Reality states: We cannot understand our own troubles, until we face our own decisions! Those decisions are influenced by “the others, in this same environment”/ and as a consequence each must inherit the reality of “our time” to make a difference here. What is constant in the majority of men; in all colors is: THEY WANT MORE, for themselves or their families. It is that simple/ race is irrelevant, in that purpose. But bigotry is not!
The bigot says: I should have more, because these are less. Therefrom the measurement pushed onto society, either takes hold, because more want it to be so: thereby making it EASY to assume, since these are less/ they should have less. EVERY GENOCIDE begins in this way: by making “something recognizable” into a measurement for less/ the others then say, “WE ARE BETTER/ let the trash be disposed of”. Even though human life is absolutely equal, because it is life! Same for me, as for you; even if our realities of existence are different.
Nonetheless: it is the ability to let measurements go uncontested/ that allows, “the yeast” of hate to grow. By making someone less than they are: THIEVES, LIARS, FOOLS, FAILURES, VIOLENCE, HATE, RAPE, and more erupt into a mob. By proving through work and reality, that you will not be measured/ that you are equal without exception: JUSTICE finds a home, and society “builds you in”. Do then, the best you can/ and stop taking bribes, to remove you from the work, and the reality of participating as equals in society. Simple and plain/ I do wish you well; as is true for every tiny difference throughout all of humanity. We are “the same”/ slight differences aside. Eternity knows the truth.

In consideration of the misery, failure, and poverty clearly being demonstrated particularly by the black community; the following is given simply as a description.

It is the foundation of every group, that succeeds in society: that they join together, for the work, and the future of their particular group. That is seen throughout every immigrant nation migrating here. That was noticed, throughout history; such as in America where different European heritage/ separated themselves, into different areas, and different jobs; based upon the resources available. Color is irrelevant, what is the same in every group is: WE, want more for ourselves! And I want more for me: to gain control, over my future/ we work together, for our future.
In contrast to this, a “leftover” from slavery exists within the black community/ it does not matter why. But it does matter, that every group throughout history has faced some type of slavery from time to time: its called male domination. Whosoever has control, “wants it”/ because they want more for themselves: so they use others to gain that.
What is consistent with this topic however is: behaviors crop up, in recognition of some type of fact, that cannot be easily avoided. Therefore particular things are done, to push people away (as in slave owners, from the past). Or, if you hate this, particular behavior, we have/ then you won’t come here, to bother me/ anymore! Consequently behaviors arise, people are pushed with whatever they want to believe: giving rise to judgment. Therefrom, the accused, the insane, the ridiculed, etc; are left alone/ unless criminally inclined. The purpose is simple: so as to make room for me. Or in reality, its more: I don’t need your judgment here/ wrong or right, the purpose of my life is not to be your toy. Nor do I in any other way; desire, your further input into my life: so go away, and leave me alone. Let freedom be mine: by removing you from me.
These types of behavior do come with a price: not only have you moved the others away, from your own person or “little group”/ you have elected to make them believe they are superior, or whatever it is you pushed for them to judge. Consequently now they don’t want to deal with you/ you are judged unworthy; and they functionally leave you alone/ don’t hire you/ and so on. When that constructs a huge barrier for those within your group, or for your own needs within the reality of survival: behaviors must change, to your own rearrange reality. OR, you must be able to survive on your own, with the resources at hand. Which does simply mean: BUILD YOUR OWN. While the other group says: Don’t ask for ours/ because we want everything we can get: including yours! Crime erupts from all sides/ when resources are few: because people want more. And they take a slave, whenever they can.
In addition, Tragic to the black community especially: was the advent of welfare. All groups need it for some members, at one time or another: but, when Suddenly “free money” was at hand/ that came with an unexpected reality. It changed black society, because even though the rest were forced to pay: they didn’t want to pay for anyone they didn’t have to. So, families were separated (as a black choice)/ love was damaged/ the children suffered; for the money. And the industry or business of “welfare” arose. Causing a deterioration of peace and happiness in all forms, within some parts of the black communities. Raising anger, and destroying the sanctity of living with love “first”: making the children “one parent” alone. That happened, because poverty is a powerful force, and the desire for better: a reality that could not be stopped. That happened, because it was easier, than working: fighting the competition. So some would and do always describe that as being “smarter”/ and the decline of community followed. It occurs in all colors. Even more tragic, was the lure of free money, and lots of it: called the drug culture. Everyone who wants “a lot of easy money” is enticed/ color, nor culture; does not matter. That became a primary source of income for a larger percentage of the black community, than other groups. OR AS IS COMMON when confronted by power, they became targeted more than the other groups: “easy to recognize, and separate”. If your poor, “you have to be guilty/ cause nobody wants to be poor”. Regardless of how, black did become “recognized as a participant” in the “drug wars”/ and all the damage that does cause. They did pick up guns; some are certainly guilty/ and the result becomes mean. Therefrom, the word enemy arises/ the reality of threat increases/ and the focus of the policing arms of society turns to you. NOT BECAUSE “it is a black problem”; but because the percentage is considered higher among these. It is a cycle that feeds upon itself: because when your group is considered to be “trouble”/ NOBODY wants to join, and nobody wants you to join them. We don’t need trouble, is reality.
Nonetheless every greedy person/ every proud person/ every foolish person: believes those who are poor will participate within crime. Those who are poor and impoverished: are willing to gamble they otherwise gain more than they lose. In the poor community: reality is, I NEED A WAY OUT. The common theme, but which only very rarely occurs for better, with any form of crime. As is consistent with the prison population: crime IS “a way in”/ instead. But so is judgment, “or presumed guilty/ unless proven innocent”. Which then comes to mean, just because you are black, you are perceived to be potentially, “involved in crime”. Because you are poor, the proud will punish you: removing that competition/ so they can be even more greedy.
We as the question: WHY, is the black community more isolated than the others? It is not a reality of color/ but a consequence of perception! Therefrom we understand, the cause and the reason this exists is, “something other than skin”. That cause, in large groups derives from “I don’t trust you”. OR more fundamentally from the rest: “you, or your group/ costs me money”. Because in male driven society: money is “damn near everything”/ particularly among white and asian. They want the money; and to get it, they plot and plan and work themselves to death/ fighting for every dime. Or in less concentrated areas: they use whatever has been built by their respective groups, to conceive of “my child deserves this/ and I will help them succeed”. Its called family. Whereas when you have nothing/ you can do nothing, neither for family, friend, or self. So then money is necessary; particularly, when it is the focus of every man in society/ and desired by every woman. While women want money desperately too, they are less able to be aggressive; and find different ways. Usually pushing men to go get me money. The black community DOES NOT trust the other groups either/ particularly whites: and they do have cause, from the distant past (50+ years ago). Petty aggression on both sides, is remembered/ and comes back to haunt. Real violence or threat, is a reality never forgotten: therefore we “hate your kind”.

Civil rights occurred roughly one hundred years after the civil war/ because it took that long:  for the damage done to both sides, to be removed by death.  Black anguish and hate, due to slavery.  White anguish and hate, due to the costs of civil war:  WHICH WAS, simply the white men on one side, trying to free the black men from the other side.  The cost to southerner, NO affordable help for farming;  therefore they lost their business, and community income.  Even though it should not have been/ in every generation WE DO all have to compete.  Which means, the vast majority will adopt the methods providing the most income:  or be pushed out.  Releasing the slaves:  would have been “just like”/ buying a tractor or truck or computers or something that you believe you must have:  today”.  And then having someone “from government” tell you, to give that away, to someone else/ and go bankrupt!  Plus and the tragedies of war! The cost to northerner:  all the tragedies of war/ plus the costs of war:  injuries, families lost and broken,  bodies mutilated, and so on.   IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS:  all of it, to right a wrong, for the black community.  The summation on all sides:  a price for slavery,  too DAMN high!  Review what was lost, in civil war/ and learn reality.

The critical factor creating the differences current between “white and black groups”, are these.
1. There are more perceived troubles in hiring black people than white/ and IF YOU are in control of a business: the only real perk is, “you can hire those from your own group”. Because no matter who you are: “People like ME”/ are more desirable, than those who are not. OR, more correctly: I trust you more/ because I know something about you, or I believe I do! It is a fact of human nature, and it serves survival by becoming “the group of us/ rather than simply me”. Thereby I am expecting: “help for me too”.
2. There are more costs in renting, to the black community, etc: because frustrations are taken out on buildings/ disrespect in all matters and ways, are formed from anger: and as a group, you are perceived to be “problematic”. Because trouble does follow. Nobody wants more trouble/ therefore the percentage (if I rent to someone else, it will probably turn out better) rules.
3. When large amounts of black people move into the neighborhood, the price of housing falls down: costing everyone else THEIR money. NOT because of color/ BUT because it is expected, that crime, and frustrations will follow. If it does property values will plummet, causing the loss of a lifetime of work from some: “making me a slave”. Which does makes them mad. If crime does not follow, the property values will stabilize: it all depends upon what follows “the invasion”. Same is true for other groups as well: NOT a color issue/ a crime and trouble reality. If the property is not maintained, or the neighborhood begins to be “trashed”: then again: everyone else’s money goes away. Because you “didn’t do your job”. All of these problems are now facing every group, because competition has become mean: extensive, as in too many people/ too many machines. Or more deliberately: we are all, being displaced by computer controls/ robotic equipment. We will all have to fight for our lives, or use the law to gain control over society: as in limited capitalism.

4. It is a reality proven over time, that “government intervention” did not work for the majority of black citizens in this nation. Instead like all ‘university driven ideas”; it failed miserably. Instead of helping with welfare/ welfare became a “cash crop”; to be dealt with like a job, without responsibilities. FAILED! It proved to be: “warehousing, the labor force/ so others could make more money for themselves. Forcing black and white together, DID NOT help the educational system/ as is proven today. Giving a small percentage of black people the opportunities of a university education that provided excess wealth (to all graduates, in the recent past, after Reagan): caused them to move out of black communities. Robbing that community of their most helpful uplifting members. The fundamental most obvious: black musician’s of the sixties, sang about love and life: they were uplifting in and of themselves. The music which has largely followed, can be summed up in the following description “Gangster rap”. The way out is: BUILD ON WHAT YOU DO HAVE. Stop worshiping what you don’t.

The new nobility is a university diploma/ anyone without, need not assume a job of more than menial wage will be found. The new “king or queen” are those with “billions” in counterfeit money (so long as you accept it, it remains “real”). The new army coming to contain us all, is a robot/ with artificial intelligence. Our new reality is: “There is no more”/ and what little resource there is, WILL be protected so only the few can have “more”. Or anything at all. Or, more simply put: every problem the poor, or the black community has faced/ will soon be our own as humanity on earth. Leaving only two choices: surrender and slave, with your life becoming “worth less, than a penny”. Or fight, for your rights, demanding politics and policing must protect you: in a corrupt court/ as has been proven true. Which then always turns to civil war, or as the powerful provide: to world war/ which will quickly get out of control. Ending life on earth.

Our alternate reality as humanity on earth: IS TO FACE OUR TRUTHS; identify our realities; UNDERSTAND the consequences of being wrong, or too damn late; USE THE LAW, WE CREATE TO GOVERN OURSELVES. Control the employees, and remove them from power over us. Redefine wealth, and establish FAIR PLAY. Be HONEST with life, respect it, sustain and create JUSTICE. Be realistic with wants, resource, environment, the future, the oceans, the oxygen, the water, the food: ETC! Or die. Because no matter what you want: we are literally “just too many people on earth today/ for any other way.” Reality says: we ARE creating our own hell on earth/ while the university is leading in creating Armageddon (nature in chaos). If your mind remains dead/ your future will not survive. An entire world lost!



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