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Let’s talk tyrants.

Tyrant means: “I neither care, nor respect your needs, life, property, family, or anything else that is not; what I consider to be mine”. In its lesser versions, this is commonly referred too; “hey, its just business/ nothing personal, so don’t get upset, that I just trashed your life, property, or future”. Is it not up to each one, to prove they care?

Tyrant in this USA adds in: THE MONEY IS RULER HERE/ nothing else matters, including you. MONEY decides/ the law is worthless/ the courts are corrupted: unless the holder of money wants it to be different. MONEY decides/ whine all you want; vote all you want: there ain’t nothing, you can do about it. MONEY RULES HERE!

So, let’s ask the question: are they right (nothing matters but money) or wrong (life matters/ constitution matters/ law/ matters/ justice matters/ fair play matters/ equality matters/ etc)?
By court cases established through James Frank Osterbur: it is clearly true, that nothing matters to the powerful, than money. Today, and for decades past: the powerful among university diplomas, have found their money by counterfeiting ours. Consequently every form of power, in this USA is nothing more than a lie. So the truth of our situation is: there is no financial power left in this USA. So says the accounting sheet for the United States of America: federal reserve.gov/ look for table L.5 total assets and liabilities for the USA. “Its in billions”.

Nonetheless; what we look too next is law. All the major laws which control the powerful, and protect the citizen have been discarded or destroyed or government employees refuse to enforce them. Which is why all our economic enterprises have been collected, and are operated by a tiny few. Leaving us nothing, for life/ but to beg. Money won; bribes are powerful/ but human greed throughout society for the last fifty years has been monumental; to your shame.
Regardless: the question is CAN MONEY continue to rule our lives/ OR, CAN WE REMOVE MONEY from its powerful position, and take back control over our lives and nation through the enforcement of laws, and constitutional rights?
The answer is: we can indeed declare that the constitution SHALL be enforced. We can indeed declare ourselves as the owners here/ thereby having the authority to make the changes we see fit, as a nation through our vote, under constitutional law; as we the owners, interpret it honestly to be, or change it according to our desire. There is only one true change that needs to be made in order to take control over government: WE MUST, VOTE ON THE LAWS THAT WILL GOVERN OUR LIVES; OURSELVES! No more voting for someone to vote for me: I will vote only on the law itself/ that then rules my life, and yours. Simple law/ plain interpretation/ no excuses. With that, true democracy exists. First amendment constitutional law states: WE HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT, to redress of grievances; against our employees. Or more simply it means: we have the right to take our employees to court/ and demand an accounting from them; NO excuses allowed, including claims for fifth amendment immunity from testimony. It does not apply/ because you swore an oath to uphold the constitution above all other things. This redress then: is about whether in fact, you the employee, did or did not do what you were employed to do. Whether you betrayed us, or not. Let the evidence decide.
To take control over the money: we need to do two distinct things. First, to tie the currency to the population count of citizens: so much per person/ that’s all. Stability is achieved, when you know just how much money is fair: because divided equally, we would all have this amount. So you know, where you stand.
Second: limited capitalism is a vote to decide periodically (so we can adjust), just how much income anyone is allowed to take. Just how much the minimum income anyone who works is going to receive. That includes property. But it does not include how long it takes to earn the income: earn it in a day/ you just don’t get anymore for a year. Your income, is what you take out for yourself; and it shall not be hidden in investment. Once a year whatever your accountant says you received, sold or not; shall be accounted as “income or loss”. In democracy we HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT; TO ENFORCE THE LIBERTY OF OUR DECISION: TO PROTECT OUR OWN PROPERTY AND INCOME RIGHTS. Therefrom you shall NOT take more than “your share/ by vote”. So the rest of us, can be RESPECTED for our work too.

2: as to the foundation realities of claiming the legal right to govern business and industry through democracy. The value of a law is paramount to the truth of any or every society. What you give yourselves to use, decides your fate as a nation.

So, let’s review what is to be valued in terms of money, business, and society. The easiest way to do this, is an example.

I will use the grain elevator at a small town in Illinois as this example.
Previously, in this small town; the ebb and flow of the community was “simple and plain”. The elevators took care of the community/ the community took care of the elevators; everyone was happy. Then came farming chemicals; which made grain farming EASY. Then came livestock antibiotics, which made livestock farming much easier as well. So the tragedy of greed soon consumed the farming and rural community; because now, extreme greed could not only take over farming because of chemicals/ it did. Causing well over fifty percent of that community to be cast aside. The elevators sold to an outside interest/ and may or may not have been bought back by the current manager. Who clearly wants to be “more”. Just like all the farmers; HELL NO, I won’t share or care, “its just business”. Big ain’t big enough; etc.
There is a caveat to this story. Because the USA is bankrupt/ they sold the railroad line from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian government. That meant: they transport our grain too/ BUT they don’t want no damn little spur lines that used to hook all the little elevators to the rail service, that we did have. All gone/ so now every elevator not on the main line; has no access to a rail car. That means some elevator situated on the rail line: needs to ship the grain for the others; because they must now truck that grain to the shipping elevator.
So, we review one of these main shipping elevators to assess, what is fair?
Prior to these changes; each elevator was a community affair. After these changes: the outer line elevators will soon be extinct/ the little towns removed of their tax benefits. It is no longer a community affair/ or a community elevator. In this example the elevator has built extensive railroad spurs to accommodate an entire one hundred car grain train. Which now comes empty at night (to divide the town, from traffic flow), and loads in 4-6 hours, then returning to the gulf in an endless procession as grain is sold. Very efficient/ its true.
But lets look at what is also true for this or any other small town in the same situation. Or any town, village, city, etc; subjected to “more invasion; than is fair” for us!
Without ANY citizen discussion to inform the people of the realities involved: “the army of, a shipping purpose”/ simply invaded the town. Changing a community grain elevator, into an industrial elevator. Changing the town as well. Not to worry, they gave a few pennies more in tax/ but nothing compared to the cost: personal health lost/ personal property devalued: soon to be known, because of the noise levels that now exist.
So lets look at the change first, and apply it to all realities involved: simply because this is JUST ONE, of the costs of the policies and realities; that the employees of US government counterfeiting our money, and throwing us into actual bankruptcy has brought. One trillion dollars, is ten thousand dollars, per each and everyone of one hundred million people. Which is the approximate workforce of this USA without immigrants.
So lets look at change as a reality. Every one hundred car train is equal to roughly one million bushels of grain being shipped. Each grain car is standardized at roughly ten thousand bushels each. A semi truck hauling a legal load: is equal to 800 bushels. That means it takes 1250 trucks, dumping their load/ and all the conveyors necessary to load that grain into bins, and then move that grain from a bin into the railroad cars. Plus all the fans used to aerate the grain while in storage.
One square mile is equal to 640 acres. In this area the grain yield is approximately 200 bushels corn at best/ 60 bushels beans divided 50/50 between corn and beans. So per acre lets say its one hundred and thirty bushels on average. For some it’s a little more. For many it is a lot less for the county I think its about 80 bushels for both. Nonetheless at 130 bushels per acre, one million bushels is 83,200 bushels per square mile. That equals an area of 12 square miles per one train. At 80 bushels per acre that equals 51,200 bushels per square mile. Which then equals 19.5 square miles of farm ground per one million bushel train. The reason this is important: is to determine just how large is the area, that an elevator is shipping for. As a community, the foundation for drawing a line has been the school district: or, this is our community! Therefrom anything beyond the square miles for your community school district is shipping for someone else. My ears tell me, roughly 100 trains loaded through the elevator next to me; at this little town last year. At: An average of one train per 15 square miles: that means this shipping elevator loaded grain for 1500 square miles of farm ground/ that equals 1,875,000 trucks. And they have now increased their railroad spurs to accommodate more. “Truckers are happy/ so are farmers”; but lets review the reality for people living in town, or around it.
To determine just how many trains are shipped; you can count them, or you can request for a legal information release; although you may have to file some type of legal claim. Regardless of that, in determining what has really been shipped can be functionally determined by the utilities used; you can read the meter yourself, over a definable period of time.
So the question is: if its necessary, to claim a violation of rights/ because we the citizens of this town have been invaded and betrayed: what are the grounds?
2a) One of the major changes is: now a railroad town/ usually with 3-4 locomotives at high idle with 6500 horsepower each; to fill the cars. 4 locomotives = 26,000 horsepower. And the sound waves do travel far/ at low idle just three can affect me “with tinnitus” at 5 miles. “More than a little noise”.
B) the minimum noise level for a loading train at 1.5 miles from the elevator is about 20 decibels. The maximum noise level for the elevator with all fans running, while drying with just one drier; at 1.5 miles is roughly 80 decibels. You can get an app for your smartphone to determine decibel levels/ I don’t have one. Drying season is: highly variable/ from a week, to nearly 3 months of continuous 24 hour a day drying if everything is wet. Added to that, are the farm fans which surround the town; for this area, that adds another 40-50 decibels in a wet year. Farmers usually won’t go beyond a month of drying. So the inundation of noise is high; and I live at 1.5 miles from this particular elevator.
C) people inside their homes, believe they are relatively safe from the noise; because it is considerably less/ however they must stay in their homes because of the noise. Other Business is affected. Unfortunately noise is not simple or truly gone. Because I have tinnitus; I know, that the major damage of noise is in the higher frequencies, even beyond what some people can hear/ not as much the low rumble. It goes through buildings easily. Tinnitus is a handicap; I cannot tolerate most computers for long/ cannot tolerate some flourescent lights/ many vehicles/ etc. Once you go past the point of no return: life, and the ability to earn a living changes dramatically. Noise is also responsible for secretly invading family and married life; because it does affect you after awhile/ and people become irritable; work, and home repair, etc suffers. Noise can make you deaf: while the railroad was installing more track this year, over two nights; I went deaf, or all but deaf in one ear for two months before it returned this summer. Deaf is NOT simply “can’t hear the birds sing/ which are nearly gone from this area”. It is far more aggressive: I have been deaf for a short time. It means, you cannot hear your body work either. You cannot hear your heart beat/ lungs breathe/ blood move, etc. It is really quite isolating: changing the view of eyes from a panorama of light surrounding me, to a far more narrowed look through the windows of the eye, from a place in complete darkness. A very big change! Which does mean: too much noise is a very BIG deal. So much so, it is unwise to have children who are even more vulnerable in the area. So say I, a person damaged by noise; it can be very harsh; as in “your smoke detector going off, at about 70% volume: glued to both ears for weeks at a time. The only thing that can make it better: IS DISTANCE. A reality NOT to be found in drying season during corn harvest.
The farming community has hearing problems; statistically, primarily because of grain drying. They must run or the grain goes bad; not up for debate.
What is up for debate is: the amount of noise anyone is allowed to make for any lengthy period of time. Everyone/ every machine: CAN be required to stay within 5% of the noise levels made by better manufacturers! How is that different than in cities? The court says: we will evade and deny the issues of noise in all concerns; because the powerful people have control, and they don’t want anyone protecting life or people first. MONEY IS GOD; That is the reality.

So then we have identified change. Established why the change deserves to be addressed. And now explore what can be done without the courtroom. Because liars/ thieves/ bastard’s and whore’s control the courtroom. THE CONSTITUTION CANNOT, be banned from a legal case/ nor can the law itself: that is treason. Society itself is imprisoned: because the lawyers, who are judges as well, pampered themselves with extortion, through criminally taking over the cry for justice: WITH WE WILL BANKRUPT YOU, THROW YOU IN PRISON: for pretending you have rights. Damn fool! Then we get to lawyers who spend five minutes on a case, and charge for “ten hours”; etc. A judiciary which lies in wait, to claim contempt: when that contempt is their own for the law, for society, and against justice, or even protection: for life. Corrupt on nearly every count, case after case.
So what can WE THE PEOPLE DO?
The answer begins with a clear definition of eminent domain: legally it reads “an inherent attribute of sovereignty”. So let’s discuss DEMOCRACY, AS IN WE THE PEOPLE RULE OURSELVES, by the laws we make! Our government is the constitution; simple and plain, we do not hire “kings or queens” who pretend to rule us. Rather the constitution is quite clear: WE THE PEOPLE DO, rule our employees, by making them swear an oath: to the constitution first! LEGALLY: THE CONSTITUTION rules/ our employees do not.
So we search the constitution for our consent as the governed under democracy and its law, that the constitution rules over our employees. That they must do, as the constitution says. Or more simply in this case: WE THE PEOPLE are the owners/ therefore in accordance with the constitution: WE ARE SOVEREIGN over our nation. Which does give us the right, to intervene on our own behalf. In this situation there are rules governing: how much noise, per hour/ does it take to do damage to a human ear. Look it up.

The current time required to load a train has gone from 4-6 hours/ it now takes 8-12 hours. Plus the amount of time grain is transferred to prepare. Trains now commonly come in at about 8:00 at night, and block the only road going through town until they are done. Housing has become hard to sell/ which means the price will or has gone down. Business has closed. People are getting hearing aids; and the fundamental reality is, this invasion is not un-similar in many respects to a blitzkrieg. Or we have been invaded: “We will take whatever we want/ you pay: WE absolutely don’t care”. Because its all about money. The town has been changed from a small business center, to an industrial site; with no true or significant warning this would be so. Making everyone pay, but the very few who benefit. No intent is suggested, the owners/ managers here expected to do great or significant harm: they just want money, power, and pride! Nothing more, “isn’t that like everyone else”? The reality however, whether intended or not: is absolutely clear. This is an unwarranted invasion of an entire town and its surrounding area. No longer a peaceful community/ now, merely an industrial annex: do you see the difference? Democracy says: “We all matter equally”. Therefore we look to the constitution for legal, fundamentally proven true, advice. To find in the fourth amendment our legal protection can be derived from these words: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated. Our town/ our environment has been seized; against our will, in violation of our legal right to be protected. In violation of amendment 7 which states: “In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved….”
When contested, the powers that be will insist: “We are free to do anything we want to do/ and that includes building an industry and protecting it from those who were invaded; or, “they had their chance” and blew it themselves. By, Letting the industry be built!
Legal realities however prove: “Freedom isn’t free”, for instance you cannot rob/ maim/ murder/ or commit any other malicious act against another person or people, without legal ramifications. To criminally trespass over the boundary lines of a property, and invade the lives of another on their personal property, with force as has been proven sufficient to do harm, against their lives. GRANTS LEGAL PROTECTION MUST BE FOUND, in accordance with the union called America or this state of IL. Their constitutional demand as a people is: “We the people …..in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.”

So then we look to eminent domain; and ask as a small town in control over its own destiny: to protect our hearing, and our property/ from those who have so clearly trespassed over the line, to invade our lives. Can we decide among ourselves: if a grain elevator or others MUST limit themselves to a realistic amount of noise/ so as NOT to harm the humanity that they chose to invade? The answer is of course yes, we have every right to protect ourselves, from all enemy trespass or invasion of our lives. And the constitution says: that we are entitled to demand those in government employ MUST LEGALLY give aid, to our need. It is an invasion/ without true or significant warning.

The second phase is: regardless of eminent domain. The foundation of illegal harm, is to knowingly assault and batter with a weapon. That weapon is noise beyond US GOVERNMENT compliant rules/ trespassing beyond private property lines. Which do establish: my ears, my health, my family, my job, my future; are at risk!
To substantiate that risk: a small town would be advised to seek out hearing professionals/ and create a foundation hearing profile per person: to either prove hearing loss, or not. Over the years, what changes? Lawsuits are easily created when you prove: this is responsible, for damaging my life. THEY KNEW/ and yet they did it anyway. How is that not so?

We then come to reality itself: as every farmer/ etc; will tell you, “YOU WANT FOOD”/ then you let me do what I want! Don’t interfere, unless I want you. Again wet grain does NOT store/ it must be dried, and shipped. But the variation in fans, and machinery which do this; varies from 10 decibels to about 110 decibels for the very same job. Louder ones are cheaper/ so they have massive numbers. They can be changed.
In addition: putting the fan inside the grain bin itself/ would greatly reduce the noise of an elevator much more. That consists of suitable tubing to exhaust or intake air, and its supports; a bit more. But entirely affordable/ and the arrangement would make drying or cooling grain much more efficient. Sensors in the bin stop the guessing. Concrete or other enclosures for containing or limiting noise at its source are required. Trains cannot sit at idle, they must turn off. And so on; excessive noise exists: because it has been allowed too long. The failure to spend a few pennies more; means entire farming communities now share “ear damage”/ without a justifiable cause.
In addition: unless the noise can be greatly reduced/ and the town accept a new arrangement: WE GET PAID TOO. MORE elevators along the main line must be built. That would greatly reduce the environmental impact of trucking great distances/ and share the load required by change in agriculture and railroading.


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