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A simple addition, to the site.

Concerning trial:    James F. Osterbur vs state of IL case 14SC000002: a surprise came recently.


The failure to notify me of a verdict in that case by the courthouse/ has caused a bill collector to present me with this consideration. Apparently I won something in a verdict. Money, so called (even though it is counterfeit); was added to trial as a means of determining IF: any level of justice was attainable within the state courts? As it is easier to give away than justice. In federal court; they could not find even this simple delusion of something other than themselves.

This is my reply; no response to date:

po box 320, Amboy IL 61310-320
815-360-5200 Office- http://lyonscoello.comfrom:
James F. Osterbur
2191 cr 2500 e.
St. Joseph IL 61873RE: letter 4/ 4/ 16
case file 14 SC 00002
I am interested in how you expect to collect from a state of IL, that is clearly bankrupt, and without funds to even pay its lottery debts; as these represent nearly all profit/ so it makes no sense at all to not pay them. Nonetheless, that is of less interest, than the potential to collect.Regardless, I do expect a full disclosure from you regarding the amount I may expect/ the reality of your time allotment (how long). Options to hire you to collect for me, instead of assigning judgment to you. The percentage of the judgment you expect to collect; with regard to this work, or your opportunities to enforce the judgment. The potential is real, that I may turn this over to you.I also demand, a simple copy of the judgment itself, so that I may be assured we are talking about the same thing. I deal only in written copy, with personal signatures.

It is a practice of the court, to discard or disgrace any trial that is not consistent with its purpose; as is, to protect the wealthy, powerful, and proud from the law, justice, and our own democracy. Therefrom, the lack of a verdict in the above trial, was a discard by me/ as there is nothing legally assigned which any individual can do, if no judgment is made; including appeal. It just ends. Noted, is the reality in this trial; at least the judiciary did try a little bit to uphold law/ couldn’t do it, as the trial functionally had nothing to do with money. But the general public, when forced to choose between their own interest and public justice; is no better. Just how it is!

   No appearance by the Plaintiff pursuant to notice. Defendant appears by counsel.  Defendant's Motion to Dismiss is allowed. Cause dismissed with prejudice on jurisdictional grounds. Judgment is entered in favor of the Defendant and against the Plaintiff and for costs. On Defendant's motion, the Motion for Sanctions is withdrawn.

I now recall this case and its ending:  the court summoned me to appear for the beginning of a jury trial at 2:30 in the afternoon.  The court retires at 3:00!  Which meant, there was absolutely no legal proceedings, and no trial coming.  That could only mean it WAS without doubt, a setup:  to declare me in contempt/ regardless of any action or reaction I might make, including being silent.  Contempt means:   you have to beg the judge for forgiveness, and promise whatever he wants;   OR you get to stay in jail for years, without a trial/ and without an option, and without any form of justice.   As is consistent with judicial corruption, tyranny, and treason.  The reality being:  since they could not legally defeat me/ they chose another route.  Read the case;  in court cases.
Apart from the endless tragedy of human behaviors, that will end in our extinction from this planet/ because you refuse to accept reality or its limits. Or work for life, instead of simply self.
 Remains the reality of nature and how it has kept all live living on this planet: essentially every species, creates an abundance of itself/ which means balance is only created by giving some of that abundance to death; allowing the “best of the species” to survive and reproduce. That is nature’s way. Unfortunately men changed that, in thousands of ways/ ending all balance on earth. We are now faced with the conclusion of that, which is to choose for ourselves; what lives or dies, simply hoping to survive. Because if we don’t choose better/ everything is soon to be extinct. We live, because other life lives/ they die, when we take away too much, for them to survive. Their loss, is our extinction too!
 Regardless of the reality, you have failed life on earth; nothing is more clear of this than, allowing experimentation to bring atomic fire here.
 Questions remain, about what is fair in life! Even though it does not matter; because we are all dead, without true change. I have elected to force the issue of overpopulation; by allowing a cat population to expand here, where I live. Now, or soon: SOMETHING, will have to be done. Because they eat more than allowed/ and feeding them without a proper conclusion will just increase that population until wholesale slaughter begins, or disease takes them.
 The righteous, and those who believe, all say: YOU can’t kill them/ YOU are responsible for feeding them until they grow old and die/ YOU can’t use them for food/ YOU can’t do anything, EVEN though a large portion of the problem simply “Immigrated” here. They say, the proper method is to get them neutered, and then pay until they die. Yet I don’t wish to keep them all/ I have no need to keep them all; and better uses for the food, and the money, are easily found. I do regard all life as important, however the reality of environment, the essence of diversity, and the consequences of “too many of these”; governs truth. Nature has a simpler way, it sends a predator.
 So let’s discuss reality: If I can give them away/ or sell them as livestock, then the problem disappears. Nobody wants them so far! The consequence of men and there poisons, the reality of men and the endless parade to destroy every habitat of nature for some other form of life; has left this area, with little of any other life but humans. It is a green mutilated (poison them all): “desert (no resources for anything but a tiny few)”. So predators, for anything not a pet; are not needed either.
 If I exterminate them, the righteous will be at my door claiming cruelty to animals, and I should die/ or be put into prison because I didn’t care enough. Even though as every trial presented proves: its YOU that does not care enough about an entire world going extinct. “Not a pennies worth”, is your choice. Nonetheless, the courtroom is ultimately nothing more than a weapon for the noisy, or the powerful; and has very limited expressions or intent, for justice. Or as the righteous will always tell you, when reality does not serve their purposes: NATURE is wrong.
 If I lock them out of their “securities (the buildings which protect them from coyotes)”; likely it won’t be long before the only creatures which survive the onslaught of men here, which is coyotes. Will soon solve the problem.
 So the question is: WHAT would be better? NO, I won’t be buying sterilization for them all. NO, I won’t be feeding them all until they die. That leaves us with: WHERE can they go? A livestock market, which includes using them for food products is an answer. The righteous can come collect them, but as wild cats; the majority will be killed, because they can’t all be fed: so much for righteousness. The only difference is, the righteous feed them to worms, or dump them in the garbage, or even burn them consuming fuel, oxygen, and creating pollution/ instead of using the carcass for food.
 It will be the end of summer, before this gets serious. Think you have a better plan: come get a cat. Is that forcing you to make a decision you don’t really want to make? Welcome to reality.
 So, lets expand to the reality of people; and understand this world is filled, and can hold very little more. As is consistent with your methods so far: worshiping delusion, won’t solve nothing. Worshiping the cult of university knows: IS, what brings us to extinction. Worshiping fantasy, as is leadership in America; WILL end with horrors and hell/ the day comes quickly. Devaluing humanity is where hate begins/ and violence, mutilation, and then cannibalism follows. Continuing failure means: WAR. Discarding reality as is consistent with media; is living in the cemetery, waiting to die. Etc/ etc/ etc. So, I chose to give the cats here a few more days; because life itself on earth, has only a few more days left. Apart from all the other evidence proving this is so; NOTHING is more apparent of that. That trying to ignite the same fire as is on the sun here; a fire that burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer. FOOL is not “a big enough word”.

So then, for the few who survive with a soul; I offer you this little advice. Life is a creation of thought, but heart is the decision that lives within the truth of your own desires. It is desire that makes life worth living. It is your choice, to conceive of and create the desire which gives your life purpose, that lives inside as value. It is value, the essence of sanity that lives in or as happiness, inside yourself. Accept what you can do has limits/ do what you can do, until it is clear this has no purpose any more; regardless of what others tell you. Your relationship with GOD is determined by your desire, as it gives passion to hope, and creates in you a destiny beyond “simply self”. Where eternity lives!

Just talking: its true, that those who thirst for power and pride, can and do at times; declare war prior to an election. Because then they say, “we CAN’T, have a change in leadership now”.
It would be particularly unwise, not to remember “Murphy’s law” (if it can go wrong/ sometimes it does). The courts are a disgrace/ juries are substantively a disease (made so, by the judiciary, and the fantasy beliefs caused by, “university knows”). Leadership continues to believe they can play god and counterfeit, corrupt, lie, cheat, and steal. The universities want to exterminate life, and prove that everyday. Religion simply does not care about life, “these want what they want”; and for the majority, that does not include respect for anything other than greed, power, or pride.

To your shame, the vast majority simply surrenders this entire world; all, believing “not in my lifetime/ so I need not care”. Eternity will reward you accordingly/ I promise it is so. Believe it or not, makes no difference “to truth”.

Since this is a momentary return to the site, I will add the following descriptions below: life lessons, rules for mental structure, and this tidbit of me.
Life lessons:
In the disciplines of life, there are certain principles that make all decision much more simple! Therefore these should be taught to the young and embraced by the old.
1. Without honest and true sharing (at every age), people do separate into “their own little worlds”; leaving the others behind.
2. The critical path to every relationship is respect/ without that truth leading the way, there is no relationship. Any exception to this fact means ulterior motives exist.
3. The fundamental element of love is trust, because without the securities of accepting this one will never hurt me/ will never, choose against me; there is no basis for love. Friendship is the best you will ever do.
4. Every “Human involved” decision is built upon one of three realities: survival first, which means this has nothing to do with you, and is entirely selfish. Love, which means my life, my hope, my existence, and my desires are equal to yours; we are safe inside where truth exists. Or, hate: which means I have devalued you into worthless, and can now do to you whatever I would to “to the trash”. Survival can combine with either/ but love and hate never combine; it is a lie! One must live, while the other must die; they do not live together.
5. Caring is the distance between hearts, that we desire to inhabit our lives. Caring is, at its core the acceptance your life is valued by me. While desire is at its core, the very design of life itself. Desire constructs the constant core, that is your love or hate. Therefore it is, the essence of your truth as an individual life. Desire means: the purpose of my passion/ my life, is on display.
6. Thought constructs the elemental presence of freedom, without freedom there is no true happiness. Therefore thought is a discipline, balanced by order, which attains truth by seeking the evidence of truth itself. What is true in you, then decides the level of your own happiness. Because freedom without boundaries, has no value.
7. Value lives in the blessing of foundations which grant the opportunity to experience and express the very essence sustained, by our acceptance of life itself. Value recognizes the sanctity, security, and stability of where thought designs our relationship to eternity, and conceives of soul. Soul translates “miracles” into truths beyond our comprehension/ so that we may understand; something more than humanity lives within us all.
We add to these things: that sex is a powerful progression of participation between the sexes. Because it is, the very basis of why we need each other to survive, and be happy. That said, it is ultimately the decision of each one to understand: with knowledge comes responsibility. Because when these decisions exist; what has been done, cannot be changed. Lives matter, including your own. Sex is good, because it is nature’s way! Sex is bad, when used for human lust (I just want to use or abuse your body). The difference is: when we love each other, nothing is more important to me, “than you”. The difference is: to value or be valued means, mistakes will be made on all sides. The difference is: young or old, the values of life and the realities of living construct our very existence, and contribute to our eternity as well.

Life is life, that is not the same as humanity is humanity! The difference is: life knows nothing but reality by its truth. While humanity knows nothing but its want. Only when truth decides, does love truly exist/ want is the foundation of all lies. Even so, freedom is freedom, and it cannot be discarded without doing harm to life itself. Tolerate each other, as best you can. The barriers we face or erect, are definitions which create war. War is not about life/ it is about men.
Simply participating, in my own way.
James Frank Osterbur

rules for mental structure:
Within the realities of our time on earth, are the examples of what it means to lose our grip on the finite relationship we have with our bodies.
Life itself, is not a body image. Rather life in time, is an abstraction achieved through our ability to control the mass that is our body, and accept the various relationships that body has with energy as its core existence. We are, a participation with energy as life. Energy is not life, but without energy neither are we life: they “walk hand in hand”.
Energy is a multi-layered event, as is seen in a variety of things: energy at rest exists/ energy in motion exists at a different level of reality. Within our bodies is energy derived from chemicals as is the structural capacity formed through biology and its elements. Within our bodies is life, an entirely different form of reality, not consistent with mass or its motion. Nonetheless, here we are looking at the basis of our communication with body.
Body is defined by its mass, while life is defined by its freedoms. Thought is one of those freedoms, and it directs the definition of body, by making decisions which become our destiny (I chose) or fate (I must). What is critical in our relationship with body, as a translation of our thought; is the reality of dimensional participation. We cannot conceive of life, beyond the boundaries we alone set for our world of personal existence. Therefore the boundaries we set, become the transcription of what we did or did not conceive of, or accept; from time as a human being. Time is the development of our decisions, into a definition that becomes our participation with life. That is important because what we choose, has a direct impact upon who we are.
The failure to expand beyond simply self, is to choose other than: “this is about me/ not life itself”. The failure to include others, so they may expand themselves, also: Has consequences! Each scenario is varied, and can be extreme; to an individual life.
Apart from realities other than personal decision, which do intervene in every life; are the consistent core values that each individual will depend upon for their own structure of purpose and desire. These give life its substance in time. Consequently the failure of those core values, causes a descent in bodily time and motion. Because without structure, the human body cannot rise. Structure is not built with mass. Mass is merely “a brick” to build with. Structure is the elemental rise of energy, beyond simple existence/ which is then capable of achieving motion beyond time. Here, thought participates, but it is a relationship with soul that decides how far you may travel into creation itself.
This is a distinction conceived for those whose bodies are failing them. Or more carefully defined, the consequence of bodies that fail, through “mental” rather than physical problems: lose their abilities, because of a failure in core principles.
So we then look to the rules, and assemble the principles of why the body needs mental structure, how the body loses its participation with time, and what can be done to reassemble disciplines in order to achieve balance/ therefrom a better life.

The rules, pertaining to core values are:
1. LIFE IS, an extreme gift that cannot be measured, even when reality, or decisions; have been unfair/ or unwise. True, because no one can achieve or create a life for themselves; it is entirely a gift, and nothing less; presented to each one. Which means: not even the richest man in the world can do anything, buy anything, or achieve anything with regards to life itself. Making us all equal! Men & women measure people, to their shame. Only hate, is judged by law. The rest is freedom, and its truth. In contrast of this is our need to identify and measure truth, love, and respect; because these are elemental to value.

2. The value of love is beyond description, as it conceives of a life that is “consumed by joy, happiness, and endless hope for all good things”. Only the slightest moments of our time, as human beings granted love, can achieve this. The vast majority fail. Because so few are worthy of trust, and every failure of integrity or caring or sharing destroys the path that grants joy itself. Lies are “like a guide, who says NO, don’t go here; choose hate instead”. Death is not love denied. Death is our dimensional relationship with time/ time ends. Love lost, is the truth of what “this love” meant to me. A treasure held close, will not be torn away easily. Therefore accept reality (remembering happiness), by opening the door to “new life”. Death claims us all/ eternity then begins.

3. To fear is to lose life, by casting it adrift; thereby letting others decide your fate. Accept your reality, learn from truth, and defend yourself; as best you can.

4. Loneliness, is your decision to let miracles descend from “our relationship with GOD”. By assuming, nothing in life or about life, has value to me anymore. Never forget the truth of our lives: “not by any human hand or brain, do we exist”. Rather love as is exhibited in our own design, throughout every miracle and environment of life and planet proves: GOD EXISTS ! IT IS JESUS, that proves, “we are NOT forgotten”. Thereby when confronted with human failures, when discarded by human ridicule, contempt, or whatever comes. Simply remember: The balance of proof in nature itself; by far, proves love did all of this. That foundation, outweighs all other testimony of tragedy, and lifts the soul who does the best they can, to new heights. Regardless of the others, or their judgment! Be happy, you are loved/ unless you refuse it.

5. Death, is the dimensional end of mass as a body alive. That means, the body no longer has the ability to use energy, and therefrom achieve its freedoms in time. Time is a measurement, achieved through the distance we exist. Time is not an energy/ rather it is a directive: participation or the lack of it, will do this! But not this. The quest to conceive of eternity, is not built upon time. Time, in terms of life; is a description, that teaches truth by definitions created from reality. Therefore what we learn as life through time; is dedicated to preparing us, for change. Energy is “a multi-layered” event. Nonetheless, we will NOT discuss the layers of life, or its foundation principles in thought!

6. Religion is not a core principle/ it is merely a reflection of what men have given preference in their attempts to deal with living and death. With some elements of intervention, in aid of life itself. As would be JESUS for instance. Functionally that means: you CANNOT simply believe what you are told by religion, and expect eternity to be kind. It is not so! Rather just as death is an individual experience/ so is eternity. Your religion does not die with you/ you die alone. However that fact asserts: what you believe to be true in your religion will have an effect on your ability to cope with the spiritual world. Which means you must prepare yourself for that experience/ by understanding what is true in you, rather than your religion. Your religion does not live, or die/ YOU do. Choose for yourself, or be sorry! The layers of energy which envelope us, are a key to that purpose.
Time gives us existence, but to rise above existence and search for life beyond self. We/ you must abandon survival (isolated self), and accept the limits and boundaries of what is truth in your own heart, and therefrom trust the conception of disciplines on the edge of life or death. Because we cannot conceive of what is beyond self, without confronting death. Death is no game!
Energy limits life in time: “this far/ but no more”. Therefore to construct the elevation of time, beyond humanity; is to achieve participation beyond those limits that are set to keep you safe. Where energy rises beyond that boundary; life or death has an entirely different meaning. It is truth, and truth alone, which does present trust; that makes “the spiritual world” passable. What you trust, or desire most; defines your participation here. If you fear/ you die, or return as schizophrenic; which means, life has no anchor.

7. My desire here is, to give you confidence; to grasp a different discipline, than just “trying to remain in the herd”. Or more simply; “if we all make the decision to do something/ then surely we can’t all be wrong”. Not so, as is so plainly proven by the evidence in this day/ and throughout history!
To “think for yourself” means: knowledge must be accumulated, understanding must be accessed in a way that is transferrable to the masses, and wisdom will come to those who do their very best. It is that simple. Yet the foundations of what is true and trustworthy have been overrun by the constant called a religious cult throughout all of human history. Cults cannot be questioned/ “the leaders are right: PERIOD”. The current cult having the most influence is “university knows”. It is religion, because while some truth has been found, the majority of their learning is fantasy, the reality of their purpose is largely “to play god” with life, and the formation of “their leadership reality” is identified by the truth: we all, stand on the edge of extinction. Because of what they did, or did not do! The fact our literal world itself is in danger, constructs the statement: then this is the “biblical satan”. Because that is the definition of what satan means!

While I do understand, this particular document is “too much” for some people to assemble into their own lives. The reality is: humanity is a description of highly varied assertions/ making it difficult to establish one document for all. Its your job to help them, if you HONESTLY can. The consequence of this: is the unfortunate truth of why so many religions exist. Try instead to identify, and believe only truth.

In addition; since I am asked, will you not live normally now/ as time has proven you could do nothing: just like everyone said? So, Find a girlfriend, etc.

Alas; I am still growing tits (didn’t do nothing). Consequently, it would be unfair, to invite a relationship until they stop growing; and define what will or will not be. “I wouldn’t want a girl who was growing a penis (there is a right to know)”; tits are not quite the same (both men and women have them), but still, NOT to the same extent. They come with feelings too; no choice for me. No perversion, just “lessons I can’t avoid”/ I DON’T know, why me. I have come to the conclusion, “whether right or wrong”: the spiritual woman inside of me, from opening that spiritual door/ had to endure what was strictly male, in order to balance me, & help life on earth survive. Changing male in me, then becomes: to find balance from female and male for life; and all the things which go wrong between the sexes. This can’t be done, without some limited, real, education regarding what life is truly like as a man/ and life is like as woman. It seems at least possible, then what is male must also endure: what is necessary, or true, in order to identify some aspects of “female life”/ to help women, find their balance with men. In order to assist or help them lead all human life into a new and different world. Regardless of conception, I am clearly more “pawn” than leader. Or more simply: spiritual (woman), the distance between the creation of life and time itself; as determined by the choices we make; is in charge. She (a spiritual dimension of life beyond time, a critical step into eternity itself), Was allowed existence in my life; and after 11 years controls much. On the critical inside of me, where controls are born. While I may only observe the consequences of female, by the realities of male; in what is “simple and plain”. Not the same; she can control me: its not perverted/ not violent/ simply “female elements of living”; basically teaching me “everything (to a degree)”, that women DON’T feel treated fairly, from living with men. “The lesson is, see how you like it”! I have no say, it’s a spiritual thing, you wouldn’t understand; other than basically this is ultimately, “role reversal”. I have complained, WHY ME, what did I do! Response: “women aren’t treated fairly either/ therefore same”. It is not a choice. Tits bring feelings, and feelings mess with my whole life; VERY different/ men don’t understand at all. Notice is again given, to men: spiritual realities are immersed in eternal consequences! DON’T play here; leave this alone. Whatever will be, is to be determined by “women and me”; no matter what that is, don’t interfere; other than friendship. Or you face eternal catastrophe.
Like learning about men/ humanity, throughout the decades; it seems my life is always “either in the pan/ or in the fire; so to speak”. Not much fun, but distinctly “educational”. You don’t need to know that, but since life is ending for us all; because you don’t care enough: why not? Without a clear path forward (being used, for life), the education seems pointless; but that too, is not my decision to make. I simply do, “the best I can”; working for life, regardless of the outcome. I refuse to do less/ until “its over”/ what I need to know in eternity, has literally changed.
Regardless, like you; I am Not perfect in any way, shape, or form either. But: Do you do better? Do you even try, to fight for life! Tragedy is coming soon; so says ALL, the evidence. No second chances; like it or not.
As to all other issues of life realities; without change, there is no future to consider. That means, I will live simply, and without excessive consideration for what comes next; it is pointless. As to what was accomplished by my work, it is not for me to judge/ you decide, I do not. Never was/ never will be “your savior”. My work is, whatever it is: I did do “my job”/ I chose for life; that is the best I could do. The rest, FOR ALL LIFE ON EARTH is up to you, I can’t make you do, what life needs! I can only tell you, the future is extinction for us all, without true change. Even you, can NOT doubt that, when the evidence is allowed to be “real”.
As a cult, you can’t even see the extermination coming; media aids in closing your eyes, ears, and mind. Leaders Fantasize & lie, and you “swallow it whole”/ never asking about tomorrow. Because you believe only the children have to face it/ let them die, and pay the price for what you did or did not do: not you.
So the end result of it all is: are you liar/ assassin of your child & life/ or are you truth, “a child of GOD” fighting for HIS creation? We are the threat, therefore we must stop “ourselves”.
Fantasies will soon dissolve. Overpopulation threatens (we must/ we can’t: therefore we war) “the apocalypse: blood everywhere/ let it burn, an entire nation lost; that cannot be rebuilt”. Humanity will cry out in pain, fear, and foreboding; then the end will come; HELL, all insane! Because that is what you chose. ALL want will die, while life itself faces extinction, from this earth; with no hope. Because you would not even question, “university knows”/ and they lie horrendously. That is of course if university, does not burn the planet itself first/ even destroying this solar system; with their arrogance. Media held you down to be raped (hell no, they can’t know), while your leaders believed counterfeiting and fantasies would last “forever”; let the children pay/ let the children die/ let the children go to HELL. All roads Wrong; which is then, a death march for life. Humanity is; Destroying the very fabric, laws, realities, and foundations of our existence, THAT has consequences. Since there are no other words for such a thing; reality calls all who participate in, OR who just don’t care (not my problem) about that destruction: “satan”. Just how it is/ like it or not is absolutely meaningless! Truth decides.

in the biosphere 2: a few people, with plants (establishing real life evidence); could not survive in 7 million cubic feet of space for more than a few months, without fire/ because they ran out of oxygen. That is a undeniable fact. We know how much air it takes to burn fuels. It is also true, all forms of leadership lie, when confronted with facts they do not wish to hear. Below are a few sites which proclaim “nothing to worry about”; but they don’t add in where they are testing oxygen content; its just one result. In other words, if oxygen is tested at sea level, the results will be very different than at high altitudes; as you know yourself, if you go mountain climbing. Upper atmosphere tests, have been done for decades: WHERE ARE these results? Additionally, Ozone is the planets storage room for excess oxygen; think about it/ ask yourself what happens when this excess oxygen is used up/ and all the life which makes oxygen for us is gone. That life is under heavy assault right now. In the reality of science records such as the one prediction below: they assume life can survive until all the oxygen is literally gone/ they assume oxygen taken from every literal thing; in this prediction. However ask yourself: just how much oxygen can we really lose before you cannot breathe well! Wrong is dead.

Oxygen Depletion

We are occasionally reminded that fossil fuel burning is depleting atmospheric oxygen at a rate of almost 1000 tons per second. There are about 32 million seconds in a year, so that somewhere around 30 billion tons of O2 are being converted to CO2 annually. There are about 1,200,000 billion metric tons of O2 in the atmosphere, so we can keep burning fossil fuels at the present rate for 40,000 years before we run out of oxygen. By then, all of the world’s fossil fuel supply will have long since been exhausted. For a more complete, but less detailed, discussion of this topic see Et tu 02 by Wallace Broecker.

from me:                  JUST LOOK AT THE BIOSPHERE TWO  experiment to see where humanity “wants out”/ because there is not enough oxygen in here.  IT IS a whole lot different, “than all the oxygen is gone”.

 a different view



As to global warming: again without ice, the planet cannot be cooled in summer. Every melt means trillions of tons of weight have been moved into the oceans: resulting in volcano’s/ earthquakes/ tsunami’s/ rifts, and such.
Extreme cold is dense, and heavy & does not move quickly without a great deal of energy being applied; particularly at ground level. That means the colder the Arctic is/ the less, wind energy is allowed to descend onto the surface itself. As the Arctic warms up, less wind energy is needed to move more, cold air. Therefore more movement of cold, because wind engages with the surface exists. That fundamental translates as more cold invading area’s, “south”/ and a faster melt. Even though America may currently seem colder during spring and fall, until this process accelerates beyond the possibility of stopping our earth from destroying us all, with temperatures so extreme, in summer: life does not exist. You can look at this process more deliberately with liquid helium or the like, and its rate of boiling off/ at various surface areas. Examining that with known transfer rates, at lesser temperatures. Wrong is again, “a dead earth”.

To avoid the list of fools, a bit more clarity is in order. Energy convection or conveyance is assembled this way: in a closed room, a small paper fire is roughly 450 degrees/ while liquid helium is roughly -minus 400 degrees; add in a room temperature of fifty degrees and you have an equilibrium. With equal surface area, energy transfer is assumed, “the same in both directions”.
Heat is active energy and cold is not. That means wind is generated toward the heat, as it rises/ bringing along ground energy as it pulls in cold air from the bottom. Warmed the cold is then thrown into the air. Thereby keeping a relative constant temperature in this discussion with fire. Cold transfer does not cool the fire, or it goes out.
On earth, the active areas of warm places, far outweighs the cold; or surface areas of cold are not nearly as large as warm areas. As this increases, the draw of warm air across the cold areas also increases/ the wind accelerates.
Chemicals leech other chemicals, bind with or destroy each other: the end result, particularly in the human body (where a “billion or so” chemical combinations reside) is a toxic soup. Medicines work, by leeching out alternate chemicals that then work on biologically specific things. What they don’t tell you is: the toxic soup is left behind, and biological organs must diffuse and eliminate that, before it becomes “death”. When that fails in part or purpose, cancer erupts/ organ failure exists/ and the whole sinister mess invades the environment within and without the body itself: causing mutilation in other organisms. But hey, we don’t need water (trillions of tons dumped)/ other life forms/ or anything other than what you want! Ain’t that right.  We don’t need insects, HELL NO;  after all, they simply represent either a food source or a pollination source for roughly fifty percent of all life diversity, on earth.  YOU, don’t need no damn birds/ fish/ small mammals/ amphibians/ reptiles/ or any other damn thing;  after all, “you’re god”. Got to have a “pretty lawn; etc”/ ain’t that so.  YOU don’t have to do NOTHING, “for life, or child, or a future”/ ain’t that right.

WHY, would anyone lie about things so important, our entire existence as a world is threatened?  The answer is:  they lose their job, their power & pride & purpose/  they all say:  “not in my lifetime”.  And the simple truth of any cult, as  is “university knows”:      IF you refuse to believe what they tell you/ THEN you don’t belong anymore.  IF you refuse to simply propagate what people want to hear “its all good/ you get everything”/ then they don’t listen.  Can’t:   they all (too few to mention, did not) ran away, “to hide from reality”.   As is this entire america. HELL, the children got to fend for themselves, “our garbage is their gold mine”/ cause its all that’s left!

The constant of humanity (both men and women) is: “I just want what I want, that’s all; just give me what I want, I have a right to want what I want”/ besides someday I am going to die, so I want it all now! Life on earth AIN’T more important than that!  I am right, because I believe whatever I want to believe;  period!
So: With eyes in the back of their head to determine the future, thereby dismissing all evidence of reality/ you continue to sacrifice your children, for a reality that no longer exists; for selfishness, and nothing more. Instead of the constant “YOU are going to die/ then its all over”! Lets ask, WHAT if you didn’t die forever/ what if, when the body has been abandoned, “some sort of spiritual self” remained? That essence is determined by thought, that thought is determined by energy or the lack of it. Fear binds you inside, “can’t get out”. So then, if your spiritual essence is locked into fear, and all its terrors: where then did your existence go? Since bodily death proves you have no control over the energy: then when do you die, forever?

Stopping a forest fire means, stopping the embers from moving forward in the wind.  Lying about how a forest fire starts, will NOT help!  Putting wireless (call you) smoke detectors on trees in the forest to warn you of a fire starting will.  Using a weather balloon to hold thermal camera’s (let you see a fire) aloft indefinitely,  will.

Stopping a garbage fire or a mine fire below ground is as simple as drilling a hole in the proper place, then directing the exhaust from a turbine power generator down that hole.  Provide electricity as you do it.

It occurs to me, I have never properly defined simple death. Which is, the critical departure of individual freedom. All things body are the physical existence of a freedom to act or react according to the decisions of self/ the brain simply measures, as an aid in making decisions. Therefrom death is an end to these things. What is not physical, are the dimensional realities of thought, or more specifically: the essence of an understanding, expression, or experience; NOT related to body. Identity in time comes from body/ individuality in life, comes from thought. Death means your identity here is lost forever. However the individuality of spiritual essence is not connected to body or time; these are transient. Spirit means confined by truth, to participate in the laws which bind us to life. Your own individual truth, then decides: the boundary.

Goodbye, again; Court cases should simply be completed. SO, Why not complain a little more, after all; we all die, because of you, and what you DID, or would not do, for life? Take heart in eternity, after all for those who love, & honestly trust in GOD ; this earth is merely a journey in time.