black hole

The building of atoms; no small feat! Rather energy must be created/ and opposite energies must exist: or there will be no control over the creation of time.
In its most simple understanding: Energy is created as a physical element in time, by the destruction of a sun (supernova); proton creation. That energy is released outward/ but a sun is spherical/ which means the explosion establishes itself by pushing on the center of that mass. Energy that cannot be expressed by an outward force/ MUST then turn inward onto itself. Because the law is: for every action there WILL be a reaction. That fundamental law of our universe, establishes a black hole. Which is the reversing of energy that could not be contained/ but could not be released either. Therefore, it attacks itself. The end result is matter being sucked into itself, and antimatter being born. Anti-energy as is the neutron of an atom, it is sent from the center of the black hole as a string, which eventually hits a proton; as these are extreme energies of an opposite sign: they attach to each other. Knocking off fragments that then become electrons.

Atomic construction is as simple as this: the outward force, that is a mass projected into space through a supernova event, exists. The alternate energy of that event which is mass & energy, that cannot escape/ trapped by its own explosion. A sun when becoming critical, burns more fuel: obviously true, by heat and size expansion. That means the object underneath that supplies the fuel for a sun fire is being overheated, because it is releasing more fuel. As heat overwhelms the physical boundaries of “the rock (fuel supply, because atomic bonds are being burned)”. The critical mass erupts, when thermodynamics create a pressure that can no longer be contained.
The mass then erupts on the outer layers of “the rock”/ causing an explosion, which cannot exit until it overwhelms the forces of the fire in front of it. Rather like a bomb, in a steel casing. The inner cores, of the actual mass that is sun or rock involved as fuel. Cannot be heated nearly as fast, as the outer layer/ therefore it remains relatively stable. Until hit with the first explosion. That explosion being delayed from instantaneous release; causes a gap between the center of the rock, and its outer mass. That outer layer of the first core mass is then heated instantaneously, to become a second explosion/ while leaving the inner second core mass with the same basic reality as the outer core. NOW HEATED to an explosive event. But IF, the energy CANNOT be released, FAST enough. Then it Must turn back upon itself. The first step to create a black hole.
Once the energy is turned “Inside out: going toward the center”: The physical mass, that follows it, is sucked first onto the black hole core. Because for every action there will be a reaction: the energy MUST do something, and if it cannot leave/ then it must turn back. These forces are now becoming transformed into dark energy or mass, by that reversal of that energy. When the foundation of a black hole, is met. If the energy surrounding the inner core is not uniform/ energy simply moves to the point of least resistance, and “blows out the side”.
To become a black hole, a consistent force must be applied until the entire mass being imploded, from all sides: literally has no more room to compress. No place to go. When more force is applied anyway, a central pathway will erupt to release the energy. What cannot become confined, “without room” fast enough. MUST GO SOMEWHERE. The least organized area of a black hole is where all the forces meet in the middle. What flows through that hole, then becomes strings of dark energy or mass as it exits the black hole from this chaos event. This string of anti matter (negative force), exiting the black hole; shoots into space, and will eventually encounter a proton (positive force) ejected from a different supernova event. Therefrom opposites attract in simple terms, and they join to become an atom. Electrons, are the consequent debris created from that collision, and are contained in this new environment. This retains the energy of its originating explosive event/ by establishing a boundary, and a bond.



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