bankruptcy of a nation

The reality of want is: want is, the foundation of every lie people make! If you don’t want/ or don’t want to hide the truth: THEN you don’t lie! It is that simple. Therefore want is an abyss, wherein what controls you is an inner desire to take whatever it is you choose/ whether a right exists or not. Regardless of the consequences, as they are discarded for the purposes of every want. Want leads you into a fantasy; by constructing lies which have no foundation in truth. Want conceals itself within your delusions/ by demonstrating a lie can in fact alter fate: even though the consequences of that lie, are yet to be discovered. Want creates greed: thereby refusing the rights of others, for personal gain called selfishness. Want drowns you, in measurements that have no real basis in life. Which leads an entire nation to its downfall/ when everything is chosen by : “I JUST WANT, WHAT I WANT/ AND NOTHING ELSE”. Every lie has a price!

BANKRUPTCY, the prelude to world war 3

I WANT, what I want/ and I DON’T CARE about nothing else! The constant human disease.

Coupled to that is money, I can have whatever I want/ so long as I have money. The endless lie of male driven humanity: this is how it is/ because, this is what men chose.

An environment defiled/ a reality of living disgraced/ surrounded by constant lies/ chased by endless pride/ suffocated by arrogance/ surrendered because of survival. The constant that is human existence, particularly in this day and accelerating to war.

We are, too many people on earth; “for money to rule”. Because money, requires an endless environment, with resources to be plundered relentlessly. That is, the foundation of male domination/ the rulers of society on earth. Recently given to “the university diploma” to fix. Or, we are running out, of space. SO we WANT a war machine; bigger than the rest/ thereby, we will rule. The university did in fact make weapons of mass destruction, and became feared and revered.
The need for healthcare: I DON’T want to die/ or lose anything/ HELP ME. Is universal, to the largest extend; antibiotics a single small observation, that has become the basis for a world explosion in population. Isn’t it great; now, we don’t have to die! But alas, this came with a curse: we are so many people today, our entire planet, and every living existence of life is threatened with extinction. Simply because the population of humanity is out of control. While it cannot be said antibiotics are bad, nor healthcare. It has been proven without the slightest room for doubt: when people don’t die as nature provided. Then there must be decisions made, for the health of our entire planet. Not just people.

For now, we return to bankruptcy; the simple and certain reality: WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF RESOURCES. Therefore people cannot simply, run around and “go get more”. That forces a greater competition/ that ends, the nearly free accumulation of “toys, trinkets, and necessities”. They don’t exist anymore. That gives those with money, even greater access to plundering the rest. That makes women in particular more vulnerable (in a fight/ I will lose), to the violent/ because we all have to eat, and there is nothing I can do. That ends with people being discarded “like the trash/ because we are JUST TOO DAMN MANY people”. It is the one living thing, there is no concern we will lose too many of these; any time soon. Those are the facts; like it or not is completely irrelevant. Because reality itself, is only going to accelerate.

So the question is: given a world approaching its last opportunity; to make better decisions. HOW do we stop, man’s inevitable solution: we will war?

The critical questions have been answered as world law/ thereby taking the power away from leaders. By using the law to control both power & violence against society.
By using “limited capitalism” we control the pride and power of money; to share the wealth/ and regulate society, by demanding the currency supply, shall be consistent with the population.
Healthcare leaves us with: no one should die of “little things”/ while none can receive “extreme care”. A fact that must be controlled as a nation, not individually. While all pharmaceuticals will be supplied by government contracts. Instead of private industry, a proven thief. All healthcare shall be consistent with a percentage of income, or wealth as the case may be: fair to all. Because the value of your life is not decided by a bank account. There are poor people, far more valuable to society than the rich. While there are also rich people far more valuable to society, than those who are “without options”. Wealth/ nor intellect/ nor looks/ nor color or heritage/ nor inheritance decide what has value. Value is a distinction associated with peace, harmony, love, and decisions that make life acceptable for all the world; including nature. NOT just people. To achieve that, want must be massacred in people; so that truth can rule instead. Thereby, proper decisions are made for: a foundation called, “LIFE, FOR THE PLANET, must come FIRST”.

Therefore the critical question is human want. Consequently every solution revolves around, HOW do we resolve the tragedy of what people do? HOW do we share life, without hate ruining society itself? HOW do we become a humanity with grace, peace, friendship, and a value which proves life shall go on?

Here we begin with bankruptcy: the STOP, “YOU, must grow up now”/ rude awakening to the fact; this is not only unfair, you chose it because you didn’t want to be fair. You only wanted, what consists as greed (I don’t care about you), selfishness (I want what I want/ and you can’t stop me), and pride (I WIN/ you damn loser you; bow down to me/ listen to me. Because now I proved, I am superior: I have the trophy).
With a world filled and governed by greed, selfishness, and pride: the reality of what we see today, as the destruction of everything we need to survive or be friends. The consequence of money is actually less than important. UNLESS it is the difference between survival, and serious loss. Nonetheless; as is consistent with my own past:
“ I WORKED HARD for this money/ endured what I had to endure; and the bastard who stole it, deserves nothing but contempt.” Thereby reality says, “money ISN’T nothing either”.
In bankruptcy; the reality is, either greed or trust was involved. Greed assumes, “I WILL get more out of this, for me”. While trust insists; this one is my friend/ even though “underneath the covers created by a human mind”; that will soon become clearly NOT so.
Nonetheless, in simple terms, as has been erected by men: so as to NOT lose control, and fall into violence and revenge; over realities of money. “The banker/ courts/ and policing” are used to mediate failure. Unfortunately all are controlled by greed/ fall into want/ refuse justice because of pride: and fail repeatedly.
So lets review HOW critical failures begin/ are then overrun by fantasies/ and crumble into the pieces that become war, by fools.
A critical failure is: WE DID NOT want to stop what we were doing/ just because we ran out of resources. Therefore we continued, until a crisis, in one form or another; made us stop. People then became instantly unhappy, and insisted “the rest of you (called government)” MUST “make me happy”. Its your job, DAMN YOU. This is the consistent reality of human existence. HELL NO, we won’t protect a resource; the day is coming when I die/ I WANT EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW. And to HELL, with anyone who gets in my way. Period/ no exceptions, I want EVERYTHING, NOW! You damn bastard you, for getting in my way. Or: for not helping me rob, destroy, or steal this world: may you die/ here, I will help fail/ I will help you die; you miserable disgrace.
Up to at various times in society, at least ten percent; are subject to this worm (it burrowed in/ even though I didn’t invite it). That is because nearly all people, remember everything that happened to them throughout their lives; and especially as youth: the people that humiliated, ridiculed, cheated, lied, failed, used, abused, refused, and simply made them feel not welcome here. That reality controls further behaviors; as a relationship formed within the rule, “I can NEVER trust anyone”. Marriage resolves that somewhat/ until it goes bad. Most does go bad, in one form or another; because people marry for sex/ or they marry for a wide variety of reasons, none of which is love.
Regardless, the reality of most social interactions, is then controlled by a failed quest to become friends with others/ or a decision by others, which then becomes a violation of my own dignity, respect, and value as a human being. Consequently I DON’T CARE, about you! That makes me unhappy with the majority of days; because the lack of love, happiness, friendship, dignity, respect, and value for my own life/ HAS a price. The end result of that price is again: I WANT, what I want/ because you don’t care. Or more importantly, “YOU DIDN’T care”! And I need happiness, to survive.
The critical element of society, and a future we could conceivably survive: is then, love, happiness, friendship, dignity, respect, and value for my own life/ HAS a price. That price is a decision that includes: ALL LIFE must be accepted as equals to me. There are no exceptions/ only the law itself, can judge.
So then we move to the courtroom, and find in its place at this time: corruption/ collusion/ conspiracy/ and the destruction of society, for the purpose of rulers. A ruler is: I WANT YOU TO BE MY SLAVE/ you damn worthless piece of trash you. DO IT, or be damned.
That level of violence attacks justice, and reduces fair play to the game, “of who can own the court”. Every powerful person, with very few exceptions; comes to power, because they played the game of control, manipulation, temptation, and fear to get there. Whether intentional against life/ or just a greed so severe nothing else mattered: the reality is the same; society has endured, “no one cares about me”. Because the rest cannot help me/ I am surrounded by predators, who use money as a weapon. Even as an army against me. When attacked, like so; all other people leave me, because they DON’T want to be targeted too. Consequently, “If you don’t care about me/ then I won’t care about you either”. And society itself tumbles down another “flight of stairs”/ because this happens all the time. The world of humanity is full, of those who want to be “rulers”. Both male and female.
BUT, on the other side of reality, is the line that proves: “we CANNOT simply be polite and kind to you”/ because you refuse to work; therefore you beg, steal, and fail. WE MUST as workers for life, MAKE YOU help us survive. Consequently laziness does come into play/ while the possibility of wealth and riches, make the aggressive completely unwilling to share. Limited capitalism WILL control them. The end of welfare in all its forms; is a job you can do, at a rate of pay controlled by limited capitalism, that makes your excuse unworthy. Consequently if you don’t or won’t share the work/ then you can be removed (can’t stay here) or die, by your own choice.

Society then falls and fails, according to the degree of friendships than can or cannot be sustained. Because the end result of money, will be the development of rulers. Because people WANT, whatever it is they want/ and they consistently lie to achieve some goal; rather than simply choose life. Because when resources begin to fail; destruction follows. Which does increase the competition/ and ends in war. Particularly when it is the necessities of life, that go lacking from our existence in society. People are then “disposed of; WE don’t need or want you”/ and they form armies to fight back. “IF I can’t have peace and happiness/ THEN NEITHER shall you”.

GOT TO GROW UP NOW! So says reality, like it or not. Because its not a choice: every resource required for our survival is being decimated. The failure to stop being bastard’s (I throw away my humanity/ for greed); will bring us all to extinction. So the choice is: do you accept the limits of our reality, as too many people exist now. To live the way men have arranged and controlled society throughout all of history. Which means we have no further option to play: AND MUST FIND TRULY DIFFERENT SOLUTIONS for life as humanity on earth. I have searched for ten years, believing there must be a way we can survive. I have found throughout that search/ there is absolutely nothing, we can do to survive, in the ways and realities of what men have done. Because no matter what is chosen, the very first thing men will do/ once an immediate danger is past. Will be to go back to their original ways, and fight to consume as many resources as possible. Or war, to reduce the competition. Both of which cannot be survived by this population. “Kill a billion people/ still OVER 6 BILLION people to go; and growing at over 2 million more mouths to feed every single week.
So the real solutions begin with population control; and that is entirely within the rights and realities of women. They must choose for themselves, and control that destiny by their own choices. They make babies/ men do not. Reality says, a thousand men cannot make a single child. Whereas one man, and a thousand women could make a multitude. “Fixing men” won’t work. It is women that control the population/ and any man who makes them pregnant, by violence MUST now come under review. Castration is imminent/ unless you prefer to die. DON’T use violence. There must be growing peace in society, or you fail. The world itself dies! That is what our numbers of humanity, means.
THIS WARNING is given: should men decide they can force women to do what they want/ THE WORLD ENDS. Because your ways have already failed. To demand failure must continue; RESULTS IN EXTINCTION.
So, This last chance to survive recognizes the fact: we are here at the last edge of our survival on earth. Because that, is what men, and especially their universities chose; are you NOT in charge of this world. Consequently, YOUR LAST CHANCE FOR CHANGE, exists within women; because they deserve their own opportunity to try. Reality proves they cannot do worse.
Like everything else that brought us here, to the extreme edge of complete extermination. To the complete destruction of even the planet, nature, resources and even the solar system itself. Those who will continue to say, “EVERYTHING IS FINE/ don’t listen to this damn fool”: shall be punished. First comes trial; to assess and determine what is, or is not true: with regard to any and all important matters which threaten our lives, and continue to destroy the future for every life. You shall compile the evidence. You shall investigate reality, and prove what the future will bring: without the slightest tainting of want, selfishness, or greed. Then you will decide the future, by the ways of women: all women, voting for the laws that will govern life, law, government, and future. When presented to men/ all decide by vote: IF THIS is what we can or cannot be, as humanity on earth.
But remember this: if you fail to stop the insanity/ if you fail to stop the destruction/ if you fail to bring friendship and peace throughout this world; by choosing for life must come first. THEN EXTINCTION is all you have left/ and it will be horrendous. No matter what direction you choose.
As to bankruptcy itself; like me, you will have to get over what was owed to you/ even if it was fairly derived, and due. Even if, that theft allowed them to be rich/ while you struggled to recover. Because like me, when faced with their insanity; you must choose what is more important than money. LIFE FOR THIS WORLD! The insane, or more correctly in my case; those who prove, when confronted with: “I am about to lose everything/ I didn’t know, it could be this bad”. Do threaten with the possibility of murder. The consequence of that being: if I have to chose between what is owed/ and even the possibility, I could lose this fight; to help save a world from itself. Then I will choose for a world. Is not the money worthless then? What could be more foolish, than discarding our world? I refuse.

Given that reference to reality itself, in terms of money. I remind you, that we are truly in trouble as a world/ this is no game. We are so many people today, that we are decimating nature, environment, and every possibility of survival that exists. UNLESS WE ALL STOP/ WE ALL DIE. Our entire planet proves that is so. So as a humanity we will change, or go extinct. Got a gun? Then get ready for cannibalism and endless war, rape, horror, terror, and threat beyond description; because that, is what you get. Assuming you stop “satan: the university destroyers” from killing our planet outright, in the next few weeks. If not, we all burn; because that, IS WHAT THEY CHOSE.

To retain some semblance of order, it is however somewhat necessary to rebuild the money of society. As is proven by the USA, its all counterfeit anyway; even if you have a billion dollars. A billion dollars of counterfeit money just proves a criminal contempt for the law. Societal Law is: what governs peace and justice, through fair play. It is nothing more or less. The “billion laws” created by lawmakers/ are the excuses, to remove or avoid the law of life. They are to be removed. Replaced with as short as possible/ less than one hundred per nation; demands. That will be taught and reviewed throughout society; so we all know, and can fight for ourselves in a courtroom. Consequently although the lawyer will remain/ his or her connection to the court will be limited to seeking JUSTICE. Rather than greed, selfishness, power, or want. Let truth decide, let the best we can be sufficient, or return and rebuild the law that failed by vote.
Rebuilding money: requires an accounting. That accounting requires reality. Or, your numbers are worthless, beyond this point chosen by society. Once society has defined for itself, the maximum ANY PERSON, or GROUP shall be allowed to control. THEN, the question of what is owed, returns to reality, as the proof of what you did or did not do. Then the question of greed returns, as the consequence of your actions against society: and the debts you personally owe, because of that greed, selfishness, pride, or corruption of life. This is not complex! Rather it is simple and sure.
What is complex however: is the vast numbers of people involved. Therefore once the maximum limit of what people can keep as their share of: “people must work for me, in return for what I did as a benefit for them/ and people must give to me, in like proportion for the resources I lost to them”.
Then and only then, shall you divide, whatever is left among you. Remembering; “ IF WE DON’T have it to give you/ then, bankruptcy rules, NOT you.” Some degree of responsibility is required from all sides/ as you did participate, and things like this, are known to exist. Like it or not; thieves, traitors, liars, cheats, bastard’s, and even worms (crawling inside of life, to steal happiness, health, and hope) are all consistent: “with a man’s world”.
You divide what is left, by assembling the property, that has been bought or sold, within the last twenty years or so. You decide by vote. That property is then given a percentage of ownership: as you did pay, this much. That percentage is what you invested with your life. That percentage is what you shall be given, as your available funds, when the sale of everything NOT completely paid off, will bring. That percentage in terms of stocks, bonds, etc. Returns to your original investment, without profit or loss in the last 4 years. To become a percentage, divided by all: of whatever the actual value of that devise sustains. A minimum level of whatever percent, personal housing owners shall retain. Is the limit of what you shall retain; per investor from their originating amount. Any who claim a bigger proportion will divide whatever is left above this amount, that is left; among all investors.
The end result of it all is: the vast majority competed to play, in a fantasy of endless greed/ whose true victims were conceived as: every child, and every future child, and a world of life.
The fantasy ends. That means the game you played, will now make demands on you. Like it or not, the army of greed, & intentional failure for an entire planet; shall pay. That does include more than America.
Let the poor fight among themselves; its their world in court; “fair or war”. Or more correctly: Establish us a job with honest living pay. Therefore we will help make that possible, for ourselves. BECAUSE MONEY no longer matters much/ and a gun won’t bring anything but tears.
Let the rich fight among themselves; it’s a demand of the middle class/ NOBODY gets to be richer than this. Or, we the rich; are all going to lose/ as there is no army to help. Its everyone for themselves: Because you don’t have the money to buy “special favors”. And you don’t have the power to control the court: if, we the people; prove true democracy shall exist.
For the middle class, bankruptcy is as simple as proving money invested, in more than just selfishness. Or more correctly, if you didn’t keep your money, in an real property investment tool of some sort. Then you spent it, either for yourself/ or for your securities, in a reality that you knew, or had every reason to know: was a complete lie. Either way you benefitted/ therefore you gained accordingly, as if it were spent. The American dollar does not exist/ it died, with debts we cannot pay & counterfeiting we did not share. That fact makes the dollar you invested in, worthless. A reality that exists: Because the university diploma had nothing to offer, but lies/ theft/ deceit/ cheating/ treason/ and hell. Take a look; and find through Reagan, every diploma became wealthy/ and the race to greed began. Or, take a look at “Kennedy”/ and find, no end to spending money, for war exists. As it is clear, a university diploma was the primary thief. Then it is also clear, that money from the majority who gained NO real value from their dollars as an investment: should retain something/ and must be given a percentage similar to a house or other. But each shall choose, either a percentage of your house/ or a percentage of your cash. Proven to be real life work. As to university money, gained from university work: it is up to the public themselves to determine if you should retain anything. Those who worked for life MUST BE TREATED EQUALLY. Whereas those who threatened or ridiculed the rest, with the pestilence of their greed/ should lose accordingly.

We will have to depend upon an American dollar for a time; because that is what we have. But as soon as trial begins: that value, whatever it retains. Shall collapse as soon as the decision is made to control currency. Or, more correctly: your decision to return to reality; IS REQUIRED within six months from the realities assembled. That prove: WE MUST DO THIS, for the sake of our world, even our nation. Failure means you chose extinction. Therefore at six months, all CURRENCY shall be changed, in this nation, to a debit card; whereby all funding is tracked, and accountable at the end result. No property shall be bought or sold, until this is done. Control over vacated properties, by death or similar; shall go to local government, until this is resolved. You can’t destroy it/ but you can use it, returning the property in its original condition or better. When this is resolved. Then, You get your freedom to control your money back: when NOW, we begin again, from here. How you resolve pay during that time, shall be decided by vote. Everybody gets the same amount; until that day exists. All debts are frozen, until resolved. Adjust accordingly; this IS, what the vast majority, particularly in America, DID CHOOSE. I know it for a fact/ because throughout the decades, your only choice was greed just like theirs. Not a thing for life, or child/ other than “you can keep what I give you”. Even though, you knew it was stolen. Debts were hidden by media; who reported only federal debt/ even though it was just a portion. Inflation was hidden by media; who refused to report the reality of currency growth, even though they know. Money was spent by politicians, because without it, they have no pride or power/ only problems. Because you, the public; don’t want answers. You only want what you want: or more simply, GIVE ME WHAT I WANT/ right now, damn you to hell. Etc/ etc/ etc. All proven true by your current reality. You didn’t want truth. So now you will drown in your lies. Swim to reality, abide in truth/ OR YOU WILL DIE. Because the sewer that you have dug, through a university diploma leading: HAS consequences. They built toys with your money: to destroy this entire earth. Because you didn’t care enough, to stop them. “Hell, it’s a job isn’t it”/ and they could pay anything required by you, so it’s a good job. The only problem is: NOW YOU WILL PAY/ or YOU WILL DIE!
No middle ground is left. CHOOSE.

As to all work and life: when you choose to participate in war/ the money no longer matters much. It is a life or death reality that controls. This is life or death for our species, and even our planet; because true threats are that severe. No guessing/ no games/ no excuses/ no second chances: EITHER CHOOSE LIFE MUST COME FIRST. Or you get the death, your universities chose for you; because you let them be your “god (they are special/ they know)”.
In that warning/ by that regard for reality: I warn you now, “DO NOT believe me”. INSTEAD PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, by proper and real investigation, examination of the facts, and fundamental understanding of what is true. Especially WHAT HAPPENS, WHEN THESE UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENTS GO WRONG. OR, what happens when this nature goes extinct. Etc/ etc/ etc. I am not the question or the answer; you are. I am merely the messenger, determined our world shall NOT die, “without a fight”. That fight is, to communicate: we are threatened, with true extermination from this earth. Because that, is what the leaders and those who follow them, did choose. That, is the reality of what men, and their universities did do.
Like it or not, is completely irrelevant! We know live or die: because we did protect what is left of our world and our sanity/ or you failed completely, and chose to die. Not caring at all, about consequences that end life on earth: which you CANNOT ignore. Such as ignition of same fire as is on the sun, HERE.
THEY ARE, “very close”. One second too late, and we all die. Consider that carefully, “as you set back into your easy chair/ to be told by media what you must believe”. They lie: for GREED, POWER, & PRIDE.

Find truth, IS THIS ENTIRE WORLD OF LIFE; NOT worth the trouble? No second chances: take another look at the sun. This ain’t no game.



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