elements of life

The elements, of life

Translations of our existence identify the creation of various abilities which give existence the experience and expression of not only freedoms, but value. Those values construct love, honor, courage, and all things associated with the disciplines called truth, and the realities called “a life worth living”. That freedom, to choose for ourselves the essence of our own journey, as best we can; given the realities of our environment; identify the critical decisions which construct our destiny.
Questions arise: as to life? Answers become, “elevated beyond existence”/ are the constructions that understand, loneliness and a lack of substantive order, isolate living into a desperation of despair. Thereby people become despondent, depressed, and destructive; in more ways than one. To be elevated beyond simple survival requires the knowledge, this life, is no game. Therefrom understanding begins to build the frameworks of an identity; because without the game to play “as children, without a direction”/ we become lost within ourselves. Wisdom requires a direction, to begin the work assigned by life: to identify yourself, by truth.
Functions assemble through the creation of a direction. Or more simply, there are behaviors that are consistent with each and every direction that give the question of destiny its purpose and desire. These identities of self, as is purpose “I have found what I accept, as is worth my full and true participation”. These construction as is desire, “the truth applied within my heart, proves I do yearn for these things, as are love; inside”. The functions of a “human heart (this keeps me alive)/ rather than a physical heart (this keeps the body alive)”; are dedicated to the essence of soul.
Soul is, our literal connection with life itself. Life is, the elemental rise of energy beyond the limits and boundaries of an action or reaction by which new definitions construct an alternate environment within which the essence of life itself, does exist. Life is not a moment, it is an element. Not of the physical world/ but a spiritual one. Therefrom we consider the dimensional traits of what truth itself does mean.
Truth constructs “a house with many rooms”; so to speak/ because the reality of each individual truth is divided into its subsets of disciplines, by which both order and structure do arise. To balance these traits, is to assemble and create the facets which bind interactions within the whole, to an essence of freedom built within laws. Laws govern truth, by understanding the disciplines which build truth are absolute, when determining a destiny. That construction allows the essence of an identity to flow and control, the critical elements of a journey, by letting truth decide. Only truth, “knows the path” to a chosen destiny. Therefore only truth can be depended upon to keep the living, alive!
We ask deliberately: what does it mean, “to be ALIVE”? Finding the answer submersed in the questions of heart. The reality becomes: expressed by love, the essence of our soul becomes, “a respect for this creation/ this existence as life so grand, it is beyond all human comprehension”; that our spiritual existence turns to GOD !
We then ask, WHY is human existence so far beneath this living example of what truth itself can be? The answer is: humanity loves its games/ hates its games/ worships its players/ finds depression in losing to pride/ worships want/ destroys balance/ fights for power/ and in all ways lives without the benefits or balance of substantive truth. Without truth, every journey is merely a thread dissolving into tragedy/ or a road crowded into the belief, “we can’t all be wrong”. Nonetheless truth knows neither a crowd or an individual: it knows only a journey or an environment, built around the single purpose of a direction that either lives, or dies. So the question of your heart is, “what is worth living, or dying for”?
The answer to that is divided into the substrates, that anchor your own individual world. Or more simply, a substrate is, the literal accepted values you have assigned to life. Or, what is most important to you: without any exception or deviation/ only truth decides. To discuss this, requires an example. Therefore I will tell you mine. The most deliberate reality of my individual life is: GOD comes first/ because this creation proves an undeniable relationship to knowledge, wisdom, understanding, love, passion is seen in JESUS, thought is constructed throughout every part and portion of every living example that is proof of our reality. Therefore we know, without the slightest of doubts: OUR CREATOR exists. It is by JESUS, that we or I do accept: created and NOT forgotten. So then this is a primary anchor, because it is the most fundamental, and proven, of all truths.
The second layer or substrate, is the fundamental decision of love. Or more directly, “what is the value of life truly, without love”? The answer is, we cannot conceive of value beyond existence, without love; therefore love itself constructs the essence, and the relationship identified as, being ALIVE. Love has a secondary level: unless we are living, unless we are associated within an environmental relationship by which we know each other through time (as human beings)/ that love cannot survive. Therefore our relationship to both life and environment, MUST come first; before all other definitions of more intimate and passionate expressions, that experience individual happiness. Or in this case, a critical decision to fight for this earth, and all its life: comes first/ because without creation itself, or a body that has not been mutilated by “science”/ or an environment destroyed by man; etc. Then there is no future. Consequently love demands: first, for our world/ then for myself.
The third layer or substrate, which anchors an elemental rise beyond simple existence; whereby we/ I step beyond ourselves. Lives in three distinct parts. The essence of happiness itself/ the reality of disciplines and doors operating the spiritual realm of existence called truth/ & the foundations of dimensional thought from which we ascend into life itself. Within the fundamentals of these three, are the developments which realign the elemental nature of existence itself, “with GOD”/ rather than humanity or time.
Happiness is, conceived of “as a measurement of participation; both for and with”. But that is not true, happiness is born of the relationship itself, granted by acceptance (I belong). Happiness is built upon trust, the existence of truth expressed as a foundation upon which “we live as one/ or one family” (no measurement needed). Happiness is expressed by freedoms, every freedom is an internal experience of trust in the essence of a decision built “for me, as my own”. Individuality separates us/ love brings family back: therefrom happiness becomes acceptance, as a proven truth. Happiness identifies creation, as the ultimate gift; which proves love, was provided. It is humanity that failed. We are happy, from birth by the virtue of nature as intended: “everything is new, balanced, and prepared for our existence”. It is human decisions that make this sad.
People refuse both reality and truth/ choosing want, pride, and power instead. Even so, reality is at least slightly complex; because without a predator to keep a balance in proportion to the environment: it is humanity that must govern itself. That is our participation with freedom, under the rules of discipline and knowledge; men fail completely/ while women, have been given no true opportunity to try. Nonetheless complaints are worthless/ reality decides the future, and it is truly “bleak”; because men play, and pretend to be god (we can do this ourselves/ we don’t need no damn laws, to govern us [just them]: & there are NO consequences for us). All of which are lies. All lies die.
In contrast to humanity, and all its lies: truth cannot be changed. Therefore what is true, can in fact be or become eternal. Because it exists as a fact established by law, it then becomes as an element (not transient) of life, or at least an element of your life. What is less than “worthy of a law”/ is abandoned. Consequently the decisions which can and do violate or support the existence of life as the most important portion of your expression; participate as the building blocks of your identity. Simply put, “you do build yourself/ as an identity in time”. So the question is, even though death will end the debate, because it immerses you into your own truths: how can we enter a spiritual world prior to death? And WHY, would we desire that? The answer is: without an education, a solid direction, a well anchored soul, and a deliberate desire: none should try. Because every want is an extreme delusion so far as truth is concerned/ and it will lead you into places you did not intend to go. Want is essentially a trap, in the spiritual world; because it is not a truth, it is merely the deliberate decision to bypass the truth, “to gain what you want/ that is considered to be otherwise denied”. Spiritual means governed only by truth. Therefore wherever your want goes, you follow. OR, wherever truth lives through your own desire, leads. The warning is, “want is the basis and foundation of every lie”. Because if you don’t “want it”, in some form or fashion, you won’t lie. Therefore remove want from yourself/ identify and refine every truth that is your life/ and understand, even though the body cannot be eternal, therefore is abandoned: the soul is a relationship with thought, energy, and law. Therefore it can be eternal. Every decision is a door: that opens unto the future you chose; that is the substance and foundation of “your education” for now.
My spiritual journey ended, with the ultimate desire: that I must find a way “to keep humanity, from destroying this creation”. There are NO answers with men, or in men; because this is today “the future they chose by their want”/ and they will not retract from it for long. But will almost immediately return to it, no matter what the earth itself does need. Therefore no possibility exists to sustain this earth with men in control. That leaves “only women” as the last possibility for true change. Therefore I searched “what would women do”? And found myself trapped in their spiritual environment; because I could not understand. They are completely different, in so many ways it is “somewhat shocking, or amazing, or something way beyond what was expected”; they do live a life, at least somewhat similar to ours. But it is very different; man does not understand. That is just “a fact”. Nonetheless, GOD remains first forever, in me; “other than love, the rest” is merely existence. As to spiritual freedoms: IF you understand the truth into which you entered/ THEN you can escape it, to journey beyond. If you do not, then you are trapped “in this place”; until you do.
Thought gives us dimensional awareness/ or more simply: a question exists, because it has escaped the confines of a known boundary, to become expressed as the freedom to expand in a new or different experience. That does express life itself, within the essence of a question. The experience which answers each or every question that finds its direction in truth: assembles only under the development of a law. Therefore law underscores life, and gives it “a meaning”. So we must ask, what is law? Here, begins the journey unto GOD HIMSELF!
It cannot be translated.


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