The question called courage, revolves around: WHAT are you willing to pay, for the decision you are about to make! More critically true: WHEN does the price of what you desire for your own life, become unsustainable/ and you run away?
The foundation of courage is: I WILL, PAY THIS PRICE. Not by assuming “odds”/ but by honestly choosing: I WILL, pay this price, if I must! The decision is then made, and needs no further conception or discussion.
UNFORTUNATELY this same pathway leads to the critical dissolution of “hearing reality”. Or more simply: once a decision is made and cannot be undone/ there is no more discussion. WHICH MEANS: if you apply this reality to “little things”/ then your life cannot hear ANYTHING other than what you have already decided, “through your own righteousness”. Righteousness means: I KNOW, regardless of your evidence/ regardless of truth, the assumption is “I know”. The righteous then make rules, to draw a line in the sand: by which they can then make you pay, for NOT doing exactly as they say.
BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU CHOOSE, AS WORTHY of courage! Don’t be afraid, learn what has true value, and protect it with your life, your work, and your time; if necessary. That is courage.


While I cannot give you courage, I can at least indicate the realities involved, and identify the path towards a more significant you.

Created by, or as a result of courage; are three significant truths: 1. That I have determined, regardless of the cost to me/ this decision, for life, shall be worth the price. 2. That I have accepted the pain it may cause, and understand the difficulties all manner of things can incur/ but choose with honesty, the path, by its reality: most precious to me. 3. In the event of death, or horrific pain; the truth demands, “was this worth the price”? That answer must be, yes! Not because of perfect understanding, which will never exist here. Not because a life must be spent for truth and value/ that is a decision belonging only to you. Rather the evidence is: that I belong to Creation/ for it built my world, my life, and aided in the creation of my soul. Therefore I owe. Therefore I will fight for this world, and a future for those who would follow us all.
Consequent to these three things, are the realities associated with want. I want my life, to be whatever I want it to be! I want my time to show what I can do, when free to be me! And I want peace and happiness for me, and “mine”/ because life is to be truly valued, only when we find, experience, and express love.
Given these obstacles to a life of courage: we must find a solution which combines or shares the objectives of both life, and love/ through peace and law, as best we can.

Courage demands discipline/ if there is no discipline, then there is no definable courage. Because every truth forms around discipline, its resultant order and purpose/ therefore desire begins in the creation of order as presented with how, “do we care and share” the elements and essence of our world, as living examples of creation itself?
The examination of life reveals: the path of our lives, and the path of our souls, are directional. Built upon the series of choices that we produce within ourselves, based upon what we believe shall in fact “anchor us” into either truth, or the expressions of individual want. Truth does not know want/ it only recognizes order, balance, discipline, purpose, love, desire, law, and creation. Want expresses an individual design, created by “plotting and planning” to have whatever you want/ by any & all means possible. They are in fact, “very different experiences of life”. Truth survives/ want most often results in lies, liar, and fool. Therefore courage lives behind the wall, that identifies truth; a saying that conceives of moments/ rather than time. Want experiences time, and conceives of expressions that will influence the others into believing something about you: by trophies, or whatever. Moments reflect the expression, “I am ALIVE”. Whereas time, only understands by the examination of evidence which will not be denied: that death comes for us all. Therefore, “to hurry” is common/ to believe, nothing matters but me, “because I am going to die”; is the shared fantasy called, “humanity on earth”. It is a fantasy, because everything matters but you, to this world/ while when you learn to be “alive in love”: then and only then, do you matter to creation. It is true, because nothing in this universe is more precious, or harder to find: than love.
The constant source of courage is love. Because without love, life itself does not greatly matter. While death is assumed to be a very critical reality/ it is not, because this merely ends time as a body & mind; called you. Without love, there are no friends, no expression of value, no experience that ascends beyond ourselves into the relationships which create happiness; and so on. Death at the opposite end, changes the relationship we share with time/ to become whatever our individual truth has made us. That is because truth, “cannot be changed”/ therefore it is conceived as “eternal”. So the question is: what is the truth about death?
Examination of the details that death represents; identifies, the body is now meaningless/ the mind attached therein, worthless. These are assumed to be the creation of life itself/ but they are not. Because without recognition of existence/ as in the ability to think, whether by “tiny increments”/ or major influences recognized: it is thought, and the assertions of freedom that identify life. Which brings us to the question: does not the body & mind give us that ability to think? Without them, time itself, ceases to exist! Here, the reality of time itself is examined, and understood to be: everything than an atom, and its forces, can create. Time also includes, everything that deteriorates, because an atom does not exist forever/ there is a day, when its forces create a new element, and then begin again. As is a subsequent knowledge revealed according to the laws assigned in “black holes/ supernova events” and so on. That is largely an irrelevant assistance to this earth. Nonetheless time, for any individual element created by atoms; is limited. So the question remains, and turns to energy as the creation density, which forms an individual freedom. Thought refines that density, to become a essence capable of assigned force. Rather than random or disciplined forces consumed or released. The conceptual element is then: that our lives exist, because of energy/ but are recognized only through thought. We begin the examination of that participation, with the formation of what is believed to be: “energy never stops/ it only changes itself into something else”. Not critically true, but sufficient for a beginning.
However, I am wandering again/ as I am prone to do. The demand or desire here is to recognize, even though the body is certainly discarded and worthless in death/ that does not mean, the translation of life as is the definition of thought, cannot go on. So then the cost of giving your life for something truly valued/ is lessened, when we realize, “something else” shall be waiting for those with love. “Others as well”/ as is the balance assigned by “opposite”. We then ask: what is the evidence, beyond simple conceptual recognition/ that gives substance to the ability and acceptance of “faith”? Faith is the discarding of beliefs, to become aligned with the critical knowledge of truth itself. Thereby truth rules life/ because truth leads us to the path we desire most, by our own truth. Consequently all wisdom, reflects the need to identify and accept the essence of truth within our lives.
Regardless of the religion: “I want to believe, whatever I want to believe”. Reality states, that JESUS called the CHRIST/ does in fact identify a critical portion of what is, or is not true: for an existence beyond time. Because even if you understand the critical path beyond time/ that is absolutely meaningless, unless there is an environment: which identifies a destiny, where love will be found. Without love, life loses its meaning/ particularly in eternity. Therefore it is far “more precious” than you believe. So then the critical question is: IF love is the value, that creates and sustains an eternity/ THEN who most accurately identifies that love, and leads us beyond ourselves, to a place where truth can become the identity we seek? Read the realities of “JESUS”, in the bible/ and you will recognize, there is no evidence better, or even close to his life. Consequently the value of his existence becomes, a path into the greater relationships with soul.
Spiritually soul is, the method by which we develop a relationship with our CREATOR. Spirit means, a truth identified by the law/ that keeps it alive. Therefore truth does come to mean: a participant in life. Consequently the environmental relationships whereby spirit is assigned and attested to, as the truth of who or what you are going to be: live within the journey, of where your own heart leads. Heart then comes to reveal, the essence of desire itself. Or more simply: what courage and hope, finds in you. Souls unite with love/ but they exist only within the truth and value identified by RESPECT. Without respect, there is no true love. With respect, we build our lives together, as participants in our truth shared/ because we live, within the essence that begets our caring for each other. We not only grow caring, we give it birth within ourselves, as the expressions of a life beyond ourselves. Thereby we become “as one”.
Again courage is a decision/ more than anything else. A reality governed by the truth of what you desire most from the time, that is your life. From the love, that identifies what is true, in you.



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