duty established

It is a duty, to RESPECT LIFE! It is a duty, to RESPECT every child/ every living thing. It is a duty, to insure the next generation of living existence; GETS THEIR CHANCE to be “alive”. It is a duty, to accept with grace and honesty; your participation/ your death/ your purpose, as is to define truth and apply it within your own reality.
This generation of humanity, did none of that/ or so very little, it does not amount to a future for any living thing! While that can be blamed upon “the university brain: let’s pretend”/ the reality is, all the rest (but a tiny few), said ok, lets do that! And with counterfeiting, failure to life, endless fraud by stories created from stupidity and absolute pride: you have worked, to fill the garbage dump/ destroy a world/ and annihilate the future. Shame on you!
Pride is little more than the mirrored image of hate: same thing/ just reversed. Your pride then testifies: your purpose is to claim “a superior life”/ while your reality is to destroy all other lives on this planet. As is the evidence of gambling with this entire solar system/ by bringing the same fire here, as is on the sun. By mutilating nature, claiming “we will conquer disease”/ while truth KNOWS WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST DOUBT; your real intent is to destroy nature itself. Thereby bringing an end to this living world. Adding in the complete destruction of every single resource, chain of life, or foundation for survival required for living. BY ATTACKING, EVERY SINGLE ONE. To your absolute shame. Couldn’t fight for life/ barely one in ten thousand, or so it seems. More correctly: YOU, chose not to/ because it was inconvenient, “you want what you want/ and nothing else”. Including, a fight to save this world; for your child, or even your own life. Which is absolute cowardice.

The evidence is more than clear enough/ the reality is more than plain enough/ the concepts and precepts and necessary considerations, along with helpful descriptions and definitions given here: are simple enough. The foundations crumbling beneath your feet/ the climate changing before your eyes/ the hate ready to be unleashed, beyond imagination; are all forcing you, to consider the obvious. That you have risked this world/ for nothing more than greed, gluttony, & selfishness. To your shame.

The tragedy of your lives/ the failure of your “education”; as a cult, which can’t question its leaders/ the fantasy of pretending, “we can play god”; and all the rest. Do exist as a Trial! Life or death is being questioned; and the reality is, there are no second chances. This is the last one. Not because I say so/ but because the evidence is insurmountable: the collapse into chaos; that your university leaders have created for you; is literally at hand. There are no more excuses left: either fight for this world/ or enter eternity as its destroyers! Simple as that, with absolutely no mercy for religion. Since you are clearly “direct participants” in world destruction; by entering into a clear alliance with those who destroy earth: “University pride/ the cult, of we can play god”.
Change or die, its NOT complicated!


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