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So, let’s talk about using energy; just because we want too!

In terms of pollution; electricity is both the cleanest, and probably the dirtiest of all forms. Water does produce very clean electricity, while it in fact stores water for later usage. That doesn’t mean raging rivers aren’t meant to be; its simply a fact, that our overflow of humanity: has a price. Don’t like it, “you could get out yourself/ cause most everyone else doesn’t want too”. Although that would be a bad decision for you. Within this statement, is the electric vehicle; which is also both the cleanest and potentially the dirtiest form of movement. Because electricity IS mostly generated by coal or fossil fuel, and not only does it burn releasing chemicals/ it must also be mined, with all types of cost involved in that; which does include the production of machinery.
Wind energy has value; the question regarding how much, is sealed in government and industry drawers. A wind farm is located two miles north of me; at this distance, it is not noticeable, other than the structures.
So then what does it cost, to use energy? The very first assault comes from the need to use oxygen for every fossil fuel fire. Oxygen is not free, plants and biological creatures must produce it, or we die: IN AN AMOUNT, that is greater than, what we, and every other form of life dependent upon oxygen/ and the machines which use oxygen; consume. The deficit between what we use, and what is left of the creatures, plants and things which produce oxygen; grows wider every single day. It is a cost of human population growth. We will asphyxiate ourselves, in the next few years/ with no hope of going back in time. The math doesn’t lie/ unless you make it, or simply refuse to accept it: because that, is NOT what you want to hear. Too bad fantasy isn’t real, huh!
The consumption by vehicle: is easily calculated according to volume. Each vaporized gallon of gas needs a five to one “vapor to vapor” saturation. That is equivalent to the space requirements of a one gallon container for gas/ plus a fifty gallon container for oxygen; to produce the explosion. Or much more simply; at the rate of consumption per vehicle an “economy vehicle” uses the air supply needed by about 35 people in a 24 hour period/ per each one hour of driving at highway speed. A large semi-truck uses the air supply for 100-124 people, in a 24 hour period/ per one hour of driving. Generating plants, furnaces, forest fire, etc; all consume oxygen. With at least 7.2 billion people using fire in some form, nearly every day. And then we get to winter, when the plants are not active/ forest cut down, opening bare ground; etc.
The bio-sphere 2 project; was a science project, intending to create an artificial environment, that could support life in space. They enclosed 7 million cubic feet of air/ sealing it off: no fires allowed. With I think 7 people, not sure. With expectations and plans for what to do with all the oxygen, because they planted plants. Those people, were forced out from oxygen starvation within 7 months. Think about it/ go search. Then consider the ozone layer is a storehouse for excess oxygen; and ask about true radiation exposure.
It is not so much greenhouse gases that warm this climate, as it is the heat released from fossil fuels/ and mechanical generation, particularly for air conditioning. Heat can be calculated; it is immense. Excess heat from mechanical intervention, as is air conditioning can also be calculated; which must include fuel consumed by electrical generation/ transmission losses, of that product/ mining activities, etc/ deliberately releasing heat from buildings back into the air/ mechanical heat costs, its greater than the cooling done/ changes in environment, along with all that humanity does do. Environmental catastrophes don’t just happen: they are “designed”, by people.
So we look at the damage done to the planet, and speculate just how much weight, has been displaced from ice melt: changing the balance points on every tectonic plate. To produce volcano/ earthquakes/ tsunami/ storms/ changes to the environment/ loss of land/ loss of habitat/ etc. Or, more simply, “what will a few trillion tons of weight moved from one location to a different location cause”? What happens to the balance of the planet itself; tires certainly have trouble with just an ounce of weight in the wrong place. The ocean currents, which produce navigation and provide the “grocery store” for all the great oceans on earth, will be dramatically affected. Causing whatever fish life that might survive; to be “in chaos” as their world, and everything they depend upon to survive, is now changed.
Failures, liars, and fools; use media to propagate: DON’T worry, just be happy/ your gods at the university will take care of you. After all, they counterfeited ALL your money; and that didn’t hurt, now did it? They know everything, “just ask them”/ well except for that need to demand more power from you; to experiment trying to prove they are gods. On a quest to prove: Demanding of this planet and all its life: “Their god/ which is evolutionary chaos” MUST rule. On this scale of complete stupidity: “the university brain” fails to compete, “with a gnat”. Alas, the robots win/ well, after all; you do have to believe them: that’s what cult worshipers do. Obviously, “don’t question” their god/ it might kill you; ain’t that so? Cults are like that/ not to worry though: “They have an answer”/ countless stories built upon delusion, described by ignorance, and as worthless as the trash. IF, it wasn’t so destructive.


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