It is simple and plain, proven throughout the written history of man: that whatever can be done, to improve “my own individual life” by the majority/ SHALL be done. Regardless of environmental costs/ future problems/ or any other consideration other than my own benefit, PERIOD! UNLESS you help me get what I want: You are not worthy of my time, so says man.
So the question is: HOW do we conceive of a different world, where the consequences of someone who has gotten possession of resources others do need: can be controlled by society, so as to give the rest their opportunity for securities and the benefits of life for themselves as well?
The answer is LIMITED CAPITALISM! The legal right, by vote: TO CONTROL the amount of money or possessions that anyone or anything can take for themselves, in any given year. Or more simply, AS A SOCIETY: WE WILL DESCRIBE THE LIMITS that apply to each and every participant in this nation. Or, you can earn the entire amount of your yearly salary in “a day”/ but you can’t earn anymore than that, for the rest of this year; even if you lose it. Or, you will earn a minimum amount for a “forty hour week”/ as applies to everyone that is working. WITH the critical realities: that according to those numbers, who are employed full time, your earning power can be increased. AND: every ten years or so, these numbers can be changed by vote. So that a new value to the money; does not impose different rules.
Added to that is: The currency available, SHALL be determined by the population count of citizens. Government shall NOT be allowed to create its own debts/ only the people themselves decide by vote: WITH AN INSTANT increase in taxation to pay for that decision. International exchange shall be by “real substance: such as gold”.

Economic realities, the bread and butter of society/ or its demise?

Critical to every living thing, is the realities of food and water/ the need at times for shelter/ an opportunity for healthcare should the need arise/ and the quest to have more than just survival, throughout time. True of every living creature.
In contrast to that need of life, is the consequence of human degradation throughout this entire world. Particularly at the hands of men, and their wars, with everything. Every military war destroys more than nature at this location can survive/ therefore they must gain resources from nature throughout other places: OR, they will migrate. Consuming everything in their path, as best they can. Nonetheless, men get tired of war/ and give it up for a time; so as to rebuild; before they do it again as the next generation. Or to believe stealing is all that is left/ as is the current so called terrorist. What they do not tire of is “poison/ poison/ poison: literally everything”. As is consistent with agriculture, as is constant in cities and suburbs as well: with a massive attack against insects/ therefore everything that depends upon insects. Which means we will soon have a true silent spring/ extinction rampant and cannot be stopped: ending with this beautiful earth devoid of everything but the human decision to play god over life. Destroying everything with a trillion tons of poison dumped every year, or more; for the last fifty or more years. They will declare, “less than before”. But reality says, “with the current teaspoonful of chemical” to control an acre of ground against weed population: the complexity of chemical concentrations is far more severe than ever before. The process of making these chemicals, more intensive/ therefore more deliberate in toxic waste to be discarded. Currently the new method of toxic disposal is “lets pump it into an aquifer (its cheap)/ that went dry, because of human indifference”. Or, WE JUST DON’T GIVE A DAMN/ let the world go to hell, just don’t charge me one damn cent! How proud you must be; another trophy for the garbage. Hooray for you.  Or more simply:  just because some bribed and paid for ass, tells you one or two specific chemicals isn’t in the water supply/ DOESN’T mean a damn thing.  ‘The hidden lies” are, we didn’t test for nothing else/ and if its within the limits, thats’ just because they raised the limits.  Rather like the courts, who refuse the constitution access to the legal process/ by simply denying its existence;  “not really traitorous, by their standards (we are just, spoiled little children, who want what we want;  democracy is then dead, because we are in charge)/ or is it”?  Reality knows its plain simple rebellion, anarchy, and the refusal to obey the law:  which IS treason.

Not to worry: “the great and mighty FDA”/ whose tiny handful of members specially chosen and prepped to enter into this job: by promising to do everything bribes can offer. Say its all good, no harm done. Because less than a dozen people, whose training is worthless/ and whose investigation amounts to “how much will you give me for this answer”/ claims to know everything. Nothing could be less “scientific”/ than they: traitors one and all. There are trillions of different complex chemicals involved/ every single life has, or uses “billions”. As is consistent with all poison: the reality is finding a chemical which the body of life, no matter what life it is/ CANNOT dissolve or remove. MAKES THAT, a poison! The constant of human investigation at all levels is: “Well hell/ I put their hand, right in it (whether by deception or bribe or propaganda), and if they didn’t die immediately: THEN SELL THE HELL OUT OF IT. Because they won’t know until its too damn late/ and we will have the money. Even if tolerated: that does not mean removed. Even if tolerated the first few times/ that does not mean: on the very next impregnation by skin or air or water or food or any other means such as pharmaceutical: everything does not change. Rather as is consistent with chemicals, if you know a reaction should occur/ sooner or later it will. That result becomes a mutilated life, some will live/ some will die, because of it; as is proven consistent with asbestos, and so much more.
So lets’ discuss what goes wrong with life, when complex chemicals are introduced at the genetic levels/ because there is literally no escape. They are everywhere/ regardless of anything, anyone can do: poisons in the air/ poisons on the ground/ poisons in the plants, insects, animals, reptiles, all aquatic life, the sea, and people. Literally everything, reapplied year after year after year. Every complex chemical comes with traits that cannot be easily erased or removed, if at all. Which means: every living body of life it enters, can no longer expel it/ therefore it migrates into the DNA of that particular life form. When eaten by another life form: it migrates into their biological systems/ ending in cancers, altering and aborting fetus’s of countless species. Mutilating the birth process and changing the clear and certain biological gates, doors, timing, production, excretion, and all methods of birthing a new life. Ending in birth defects, whether seen or not/ because the complexity of giving birth is neither small nor simple. Rather timing is critical/ the production of elements capable of becoming a living biology is specific, and cannot be changed without the entire birthing process being corrupted. The production of chemical signals, which control not only the birthing process, but YOUR life in general, is altered by the new complexities being introduced daily to your world. And every living creation of life, is now under threat of mutilation forever (as is the beginning of change, called autism; and more)/ ending all that is beautiful and alive: because “men want survival to be EASY/ so they can attack, and take even more”. While the university wants to play god with everything, so they can declare themselves MORE. Which always ends with war, man against man/ and university against life: because as the very few begin to accumulate MORE: they destroy community/ they destroy the very possibility of life itself. By proving they DON’T care about anyone or anything but themselves. By demanding: worship us/ or we will finish destroying your world. After all, you can’t be god: UNLESS you are needed. So the university, just like the militaries on earth: SEEK, TO MAKE THEMSELVES NEEDED! To secure their job/ their pride/ and their power against you. Pushed to far: “terrorists arise”.
That is actually a term which should be reserved to those whose personal decisions, are little more than an aggressive purpose to destroy large portions of life/ WITHOUT even a cause beyond pride. As would be consistent with the first true terrorists of this world: which is the United States of America. None are more distinct: as in the dropping of the second nuclear bomb quickly to ensure the Japanese couldn’t surrender fast enough. As in the nuclear holocaust of island destruction by the USA to prove “let the world fear the US military”. As is the dropping of more explosives on Vietnam/ than in all of world war two. America is a war monger, take a look at Iraq; an absolute failure, born upon the propaganda of the news media, and the lies built upon cowardice by the delusion of american leaders. As are all nations who assume a greater military power than the others: a disease upon this earth. Pride makes the leaders turn away from law/ because they want to rule; so they can “play god” in their mind, and with your world. WORLD LAW IS THE ANSWER: bring the leaders to court, and to punishment/ not the nation.

Nonetheless, fools and fools/ and never shall they learn; because they are willing to learn and to believe ONLY what they want to achieve for themselves. Give me MORE, is the outcry of men/ and many women push them to do so as well. Always ending in war. Thereby always declaring, that a massive military is necessary/ so they can then war, because now, “who can stop us”, is their answer. Feeling safe, because the assumption is: “Who is so delusional/ that they would risk killing an entire world, with weapons of mass destruction”! The answer is: every nation that owns them, without exception/ all it takes is a tiny incident, a single insanity; and our entire world will be lost. How is that not blatant “Devil among us”? So we look to the university which leads/ to the university which brings us endless mutilation and risk/ NEVER ONCE RESPECTING LIFE, NEVER ONCE DEFENDING LIFE ON EARTH, NEVER ONCE CHOOSING LIFE FIRST! Except in their very limited propaganda; when absolutely necessary to quell public unrest. Not to worry, the public being overwhelmed by this treason, has learned to surrender very easy: saying to themselves, “I HAVE A GUN”/ while waiting for the day, when their hope fails. It won’t be long, as university thefts, lies, cheating, treason, failure, and essentially the plague of “university expertise” slowly infects our very existence by destroying everything we need to survive. Do they not lead/ do they not create the worst of the worst that is an assault on life. Leading the destruction/ leading the plague of resource devastation/ leading the rebellion against democracy, by removing constitutional law, and pretending they are rulers now/ leading the fight against every form of defense for life/ leading the assault and betrayal against oceans/ leading the corruption and certain death of pandemic after pandemic that will occur, and is beginning in creatures: BECAUSE THEY MUTILATED GENETIC LIFE. DNA IS NATURE ITSELF! Assigning themselves the description “Satan”/ as is consistent with the words: “destroyer of a world”.

Economics are, the means by which we survive within society/ because we cannot all be doing the very same things: there is not enough resources in nature for that. Not enough room either; because according to claimed agricultural land per nation: 7 billion + people on earth are now standing on one acre of agricultural land each: MEASURE IT OUT, and look at what sustains your existence/ remembering every other life on earth has a need as well. The forests are soon to be extinct/ yet the playground of a university mind; cannot wait, to destroy the next thing, to consume every resource/ so they can put their own name on something more. So they can play god: BECAUSE YOU are willing to come beg them, for an answer. Take a damn look at their answers: THIS ENTIRE WORLD, IS AT RISK OF EXTINCTION. And you still haven’t grown up/ to accept responsibility or duty, or life needs you. To your eternal shame.

Again more simply this time: economics exist to share the work, by dividing that work into groups. Each of which is then responsible for a particular kind of need. We resolve the issues of “fair play”, when in community: by helping each other in terms of peace, happiness, harmony, caring, and sharing the relationship that we have inherited with life. SIMPLY, “none are more important or gifted, than life itself”. Consequently we are equal, as people or life on earth.
In contrast to that, men have erupted from tolerance and equality: TO PLAY GAMES, so they can prove “I am MORE”. I get MORE. I will be more, because I control, manipulate, tempt, entrap, and prove the only thing more selfish than a man with pride/ is a man with more pride, providing power by creating an army whose only purpose is “MORE for us”. A mental disease rampant among men of all nations throughout history, increases with “the university”. Controlling it as a cult, by hiding the money counterfeiting and taking control over government (not a word, by media). Through the propagation of “criminal belief (theirs/ not ours)” systems as introduced by the traitors of media: “only the expert knows, there are no costs; “its free”/ creating a foreign language to remove the public, so they cannot react or talk/ and identifying the court as ruler, instead of justice. Has been devastating. The clear definition of a university is: the control of people/ the control over nature/ the introduction of new and different horrors for military purposes/ altering nature and resource into what we want/ and redefining the world, through the conquering power of a few. To hell with life!

The critical question is: HOW do we remove “the devil” from our lives? IT AIN’T “all men”! It is, ALL MEN who desire to control life with power and pride/ by ending peace, harmony, justice, and fair play! Of the major participants in this war against humanity: is the courtroom. Here rules are enforced with the clear certainty of protecting the powerful, and denying democracy so as to rule, instead of choose for life. These people are placed in all but the lowest positions, by the powerful: whose purpose in getting them the job is to control the puppet, and insure with oversight, NONE shall get out of line/ without punishment. Leaders are the people who make laws, and it is these laws which corrupt and destroy democracy, thereby enforcing poverty and control over society. By demanding the majority shall be a slave, in one form or another. With counterfeit money in government (a billion dollars +, for a presidential champaign): there are NONE, who come to power, without bowing down to the bribe. Therefore we own you! By dividing the policing power into “US, & THEM”/ a consequence of the courtroom and its liars/ thugs/ and thieves, known as “lawyers”. Whose job it is, to control society by making certain NONE shall be able to afford “JUSTICE”/ AND EVERYONE who tries shall be punished with economic disaster, in the back alley of a legal disease that is a courtroom wherein “american tyranny” is little more than a conspiracy, and a collusion. To infect and control the corruption, that is an obvious rebellion against the nation itself. Bowing to university influence which means to remove the constitution in its entirety: because as has been proven in nearly every case of the court, “the constitution is not allowed”. A dirty little secret/ because its anarchy in government: an absolute betrayal of every citizen; with horrifying efficiency, as has been proven throughout the entire system. Which is controlled by the US supreme court/ and its delusions of power/ its betrayal of the people, because they are owned by the powerful; “down to the pennies”.

Lets try again; with something different.
In this little town next to which I live; an industry has arose/ taking control over every life in the town and its surroundings. Their ability to create noise, exceeding every threshold produced by “the american government” for damage to the individual: IS A CRIMINAL TRESPASS. Their insistence that they CAN do anything they want without interference, or restitution: “because its business”/ consists of a direct assault, and intentional battery: because you cannot intentionally operate machinery or other damage induced; upon another life, without that charge being applied. There are consequences to sustained noise above a definable level/ and that is a proven fact. A part of their defense is: this is a community business? But that is now false, because they NOW, load grain from a vast area, by moving it into train cars, here in this little town. Whose ability to fight legally is quashed: because of the high price of legal rights. Which means simply: as has been proven in one legal case by me, in this matter/ the courtroom has no place for democracy, no desire to intervene in business, no purpose in protecting people, and absolutely insists: “the powerful (money) SHALL do anything they please”. Because a bribe insures it: stated, because to give one people the right to intervene in that noise and demand “FAIR PLAY”/ ALLOWS all others invaded by the same types of complaint to do the same. So the money won’t let them protect themselves/ because they want power, not peace or harmony or nature.
Nonetheless: every little town has the right to “govern itself/ within constitutional guidelines”. Even so, the corruption, collusion, deceit, and conspiracy established by media; will never assemble to protect the people either/ because they are owned by the money as well. A very tiny few hands, controls all public communication, other than the internet/ and they are trying here. A very tiny few hands have made it their business to collect, survey, observe, and define: what can be, and is easily construed as the words needed to convince the public by propagating the manipulation of what they learned into whatever the powerful can devise. An entire branch of “university learning” is dedicated to learning how to manipulate and control the herd: YOU! They do it with testing those words on a small portion, to see how you react. They do it with collecting information about what you believe, or need, or want: and then manipulating the words to ensure “the masses cannot defeat themselves”.
Again, reality states as to this little town: that they can impose a tax they can defend their own democracy as created under constitutional law/ by voting as a majority. That then comes to mean: “in the business” of governing ourselves/ we have the legal right to prove the following: regardless of any courtroom judge. Because this is “the nation talking” itself. As in the constitutional decree, “THIS IS WHO WE SHALL BE”!
“WE THE PEOPLE, of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, DO ORDAIN AND ESTABLISH, this constitution for the United States of America.”

To achieve these words in this situation: comes the charge, that we the people do indeed accept the responsibilities of our community; and allow the commercial traffic and necessary work that goes along with a community elevator for the storage and transportation of grain. That is part of this area, and needs to be protected within reason. In contrast to that reality: is the transporting of grain from distances FAR BEYOND what is our community. To compensate us for that insurgence, to control that damage and invasion of our lives: THERE MUST be a tax applied to this industry/ as it is by no means simply a community business anymore. That tax shall be: beyond the described edge of what is “our community”/ there shall be payment to this town, for every bushel of grain which travels through it. That described edge of acreage: shall be determined by vote and reality. It shall use the US stated bushels grown here as the foundation of what is beyond this community. And for every bushel beyond that limit; up to one million bushels more, there shall be a tax of not less than ten cents per bushel. For every additional million bushels, that tax shall double. Which means ten million bushels over the limit shall be charged at one dollar per bushel to this town: which then must be used to reduce the noise, by all means necessary/ so as to return harmony and peace for the citizens here. When that noise has been removed to a NON-DAMAGING level/ then so will the tax.
Let the others build their own. Demand the rail system SHALL in fact collect cars just like they did in the past, from all elevators possible/ and return those tracks or build new elevators along the rails so that each community can take care of their own.

In other words, an economy is the inclusion of all parties/ so as to benefit the whole of humanity and life. IT IS NOT, the gain of a few/ at the expense of all the rest, including life itself.



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