Throughout the decades, I won every legal argument/ established the cause and demand for justice/ and worked for fair play, reality, and truth in and throughout all of society; but never won a single court case. Because the majority of men, who comprise leadership, and those women who join in their ranks: all want more, for themselves. Behind closed doors, the law & realities of life or death, are merely mocked as irrelevant. That is the true summation of “american court”.
What happens in the courtroom “leads the nation”/ regardless what nation that is. Consequently we have become a nation led by traitors, liars, fools, failures, treason, cowards, and thieves! Society follows, by worshiping their counterfeit money; the cost and the consequence of it is, “a world threatened with extinction”. The courtroom is a disease/ the policing agencies are corrupt: the nation dies.
Men choose war, because they then can discard the law of a society/ and establish themselves as rulers “with a gun”. Its called “organized crime”. But before they get to war, it is the same organized crime that takes over the courtroom (using prison and financial ruin as their weapon), to throw justice and law in the garbage. Bringing about the hatred that then infects and manipulates the rest of society until war breaks down all constructive elements of peace. They quit, when one or both sides has suffered enough; when it is worthless (nothing left to steal, or want) to continue. Men war, “to get more”/ finding it easier, to steal with bloodshed, than to work, share, or care about a future for us all. Because the law, won’t let them take whatever they want.
War solves nothing, because the problem is: the majority of men want more. That fact makes it impossible for the rest of society to get, what they consider to be: “their fair share”/ and hatred erupts. It is “MORE, for me”/ that establishes trouble. It is “YOU took too much (leaving me nothing)”/ that brings us all, war!
Immigration simply means: “These are taking our stuff” & we don’t want to share. Race issues result as: “we CAN” IDENTIFY this group/ therefore we can drive them out; so we can keep MORE stuff, for us. But time and university have doubled the population of our world; the result is, we WILL all have less! That reality means world war 3/ or completely different leadership, and the absolute dependence upon a FAIR AND JUSTIFIED COURTROOM. Where equality means: nobody gets “too damn much”! Limited capitalism represents control over the money, by the people themselves. Learn how to be FAIR. Do, what life needs you to do, so it can survive; or die. Simple and plain!


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