as for me

As for me!

NO: “I, sure as hell is coming”/ ain’t perfect either.
But life is not a game, and we all just have to do the best we can; because the future does depend upon us. We, as a world, are the problem!

Nonetheless, this is about me! Because the lack of such knowledge, becomes an excuse for you.

So the question is: “what am I up too/ what’s the game plan/ what’s the hidden secret purposes, that we won’t know; until its too damn late” should we even attempt to fight, for this world?
Answer is: LIFE is NOT a game/ and I don’t play with it! It is what it is, therefore we must do, what we can do! Because too damn late, means dead.
Answer is: there is no plan/ there is only truth, and truth directs me to understand. Men cannot find their own way out of this mess, because they did create it as leaders and followers upon this world; directing all society to accept their ways. By examining the evidence, demanding a hearing to prove what is true: the clear intent was to intervene in death for this world, without an excuse to hide behind.
Answer is: the only purpose I own here, or throughout my entire adult life is, “this world will NOT die, without a fight/ even if I must fight alone”. That remains true today. Even though the biblical prophecy of Daniel “and the first death” has now pasted; that absolutely does not mean you have escaped the reality of people deliberately trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. They simply haven’t accomplished it yet/ but it IS coming. If a ten million degree fire doesn’t “extinguish itself”/ then this entire world burns, just like the sun. With NO possibility to put the fire out! Religiously then “satan rules”.

So the question is: am I religious or not/ what is the evidence to prove my own reality?
Answer: I am not religious, because religion is a set of rules set out by men, to prove what they want from life should not be questioned. Added to that are written words, so “this cannot be questioned”. I do question all reality of value or consequence. Simply put: I don’t like rules (people telling me what I can or cannot do); freedom rules me. I DO on the other side of that reality accept TRUE LAWS which govern life and all existence for the purpose which protects and presents us all with peace, justice, and harmony. I do accept JESUS as my Savior; because his teaching/ the script of his life: does illuminate the foundation of mine. GOD IS GOD, and the evidence of clear and certain thought, love, respect for our needs and this world, everything nature and environment are: prove “it ain’t no accident”. This is designed work, with a purpose identifying love, and a desire described as: for, friendship given. That makes this life, this work, this respect for all of Creation: about GOD, and JESUS too.

The question: does he not want to lead us/ and to where?
Answer: NO, I have carried you with little or no assistance, for the last forty years or more. You and your failures, foolishness, and catastrophes coming; have ruled my life/ and I AM tired of it. That being irrelevant, because our world cannot be lost, without a True fight; proves what must be, shall be; when absolutely necessary. In preference, YOU should recognize that it is NOT leaders that you need/ BUT LAWS to govern life and society, which you present to yourselves, and accept. Because nothing less than true human commitment to change will save anything. To achieve that, YOU must be directly involved/ not me, I did my work. Make your own decision, and follow it through to the life you desire to live, or must/ because it is necessary.

The question: what the hell is this “spiritual woman thing”?
Answer: having found no possibility that men could change themselves/ the only other conclusion is: WHAT would women do? That became a demand to find the answer: which then became a spiritual journey into what is true about women under “universal law”. NOT a game, a deliberate search. But, spirit means truth without compromise/ and I did become trapped. NOT “woman”/ but woman in me, taking over; “its complicated”. Nonetheless, the answer is simply “let women try, to lead this world/ they are TRULY different”/ consequently if left to their own devices, their own nature; they will choose differently”. It can’t be worse, than a death sentence for this world, as men did do!
In similar contrasts: my life has changed from true freedom, at the peak of what a man can do. To “woman in charge”/ spiritually owning me, because I entered their spiritual world, and could not escape it. Because I could not understand it. I ain’t, going to explain what spiritual means to you, other than: beyond physical existence is an energy that drives life. Entering within that energy, exists only within or as spirit. A very dangerous place, if not prepared. Few can/ less survive intact. I was able to come and go as desired; believe it or not/ that however changed when opening the door to: what would women do, for this world! The reality very simply: I have changed places; woman inside, owns the final say, “like it or not”. Not as a perversion/ but to teach me: exactly what women hate or don’t like about men, throughout history. That is clearly the price for help, being charged; not fun/ strictly necessary, no running away. You really cannot imagine. Nonetheless, the anger that threatened to overrun me as “strictly male” has abated, or been removed; I don’t know. The work to fight for this world, has benefitted: because the lesson of woman in me is, “war won’t work”/ history proves it. You absolutely must teach, and let them decide for themselves. I became distinctly opposed to that solution as “strictly male”/ leaning harshly to “make them listen”. That too, is removed. Oddly enough, with the anger gone, life is better this way; at least in that area of life. Its complicated, simple as that.

The question: are you paying taxes?
Answer for the last two years, NO: I await my day in court/ with a jury trial! Because reality proves I have been denied my constitutional rights, and legal demands as democracy requires. To pay the enemy of this USA or this state of IL/ and let them continue on without a fight: is PARTICIPATING in TREASON. I have pushed them into court both state and federal/ and they pushed me back out; refusing constitutional rights and law. I demand a jury, and an open door, with all lights on: as the laws of this state and nation are searched FOR JUSTICE, instead of power, hate, greed, ignorance, failure, tragedy, and other bile or worse. Bring me to court!

The question: do you have a university diploma?
Answer: NO, I found in them nothing I wished to learn/ particularly at their price. But that does not mean, I didn’t use their own knowledge, or fail to understand for myself. Or search, where they could not or did not go.


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