, as a society we must govern ourselves. That means: we must identify what is in our own best interest as a society governed by law/ and what is not. To achieve that, the courts built law and its prosecution on an archive of cases so as to present this is what was chosen before. Consequently it should apply here.
So the question is, what do we believe as a society is fair? Taking away that decision from employees of government: to decide for ourselves, with the plainest and simplest words, meanings, and methods that are possible.
To achieve that goal, with business and in other areas: the foundation rests upon requiring ALL THE PARTICIPANTS in a particular type of business to establish for themselves, a contract (same for all, doing the same basic work: with only the incidentals to be changed). They will then decide and describe what minium standards are, when a legal decision challenges, what must be done. With that standard, the banks establish an account that is not under the control of anyone on the contract: separate and independent/ standing alone. With all the money in it; with work stopping at the discretion of either side; should that money not appear, or fail to adjust for changes made. Or a decision to replace the contractor etc needs to be addressed. It goes like this:
1. I work properly/ you pay on time, without compromise or excuse: the bank holds all the money, and pays upon proof of fair demand. Nobody has control except the contract: it pays/ the court enforces as necessary.
2. No excuses.