Answering HEART.

At the extreme edge separating the boundary between male and female; are the elevations or descents, that identify and create the fundamental differences between the sexes. To achieve the functional ability, to understand what it truly means to be either male/ as a man. Or female, as a woman; it is absolutely necessary to travel this journey. There is no in-between, that is a truly spiritual element/ rather than functionally, as time displayed.
Returning to the center of life, requires an acceptance beyond the individual journey that is either male or female: to the justification of equality. Or more specifically, to participate with each other; is a decision based upon equality, rather than individuality. Love is not an individual/ love is a gathering, for the purpose of acceptance. Therefrom a freedom realized through respect. Justifying gender equality then becomes: I cannot be more than an individual male or female “without you”. No perversion is allowed in the spiritual transition of life, to the essence of being alive. We are born as we are/ it is not a choice.
The quest of every true heart: I am ready, to belong (it is a responsibility)/ not by abandoning male or female, but by accepting the decision, “my life SHALL be enhanced by the opposite sex”. I choose, NOT to be alone; even as someone who has attained the elevation of truth, by the physical descriptions of life in time. That fundamentally means: we must be equals, in my heart and yours. There is no “family” without respect. Respect equals justice/ justice equals the fundamental existence: we are “the same, as life”/ even though different, as bodies.
Heart identifies a need for foundation relationships to anchor our time, in the creation of relationships that give “birth”, to the critical truth: I am not alone! To achieve that element of existence expanded beyond the boundaries of self. It is absolutely necessary, to accept equality as the path most certain to begin a journey with the opposite sex. “Perfect equality”, a description with errors involved, as is consistent with humanity. Suspends the existence of a boundary between the sexes, and opens the door to true spiritual interactions. That truth is confronted by whosoever “opens the door/ on the other side”; is at their mercy. Consequently thank GOD, it is intensely or extremely hard to find/ and all but impossible to locate. If found, opposite sexes are so described for a true reason: we actually cannot understand each other, because we (male and female) live as a completely different world, from each other, on the inside.
What is not different, is our need for each other in the realities of living: to balance life, is to understand your own search and disciplines, from a different point of view. That balance is enhanced sexually, and therefrom elevated from participation; into being truly alive, as we bind ourselves into family. Consequently family survives existence, by changing itself, into life shared/ because we both, or we all care; honestly and with grace.
Honesty means: no more lying to yourself, or anyone else. To accomplish this as a fact, “your” want, pride, and selfishness” must be removed. It is very simple really: want undermines reality with “I am smart/ I can do, what reality refuses me a right”. Simply accept truth instead. Pride is a game/ therefore I can make of myself a winner; by demanding you shall lose. Stop playing games with life; feel free to play games with time, through respect. Selfishness exists, because you claim NOT to be equal/ but superior. Stop playing god, its your lie; stop playing it, in your head: simply refuse it “a home” in you.
Grace, is the existence of mercy; or more deliberately the home of our lives, is the distance we create as the boundary between what is accepted through experience and expression/ or has been denied as the element of contamination or corruption, we/ or I, cannot tolerate. Grace lives between that judgment, and the mercy to understand; freedom is a right/ reality understands my own truth as well. Every life is born free, even if not physically true; the essence of life itself, bears the mark, “I am free”.
Searching freedom, IS the examination of thought. Thought is the construction of “things which can only get humanity into more trouble”/ so discussion ends here.
Instead elements will be assembled that search for physical or human freedoms, as a participant in family or life/ rather than judgment, and therefrom measuring each other. Those elements are: every elevation of our existence is preceded by an acceptance. Therefrom what you accept as a discipline/ represents the order that will describe your life, and a large part of your living. Every descent, from the acceptance of your own humanity as a valued, equal participant in our reality: is governed by your own measurement of other life, and environment.
While the common human being does not accept their relationship with living is as simple as: WHAT did or did you not accept, as a value to life itself. When each wants; “What they want”/ truth does not matter. Instead behaviors demand; “get me what I want/ be what I want, and we will be friends”. By definition this is “buy me/ or let me buy you”. The reality of our existence does prove this is an elemental step, to the creation of what behavior will be. Behaviors identify the influences within your mind. Therefore they judge you with the acceptance of truth/ or its refusal. All judgment belongs only to the law/ it is not a human definition, other than the need for balance to create peace and harmony.
The fundamental of slavery begins with: I don’t have to pay for my own wants/ I can make someone else do what I want. Lies are common, as is temptation, flattery, and all other forms of manipulation, or control. Therein the second element of behavior exists.
The third behavioral characteristic; is sexual contamination. The reality of bodily functions, interfering with true, “free will choice”. Or more distinctly, the adult body, or preparations beyond a child; rely upon chemicals to enhance our choices, realities, and purposes to establish: I do NOT, wish to be alone. The range of chemical influence, is from minor (meaning this is limited in me)/ to major; meaning I must have sex “with something”. The consequences are life changing, if you fail the disciplines necessary to complete and identify order within your own specific life. Every consequence is: a true learning tool, which then complicates and inflicts a dimensional fear in living, if your decision (or someone else’s) was truly “unfortunate”.

Understanding our humanity, relies upon three distinct rules of existence. Every true rule is a guideline that functionally isolates the distance beyond or before a particular decision is made: has a price. Unlike the devils of a university diploma who insist “we can do anything/ without consequences”. They are extreme LIARS AND FOOLS. Every action or reaction has a consequence/ and someone or something, is going to pay, or receive a reward do to your decision.
Rule two is: the gift of life, is so far beyond accidental/ only the most delusional of idiots, without the benefit of more “than a single cell brain”, could find it less than TRUE miracles. Because it is YOUR GIFT, it is also YOUR possession; and that does mean, it is entirely up to you to make your decision what you intend to do with your body, mind, or life. That includes “your personal sex”. Your body is your possession; and it cannot, under any circumstances or religion or situation, etc; belong to anyone else. It is yours/ you will decide. It is yours, no one else has a right to refuse that freedom. BUT IT IS YOUR CONSEQUENCE as well. Regardless if it is good or bad/ your decision means: “Your problem”. Unless, you force your decision on someone else, which then turns that reality onto the law. GOD judges law, when death takes your life. If love dies in someone because of you: ETERNITY shall remember your name, as an enemy.
The third rule is: time creates participation by including you in reality. That reality shares existence with every other form of life and living. The choices that you make govern life around you. Establish love, despondency & depression, or hate because of you. Heartbreak or healing confronts your heart, and holds the breathe of your soul; by the testimony you give in these instances, to your CREATOR. Every testimony is, a life shared because you did care/ or refused, because you chose to judge, measure, and abandon. Every fear is, a trust refused, or a truth defined by a relationship with those who hate. Without hate, there is no cause for fear of humanity; even if there are accidents caused without intent. Every true decision within a human mind is verified by a decision: to love/ hate/ or simply to survive. These are directions, and you cannot move, until you choose a direction/ unless you fall down.
Understanding our sexuality removes the veil of chemicals, to conceive of truth. Truth indicates, that every human body is sexual/ regardless of opinion. That truth establishes a critical question: is the cost and consequences of sexual interaction, for me; worth the price, that will be applied, to me? Which means, this is then a selfish decision; if “only me/ as in lust (I will use your body, or abuse it)” is involved. Truth discovers: time is a pendulum shift, between an action/ and a reaction; thereby proving decision exists. You don’t get one, without the other. Without chemical intervention, sex is a shared intimacy generated through the desire: help me to understand? Or more clearly, take away the chemicals, and what is left is a relationship conceived by the differences within our bodies. The question of opposite bodies is very simple: what does life mean to you/ I don’t understand? So then sexually we search for the intricate details, that give you pleasure. Because that relationship changes sex, into the discovery of happiness defined in you, and from you, to me. The question of kissing is again: an artistic endeavor, whereby each “meets in the middle” to discover and explain what I can be for you. The question of intensity, is isolated entirely by trust, through the existence of substantial proven truth. The critical questions of what is allowed between a man and a woman, is literally up to them: with both participating as equals/ no exceptions. NONE! You are there, you are participating, you did make this decision, you are responsible for what you do, or do not do. As to the physical realities, so long as “nothing beyond your given body is used”/ it is ok, when both accept.
Sexuality is a passion, or a purpose. When it is a passion, love has entered in through the blessing of shared existence. Caused by the elevation of respect and desire, to the expressions of true caring. Leaving absolutely no doubt; “You are safe, with me”. This begins with “I choose you & you also choose me honestly”. Sexuality with a purpose, shares a need. The critical question is: wherever there is value, honesty refines every decision, with the desire to insure love does not die. That may or may not “work”/ rather it is desire revealed. The consequence being, my life is shared; I need to care; but I know, I cannot make your decision. Within those three “I’s”; the reality of your own need surfaces. Therefore the question relates to each one involved; as a decision built upon love, but it is not anchored in forever. To help is not to surrender yourself/ but to give of yourself, so that their journey does not end. Remember the cost, and understand this decision before you participate. People DO; lie, steal, beg, and manipulate/ keep it in mind. DON’T surrender anything; CHOOSE. Again remembering the cost, either good or bad can be excessive. Set your own boundaries and be clear/ as best you can.
Every heart needs participation. Therefore to answer heart means: to care enough to celebrate and choose, “you are important”. Everyone important, REQUIRES TIME. Time is then the eloquent message, “that we are equal”. This extends as, “please help me/ so I can spend more time with you”. The tragedy of this day is: with temptations surrounding, many fall short of simply being alive, or even able to comprehend what that means. Their face, and their mind; is buried in some type of delusion.
Being alive accepts: that love has only one true boundary/ NO HATE allowed. Being alive, constructs only one true home: we are all respected, and appreciated here. Being alive transforms time, into the ingredients responsible, for finding, or accepting friendship. Being alive makes us EQUAL/ NO exceptions other than hate.
Being alive in “marriage (I accept forever)”. Is a discipline fraught with peril; when assembled spiritually!
Being alive in “marriage, physically”: is to order and protect each other with respect. Thereby accepting needs and understanding desire; through the shared responses of caring about each other. This is NOT functionally possible, until you understand what those desires and responses truly are. But make no mistake, it is the blessing of sexual relationships, and in particular “this is new to us both”; that firmly plants a seed of hope in each other, for our lives together. As we each choose to make decisions, that equal the desire of your heart instead of, or in participation as committed, to share with mine.
Being alive in “marriage, mentally”: is to conceive of happiness/ by sharing every burden of your life in time, as if it were equally important with mine. Same is true for you. We are not committed to being slaves in marriage. We are committed to caring responsibly/ to sharing with honesty/ and to creating our truth, cannot be broken: thereby we trust. Trust is the elemental bond, that gives eternal life to our soul. To yours, & to mine; be careful not to endanger love! Be, the best you can be; it is a choice.


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