all hail

LIARS: those who intentionally do harm, even though they know better. They choose to make the others pay/ pretending it doesn’t matter to me! “It will”/ because there is a price. Friendships die, people won’t trust you, or accept that you have value beyond “a moment/ maybe”. Etc.
CHEATERS: those who intentionally create chaos for others, even though they know better. They choose to change “the rules of the game”/ to catch people off guard, to entrap; and make them pay more. “It will cost you”/ because society dies a little from every occurrence, and you live here too.
THIEVES: those who intentionally take what does not belong to them/ demanding “I DESERVE more”. Even though that is blatantly untrue, and even if deserved; the option is to fight for yourself/ not against the others. The difference is: TO ACCEPT your life, and build with what you do have.
TRAITORS: those who lie, cheat, steal, and in all ways serve themselves; demanding let the others die/ “they deserve it”. “It will” cost you! Because war will come, your family, friend, life, and others will, or may die or come to great harm.
TERRORISTS: THOSE who intentionally accept hate rules their lives, because they have nothing left to live for. WORLD TERRORISTS: THOSE who deliberately set about and create weapons for the literal destruction of life itself/ planet/ environment/ realities required for survival of all/ and so on. These come with a university diploma, and call themselves god; “whether they say it out loud or not”. Their purpose is to play god. The only way, is to do things that “humans cannot do”. So they lie, cheat, steal, create treason, destroy currencies and nations, demand military reasons exist so they can hide the truth, and expect; “they can be more than SATAN”. Because in the swill of their sewage for brains; they literally believe there are no consequences “for them”. They are truly WRONG.
BASTARD’S; the people who choose to create games out of survival, so the rest can fight/ beg/ steal/ prostitute/ or in all other ways accept the price for survival because of a fool. “Is to do, what I got to do”/ trying desperately hard, not to descend “too far” into hate you.
WHORE’S; create a world that has no real life in it/ they insist all life and all living: IS FOR MONEY! There is nothing else in their entire existence; because they live for hate. Letting trophies prove their existence, regardless of how they are found.
UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA; for the cult: not a sign of knowledge/ a sign of acceptance “yes, I will obey your laws/ which I have memorized: like a good little religious convert”. For the priests: “I am god”/ let no one complain. For the majority: a medallion to wear/ over the years of servitude and slavery; as a reminder, “if you want your job/ you will be a human robot”. Or we will remove you.
To learn is not filled with such things. To gain knowledge, is a relationship to your work; a reality of discipline, combined with order. To find understanding, regardless of the teacher, or method: is to accept the laws which govern this reality. To build wisdom, creates the singular reality by which we ascend beyond ourselves: “let truth alone, decide”!

In this America, leadership is governed by the counterfeiting of money: proven true. As is true of the university diploma which destroys society by infecting it with a plague of different diseases, in more ways than one. Counterfeiting is a plague on society as well. Not only does it buy elections therefore creating a majority; “who cares” then doesn’t matter; because they cannot win a vote. The true pandemic of lies about money, is more gruesome: with fools in charge/ failures running government/ liars seeking to steal your soul with pretend fantasies/ cheaters in charge of everything; and bastard’s everywhere to be found, in the military as well. Terrorists experiment with our world, its nature, your very survival, and fully commit to assassinating every child alive or that would have come. Anarchists control the court, and destroy constitutional law. Rebels invade our working lives, with the clear intent to take away every choice/ by destroying the option to do anything: but obey their will. Fools, whore’s, and failures sell themselves and our nation; by dispossessing us from this land: distributing an endless supply of currency throughout the world, so they can all come here, and buy us out. Then there are the “ten thousand” or so other things; which are all going bad as well. Because WANT rules the nation/ and truth, reality, discipline, order, balance, and even life itself; have all been evicted from a place in government, work, education, or anything that matters to our future. How is that not true!
The university and their media, cry out: “all hail god/ the university is our hero; they can’t do no wrong”. Therefore none shall question: BELIEVE, that’s an order! Even, when like mutilating all life/ or trying to ignite the entire world on fire: we the people have no rights! So say the courts as well/ in case after case! Cult worshipers, and religious zealots are like that; some say its not their fault, “its just religious zeal”. But alas like nearly all religious zeal: there is a price. Our world dies, because communication of better; is dead.

I, ask of life: HOW shall we survive? And everyone runs away, to hide! Because the evidence says we won’t. I, ask for help; even in little things/ and all remain cemented in their chairs. I, require “stand up, and be recognized” as a worker here/ none accept. So lets ask even apart from the completely obvious realities of world death/ are the methods of examining what is true, about the oxygen we breathe for instance. Because there are consequences, to what over 7 billion people all do. If I suggest one in seven people, across the world have a vehicle of some sort, is that not fair? Then business and industry have machines too? Forest fire/ house heating/ fires just for air conditioning, and “life, needs oxygen too”. When we look at the statistics: with humanity standing on one acre of agricultural ground each: how does that not add up to “lots of oxygen being used”? With the average engine, or fire using a 5 to 1 ratio of air to fuel. That is gaseous fuel/ to air, NOT liquid. The combination for gas, by volume: is roughly space equal to 50 gallons of air to one gallon of fuel. Experiments at “bio-sphere two” proved: even though 7 people inside 7 million cubic feet of air with plants, thought they would have an excess of oxygen: they couldn’t breathe, within 7 months of enclosure. Not a single fire or engine! With an entire world being cut down, destroyed, or already dead. There will be consequences/ it won’t be that long.

But hey, you got games to play/ selfish wants to attack: and DON’T need to hear or do NOTHING, but find a way, to “give me MORE MONEY”! Or, “counterfeit some more/ DAMN YOU”; speed this up, I have a world to own/ an environment to cut down! So I can build my own little world, wave my trophies around, and play god too! Let the children fight for themselves, cause you don’t give a damn! Ain’t that true. Indeed it is/ that is why you stole their lives, instead of paying for yourselves. As “decent” people do/ but alas its all counterfeit; so even though you work yourselves to death, “poof, its all gone”.


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