3 rules to prepare for dying


1. With faith, we have dignity. With life, we have hope in the miracles we inhabit. With the ability to think, we can understand: death need not be the end of living. It is only the end of a human body. Life is more than a human body. The body only represents time. Time, will be lost.

2. We understand life and death exist: because of our ability to think! The body does not think/ life itself, the recognition of freedom and a choice; represents “thinking”. Thought (I am more than a body); Recognizes we are ALIVE! Thought does not, a body inhabit: it is free, by choice.

3. Nothing has ever been more eloquently written, than the biblical words of JOHN 3: 16 “for GOD, so loved the world that he gave HIS one and only SON/ that whosoever believes in HIM shall not perish, but have eternal life”.
By mercy alone, can we enter into “heaven”! No one is worthy; simple as that/ we have all made mistakes. You are not judge, be repentant/ NOT proud. You do not know “GOD’S plan”.
NEVER forget: “ALL life, is a miracle”!


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