The difference between a fool and a wise man is very simply: “a fool says, I knew it could not happen”/ even though all the evidence says it can. While a wise man says: “we cannot let this be wrong/ because the consequences are simply too extreme, if it does. Life cannot permit this gamble”.

SUPPORT, for your critical decision; a reality chosen, because our situation as a planet is grave. A statement identified by the evidence, rather than desire.

So, lets suppose that women choose to fight for this world as an army based in LAW, establishing the critical need for a different direction/ as is necessary for planet survival. IF YOU DO.

Then, some things are necessary from the very beginning.
1. YOU MUST NOT spend frivolous and useless time or effort as men do; letting pride decide a place or a time or a way. That is fundamentally WORTHLESS, and gains nothing for life.
To encounter this fact, and remove pride from the experience or expression of yourselves; it is functionally necessary to choose a place that is absolutely NOT allowed: “Aren’t we great”. This is a global effort, for global peace and purposes, and without ties to anyone, but me. Simply because I am the writer, and for no other cause.
Therefore we do begin there, and understand: simply coming here is preferable, because it removes that part of any and all decisions to be made. It is however absolutely necessary: that every nation of women should gather together in their own nations, and establish the foundations of what they believe within themselves as the most important realities and solutions for their time, for their desire, and for all life on earth. We CANNOT begin here; you can only gather to identify and create solutions gained and granted by women. Internationally demanding as fifty percent of the population on earth: that these few men in charge of weapons of mass destruction SHALL IN FACT, “SURRENDER THEM”. Along with the vast array of other developments and needs that must be decided upon if this world can survive. Every understood, fact of threat; must be investigated, and examined for truth and its consequences: DECISIONS must be made. Which means you vote, and accept the truth, “together you can change this world/ separate you cannot”. Its your choice.

2. YOU CANNOT spend your time arguing about frivolous things; as would be attempting to control the architecture of buildings, or any other assertion this is or is not representative of our nation, and other worthless pursuits.
To discard these things; it is essential that you work for life first/ not “dressings”. Therefore I will suggest to you, that there will be placed temporary buildings here on this property for your purposes. That are simple two lines of heavy concrete blocks set on the ground with 100 foot arches connecting them, and tenting materials covering them. Similar to these; (SOME options 1  2   3   4   5  6:   I could not find the design:    But my own preference would look too, a double arch/ or double v style:   one up and one down; tied together   creating a low arch  or v truss, building for heating purposes.  Towers using simple large stacked concrete blocks with cable anchors and cabling between buildings.  Cables create  the inverted arch or truss/ with more cables holding the upright arch or truss.  Fabric as can be done. )   Which will do no harm to the ground and are easily  installed or removed, and then sold.  There are simpler, cheaper options than these/ other than mine.

I suggest a flower arrangement to the buildings, so there can be no issues about who is close to who: such as a daisy might represent. Each peddle being a building surrounding a center area. Simple slabs of concrete put together in sections that can be loaded and unloaded to then become a walkway or a road later on. Simple piping laid on the ground and covered with sand becomes the heating surface for the building on each side with concrete in the middle; air mattresses for primary bedding. It takes only one major sewage line dug through the central area: with appropriate hookups; and a sewage slurry tank or other common description of “it drains here”/ and then into the ditch. That sewer line can then be used for field drainage purposes once the area is returned to its agricultural uses. Sufficient electricity is close by. Natural gas piping is a mile away/ but would require the grain elevator here be switched to propane. It would also have to be dealt with for noise; as you won’t be able to stand it, particularly in a wet year. That can be done.
There is enough of everything you need here/ so long as the men do not refuse to help create what you need prior to your coming. Offer enough money, and they won’t.


Above is considered to be “the female side of me”/ below is the male version.
Reality says; “it takes about a thousand men 6 months” to fully complete a base level temporary housing, and other developments required. On a scale that would be necessary for any real effect. That takes money, particularly if you hurry them.
That can’t begin fully, for at least one month; because communication must occur, money must be gathered (no loans allowed/ no debts will be incurred). Impediments such as leadership will try to be involved, and are necessary to a very limited degree: BUT WILL move, if they know a major amount of interest is real and coming. Etc/ etc/ etc.
A smaller, clear span 75 foot wide structure, would be better (considerably cheaper). Or it can be “post and beam construction”/ rather than an open span. Tents commonly used can be rented instead. All of which means: this is bare bones/ YOU MUST ACCEPT THE WORK IS WORTH THE PRICE. Or you won’t like it, and fail. Plus the ground will need some time to heal; which means after you leave a twenty percent reduction in production should be expected; which also has to be paid for. Etc.

In contrast: state fair grounds, and other installations, including abandoned factories/ colleges that are failing/ or a wide variety of basic meeting places can be found without much trouble. Or just plain sticking to the internet, can provide considerable exercises in “what can we do”. In a world of roughly 4 billion females; how you organize yourselves will matter.  If you believe you “have the money”/ the entire city of Los Vegas, would love to see you.  Not a good plan for the poor.  NOT possible to say “women only”.   They will intend to distract you; etc/ etc/ etc.  There is only work, here.  Don’t, come to play.
Coming together as one international group IS NECESSARY. Staying together until you have accomplished the reality required by this work: “We must save our planet”. CHANGE is required/ men have tried for thousands of years, and this is the best they did do. While a majority of women will also claim, “this is good enough”. The reality is: “a few more days” and population growth/ ignition of atomic fire/ nature mutilated/ resources gone/ water lost; ETC/ ETC/ ETC. Will prove, too late, is just too damn late. It is also too late for any single nation to begin working for the planet. We are literally down to the last days we have a chance to change; so says the evidence. Which means it is now or never, for all life on earth. Truth, will prove this correct. Reality already proves the solutions of men, have failed/ and are ready to collapse into all out chaos; “bleeding across this whole world”. The money is dead, the ocean will soon be barren; you have little time left.
Media does not like me/ they refuse to tell you even the cost of being wrong: when the university cult ignites atomic fire. They won’t say a word, not even when this entire earth, will become a sun; if the university is even a tiny bit wrong. If they won’t tell you that/ then you can’t depend upon them for anything; and they do know, internationally as well.

So, this “billion to one” whisper in the dark; is all that is left. Either you think and do something you can do; or we just wait, these last few days; “till the end, of humanity on earth”. The evidence need only be investigated, to prove this true. Make your decision. But understand there is no going back.   “JUST because this is little today/ DOES NOT mean it is without value”.  Diamonds are little!
If you do ask to come here in sufficient numbers, a highly unlikely event: I will do what I can for you. Women from the area, MUST be involved, as well as men: we work together/ until the time for women has come. Then no man is allowed: its “woman’s turn to try”.   IF you wish to contact me as a woman’s group, INTERESTED IN PURSUING THIS PURPOSE/    then you can write me a letter:  INSTEAD of a postcard.  Include an email address, because there could be significant postage expenses;   no matter how unlikely.

100-120 million more human mouths to feed over deaths; ADDED each year.  That equals another BILLION people, in less than ten years.  WE EAT LIFE,   “where you going to get it”? 

Ignition of atomic fire is a one time event: “unless a ten million degree fire” just extinguishes itself.

The university says: evolution comes from chaos/ so they are trying to create chaos on earth, by destroying genetic disciplines, order, balance, structure, and everything else we depend upon to survive, or even be human.  They believe they can play “god”/ by creating havoc.  “if they only had a brain”!

NO MORE RESOURCES?  NO more jobs/ just war.
THE LIST IS LONG/ AND EXTREME, with only one “thinking” conclusion: CHANGE, OR DIE.                   IT AIN’T NO GAME!