the divisions

Elemental developments of the brain, indicate that our lives are built as a composite, rather than a distinctive definition. Therefore construction begins as a foundation upon which we establish the fundamentals of a life we choose from the parts and pieces that begin our own separation from time.

Time is the physical restraint, that is an action begets a reaction/ because apart from slow dissolution; energy cannot simply be dismissed, there are consequences. Those consequences are time! Which makes energy itself, the foundation of life. Therefore we begin with energy, and ask why is a force associated with life?
Force means, the law which governs change cannot be denied. Therefrom we come to law as the elemental expression of life itself, as life learns to accomplish and create a decision, as its own experience. That distinction is freedom, a relationship beyond the “ties which bind”/ to become a description of self.
Self is not a definition of simple energy, rather it confronts a decision, and selects a direction as the purpose of change established. Therefrom law is used or abused as the elemental expression of a freedom that intends to rule the law, instead of the law ruling that segment of life. So the question is; when we know, that law fundamentally controls survival, and all that life can critically be: WHAT is the purpose, of change that is inconsistent with survival?
The first division lives here. It is, to participate in the “darkness (not a color)”/ where law is not simply in control! So the question is: HOW can anything be conceived as “without law”/ thereby “dark, or within the shadows”? We return to force, and assemble the elemental truth: the most powerful force in this universe is cold. The absolute essence of cold is: to be without an energy of direction. Law has direction! Therefrom to be outside the development of that direction (in the cold) is to be outside the law and its influences. Life is the ability to choose a direction, within the limits and boundaries of its own truth combined as freedom participating in law. So then the critical first division of a human brain; isolates the purpose of law, as a definition against freedom. Freedom is a direct participant in happiness; which then constructs the essential human trait, that law is against my own happiness. Or, instead of law creating both life and survival/ humanity separates from both, to assume there is happiness wherever the law does not rule. Not true, as humanity, or more specifically men; prove again and again throughout all of history!
The question of happiness is then paramount to the existence of humanity/ as it turns away from life innumerable numbers of people. So we must ask first of this division: WHY should this be so? Then we must ask of this decision: WHY, are you not happy with life? We begin with division, the essence of a design, that limits our involvement/ “by our own decision”: with truth. Truth is the developmental creation of an environmental reality created by the design and direction of force. Controlled by laws, or its denial; truth then illustrates the consequences of force, and elevates the understanding of knowledge, by giving existence the summary effects; of a cause by proving its consequence. Or more simply in the essence of being human: we are demanded, to achieve knowledge, and create our own understanding by the eloquence, of a distinction called truth. This is the first path unto the creation of thought, and it is essential to the foundations which allow the potential of existence, called eternity. Thought requires decision based upon truth, and is governed by law; it is that simple. What is not simple in thought is the confrontation of happiness, within the simple validity that freedom does not allow the laws which control life to be discarded or disrespected. If you do that/ “you’re dead”. So the elemental trace of happiness throughout existence is: “either do what the law demands/ or die”. That is not considered in humanity to be freedom; therefore humanity rebels, lying about truth and law, to create its own version of time. That becomes unhappiness, as survival itself is tested over time; when humanity tries to “play god”. The law rules/ humanity does not: therefore the substantial breakdown of critical law (universal law/ not human law) on this planet is extinction. As is constant with humanity: when survival is threatened for all/ leaders lie even more, to hide the fact they failed completely. This is the darkness so called; because the elevation of light (we can see) into a directional definition of change, by which we can survive; is hidden. A constant of human history/ which then becomes war, as the answer of men is “lets’ go steal theirs”. No happiness there! Nor in all its little forms of criminal and righteous contempt.

The second division is: elemental participation in male or female reality! The brain is divided, the controlling interest decides what participation and body will be. Which does mean: every human being has both male and female elements/ the direction is chosen in birth, and fortified with disciplines that are required by living, “with different chemicals”. Particularly as these changes in body design, create a different place, and a different role for each, as male OR female. Each then retains a secondary influence, that is the alternate side of the brain.
What is substantially more important, than brain is: the influence of chemical design. Chemicals control a wide variety of experiences, and contribute to the base level effects of every expression. Therefrom male and female bodies not only look different/ they physically are different. These changes are elementally controlled, from birth; by specific lead in “brain devices”/ which control the chemicals being made. The chemicals are so different/ that simply injecting them into “each other’s body” does not illicit change; other than female chemicals in a male body are extremely potent, a disaster/ while it is believed male chemicals in a female body would have little effect.  (That information is not the result of ingestion/ injection/ or any other method. Rather it has constructed itself; as a spiritual reality with physical effects. Complicated, not for you!) Instead chemical change; is a battleground/ while sex is the exchange of chemicals between male and female, or what can be successfully shared. This is functionally; as a partition to human existence, one of the side effects is the potential of drug addiction.
Some choose to escape their body, by becoming a battleground, instead of male or female: chemicals begin a fight. Fight means: no one is in control! That establishes an escape, because there is no control in you; it seems like freedom initially/ but then turns as if an enemy, into the constant: “life is not for you”. Addiction is then, in three parts: initial lies expressing freedom/ fundamental constraint (you, have no rights) as in no control/ and ultimately the decision to fight for your life, or die.
Regardless of that, the essence of male or female resolves one specific behavioral conflict: to measure direction; which is male/ to conceive of direction, with patience; as is female. Each has benefits, each has consequences. How we participate with each other, and life; is then governed by the consequences of men. Who decide what they can have or do, by measuring the cost to themselves/ by war or other. OR, the consequences of female, who decide for a future without measurement, by asking what can we be, without war/ & generally, without measuring costs. The end result is: both man and woman need each other to complete the designation, in all categories: that “We are alive”, because of the contribution created by each other, in the shared appreciation that is life/ thereby inherently happy, with life.
We then again ask, what is happy? The answer being FAR more complex than it appears.

We enter the third division of life as human: to ascend beyond time, or not! This means, “being truly alive” requires a commitment to life itself. Human life is a composite of time, self, male or female, and truth. These create; A responsibility that cannot be given to anyone but you. Some will argue, “I have that/ am I not surviving”; that takes commitment and desire! That however is strictly a relationship with time, and does not confront the elemental need for truth or happiness as its result. When truth and happiness are assembled together, the result is “being alive”. Therefore we must examine the realities and relationship of truth to life, and its subsequent marriage to happiness as a result of accepting what the laws of existence require. Truth lives in law. Existence, as is the elemental rise above time, lives in desire. Survival lives in time! Do you see “the difference”?
Law is the essence and eloquent expression of what force (therefrom energy manipulated) can or cannot do. Life is the experience derived from truth, that gives us freedom to choose, and express ourselves. Self is a construction of either male or female; and the composite development that you have aided or abetted in that construction by choosing to design your participation (as best you can) in that environment. Trust is the difference between what is justice (earned), and what is a lie (stolen). Where there is truth, trust can follow. Where there are lies, tragedy in all its various forms can follow instead. Therefore the decision which separates this destiny of trust, from the alternate consequence of fate; is your decision to accept the elevation of truth/ or descend within the corruption of lies. It is, entirely your personal choice/ which includes accepting the lies of others, when a different decision can be made.
Within that maze, the subsequent borders and boundaries of male and female arise: because each participant in humanity is forced to choose between truth and lies. Therefrom happiness erupts when justice controls, because life is ultimately “happy”. While the effects of stealing from others, even if it is only a little; DOES have consequences which will ruin the fundamentals that give us “marriage”. Marriage is: the creation of a partnership between male and female that works to the benefit of both; because we shared, what only opposites can. The attraction of blessings (I could not alone), which then join souls. Soul means, I have accepted “MIRACLES” into my life, by design. The essence of nature combined in the human experience and expression of man and woman united. Not by sexual acts, but by truth, trust, love, and respect for each other that will not die. Death is the elevation of life/ the discarding of body: the consequence is a law that will not be refused. Therefore justice, as is the essence of what you trust to be true, come into your own existence. As a creature released from time, and its body; facing eternity.
Creation means: an identity, truth has formed. Creature means: an identity, your truth has formed.
Eternity means: an “energy” granted, to be yours!

The fourth division begins: wherein the elements of thought, rather than survival, control life. Not a suitable topic here.