LIFE, is a dimension.

The meaning of that is, “you must reach beyond yourself, to inherit time.” We then momentarily, alter the construction of even the faintest possibility that life on earth shall survive; with constructs that escape survival to ask why?

WHY, means: to conceive of destiny, or more simply participate beyond the terms of fate which are; “what will be/ will be”. To determine if we can make changes, which then influence or direct the future. Discipline and order construct a dimension, courage and respect value truth, which then becomes a dimensional trust within our relationship called thought. Thought is conceived as a myraid of methods, spiraling into a “tornadic envelope (going somewhere, dependent upon the forces that be)”; therefrom sucking in the definitions which become time beyond dimension itself.

Nonetheless, what you must achieve even to survive is a respect for life! The foundation of that relationship “with you”/ is an acceptance of the value every life represents. We then divide reality into the living and the dead. Because what has died inside, is just as worthless as a dead body. Life and living are the results of value achieved, accepted, and appreciated for the freedoms created, the decisions which allow that freedom to be expressed, and the relationships which bring about passion, love, desire, purpose, heart, courage, & trust. Death is hatred, beyond the levels of fear which present it as an option/ into the tragedies of personal decisions that reduce life to a measurement, and accept it can be “worthless, to you”. Death has no value, and should be separated from society; to live within its own grave.

Respect means: to honestly appreciate what “someone else” has done/ to appreciate and value, the resources of all kinds that give us our existence, our choices, and our right to proceed within our own purposes to experience or express time itself, as established in me.

Relationship means: to achieve the recognition of value, and accept its worth, by honoring that life, with your time/ the essence of your presence/ and the value of your help, respect, with shared purposes, through caring. It is a two-way street!

So we begin with the dimensional realities of what we do share as human beings on earth. Time is a presence, therefore it achieves “property development”. What has time takes up space, therefore it must possess what is required. What has time presents force, either internally or externally, energy is present. Property is the beginning of human development, which means: the depth or intensity to be achieved is entirely dependent upon the direction, and the clarity with which an action can be taken. To assemble an action, or accept a direction, a decision must be made. That deliberate decision is the basis of what makes us human. Life has an ability to sense freedom, regardless of its composition. Being human owns an ability to accept freedom, and use it to achieve an independent individual identity. Hatred is the enemy which sees an individual as a threat, therefrom every freedom attained within that seeks to destroy individuality; to prove power is “god”.

Consequently the search for human possibilities MUST encompass and elect to keep individuality at its core. While the enemy of everything human seeks to do the opposite; aligning and maintaining, the “herd”/ so as to remain predators, keeping their food supply contained for “easy access”.

Individuality means: I have become aware, the decisions of my life belong to me. I have accepted the consequences established by the decisions I make: DO share or extend the responsibilities I chose to take. I have honored or chosen: the path I cared to take. I have established a boundary between myself, and the decisions of “the herd”. I have chosen, the limits of my love/ my value/ and my expression by proving what has purpose to me, by the definitions of my own desire/ my own truth/ and the validity of my trust in what I own as a relationship with life itself.

Critical to individual development is the confrontation between the sexes. Contrary to simple survival, the value in accessing and honoring the opposite sex: are the possibilities that grow into passions/ the realities that expand internal expression into “beyond ourselves”/ the growth in sharing as a pathway to “better life”/ the elemental caring, that expresses and shares “I will help you”. Disciplines develop into trust, while trust itself becomes the bond we share; that cannot be broken, until that trust dies. Therefrom the most critical of all developments for the future of life itself as is trust: comes from the expressions and experience that join us to love.

Love reaches inside, to participate without boundaries. Love shares the experience of living, and therefrom removes the limits we place, to protect ourselves from harm. That desire owned, then becomes our environment, as is separated from all the rest of the world; except for those we do love, and who share with us their time.

These things are elements, which periodically rise to more complex methods of experience and expression so as to enlarge the development of our decisions, to a more elaborate composition approaching thought. Without love, the dimensional relationships needed to isolate time from life, do not exist. With love, the more intricate knowledges which expand discovery within ourselves; as a search into miracles beyond our comprehension do arise. As love itself shows us the way. Those things are not achieveable without the opposite sex/ even if they may be approached, by compositions developed through religion.

Religion struggles to achieve a discipline, which is then called “order”. Those who believe want what they want, and close the door to everything else, as irrelevant to themselves. That ends participation in thought. Consequently “a true believer” has failed the basic test of time: which is to create an independent identity! In contrast, those who accept the value and relationships identified as true, in you or us/ and grow to trust those values which anchor our lives into a relationship with that truth, by accepting trust in miracles. Have achieved an individual environment, separated from the herd. Life as is body, is lived alone: EXCEPT for love! The consequence of that reality is: to proceed beyond time, requires your participation in self. Self is not body or mind! True self is an identity created by what is true in you. As is the reality of “love combined, with the opposite sex”: what is true, what is shared, and why you care, determines the value created by your life. The possibilities which can be “given to you”.

Time is a participant with your body, and its mind. Time is an achievement, granting change when desired. Time is a relationship that cannot be undone, unless the body itself is abandoned. Time is measured to survive/ abandoned to live. Because nothing is more important than life itself: that reality does not live in body, rather it exists within the ability to recognize freedom. That freedom does not exist, unless it conceives of thought. That thought reveals, what the word “miracle” does mean: to you, inside yourself.