The value of life on earth, is recognized by the elements of peace, equality, justice, harmony, shared responsibilities, and fundamental caring for both life and planet. The foundation of dispute, that is human refusals to accept that platform of compliance: forms war, hate, violence, and consequences beyond their intent. From that reality we get law. From the law we create: which is the values we express as our chosen relationship to each other. There is the opportunity for change.

We now examine the need for change and assign the following realities to life in society.

          There must be world law: which does mean, WE THE PEOPLE of this world shall by vote establish laws which our leaders/ rulers/ employees, SHALL BE REQUIRED TO OBEY. NO MORE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION: they will be surrendered by force, if necessary! EVERY NATION! The failure OF LEADERS/ brings a world policing organization: whose only purpose here, is to bring those leaders to court.  Or if they cannot, with realistic efforts and risk/ then kill them.  That law, and those policing the world, shall in fact require obedience to the laws that save our planet. That law and those policing this world, shall in fact give assistance to those nations who are confronted with such violence on the inside/ that failure is too great to ignore, anymore.  That court should be on neutral soil (which can easily be applied to “Guantanamo bay”: surrender it).  Those policing forces shall learn one language/ be the best you can find “for life”; and be deployed on aircraft carriers.  Without significant weapons or am munitions:   until the need truly arises.  Those will be controlled by a variety of nations; and the need to surrender them, chosen by the world  court under its own law, in open session with all eyes watching.  Such things as Iran’s current “veiled attempt” to take over Iraq oil fields; shall be stopped.  It is the job of this policing agency formed from all nations on earth: to stop all invasions. That would include the Ukraine.  That would include, such things as extreme civil war, as in Syria.  First by bringing leaders to justice/ then, by bringing world law issues, to be determined:  before those people, for themselves. To find a common solution through law, by vote.  That policing would include the tragedy of leaders in America: invading Iraq.  You did bring “shock and awe”/ just look at the damage your American leaders caused: because they were afraid. Without substantial cause: etc/ etc/ etc.  Let the law decide/ THAT WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD MADE!

          Let EVERY NATION BE EQUAL:   NO exceptions/ every leader, and every nation, and every people shall obey the same WORLD LAW!  Chosen by vote, by this world of humanity: as justified and necessary for life, and society/ through peace, the consequence of JUSTIFIED law!

            WORLD LAW IS: Leaders,  Brought to trial.    By OUR LAW:   as WE, the people of this world decide, IS true to our needs/ is FAIR to life, and planet:   therefore JUSTIFIED!

          There must be “LIMITED capitalism”, for every democracy or more.  Which does mean, that WE THE PEOPLE, have rights.  Among those legal rights are the means and the vote, to insure we have an opportunity for ourselves, just like you.  Which is established by limiting how much money ANYONE can earn within a year: even if you earn it in a moment.  Only so much and no more.  Just like we can establish, for all who work a legitimate forty hour week, the pay you are entitled too, shall not be less than this, “minimum wage”; for us all.  We insure that, by returning to this vote,  every ten years or so.  And by whatever change is desired to be made.  It also means, there will be limits to the amount of property anyone can own or control/ according to the area.  So that we all have an opportunity, “for the best we can be, at least in society, by FAIR PLAY”/ and standards demanding to be equal.  WE THE PEOPLE, OWN THIS NATION: that does mean, WE WILL DECIDE!

           There must be an end to the current system of governing “called lawmaker”.  To govern ourselves as is true democracy: we must make the laws that are necessary to live within, for ourselves!  Because otherwise, as the quip goes: “whosoever has the gold/ makes the rule”.

Very few laws are needed/ once done, they are in place and need not be touched ever again.  The rules which will accompany them CANNOT be whatever any little group demands.  But what we all agree too, by vote among ourselves as a nation.  Because whosoever makes the rules/ can easily become, a ruler! From there, corrupting justice/ destroying fair play/ proving inequality/ and condemning democracy into “dust” is constant, no matter where you go in human society.  Because each little group, “wants more” everything: so they conspire/ collude/ corrupt/ control/ and destroy to get it.  History is certain. Which DOES mean: we must monitor every courtroom/ judge every lawyer and judge for compliance with JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY.  Giving them a grade/ failure is removal, or criminal trial. Every participant, including the “audience” in every trial, SHALL fill out a questionnaire: for this purpose/ tabulated outside the court, as public information.  Every higher judicial official:  SHALL score well for justice, democracy, equal constitutional rights, and fair play: or be refused their position.  The only immunity is: GOOD behavior in compliance with constitutional authority and purpose, as is consistent with democracy itself.  The job of a jury is to decide JUSTICE existed (this is necessary or wise)/ and determine if the penalty is FAIR PLAY (no right to complain).  The job of a judge is to insure equal rights (same rights, for us all).  That would include: patents are no different than copyrights for music, etc.  17 years and done. Same rights, realities, and restrictions to copyrights as to patents: NO difference.

          Every policing body faces the same dilemma: who is safe for me/ who is going to attack me?  The answer is not simple or plain!  Therein the foundation becomes “us/ not we the people”. Reality however answers: if you divide and separate the people from you/ then you are not “friends”.  Truth replies: as we the people under your influence; IF I cannot trust you/ then we are not “friends”.  The primary difference that determines “friendship is”: if I feel safe!  It doesn’t matter which side you are on. That fact begins with: only rubber bullets, with increasing intensity in a clip can be used.  So that trouble can be controlled, “without death”.  Let any officer who believes this is not enough: stand in front of that rubber bullet/ and prove it is so.  These rubber bullets can be loaded with a chemical for tagging, and use in court; as well as an odor that will deliver an “effect”.  In addition: DON’T be overzealous with your rules.  DON’T stalk, unless it is “true, criminal worthy”.

           Our future further requires: that currency SHALL be tied to the population count of citizens.  Thereby so many numbers per each individual/ that we then all know, and respect:  what is fair. In exchanges with foreign nations: currency shall be tied to something tangible “like gold”/ so no one is cheated.  Divide the governing up: just like the IRS, must be abandoned/ REPLACED with independent accounting firms per each and every local area. Who will police themselves/ by choosing through audits, done by random selection: from different firms, all found “in the same hat”; so to speak.  Taxation is limited to its true purpose: such as a gas tax/ shall repair roads; and nothing else.

          There must be a true acceptance of reality: by proving what is going to happen without change/ we know then, what must be done. Its not a guess! We KNOW, that humanity is consuming more oxygen than this planet produces: NOT a guess.  We KNOW, the true and real ending “can’t breathe”/ if it continues. Every fire needs oxygen/ whether in your car, house, cooking, forest, industry, etc.  Times nearly 8 billion people!

          We know what happens without water! According to the water survey engineers of the state of IL: it takes fifty inches of rainfall, to refill and aquifer one single inch!  Think about it, and investigate the truth: it is a horrible thing. There is no more to squander, trash, poison, etc.

          We know what happens without the harvest of life from the sea/ already a billion people hungry. Everything in the ocean IS under attack. The ocean/ water resources, feeds at least one billion. Think about it/ NO FOOD is war.

          We know what happens when livestock, develop a disease that cannot be fully controlled: they die/ particularly in close confinement conditions.  Close confinement ONLY WORKS, with antibiotics/ and these have all but failed completely.  Soon, they will be gone: “its what you chose”.  Harsh, Disease is coming/ with no relief for humanity either/ because that is what your leaders did, your universities caused.

          We will soon find out, when the pollinators are gone: so is a great deal of diversity, and the food supply.  You cannot remove a base food source, without jeopardizing every creature that depends upon that food.  Which does means massive extinction of both plant and creature.  Simple and plain.

          We know what happens with over-population of humanity: the earth, nor its life can survive.  Every billion people need another billion pound of food, every single day.  Try visiting reality, instead of university delusions:  and understand, why there are terrorists.

          We know, that without antibiotics: the entire medical industry fails, with little relief for anyone.  THERE ARE much harsher diseases coming.  That leaves us with only one true solution: to separate ourselves from each other/ city to city; nation to nation.  Because it doesn’t take much to spread a disease.  Unfortunately, that means it is BETTER; that each city, etc;  should be “culturally the same” EVEN THOUGH, a traitor can just as easily have a face “like yours”/ as a face, or skin like those called “the enemy”.  Easy, is what men do/ it solves the problem, “somebody has to die”!  If you aren’t the same; at the first sign of trouble, “the other cultures” are going to be blamed/ and then attacked.  When Bad enough, it will be war.

            Things will change, on earth: you will learn to share and care about each other.  Because, if you don’t/ the only thing left is WAR/ CANNIBALISM/ AND HELL. That is the choice you made/ or, more correctly;  let the others/ especially your leaders,  make for you.  BUT, the majority of YOU, DID FOLLOW, pushing them forward: and that is fact! Your only option today:   is to understand what it means to be wrong/ discard propaganda and the expert of delusions and storytelling. Choosing the truth WILL guide us all, according to reality (no more fantasies/ no more delusions/ no more destroying the future of every child, every life/ NO MORE GAMES OR UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENTS WITH LIFE, OR ENERGY, OR ANY OTHER SEVERE RISK):  which then everybody accepts as valid and necessary to protect our lives, and this world.

           Which does mean:  Money is absolutely irrelevant.  The future is live or die/ you destroyed the middle ground, where nature takes care of you.   You will choose for life first/ you will protect nature and planet, insuring YOU CANNOT be wrong; instead of listening to the failures and fools of a “university expert”.  You WILL choose for life: because LIFE IS TOO IMPORTANT, to gamble with! 

          Our reality is, particularly over the last fifty years, that the damage done: has already assassinated generations from the future, because of resource loss, destruction, extinction, and environmental damage.  Our duty as human life, is to repair as best we can/ TRYING TO PREVENT, the entire collapse of life on this earth.  Returning a future for every child, that nature lets survive, and we can help without risking all life on earth! Because HELL (we have become the living dead/ there is nothing, but cannibalism left) ARMAGEDDON (we have destroyed nature/ we have destroyed life, and it is disintegrating before us) , THE APOCALYPSE (hate has taken over our lives, and there is only war; with a gun/ a fire/ a bomb/ or a disease, in EVERY hand) and even more, is exactly where we are going under university leadership.  So says the evidence!   And even that assumes: you aren’t so damn DEAD INSIDE, that you do not stop    “SATAN” from igniting your world on fire.

          The extreme failure of “the university big brain”/ or more correctly, the parasitic disease that not only infects our world, but attempts to destroy the very foundations of life itself:   are absolutely described as “devil/ satan/ etc”.  These diplomas are, critically true  descriptions of the EXACT OPPOSITE of life and GOD, the builder of this CREATION.  These choose destruction/ pretending it isn’t so:  reality proves them LIARS.

          How else would you describe those whose arrogance, and insidious lies/ cheating/ stealing/ and terrorism is so monstrous: that they gamble with our entire planet, risking death for every living thing on earth!  Answer the question.

          How else would you describe those whose absolute disease ridden brains, choose to mutilate ALL OF NATURE ITSELF/ because they want to prove their own religion of evolution.  Or chaos, which literally means the destruction of everything complex/ into its most simple form.  As their own god of building life/ a reality so complex: there is nothing in or of humanity, that can understand anything more, than how to destroy it.  And that is exactly what the university, etc geneticists are doing ON PURPOSE.  Their ultimate goal of the last seventy years or more is:   TO CAUSE THE GENETIC DISCIPLINES/ BALANCE/ ORDER/ THOUGHT/ AND EVERYTHING ELSE:  OF NATURE TO COLLAPSE, in destruction!  Because that is how they learned, after a million tries: “to stop here”.  Believing once we destroy it/ then we can learn how to be gods/ and build “their own version of life”.  Instead of  your DAMN heros’ “ain’t they smart”.  REALITY PROVES: these are LIARS/ TRAITORS/ THIEVES/ TERRORISTS/ AND OUTRIGHT DEVILS! Destroying nature is not destroying a building or a bridge:   YOU CANNOT REBUILD IT!

           When these genetic disciplines fail/ when the order of building life, is corrupted/ when the balance of two arms, hands, etc: all of the same size, and working together; suddenly ceases to exist/ and nothing works anymore.  Because your brain isn’t even attached to the tools you use to survive.  And every source of food is poisoned, mutilated, altered, turned to slime, or in every other way turned against us.   You WILL BE:  HORRIFIED by what has happened!   Only the TERROR of being life, attacked from within; FROM GENETIC MUTILATION,  is left.  Choose to stop this!

          Such is the damnation, GIVEN TO YOU by your geneticists, and the balance of when nature “tips over the edge, you let them create, and  LIFE ITSELF fails completely”!   THIS DAY, WILL PROVE:   you, are responsible too. That day,  IS NOT FAR AWAY.  If, we are so lucky, that geneticists have not already made us extinct;  with their  games/ with their crucifixion of life itself.  The horror,  of this humanity playing god: to your extreme shame.

          You know how to cook; AND YOU DO understand, that it does make a difference:   if the pan is too hot, or too cold/ or you put in the wrong seasoning, or fail to read the recipe right/ or cannot get the right ingredients and all the rest; just to eat a meal.  There are chemists among you: who understand, just because the reaction didn’t occur the first time/ does not mean, it can’t.  With DNA recognized in the most simple of minds: “the damn university intellect  IS:  (lets play games/ or lets go to war, with life)”.  They know at a minimum, the combination of genetic structure IS a mapping of how to build a body of life.  And they mutilate it endlessly across this world.  They crucify every body that arises, even a little:   because of their mutilation.   Because they added garbage, and made that life beginning;  endure the horror of a man made hell,  attacking them.   Because geneticists want to play, and they know anything “Infant: cannot defend itself”.  They want to play god/ and they want to be “your god”: so they can threaten you:    with, worship us.

            How can you not know, that building a body of life REQUIRES a very delicate process, where chemicals interact in extreme conditions/ at microsecond intervals; to create the foundations, which then become all parts and pieces assembled, built, required, attained, separated, and used in the formation of life itself.  Where parts and pieces are required to shape themselves, attach themselves, create themselves: out of nothing more than the food you eat! A body forming inside, that does not destroy the body that gives it life outside.  HOW IS THIS “A GAME”?

            YOU ARE HORRENDOUS/ designing DEATH to our world:  thereby YOU ARE DEVIL, SATAN, a  LIFE-LESS hulk of insanity:   or you would not destroy NATURE itself, or risk this planet.  As you the compilation of humanity itself, is so clearly doing intentionally, and with malice: in clear worship of your “god” evolution/ and their priests, “a university diploma”.   Evolution is: The most insane description of a religion ever given.   Without a shred of evidence.  Because adaption is merely the evidence of “perfect design”/ and does not occur without thought to precede it.  Thought designed and built life!  How can you doubt that?  What can you build, “without thinking”?  Answer: more insanity!  IF JUST ONE PART OF AN EGG, IS NOT SEALED OR CREATED PROPERLY: THE ENTIRE SPECIES DIES!  Can you build an egg, in a chicken/ or anything else? DAMN FOOLS, without the sense of a maggot.  How is that not true?

          We, being completely unaware and utterly incapable of building life: DID NOT BUILT OURSELVES!  We CANNOT be built; “one piece at a time.”  You need everything, including food to eat, a mouth to eat it with, a stomach to digest it: AND A BILLION MORE PIECES WORKING TOGETHER, just to keep you alive.  How dare you believe such extreme ignorance;   as “well, we just picked what we wanted from the store/ and came up with a perfect body”.  OH NO WAIT, that is not what this religion believes!  THEY believe, some damn little one cell creature, just appeared out of nowhere, and built everything: WITHOUT EVEN A DAMN BRAIN.  How horrendous/ how DAMN STUPID, can you be?  Answer:   killing an entire planet/ destroying the environment/ poisoning everything/ making extinct all of life/ and preparing for world ending war, with endless LIES, CHEATING, STEALING, TRAITORS AND TERRORISM.  The plague of “expert storytellers”/ and propaganda whose only true purpose is to make you fear, and capitulate: “they have an army of words/ we can’t defeat them”.  WELL YOU DAMN WELL BETTER TRY, to be smarter than your idols and gods at the university!     OR THIS PLANET IS DEAD!    Because that, is what YOU CHOSE.                 NO SECOND CHANCES!

           The consequence and very definition of a “university expert” throughout all media today is: UNTIL WE SEE A HORRIFIC EVENT/ an absolute CATASTROPHE. We get to keep on doing anything we want/ cause you can’t stop us. “Its called devil”.
The alternative to that is: the creation of law is democracy, or “WE THE PEOPLE” through our constitution shall rule in this United States of America. NO authority is given therein, “to risk or destroy what life needs/ the nature we depend upon/ or the environment that is our home called planet earth. Etc!


                             CHOOSE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I am not your savior: YOU, are the enemies of yourselves/ with an endless want, that refuses to recognize the damage that nearly 8 billion people CAUSE for themselves.  THIS WORLD HAS CHANGED/ because we are so many people, we threaten everything!

EITHER you will accept our new reality, as is evident and proven by all the threats that exist.  Or we all die, is some horrific way: FAR SOONER, than you can even imagine is possible.

I am “a soldier for life”/ which simply means, the battles fought: are about LIFE, living/  rather than letting this world die.

Should you not do the same?

TRUTH ITSELF, MUST LEAD; as best we can understand!  Together. Simple and plain!

          The university will say: “that is what WE DO”!

Reality however proves a different story: finding some little fragment of truth, thereby creating “trinkets and toys”.  Without another purpose, their job is done!  Consequently, every aspect of “university found” is a deliberate intent to KEEP MY JOB/ MY POWER/ MY PRIDE; and who gives a damn about you.  Therefore stories arise, and people are led to their deaths. Therefore pride insists: we are like gods/ PAY US!  As is proven by the evidence of our lives!

          The examination of reality for the evidence and proof of truth, does not consist of a “university degree”.  Rather it is determined by reality itself: therefore we all can conceive of this/ and need NOT simply memorize what anyone says.  Let the truth prove itself, by the evidence/ NOT by “the expert”.  Wherever it is important to decide: let the evidence be brought forward, communicated as best we can before all the people.  Then by vote, WE THE PEOPLE shall claim our future/ by the decisions that we made.  NO GOING BACK!  No blaming the others: WE the people, chose!



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