confrontation two

The most fundamental aspect of our lives today is: that government no longer works, for us! Rather those elected finding themselves under the influence of complete bankruptcy/ because of decisions made. Cannot find a way out, unless bankruptcy, brings us back to reality. NONE want bankruptcy/ so all wait for the day by professing “I HAVE A GUN”.
The end result of that, is obvious/ and will not be deterred without a legal option that removes the conflict of self interest/ so that public interests can be accepted: through a legal remedy, searching as “justice, for all.”

Our world, and our lives; are in trouble. Because people in charge/ and those who allow it, have made choices we cannot survive.
Not only are extreme threats, a foundation for our extinction/ but every facet of government; as we know it. Has proven to be “bad”. Consequently, the male domination of society: is reviewed as errant and wrong.
To be different than today, then requires the acceptance: “Let women try”! But NOT as men do it. Rather as women who do come together as one world/ searching, for their own answers. To: HOW can this world be different?

We begin with the list of suggestions, that are functionally necessary/ and without choice.
1. Bankruptcy: means, the debtor must go free/ after realizing and itemizing what that means. It also means: the lender/ owed, shall surrender whatever is left of that debt.
National bankruptcy means: EITHER WE WILL CONTROL THIS BANKRUPTCY, for ourselves/ OR, those who stole the money from us, WILL MAKE US SO POOR, you will fail life. It is one way or the other. Either we decide/ or we become “worthless slaves”; less than the price of a penny. How is that not true?

Controlling the money DOES require: a constitutional law removing all choice from leaders to create debt. A constitutional amendment: demanding and creating, the currency supply SHALL NOT be tied to anything other than: the true citizen, population count, living here.
Controlling foreign debt: SHALL require, that this is a separate money, with “gold and silver backing”. No more numbers: reality trading, only.
Controlling the competition for what is left, DOES require, “limited capitalism”. Whereby we the people identify, the maximum amount anyone can earn in any year/ and the minimum anyone can earn, when working the hours we select. That extends to property holdings, in the same way: dependent upon the area to be controlled by our vote.
Resources ARE, the difference between wealth and poverty. The difference between a future for every child/ and death, war, and cannibalism. We decide, for LIFE/ NOT “you” for money.

2. Immigration: is the reality, those who came before, HAD NO RESPECT for the consequences of their decisions. Therefore trouble erupted, and life is threatened.
One of the worst decisions, that is participated in by nearly all people: is RAMPANT over-population. Already far beyond what this world can provide for! That fact, identifies ONE SPECIFIC TRUTH; that must be obeyed, OR YOU SHALL NOT immigrate. There will be “birth control: and the substantive evidence, that proves a decline is coming in numbers. Not by any abortion: past 40 days/ unless it is medically and physically necessary. NOT by vasectomy, unless you are willing to give up sex both for men and women: because this destroys the chemicals in men/ that make sex desirable. Changing life for both/ unless this is a problem that can be “fixed”! But by whatever method(s) women choose as their own. MEN SHALL PAY them, as women define: because it is their body. Otherwise, without population control: there is NO future. No immigration means: you made the problem/ YOU keep it!

3. The human need for a job, IS A FACT OF LIFE. Somebody has to pay, somebody has to do the work, somebody has to lose the resource: it is not an option; unless you steal.
Therefore the question of society is: how do we make the lazy work/ how do we keep the greedy from taking everything/ how do we divide the resources, as best we can/ & how do we control all those who want so much more, they would kill to get it?
The answer of men is: we will let money decide. The problem with money then is: GREED, POWER, AND PRIDE are waiting, like predators in the tall grass. Therefore all must fight/ all must compete/ and many will fall victim to the realities involved.

IN CONTRAST to this method of social anxiety and failure; are wars. WAR means: we all can experience and agree, “that our united cooperation, with each other, IS more important than the money”. We fight together, because the cost of choosing less, will cost us everything. We must/ these others, want to kill us. Therefore those who honestly help, are considered friend, while those who fail us all, are considered to be traitors.

Without war, greed consumes humanity/ as “penny by penny”; the worst of us, take all they can get. Piling up the delusion of superiority/ so they can throw the rest of life, in the trash. Claiming to own our lives, with pennies.
So the critical question is: do you consider today, to be “A significant threat, or need”? If not, go read “reality has a list” again: because we are truly both threatened and in need, as a world. Never before have there been people worse than terrorists. Even a terrorist, is not trying to destroy all life on earth: that leaves us, with the biblical word, “SATAN”. Like it or not. You can work together for life/ if not, you will accept the reality of death; “it’s a choice”.

4. The elemental conflict of humanity, with life; requires confrontation as well. You want what you want/ and run away or hide from everything you fear: discarding all truth, and all responsibility for life and living, for the sake of your own selfishness and greed. That, “is the human way”. But it can remain no more! Because we are just too many people, and the damage already done is severe!
To combat with all that, requires an honesty you do not possess. Which leaves us all with, WHAT can we do?
Divided into 7 parts; life is about: developing an identity/ creating your version of time/ constructing an elemental search for companionship/ competing for securities/ designing happiness/ valuing existence/ and respecting the treasury of love. When you learn the methods required to enter and live within these foundations; you WILL become “honest”/ nothing less is required.
So then we start with developing an identity, and ask why? The answer is: until you have fully separated yourself, from the expectations. Or, human opinion about “what is good or bad, regarding life as a human being”. You remain at the mercy of what others do to you. Therefore it is necessary to abandon the desire, or acceptance: of their respect, love or hate, servitude, etc. Because in doing so, at least for a time/ we find ourselves. Unless you are an identity searching, soul cannot be found! Unless you are willing to participate on your own (as the existence of a truth/ called me); true love will be elusive, and unlikely.
Creating your version of time means: thought identifies boundaries, but it also creates time itself. By that measure, the distance we must travel to achieve our destiny, is a decision conceived within the definitions of what thought and its participation will mean to me. Therefrom what is love, what is hate, what is respect, why, and so on are all participants within the definitions of your thoughts/ and they do dictate, the direction of your life.
Constructing an elemental search for companionship means: “Life has no sustainable value, UNLESS participation gives us the ability to accept each other as friends, for happiness. Or as hate, for revenge. Friendship is at its core influence: the time we spend together searching, for what is true, between me and you. Hate is the opposite of that. Revenge is a definition that turns life into war.
Competing for securities, means: our transition between child and adult, requires us all to accept the responsibilities that are necessary to keep ourselves, and our families alive. A true competition is: to discover who can make better decisions, so as to functionally help the rest improve their lives as well. That need not include assumptions of wealth/ but it is fair to say, those who give more, or do more: deserve a little more.
Designing happiness, a more critical tool, than is allowed the honesty of our world. Happiness is: the removal of judgment/ thereby, to become our own foundation for growth. When we grow as a living example of creation itself: we do become aware, that being ALIVE, is more than the simple dishonesty of a human being. To be ALIVE, in a world flourished with living miracles of diversity, environment and every kind of description. Happiness recalls at every “dip and turn” of mental existence: that I do live, where not even the richest person alive or dead, can exist without the very same gift as I. It is life that makes us happy. It is humanity, getting inside selfishness, to hide from the truth: GOD did create us all. By hiding from life, human beings run away from themselves. Leaving life behind, in exchange for humanity: we can want, and lie, and pretend anything, because we believe what we want to believe. Which fails, because every want is the foundation of every lie; and lies all die: leaving both heart and soul empty. If nothing more exists.
Valuing existence means: I have been given time/ I have been given freedom/ I have been given a sensual grasp of reality/ I have achieved at least minimal thought, by understanding, knowledge, and wisdom are combined with truth, trust, and the reality of love through respect.
Respecting the treasury of love. This singular experience, which can be shared with many/ awakens both heart, & soul. Therefore what is important resides with the values we do assign and accept as the experiences and expressions that become our relationship with the same. Heart lives within the challenge, to belong forever more: as the essence of love itself, “shining in me/ by reflecting the treasury of you”. Soul becomes our path, beyond this existence; as the literal search beyond the limits of time itself: for love, explained as a creation of MIRACLES. Nothing is more serious, or discovered: without the purity of truth, trust, and real love. That does not exist without respect. Not in this life, or the next.

The elevation of religion in humanity exists, because people want to believe, whatever they want to believe: DON’T tell me no. I believe!
The consequence of religion is: the purity of truth no longer matters, “because I have a book. Written by dead people: so you CANNOT defeat what I believe, you can’t go back to ask”/ so I am FREE!
The respect owed to religion is: that they do carry, the words and descriptions of thousands of years, by people just like us; fighting to understand what is true. Even if they overrun themselves with want.

Elevating truth, above their books: requires every known truth to be isolated from these books. So that fair and honest respect & critical judgment; may be given to all those who have come before us. All, who did their best to enlighten us. Should be remembered/ should be respected/ and should be recognized for what they did do! Religion tries, but want & pride, & selfishness, gets in the way.
Even so, only what is true, can survive eternity; so says the law of this universe. Our description as living, then conceives of a need, to not only find truth/ but be alive in truth, as the destiny of our lives, critical to approaching the path beyond time.
What is then true? Truth begins in the essence of law, a foundation that is never going to change. Therefore truth exists as a path beyond itself, if you can achieve thought. Thought then becomes more than will be discussed; because if you survive, this would only turn artificial intelligence loose. An army of horrors, against all life on earth.
Find your soul, or lose it to eternity!



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