3 rules for dying


1. Everything about life, is a miracle/ we absolutely could not do for ourselves: proving GOD exists.

2. Everything about our bodies, our planet; and all that humanity can do; along with every other miracle on earth; is absolute proof of love. “It didn’t have to be”.

3. JESUS came proving what love, faith, hope, and courage were; even much more. Proving to be, MORE; than any other person who has ever lived. THAT fact proves we are not abandoned. That faith proves life is more than we comprehend. Making death; an experience, we should accept as more again; than we could ever choose for ourselves.

Dying means: life, passes on/ the body is discarded “for something more permanent”.
But DO, understand this: when life leaves your body/ YOU MUST enter within that life, and go with it immediately; or you can be left behind! Settle it in your mind.

Without death, none of us would be alive/ because the world could not hold us all. The children live, because the old must die. Time for another to take our place.


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