Crossroads; the demand for a decision!

Functional disciplines state: when you have achieved all the knowledge, that is consistent with a specific decision. When you understand the consequences of being wrong in that decision. When wisdom can no longer make a difference to the direction you will choose. Then you have no further excuse, but to make that decision; and live the destiny (I have hope in truth) or fate (I want what I want) you will earn. The consequences of being wrong in this search for a new beginning to human world order; is beyond harsh/ it is extermination, by a variety of difference threats; each of which is plenty to ensure extinction of humanity/ even all life, from this planet. Those are the decisions “university men and their followers” did make.
Which brings us to this moment: when all of humanity must decide to respect and protect LIFE ON EARTH FIRST! OR, let this entire Creation die! Its not a game; these are the choices we are left with: because for more than 7 decades, these are the choices men, and their leaders did make. Women are NOT “innocent”/ but, as in the vast majority of women: they were not allowed the opportunity to choose, or even truly influence: therefrom far, “less guilty”.


Biblical prophecy is literally: “for men/ by men/ about men, and their male leaders, and their male ways”. Their prediction is: men cannot save themselves or this world. I would agree! However; As is consistent throughout human time: women were never asked to contribute, nor allowed to make the decisions that determine society. Consequently biblical prophecy as with other religions: simply DOES NOT include women, OR what may or may not happen should they lead. Religion, is about men, and their lives/ it has little to do with women; because men wrote these words, in their own language, by their own decision. Even if influenced by “greater realities”/ religion is still, “about men”. Until we get to the twelfth chapter of Biblical Revelation; which begins the discussion, “what if women do lead”?   It is a question, that can only be answered by reality!


Crossroads mean: you cannot stay here, you must make a choice or die where you stand. We cannot go back, the destruction, or damage is massive; and the old ways will not work any longer! “To go left” is a synonym; assembling the trait, that you wish to go even further into selfishness, and blatant denial of responsibilities; discarding life entirely. “To go right” is a synonym generally associated with religious development. As in we can sacrifice our way out of this. Neither will work!

Therefrom the only choice for life, which you can make is to go forward: but with different leaders! The reality very simply is: “This is the best men did do, after a written testimony of thousands of years: which proves they cannot change”. This is the best they can do; simple as that/ even if they try it will not work. Because history proves men just keep coming back to what they chose before; different weapons and tools aside/ nothing in human society has truly changed in thousands of years. Still the same crime/ still the same trouble/ still the same power struggles/ still the same pride/ still the same abuse of women/ still the same environmental damage (just worse, do to machinery)/ still the same wars; etc. They cannot lead further, or life on earth will be extinct.
Children cannot/ that leaves women!

So the critical truth of our very existence as life on earth, now rests in the hands of those who must choose differently than men. Women will choose differently/ because they are very different people; even more so, than imagination will allow. So then different is not in fact a problem. What is a problem is the influence of men on their decision. This is a world filled with “I WANT, what I WANT/ and NOTHING else”. A product of men, a reality of money that allows just a few to choose for all the rest. This is a world searching again for war; because environmental damage and overpopulation demands: SOMETHING MUST be done. War is the answer of men/ world war three, will be extermination of life on this planet; that too, is a decision based upon “university men”, and those who follow. So the very first critical test of women is to create WORLD LAW, and the means to enforce it, by joining all nations together as one. If they fail/ we all fail life.

Even so, women are not men, and they must not choose as men do. Which means: NO, they do not get to simply decide and enforce their will on the rest! We will walk together, by joining forces in a vote/ by demanding ONLY THE LAW is allowed to rule us all. Therefore we MUST make that law together, and enforce it as one world/ or not less than each nation united, as best we can; for life, and a future.
The most controversial/ the hardest choice women MUST MAKE; are the rules and realities of population control! It is not a game, none get to play; this entire planet and all its life rests upon “NO GREATER NUMBERS OF HUMANITY”. This world is full, and overflowing; which means HARD CHOICES will be made or you die! Men wanted to play god/ now you must “play god” with your own lives; because you broke nature’s balance, with your decisions. Put it back together, or die. Your only decision is: FOR LIFE on this planet first/ which puts every individual second! No more games.
The reality of resource degradation and loss is: now you must protect all the rest, or there is no future. Now you will deal with job losses, that will be hard; because you have no resources to destroy. You must protect the environment as well. You must control those who will not obey reality or its truth: and move them all, to a location (dependent upon numbers) which is their’s alone. NO COMING BACK! You WILL enforce that. Not because you want too, but because there is no other way; to build a future in peace and harmony. Hate, and all its most egregious fringe elements must be removed. Without happiness, and in particular the sanctity and respect of “men and women in true love”; you will fail. Can’t do it: not to worry, “plenty of room in the graveyard”. Alas, “no coming back” from that either!

You will investigate/ examine/ respect/ balance/ and choose to bring REALITY BACK to life on earth. Discarding all the tragic failures of a university mind; and returning to what is real, as proven by truth. Demanding respect and responsibility for your life, and your world, and your children (so they can have a similar opportunity as yours). That is the price of mercy.
Which brings us, to the decision you WILL make for life or death on this planet.

The evidence WILL PROVE: you have failed life on earth. The evidence WILL PROVE: you have let your universities/ and their takeover of government: threaten all life on earth with extermination. The evidence WILL PROVE: instead of weapons of mass destruction being “your saviors”/ they are merely waiting to execute life itself. Etc/ etc/ etc! As is true of so many, many threats; particularly those which are “university derived”. The fantasies are over, the utter failure/ deceit/ lies/ stealing/ etc; shall end. NOW! Or you will, so says the truth.

This is, “a big job”/ because that, “is what men chose to do”. Simple and plain; “they just wanted what they wanted/ why is that wrong”? The answer is: want is not enough/ TRUTH ALONE MUST LEAD, because truth is the foundation of survival itself.  Want, is merely an aid used to create lies, excuses, and theft/ or worse.

I suppose that brings us to me, I can assist women/ I am not given to men. That is the decision of women alone will make, as reality has quite honestly removed my defenses. Or ability to stop what is “spiritual woman inside”. Its complicated (an explosion in my head; “removed, nearly equal”). Now: certain things, are Not my choice, just my reality. You can’t imagine; different. I don’t know why/ or why me. Simple and plain.  Not a game/ not a delusion or lie:  its spiritual, therefore you can’t understand.  Because you do not seek Creation itself!
Regardless, I am not your choice or your savior or anything else. I have brought you a message. Since this is the ending of life on earth if you fail to reverse and change everything that now threatens this planet and its life: I AM confident in saying, it is apparently because of the consequences, and by the methods used to educate me: a message from “GOD” . You, are free to disagree/ but you are not free to discard the reality of evidence by its own truth: we stand at the edge of extinction. Because of “university knows, and the vast majority of men who follow, and do their work”. Enforcing their decisions. Investigate, examine the cost of being wrong, the reality of continuance, the failures so obvious: and CHANGE OR DIE. Not a game/ ridicule won’t save you, or this earth. Claiming anything about me; won’t save you either/ or give you an excuse (those have worn out). You know that is true!
No you can’t continue to be as selfish as you possibly can. No, you can’t survive by pride. No, you won’t survive unless you share and care; only war is then left. No prayers won’t save you; “even if you believe they will”. This is about what men did do; and in particular “university knows” who claimed they could be, your gods. They failed you! Now you have to choose: back to reality/ or continue on for a few more months at best, “to extinction”. As the evidence without doubt, does prove true.
If you don’t “move for life”/ death will march in quickly! A “thousand threats”, are lined up and ready!
The decision is yours/ like it or not.
You are long past “excuses”; they will be heard no more. Reality will prove that; although as the Bible states: nobody knows exactly when “the hammer fails”. But it also states, once you go past the point of no return, it will not be stopped. Because that, is what you chose.
CHOOSE LIFE, AND FIGHT WITH RESPECT AND LAW, for your world, your child, and everything you value about life itself. Because this world has changed. Human population makes it so. University knows how to build death traps, even WORLD EXTINCTION; makes it so. The consequences of men and their endless destruction of environment and resources; makes it so. Military delusions and their purposes with weapons of mass destruction makes it so. A dying ocean/ drinking water losses/ burning oxygen beyond what this earth can produce/ and ETC/ ETC/ ETC……………………………………………………..ETC; ALL PROVE. YOU, as an entire world of humanity WILL NOT SURVIVE. By the consequences of what you did do. So says the evidence!
Without true, immediate, and real change/ that cannot go back to the way it was.
Make your decision: no second chances, a world dies only once!

make your personal decision;  “life or death,     for eternity”.

NO sacrifices (either choose for life, through respect or not at all)/ NO, “better not take any chances (bad choice)”/ NO gambling (odds do not exist/ only the reality of being wrong)/ NO second chances, past the point of no return:       MAKE YOUR DECISION, and live, work, communicate, and do the best you can:  FOR LIFE.

or,      be as selfish as you want today/ because that will not last much longer.  Eternity is “forever”:   so, “get your money’s worth/ right?”  After all, that is exactly what the university elite did; back in the sixties, when they could not stop the military/ or organize the public. When it became apparent what the future would hold, they quit, for life:   “got to get mine now”. They declared war, “on the money”, and stole everything they could! “What a good job they did”? Isn’t that what the evidence does prove!   Smart or stupid/ or exactly what you would have done with the information:  you decide?


Extreme experimentation is about panic (the end is coming/ WHAT can we do), and HOW DO we survive, “without significant changes to our lives”!
Tragic resource depletion and devastation is about fear: the consequences of extreme competition (not enough for everyone), and the realities of what men do, or refuse to do. Meaning I DON’T, want to “be tossed in the trash”: so I fight, as if this was war.
Neither version survives, truth isn’t in it. You will change or die. You will stop extreme competition by sharing the resources, caring about environment, and choosing to be friends with life, and each other; or fail. It is that simple!


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