The foundation of time itself, is: for every action, there will be a reaction of similar size and energy.      Sun fire, is fire!    Fire means: this WILL continue until the fuel runs out OR, an alternate energy controls the outcome.  THE MAJOR ACTION ON THE SUN IS FIRE;   therefore it is first on the list, of what can make this happen;  including solar gravity.  Atoms contain a lot of energy:  SOMETHING holds an atom together, or it would all just dissipate “into thin air”.   THINK ABOUT IT!

In earth fire, that alternate energy can be oxygen depletion/ or taking away a secondary chemical/ or changing wind directions; as the earth itself has more power than fire/ it simply runs out of fuel/ or men intervene as best they can. NONE OF THAT applies to sun fire, the same fire as is on the sun.  A ten million degree fire!
Because as the sun proves on its own: there is only one base fundamental working here/ the fire will not stop, until it runs out of fuel. Proven by reality, time is essentially nonexistent! by the amount of energy released:  it is atomic in nature!  Therefrom we know, once an atomic fire starts, there is no going back, until every atom is destroyed or a supernova event takes place. Because as it is so obvious, sun fire burns atomic bonds; to destroy elements by de-constructing atoms.  The fuel cannot be consumed from the core outward:  because then all the fuel is involved at once, which means it stops burning soon after.  The evidence proves, that has clearly not happened.

      Earth fire burns molecular bonds; to destroy complex chemicals, AT ABOUT 3,000 degrees;   and leave only atomic elements, along with various composites of what did not burn. The difference is similar to TNT versus the atomic bomb. However this is not an instantaneous explosion/ fire is a march, on fuel: like an army devouring its enemy. Fire is fire, and everybody knows what fire is, and what fire does!  Does not a forest fire prove, “you can’t” even control that. How much less, at a temperature difference of nearly 10 million degrees, with an updraft of a thousand miles per hour or more.  BURNING ATOMS.


THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE says: atomic fire will be great, its worth the risk! BUT THEY NEVER TELL YOU: THE RISK IS, Gambling life or death with our whole world. They never say, being wrong about a ten million degree fire, which they cannot and have not experimented with: CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED, if it does not extinguish itself; our whole planet burns! How is that, NOT important, and a vital link in what media, government, and universities: MUST be required to inform?  They are terrorists;  making decisions demanding:   life or death for others, even themselves!    WITHOUT A LEGAL RIGHT TO DO SO.  THEY DON’T, EVEN TELL YOU;   the plan is, “not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”.   OR, there is no other plan, in case they are wrong!   How is that not important as well? 
The national ignition facility; has tried for over three years to prove “FUSION: the theory, sun fire comes from the combing of two hydrogen atoms/ into one helium atom”. They proved with 180 million degrees and half a trillion pounds per square inch according to them: they failed, and gave up; fusion does not exist/ it is a lie. There is no helium, adds to that fact! Still they continue to try igniting an atomic fire on earth; as do others. Another theory, the sun is made almost entirely of hydrogen/ it is not, the spectral analysis of sun fire does show hydrogen; as the only “ash cloud (didn’t burn)” which can escape the fire. Doesn’t prove anything about the fuel inside. The least dense material known in this universe CANNOT BE; the most dense material as university claims is the gravity holding a solar system together. The only thing with that kind of power, is the fire itself; descriptions are given elsewhere.
People say: “The university knows” what it is doing/ which is just like saying the government knows what it is doing! There is no such thing in reality: the university is a few people who get paid to theorize, or as scientists, they simply run test after test to find where the weak points are/ to what others have invented. While government is in democracy, the constitution: and everyone else is an employee hired to do what the constitution says. Failed or not, that was their job, even though they discard it. NEITHER of these conglomerations of individuals have a legal right, or an intellect capable, of gambling with ALL LIFE ON EARTH. Which is exactly what they are doing; today, with atomic fire/ or biologic mutilation/ or resource devastation/ or even all the thievery, lies, cheating, traitorous acts, and fundamental betrayal on all levels that is constant in humanity, and in particular this America. Proving for certain: the only thing university or government employees know is CRIME, and how to organize propaganda to control knowledge for their purpose which is to enslave us all. Simple as that.
What is plain is: “You want what you want/ period”! Even if this entire world dies; as the true evidence is clearly and substantively: WRONG IN ANY OF THESE THINGS, IS A DEAD EARTH/ AN EXTERMINATION OF ALL LIFE, even a hugely impacted solar system, as another sun (this earth) would be. There is no greater abomination than that; and all humanity volunteers Do participate in that abomination, “by saying nothing”/ so the terrorists can complete their chosen task. To destroy this world!

Biblical prophecy has come true (no greater abomination could exist, than to threaten our entire planet, and even the solar system itself), in Daniel, the first death has past; the law convicts humanity of destroying the foundations which keep us alive. The predicted second death is, the more critical “will there be MERCY, for this world”? That trial ends at 2625 days past the first test; of a machine fully capable of igniting “sun fire” here on earth. Roughly 3 years from today, biblically speaking the final decision will be made/ if not before.    NOT ONLY CAN THIS EARTH DIE; biblical prediction as well as other religions expect it; in both old and new testament. NOT BECAUSE IT MUST, but because humanity fails repeatedly under the leadership of men!   Particularly impressive is:  Because ignition of all consuming fire, can in fact happen at any time.  Biological mutilation cannot be reversed.  Resource devastation is real and massive!  ETC.
I demand, and have demanded from the beginning: LET ALL THE PEOPLE KNOW, WHAT THE COST OF BEING WRONG, in these extreme experiments  TRULY IS.  Your leaders , your media, your courts, your organizations,  your religions, and more;  absolutely refuse!  As do the vast majority of people;  who simply run away to hide, “from a ten million degree all consuming fire”.    How stupid, can you be?  

In each of these extreme experiments, the cost of being wrong is horrific or extermination of  ALL life.  WE ALL HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO KNOW:   so the public can honestly decide for themselves. So they cannot run away and hide from the reality of a decision they will make; and recognize THIS IS NOT A GAME.   Instead;
People everywhere run away and hide, pretending “this then, can’t get me”. Wrong: a ten million degree fire that burns atomic bonds will create another sun! How will that not “get you”? Dumb ass/ pitiful disgrace/ liar and fool! Proven true. One second too late, and the earth is lost; there is no going back. There is no ten million degree fire extinguisher; earth fire is 3,000 degrees/ and you cannot control that, when there is just too much fuel. Every single life IS BEING GAMBLED on one single theory. “Not enough gravity” to keep the fire here; so it will just extinguish itself. Even though you know nothing about the fire as established by facts. Even though your theories about the sun, are pure fiction. Even though there are NO SECOND CHANCES; and every university claim to fame has needed “millions of second chances” to find anything!
Ignition of atomic fire is a ONE TIME EVENT: either as the university predicts, “it just goes poof/ all done”. OR, AS I PREDICT; since the fuel is clearly an atomic bond, as fire does, “it will dig in, and burn us all” as it creates another sun! Out of this earth…..NO amount of propaganda will save you/ NO amount of prayer will turn back this fire.
NO assertion that “GOD must save you” is true. These are the things MEN CHOOSE TO DO/ just like other murders, do they not happen? Its called freedom/ its called YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to control humanity on this earth. To control yourself/ and exercise DUTY and DISCIPLINE to protect and respect life. Which you currently refuse to do; particularly as any and all religion. While the others are little more than fools with dreams so extreme they believe they are “gods (we can do anything)”. Religion is supposed to know better! Yet you joined their cult, and support their ways; and will get their fate/ unless you change this reality, by RESPECTING LIFE! A fact that does not yet exist in religion or men; while we find women hiding in the background waiting, believing “let men make this decision/ so we can’t be blamed”. Their decision is: TO IGNITE AN ATOMIC FIRE, here on earth. BELIEVING, THAT FIRE, which clearly burns atoms for fuel; “Will just extinguish itself”.
Which means: if women or those who are NOT leaders around this world DON’T DO THIS, for themselves/ then we all die! Because after forty years of dedicated service to demanding: WE, the humanity of this world; HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS/ YOU CAN’T GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES OR OUR WORLD! The proven foundation reality is: leaders, and those men who follow them, won’t surrender their pride! Not even when proven WRONG, by all methods of facts, truth, and reality!  NOT UNIVERSITY/ NOT RELIGION/ NOT GOVERNMENT OR COURTS or MEDIA/    NOT “THE PROUD”;  period!  Which does prove: THEY ARE “too damn proud”, to admit being wrong. Besides “this would take away their jobs (can’t play god, anymore)”; so they let the world, AND EVERY single life on it,  die instead!  Being wrong means, “now you have to pay”/ people won’t believe you/ power & pride will die, at least a little. And everybody involved says: “I DON’T want that”. Band together, and say nothing!  Even when its life or death for our entire planet;  every living thing:    the powers that be, “choose money”.

Several machines are now running in this world; each of which can ignite atomic fire;  they do it EVERY day!   “Its only a matter of when”/ if they aren’t stopped. Therefore every second DOES count! Because we don’t know when.
In the entire history of this world; NO generation or individual has ever been THIS STUPID/ THIS BLIND/ THIS “all out worship of the religion: university knows”. Than you! You get the prize; Humanity today is, the biggest fool ever born! Congratulations/ your world is dying, entirely because of you. Your life (humanity itself) can be over, in a single second: all it takes, is one ignition of that flame.
A reality known to exist on the sun, with solar flares estimated at 12 million miles long: “the moon, is only a quarter million miles away”. THINK, for once in your life/ or die. Grow up and fight for this world with communication and forces organized to stop extreme experimentation; or go extinct. Even a jackass; can make the connection; WHY NOT YOU? Sun fire, “burns your skin in summer” from 91 million miles away! How is that not enough, to make you stand up for life, and say: WE CANNOT LET THESE PEOPLE BE WRONG.
Get up or die!

Or as is constant of the cult, called “university knows”; make up a damn fairy tale, and claim “we know”. When in fact, the only sure thing they have found is: how to exterminate this world. At the university, the only thing worse than no clue/ which means we can’t get any money or play god here: is to leave it alone, until knowledge can be understood. The university is about “demanding we know”/ therefore instead of understanding, “they experiment”. This sun fire, is a one time ignition; wrong is, earth becomes a sun. Or more simply “THEY CAN’T EXPERIMENT” unless they gamble every life on earth. So they do! Not a game/ not a delusion: facts of our time.

That leaves us with this final warning; I am not allowed “to save you”/ as if that was possible, it is not. YOU MUST RECOGNIZE AND RESPECT YOUR REALITY ENOUGH, to identify and stop human caused, extreme threats: because YOU are/ humanity is;   the problem that exists!   The threat of extinction is human!  That statement means: people always believe, “there must be something; to prove he is wrong”! And they then search for ANY EXCUSE, to assume “something about me”/ is enough to demand igniting an atomic fire, on this earth: which can consume us all; is secondary. It is not, and you know it! Which means; if that is you, a liar exists in your head. Believe it or not/ that liar is pride; “as in, I WIN”. Pride insists everything is a game. Nothing here is a game; proven time and time again/ therefore pride is evicted, in this reality. Pride must be evicted in you/ before truth can lead you back to life. “Believe it, or not”/ its true. Pride is, “an enemy”!    There is NO, “fine print to be read/ NO, ulterior motives to be uncovered/ NOTHING to win: because we are all threatened. We will ALL DIE; nobody escapes, including you and me! How is that not motive enough, to claim this must be stopped; before it is too late? Answer the question or work for the solution.
No amount of force can honestly change your mind: instead YOU MUST THINK, for yourself! No, the television cannot do it for you; they too, are part of the problem. “A cult says: you can’t question our gods (including leaders)”! The propaganda of all leaders is: “University knows”! The reality of extreme experimentation is: WRONG IS EITHER HORRENDOUS/ OR EXTERMINATION. As is proven by the facts, the clear proven evidence; of what they do!
You must think for yourself: which means, when something is identified by your mind as true/ THEN there must be an acceptance of the facts, rather than this constant demand: “I want what I want; to hell with everything else”. Or more simply “you won’t care”. Life or death for this planet means: YOU BETTER CARE, or your dead, along with everything you value as well; including the future! Find your mind, or lose your existence.
I ask you to investigate, examine, and decide for yourselves if this gamble is worth risking our entire world! this is: Everything/ even the future itself. You turn away, as if this was a game. How dare you! Simple and plain. Even if you believe “your university gods are probably right”; lets say one million to one odds/ they could be wrong. THEN YOU STILL DO: HAVE TO PAY, IF THEY ARE WRONG. Are you willing to let them, be wrong/ because there are NO second chances. Not for a single solitary living thing on this planet survives. WRONG IS, EVERYTHING LOST!

Not a single possibility of extinguishing the fire exists. That is the price of being wrong.  we all die, as does the future/ how is that worth the price of being wrong?     EVEN if you don’t like me?  get over it.
FORTY YEARS of demanding “this cannot be allowed to happen”; has taught me only one true lesson about humanity.
{ REALITY does not make you care/ LAW does not make you care/ counterfeit MONEY does not concern you/ TRUTH is irrelevant to you/ CONSEQUENCES which include dying for you too; are merely controlled by believing the cult “university knows”/ PROPAGANDA controls you, as is media of all kinds/ SACRIFICING YOUR CHILDREN, is not a concern/ SACRIFICING YOUR WORLD, doesn’t matter “to you”/ EXTREME THREATS are a hoot, not a concern/ RELIGION merely wants to be paid/ DEMOCRACY LOST is not a concern, you don’t care/ WORLD EXTINCTION, just can’t happen; cause you don’t want it/ AN EDUCATION is for fools (we are believers)/ COURTS are for enforcing what the rich man wants/ FOOD & WATER doesn’t concern you, regardless of the facts/ ENVIRONMENT is anything you want it to be, regardless of extinction, habitat loss, pollution, and everything else. Or more simply “YOU JUST DON’T CARE” about anything but you! Simple and plain.   Not the planet/ NOT ITS LIFE/ Not the solar system itself: Just plain DAMN GREED, PRIDE, LUST, AND POWER.

                                         Not even:   TRAPPED IN    FIRE!
    YOU believe “GOD” is your slave!      HE has to do, whatever you want.}
Still think GOD Can’t let you die?    DUMBASS.
Why on earth, would HE support your life/ and clean up your sewage? You will just add more!

Answer the question: WHY, are you worth MERCY? WHY, should you not simply be allowed to cause the last phase of your own extinction; ON PURPOSE. As in this, “is what you chose”.

Or, you would do, whatever you can do: FOR LIFE! How is that not true?


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