surviving change

SURVIVING CHANGE; “we cannot stay as we are”!

Humanity says: “I cannot change/ I have debts, I have needs, I have wants, I have people depending upon me, I WANT what I want; and unless you offer me “greater riches” I don’t want change. Unless of course “I have nothing now/ then I, demand change, so I can be “rich”. So, lets count all the “I’s” in that statement (11), and recognize the great impediment to change is YOU!

Critical to society is, the ability to get along with each other/ if not, “nobody cares”. Critical to society is, the decision to share/ if not, people are abandoned, ridiculed, judged worthless, and discarded. Critical to society is, the acceptance of law/ if not, people decide they are the law, and hate rises to consume them. Critical to society is, the relationship we share with resources/ if there are no resources, only war, or destitution and starvation remains.

These four realities govern living, and decide fate (no choice) or destiny (we chose); as people in nations, or as a world. So the true question of surviving change is: ARE YOU, going to choose your future/ OR, are you going to let the future choose whether you live or die or war? Its a choice: until reality takes hold, and truth decides no further chance for change exists.

These sites I provide have governed the cause for accepting change by examining the possibilities of what it means to be wrong/ what has happened to our future, because of university leadership, and the causes linked to complete corruption of everything we need, or desire to survive. It is pointless to continue that discussion. Learn for yourself/ think for yourself/ and accept there are NO second chances when many of these threats prove themselves to be true. Therefrom until reality takes hold, there remains at least a slight chance for change, until it is plainly too late now/ as is coming!

The ability to get along: IS determined by the critical knowledge, to be free within and of ourselves/ we must also allow the others, to be just as free, “as we”. If not free/ then enslaved. If enslaved, it is because “another” has claimed by whatever cause: to have power over us/ over me. Power is the demand: “I own this rule/ which YOU must obey”! Thereby if you break the rule/ THEN I can legally (with power granted by force) can take from you whatever I want.

So then lets review the reality of history, and accept its teaching: that the power of man is, “I CAN TAKE, whatever I want/ unless you can stop me”! The power of men is: “WE, CAN TAKE, whatever we want/ unless you can stop us! These two simple realities govern time, under the authority of men. So there came laws, to stop that. But then came governments to enforce laws/ and all the corruption of rules, by people who want power, and then take over governments to enforce their own power, greed, etc. Their claim is again: “you CAN’T stop us”.

To change history, and remove the authority & power of man & men from society and its life: WE MUST MAKE OUR OWN LAWS, simple and plain, so everyone knows “this is wrong”. Therefrom with corrected laws, and very limited rules: we rule ourselves as humanity, rather than men who pride themselves as winners; over us.

To get along, we must have fair access, equal treatment by the law, and justified opportunities for life in society, as is consistent with what we have done, and need to do. Or more simply: WE MUST SHARE LIFE AND SOCIETY with each other honestly and with respect. But that does not mean, without a grip on what each one contributes or fails to do. With men that is primarily about work: I HAVE NEEDS TOO! With women that is primarily about: THIS WORLD CANNOT SUSTAIN, more human beings/ the earth is full. Each truth requires a decision from the masses.

So we examine foundations, and conceive of sharing at its core reality: WHY do so many individuals not care, or share with each other? The reality is: “you are judged (power) worthless to me/ or a traitor/ or someone who will simply make me SAD”. So I don’t want you near! The second part (pride) is: I WANT to be recognized as “someone special; important”/ unfortunately, the only way that happens is if I make someone else LESS, than me. The third part is (greed): I WANT MORE for me/ so I am willing to use or abuse you, to get what I want.

These three govern the lack of friendships, and they achieve integration throughout society, by constructing themselves through educational venues: “learned in school”. In addition children are taught at home, and by the people they meet/ the realities they endure. Separate from these truths, are the instructions learned through male and female gender roles; HOW AND WHY we behave as we do/ the cost of letting your guard down, “to be vulnerable”.

So the decision is: TO BE FRIENDS, TO MAKE FRIENDS, TO LIVE WITH HONOR AND RESPECT/ requires the acceptance: “this has more value”, than pride, power, hate, or greed. To achieve or support that level of humanity, demands that you must accept life itself, is a miracle. If you do, trusting in your heart this is true: then we can be friends, because respect in inherent in that statement/ reality is “an honor to and for us all”/ while love for the life we have been given, grants time is an element which we give ourselves when free. Freedom, therefrom happiness; only truly comes with friendship/ because without boundaries that matter, chaos will come. Love exists, with boundaries that become secure.

Critical to society is “true law (made in support of life, peace, harmony, love, and hope”. Law is a deliberate decision to defend ourselves, by declaring what is important for everyone to obey. Laws are limits applied to behavior. Therefore behaviors are important. The constant behavior is: I WANT! The constant social demand is: I WANT MORE! The constant complaint of humanity is: I WANT, TO BE HAPPY! The constant reality of society itself is: SELFISHNESS. Therefrom the state of human society across the planet and throughout history is: want is the foundation of every lie/ and lies are the platform upon which all use, abuse, hate, and violence arise.

Therefrom we know: that to change society itself, and find peace through harmony: all WANT must be dealt with correctly!

To want means: “I believe, I should have this/ regardless of rights, merit, reality, or any cost to you”. MINE/ MINE/ MINE; give it to me now. So to achieve that state of intoxication, people surrender their lives to money. Money the conception is: nothing more than a number/ UNLESS someone else accepts that money or number, has an actual value attached. “your” Money the reality is: human labor, decision, and reality of resource as has been done by me/ for you. “my money” NOW REPRESENTS what you owe me in return! Real money establishes, what WE, owe to the future, and can take as a legitimate cause from our children. There is no work or money, without a resource/ true for the future too! So the law is used to justify what our behaviors are allowed to be: when the future is attacked, or the environment is attacked, or life is attacked. But it is not used, to consider what can or cannot be accepted as freedom: so long as you don’t force anyone else to accept the same. Freedom accepts the value of life, has its own decisions to make. While behaviors: “the things people do that are completely predictable/ because we know how this ends”; are formed under the rules of liberty. When we are all affected equally or realistically “too much”/ then we all have a right to say, NO this is too far. Realities of law and rules of liberty, ARE PARTICULARLY USEFUL AND VALID, when applied, and conformed: to leaders of every kind. To do that, we the people must make these laws and these rules for ourselves!

OUR WORLD, AND ALL ITS NATURAL PROCESSES AND RESOURCES/ do represent our ability to survive. Because without them, we literally cannot survive at all. NOT a question or a debate, IT IS THE SIMPLE FACT OF OUR LIVES!

Therefore when anyone threatens our world, or its realities of life as governed by truth: directed by “nature itself”. Then that person or group is a traitor or terrorist. It is that simple, and none get to say otherwise! Nature built us all. This earth protects and sustains us all. NO GAMES/ NO GAMBLING/ NO extreme RISKS: will be allowed with life or earth anymore! Whosoever refuses to obey that rule, that demand to be made into law: wil be killed.