ASCENDING, into the depths

ASCENDING into the depths of DISCIPLINE.

This is functionally and fundamentally accomplished by examining your own reality, and choosing the very most important aspects of what you desire: “to live an eternity with”. Throwing all the rest away. The ladder, which gives rise to the elemental intricacy that is either true male (man) or female (woman, assumed) consciousness/ is the creation of time, without distraction. The development of a fundamental focus, which chooses to live within the elements of life defined and refined as creation/ rather than time; lifts us each one, to a new beginning. The examination of reality, thereby proving truth by the essence and integrity; of critical knowledge that serves the elemental structures, then become our anchor beyond this life in time. The existence of functional understanding, thereby gives directional movements by choice.
The battleground of discipline is a trust, that forms through the intimacy called wisdom. Or, “I accept, with faith in the laws revealed; that only truth shall lead me”.
Within this structural rise, beyond the essence of time, which is a measurement of action, reaction, or response. Is order; the grace of building with purpose, by the design and balance conceived within “thought must come first”. Destinies arise, because as we rise beyond ourselves, so does the partnership with life, that is soul.
Love is “a beautiful embrace”. Not only does it cherish this moment with you, it combines our value as one. To be valued means: we, are no longer “simply human”/ rather, we are family. Thereby love becomes our most precious moments.
Family describes: the disciplines of our truth, as one; substantiated by the reality of our order. By giving the trust of faith; we did, or we shall indeed choose each other.
Family defends, the value of every existence, by the intensity shared. A purpose defined. The desire of each accepting, even though I cannot save life/ I can, be a treasure to your soul. This is a reality of truth, you can take into your own eternity, as love shared; If you in fact care.
To understand discipline, is to acknowledge respect creates a path. To conceive of that path, is to bear the responsibility of knowing: what can or cannot be done here. To search or journey, begins with an acceptance: life itself can be more than just time. Entering; Beyond the boundaries called time: requires a spiritual education, a critical personal reality/ or you will fail; and be harmed or killed.
SPIRIT means: devoid of self/ therefrom an element of truth is created, that leads the soul into law. Creation says, when you pass by the pause that is time on earth. Your critical reality will be: whatsoever, is factually and correctly true in, and of you. SPIRIT exists: not as judge, but as a door into the passages which live beneath the freedoms you support. Every freedom constructs the discipline of an individual truth, you have accepted. Every truth, identifies the one who brings this forward, as your contribution to our world. Freedom is the essence of happiness, created by the disciplines which give your ability to accept order, & by its grace; to belong as family. What lives within you as the purpose and desire of your freedoms, lifts the essence of your truth into life itself, and becomes your anchor. Or if you fail to rise beyond yourself, beyond those who challenge or confront you/ then your own descent, will follow; as you isolate yourself ever deeper into the darkness (I will search for true life no more).
The critical element of SPIRIT revealed, is whether you can or cannot: isolate, define, and refine the realities of life constructed within yourself, as a truth. That truth, is the only essence of your existence, allowed within the spiritual world. If you fail to achieve it/ then you will never enter here.
SPIRITUAL existence means: having defined the most critical desire “of my heart”/ as a decision of purpose that will never be separated from my own reality; even eternally; I am ready. There shall then be doors, beyond this existence called time/ which lead to the questions of your heart. But they do come with a warning: you shall not return from here, unless you do understand the truth presented to you. The price of eternity is, you can enter by truth; but you cannot change truth, to accept you, as a participant/ unless you understand the reality of its law. Your decision alone, selects a door, into eternity. But there will be consequences, unless you fully understand how to share this truth, at least by what is most important. If you do understand the disciplines involved, by its own order; then you may select “again and again” to learn all that is “life, to you”.
BUT, if you do not understand: then you will become trapped, within the questions of your heart, that you could not answer. Every truth is an environment which protects you. Therefore trapped, does come to mean: saved, until you are able to travel alone from here. Choose carefully, it is not a game.

Every discipline rises from its anchor: this is why, I accept. Consequently, your ability to search beyond simple things is governed by your own critical truth. If you have anchored well/ then you may ascend to the very pinnacle of what it means to be “male or female”; as the case may be. Having achieved this level of male. Because as a man, I cannot be more than what a human man can be: the only discretion left, is to look down/ to understand and accept what is real, that humanity is doing on this earth. That reality today, is horrendous; and threatens extinction for this entire planet. Because in general terms; the future can be found. “One plus one =two”. Men in particular are bent upon destruction, as every possible method of attacking life is being used. None more so, than the university diploma. With lies, deceit, propaganda, failure, fantasy, delusions, theft, cheating, fraud, stories without substance, and all other methods of intentional manipulation for the purpose of playing god over life: they have achieved the status of “SATAN”. Because the results of their influence are death, “beginning to rot in the sun”. Bringing the same fire here as is on the sun, is only the beginning/ but it is also the ending; as NO possibility exists to extinguish a ten million degree fire. The “DEVIL” is of course in the details; for example, “the university has proclaimed, its fusion”/ and then proved themselves completely wrong. But remain intensely determined to bring that fire here anyway. By discarding their only theory, proving wrong their only assertion: “the fire, will just extinguish itself”. Or life was built by chaos/ a more disfigured lie, has never existed. Chaos means: to take whatever is complex/ and reduce it, to the simplest form possible. HOW, is that life? Answer, just another lie.
But they are not alone, as in every aspect of life on this planet is literally under attack/ every living thing discarded; “for a few pennies more”. As humanity, and in particular men assert: ITS ALL MINE. The future being completely abandoned by the elderly; as they assassinate the children intentionally, so they can pretend, “we don’t have to pay, for what we did, or allowed to be done”. A more UNFAIR generation, throughout all of history; has not existed. To your shame.
Nonetheless, within that vision of our reality; is the clear and literal choice: to fight for life on this earth/ or let it die? Forty years of work, proves your choice is: LET IT DIE/ DAMN YOU for making me aware. Of course that is not your literal choice/ it is your want speaking, and your pride assaulting; because you want what you want, and nothing else. But that does require not only life, but this entire planet as well. Anger nor hate will save you/ simple as that. Being too ANGRY as a man/ too frustrated by what is male, which does prove: “this is what men want/ this is what men chose throughout history, & they won’t let it die, even though the very planet and all its life; is in peril”. Our situation is: “A man’s world”, and we are nearing extermination from this planet. So says the evidence, by its own truth. So says prophecy in the bible as well. So says our reality.
Consequently, the only question left is: WHAT would women do? Opening that spiritual door, HAS been an endless lesson, in everything not male/ not nearly done in me yet. Like it or not is absolutely irrelevant/ as spiritually I have no say: “can’t understand”.
Nonetheless, reality says: at least this is our chance to survive as life on earth. Nothing else can say that; because this is the best men did do/ and we face extinction from all sides. Women cannot do worse, than imminent and real extinction; even threatening the planet/ even threatening the entire solar system: IS MALE. There are no words sufficient for this failure; consequently “devil and satan” are used.


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