The foundation of life in this world, is truth; without truth nothing can be sustained.
The foundation of a university diploma is: “I can have anything I want/ I can even play god, because together we will find a way.” Generally with very few exceptions, that is done in very tiny increments/ and a whole lot of destruction. “That didn’t work, lets try something else; this is just life or resources/ so we don’t care”! It is a fact. It is also a fact, that ignition of an atomic fire; leaves all life on this planet with one simple reality. Either it puts itself out/ or we all burn; as earth becomes a sun. No second chances. We live or die, as an entire world: based upon what happens with the very first ignition, of atomic fire.

Not a religious man; BUT!
The bible has prophecies about this; believe it or not. One prophecy is: this world is destroyed by fire. Another such prophecy is the book of Daniel, chapter 12. The great abomination proclaimed is: gambling with all life on earth, based upon the theory, “that an atomic fire will just put itself out/ cause there is not enough gravity here.” Again wrong, is a dead world/ and they have already proven themselves completely wrong about every theory regarding the sun. Www.justtalking4.info, will help you understand. But alas, to be proven wrong: deflates their pride, power, job, etc. Besides, they want to prove “we CAN play god”.
Regardless, there are two conclusions/ deaths; in the book of Daniel. THE FIRST, has now past its time-line, and seems as if it had no effect. But since there are two prophecies of death: questions must be asked? “We don’t die twice”.
The old testament is declared to be “a book of law”. Break the law, and you must “pay something” to find a reprieve” if possible. This society/ this humanity (particularly the university diploma) on earth; has broken every law; for life first. None (not enough to matter) cared, beyond money, pride or power; to prove life must not be gambled with, or simply stop, because this is insane . So it can be said: we have been tried by the law/ and convicted, by the consequences of our actions, as a world.
The second death ends 1335 days past the last date of the first trial; currently running. This Is proceeding by biblical prophecy as the book of Revelation. The new testament is a book about mercy, rather than law: IF you honestly accept the teaching of JESUS. For those who do, it promises “a savior”: at the passage between life, death, and eternity. Rather than law.
Revelation has two distinct prophecies in it. The first eleven chapters are about what happens if men continue to rule this earth/ no mercy. A continual descent into chaos, tragedy, and hell.
The second prophecy begins in chapter 12, with women playing a far more significant role throughout all of human society. It is a second chance/ “mercy” provided because men have failed; without giving women their true say. Mercy allows, “they should have been heard”../ or it isn’t fair, that half of humanity much suffer the same fate as the other half, who chose this.
So people ask the question: “where did men fail/ that women can succeed”? How is that possible!
Throughout the sites I provide, that failure of leadership, as is male; particularly “university male”: is evident/ and needs no further repeating.
The relationship of women, to life. To the new reality of humanity on earth is very simple in its conception. While men are concerned with “fighting for position and pride, with whatever physical force is available to them”. The most common reality of women: is trying to work with other women, as a group; they are different, than men. Without physical force, there is only law/ fighting for children, is life first/ and basically doing what the majority of men do not do: “everything is NOT about money”.
Do you see the difference? Life first, after thousands of years in evidence: is NOT what men do! It is however a primary example of women, at least in terms of most mothers.
Our world NEEDS: LIFE FIRST! Forever more.

if there is no repentance/ no purpose in allowing time:  then there can be “fire”.



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