Time and distance, are the elements of movement/ yet movement itself, is the foundation of all behaviors. From this moment, we proceed!

Or more simply, until directional definitions are applied, humanity is simply “blowing in the wind”. Motion is the participation in energy/ movement (your use of energy, integral to your existence) is the direction; “heart/ soul/ or mind” will take you. Therefore it is your decision “come to life”.
So the question is: WHY, do you make the decisions that you do?
The answer is: energy either seeks, “the easiest way out”/ or it is focused on a very specific path. The fact you control that decision, to use the energy of your life personally, causes identifiable behaviors to be emitted.
So the question changes: WHAT constructs a cause worthy enough, “to spend, your life”? Without energy we are nothing, but fate (a mass launched “Into space”, without direction or control). Therefore what you do spend your life on, decides the foundations upon which thought (the arena, beyond time) will be built. So then we add a secondary “filament”; what burns, as the developmental descriptions called thought?
The answer becomes: divided into 3 parts.
1. Elemental to our need, as life cast into the descriptions of time; are the purposes and desire which fill that time. “To fill” means an emptiness exists! Or more distinctly, life comes with a depository for what we choose to treasure. This is functionally given to the expressions of memory. But memory merely holds the experience/ it does not create it. So we turn back to purpose and desire, asking WHY/ WHAT/ WHEN/ WHERE/ HOW/ AND WHO? Discovery says, we have a need/ because time itself merely proves we are alone inside. Loneliness offers the intensity of a path/ thereby a focus specifically created to understand, what it is we find MOST worthy of “life”. When we use that path, a direction is born. Where we go, is determined by your own true desire for love or hate; each has a destiny/ although fate is the path of hate. Destiny means: I have formed the foundations upon which my own heart/ my own relationships in soul; will build my future. The only destiny in hate is prison: you chose it/ hate built it. The only true destiny in love is GOD ! How you achieve that love, as best you can; is determined by your own true desire or purpose. All are invited by life, to search & to choose a destiny. Failure means eternity will cast you adrift; to fade into extinction.
2. Energy is, at its least descriptive element; an environmental pocket, capable of sustaining boundaries. If the energy of life escapes its boundaries; we die in time. The expansion of that energy is determined, by the battleground of your heart and soul. If you prove to be in evidence, built from truth/ then truth expands “your world”. If you prove by the evidence, your existence is assumed from the construction of lies/ those lies enclose you, stealing your soul.
3. Truth is an elegant sculpture, assigning the relationships you have born, to the existence of your personal world. Truth is built upon law. Law is the directional stability that searches for thought. Thought “illuminates, your world”. Therefore it consists of, at its beginning; time traded for truth. More simply, the price of learning is life itself. The price of life accepted; is an identity created.

We now have motion: “the illuminated path”. Because thought does not stand still, it requires an investment. The failure to invest properly, causes your path to be corrupted. Therein order is paramount to the conception of time without boundaries. Discipline is fundamental to each construction in truth. And balance achieves the anchor needed to survive. Motion gives us the arena, by which we search, as the law allows. Outside that elemental truth, we do not survive. Therefore as the law builds our lives/ we expand our search, and become intensified through its relationship to our time.
We now look at time through the existence of heart, mind, and then soul.
Heart is an elemental trait, consisting of “what you chose to do, with loneliness”! Mind is the trans-formative state: from experience and expression/ to the measurement of mind, matter, and its physical motion comprised as a human body, standing on this earth. The difference is: heart forms a desire, for destiny/ while mind creates a purpose, for time. Soul then offers, an invitation to go beyond the boundaries of life; by asking “where does CREATION reside”? It is a search beyond the outer walls of the energy which holds us together in time. Therefore it is truly “dangerous” and without personal control. It is functionally; entering within the identities of truth itself.
So then we come to life itself: the question is, do you desire time (the physical elements of mind)/ or do you desire passages beyond the limits of what time can be, thereby assembling not only love, but the existence of thought, in motion? The assertions of religion, that “heaven, is a place for all your most gluttonous desires/ never have to work again, laziness glorified”: is WRONG. The assertions of religion, that “to believe, anything we tell you as leaders”/ IS WRONG. Truth is a discipline. Life is an order conceived by law. The treasury of living & the values afforded to your life, is determined by YOUR love. Or more simply: what you bring of yourself, into eternity, decides your destiny. Mercy simply overlooks, realities functionally beyond your control/ or, realities from which you have personally truly repented as in “never again, established”.
Discipline says: law opens a door/ truth walks through, because it can/ but thought controls the future, because it is what life can do. Find your soul, it is important, “to you”!


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