constructing heart

We live in a moment of time, unlike any other in history: the children are dead, without change! Therefrom the true question of heart today is: Is your life willing to save their future?
Love is, the place inside, that knows, “what is true of you”: a reality giving substance to your claim of value.

As we edge closer to the moment of extinction/ foundations exist that prove, it is time to consider moving beyond the masses/ and providing disciplines for those who can survive eternity. The critical question is not: “we are at this moment lost/ but no real “quantity of humanity fights for life”. Therefore the future does not exist, unless they do.

We examine death, as the most crucial moment of time/ not because life is not more important, but because time itself is ending: therefore eternity begins. In the case of a world ending/ there is only one judgment, that lacks a new beginning apart from this earth: did you care enough, “even to try”? If not/ then you certainly don’t deserve another chance: how is that not true? I am not your decision/ the evidence of humanity losing control over itself is. The reality of people who fantasize about being god, and believing there are no real consequences for doing the things they do, is. The tragedy of too many people for this earth to support/ resources lost/ environment destroyed/ oceans massacred/ and much more; are all the evidence needed to understand this is no game.

Regardless the foundations for life itself, are far greater than what death takes away. Death merely removes the house within which you experience and share miracles, or express the freedom given to you. Life is at its essence, an opportunity given by thought to conceive of understanding, collect knowledge, and deliver the expressions that wisdom will allow. Thereby freedom, a reality lost by death/ remains at its essence in the discovery: our identity as life, is not given by body, but by thought itself. Therefore it remains within that thought, and lives or dies because of that alternate reality, which does govern life. Because without some portion of thought, there is no movement or conception of existence. We then begin with the home within which our experience as a miracle of existence in time participates within an environment filled with other miracles: to ask the question, “why are we here”? Participation answers with love, that the home we live in is an expression of love: as we could have so much less. Instead of a bare minimum for the vast majority, we all have far more than we need simply to survive. Making of humanity, the statement true: “built with love/ designed by order/ cultivated by discipline/ and controlled by the balance of what we accept as true”. Into the mix, there is the development of human decision/ realities of life and energy; and their consequences.

Of foundations necessary to understand: is the essence of love within the design and reality of miracles that are life on this earth. Therefrom love is an environment, capable of constructing our hearts. The existence of a reality inside, that keeps us all alive, physically/ mentally/ and with hope. Heart in life means; developing the disciplines, which gain our understanding of an experience shared HAS value. The design we give, and then apply to that value, which is order created from the moment we care, to the balance we share within trust our lives as one joined existence: constructs heart.
Heart is freed, not by a relationship/ but by existence itself: recognizing within a miracle, there are moments beyond simply self. A heart that is free, understands I own/ I am a gift of existence and freedoms, beyond my own comprehension. Therefrom every other miracles is also. That, changes the world, within whosoever is reborn into its truth!

We turn to love as the environment necessary, to accept that life is a miracle. Because without love, there is only survival, lust, and games. The world of humanity is largely without love; because the evidence proves the majority only believe in “survival, lust, and games/ therefrom worshiping money, lost in sex, and struggling to play so as not to fear; when reality proves inside, this is not forever.
Love is not a destiny/ desire is! Desire is the essence and elemental direction of your decision to participate beyond yourself, or within yourself, for the very distinct hope: that will become the purpose of your life. If there is no purpose/ then there is no passion, or other benefit to living.
Hope translates destiny into a path that is an individual journey/ or a road, that uses public direction as the means to “go with the crowd”/ because the crowd says, “we CANNOT all be wrong”. In numbers, there is safety! But within that decision, is the reality of human majority decisions: which begin with survival, construct sex as a relief, identify games as a passion, and refuse learning because it interferes with want. Consequently the crowd goes array, because only truth survives in eternity. Only truth creates participation in life itself. Only truth assembles a desire that is passionate love beyond ourselves, as an individual inside this existence (as is soul) with our Creator/ or more. Love joined within true desire reaching for the destiny that is value without end: finds soul. Love reaching within our human experience, for an expression conceived throughout time as man and woman experienced by joy; is at its core, a sexual opportunity. NOT because of body/ but the reality intensifies as our union cannot be shared deeper, than with true honest acceptance, of each other. Therein nothing is hidden, and life does become alive for both.

Love is the miracle of our existence: because it removes time, to become the essence of life itself. Therefrom we learn from it, to be miracles within ourselves.

Love is without measure, because life itself cannot be found in time. Rather beyond the limits of existence, where only truth survives: life becomes the eloquence designed by thought, but born by purity. Purity is then the substance of a life where freedom is love. Where freedom without love, is without meaning. Disciplines explain the boundaries where love does not go. Order identifies the existence of a truth that is not pure. Balance confronts us with experiences that must not be “simply me”/ because each is just as important as the other.

Love is an environment that needs trust, to complete the assembly which becomes “our hearts are joined as one”. Nothing less can do this, because without trust, there is no substantial truth, respect, or discipline as is required to undertake this journey. It is not free! Rather, the passage between two lives is filled with “doors”. Each door represents a choice that cannot be undone; therefore it is a decision which engulfs you, unless truth and its understanding, controls the way. Love is, a development of trust; as time and reality prove the substance of your life, is governed by the purity of your desire. Or not! Therefore time participates in love, as the courtroom of your living/ the purpose of your time.
Love is: understanding truth controls life/ not desire. Thereby, even when love is strong; only truth has the ultimate right to determine what happens next, or in time. Truth controlling humanity recognizes: that to be free to choose our destiny means, “we shall have the right, to make decisions within ourselves/ even if they are wrong”. Even if the consequences are beyond ourselves: because freedom allows that truth. Therefore we may not judge, but find forgiveness when possible: unless true hate is found. As this is by the evidence, a chosen reality of human decision: determining to provide death, revenge, cultivating fear, and more against life. That opportunity ends with body/ as death proves by the evidence; your freedom has ended, and your life is evicted from this home.

We need love, we desire love, we worship love at times; because it honors the fact of a miracle, our miracle of existence; being shared within living, as a VALUE. Therefrom we learn to value ourselves. When we share value, we give to each other from the treasury that is our hearts hope for life. When we lose that value/ because someone took that love for themselves, and returned nothing: it is “heartbreaking”. Because time proves, only “so much value” can be found/ each is ultimately more concerned for self, than for life. But then how can this not be so: because if we love and lose/ we must truly begin again. That fact purifies our existence: because, if you have learned/ then it does take away the realities of want and time, that interfere with truth. That fact, creates a new existence which enlarges past the intimacy of being human; to understand that miracles beyond comprehension exist everywhere; and we are to share with them, and care about them as living examples of love defined, as well. That fact does not replace human participation between man and woman, or as friend: but it does warm the heart, and live within the truth we do become. The essence of soul, is a participation with GOD ! NOT, as the provider of any damn thing you want/ just because you prayed for it. But as the evidence of eternity: because every miracle does exist, as proof of love itself. JESUS is a reality that demands: “We are NOT forgotten”. Therefore potentially saved within the framework of love itself. Even though we will never be “pure” here as human beings; the spiritual world (every truth, and every law governing this universe opened to you) exists as “our opportunity” to learn.

Love is, trusting the promise of truth itself: that our lives are represented by thought/ not body or mind. Therefore we can live beyond these destructions. The critical question then being: what is thought, how do we enter in, where does this go/ WHY should we trust love/ and who decides the outcome of this experience?

We begin with thought itself as is the construction called living. In time these are realigned as “moments of value, remembered”.



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