CERN again

the stated purpose at CERN is: to recreate conditions that led to the “BIG BANG”. The single most destructive event in the history of our entire universe. A reality that changed existence forever. A reality that did not occur instantaneously: WITHOUT the preparations that weakened atomic structure “like a building about to be imploded”. That process is exactly like, what CERN does today. Leading to the expected “big bang of earth”.

The cost or risk of CERN is simple: they want to discard the atomic order of this planet/ in exchange for organized chaos. That is accomplished by: transferring atomic dimensional space, into a wormhole. Which simply means, an energy environment which cannot be stabilized. The method for doing this begins by understanding every element is created within what can be considered, “a rubic’s cube”. So each colored square is the space occupied by an atom. There are six sides/ so there are six colors. Each color is divided into 36 squares. So if you look at a side you see 36 individual squares, surrounded by lines which identify the small squares. Consider these lines as boundaries/ they intersect with the lines identified from each of the five other colored sides, and their 36 lines, creating the illusion of a structure “if you can visualize it”, on the inside. In atomic construction each of these 216 little squares, is now an atomic environment, holding one atom. The lines which separate them, are called dimensional space. So we have six lines in a parallel dimension of time from one direction/ and three subsets of six parallel lines: those directly opposite each other, cancel each other/ or instead of six atomic sides: we have three environmental dimensions in space and time. With 6 individual parallel definitions, that intersect creating structure.
Electricity works by compressing those atomic environments/ when pushing on their elemental structures (the physical form of existence as identified by elemental composition). Compression of an element such as copper, elongates the structure. So instead of a square in this description it now becomes a rectangle. This is done by a spinning magnet. Magnets are composite molecules, with more electrons on one side than the other side; so to speak. So they fluctuate energy, back and forth as they spin. That means the entire atomic environmental structure is being shaken; even if you can’t see it. The more energy released into the electrical line, the more deformed the elemental atomic structures become. That releases heat, as compression does in other mechanical systems. Electricity is used, by releasing the pent-up spring; so to speak of these compressed rectangles, so they can return to normal. This is done when electrically, the energy goes to ground or any other form of release.
NOW, what you need to understand about CERN is: that they have doubled their energy compression into 13 trillion volts of electricity (the oscillations are much bigger now/ more easy to release, on the wire). Which means “the rectangle, basically now becomes two parallel lines shaking the entire element violently”. With the electrons moved out of the environment itself/ but MOST remain attached to the ends of those atomic structural lines that used to be “its elemental home”. This is accomplished by super-cooling the “electrical wire” this is being done too: to just under MINUS 400 degrees F. That purpose is to stop movement within the atomic environment, so each atomic environment of proton and neutrons/ can be crushed closer together.
THEN, CERN takes its super computers, to flash directional energy into magnets along a line to accelerate the electricity trapped on the electrical wire until they get “just under the speed of light”. They USE TWO such wires, with electricity traveling in opposite directions. That means “if you can visualize it”; they have the mass of every atom in the electrical environment of that element used to transmit them: in transit. With an electron cloud surrounding that “train and its trailing cars”. When each the atomic mass being transferred through the wire is at its maximum speed: they switch the lines at an explosion center, to crash each train load of atomic matter into each other. Just to see the explosion of electricity, and atomic debris.

So in conclusion, atomic environments are then separated from their electrons at the explosion. Atomic mass that does not interact with each other, is set loose, to escape as protons and neutrons without an organized environment. They collect the freed electrons surrounding that explosion; and create the effect of a wormhole, or tornado like structure, without stability beyond this form. This cannot free itself from the greater gravitation pull of the earth itself/ so it bounces back and forth through the earth: destroying atomic stability in its path; causing structural damage, and physical decay: to earths atomic disciplines & integrity by changing the physical laws which govern the planet: with energy, under the speed of light. As this atomic mass does so, at speeds over light. The explosion causes this speed as atomic mass goes through the explosive event and is then pushed by the energy of that explosion, created by mass crashing into each other at, twice the speed of light.
Because the explosion blows holes in the train line of cars (atomic mass in transit): much like a NASCAR race crash, opens holes; for other cars to go through. The crashing of two trains of atomic mass heading in opposite directions, at very near the speed of light: allows us to add that amount of energy as the speed of light doubled. The second part of that explosive component, however adds more: because this is “an atomic explosion/ thereby releasing the energy in an atomic bond”. The first part is, Like two cars on the highway traveling in opposite directions at one hundred miles per hour each/ do not crash at one hundred miles per hour/ they crash at the total of both vehicles, which is two hundred miles per hour. Cars simply crash, they do not release atomic energy.
So now we have a very violent situation within the explosive chambers at CERN. The closer the mass is transmitted together/ the less likely there will be holes to pass through. Therefore the more mass hitting each other, multiplies the effects of the explosion exponentially. We now have at 13 trillion volts, the opportunity to achieve: EITHER, a direct hit which transfers energy back into the pipeline, “electrical wire”/ and destroys the entire complex. So we hope! OR, it chaffs itself, into ignition of “sun fire”/ a ten million degree fire, as is on the sun: WHICH DOES burn atomic bonds for fuel.

Either way: this machine, and its proponents, are another weapon intended to destroy our planet, one way or the other.  the most likely outcome is, they either kill themselves or us all.

E=mc squared/ is nothing more than the formula for kinetic  energy, with speed as a constant.  Just another delusion.  ENERGY is what causes force to exist/ not its result:  there is a difference.



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